If You Need Marijuana Addiction Help

If You Need Marijuana Addiction Help


People who need marijuana addiction help are often hesitant to go to rehab for it.  They hesitate for a number of reasons:

1) They argue that the drug is harmless, and that it is not like other “harder” drugs.

2) They argue that the drug produces no withdrawal symptoms, so there is no need for rehab.

3) They argue that they could quit on their own if they really wanted to, so they do not need any help in doing so.

All of these are actually a form of denial if the person is truly addicted to the drug.  Now recently there has been some arguments on this site about whether or not Marijuana is even addictive or not.  The bottom line is that, while not everyone will become addicted to the drug, some people most certainly are addicted to marijuana.  Maybe you are and maybe you are not.  That is fine either way.  If you are not addicted, that is great.  But some people definitely are addicted to the drug.  I know this because I am one of them.  In fact it was my drug of choice for many years, and I used it every single day in order to medicate my feelings and deal with reality.  I had to have it, and I would make great sacrifices to get it.  This was real addiction.  It does not happen to every person who smokes it, so many people will dismiss the possibility that the drug can even be addictive at all.  But it can be.  For sure.

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So how do you get help for it, if you find yourself unable to stop?

Well first of all, any reasonable person is going to try and stop on their own if they really want to quit.  Failing that, they will slowly come to realize that they need help in order to do so.

You can get help at two places right off the bat: drug rehab centers or Narcotics Anonymous meetings.  I would recommend both or either or for just about anyone who is interested in seeking help for their problem.

Neither solution is perfect, but these two choices represent an awful lot of support for the struggling addict.  Rehab of course costs big money, though you might have insurance or some sort of funding for it.  NA meetings are essentially free.

In the long term, you may not need either of these things in order to live a life of freedom from drugs.  But in early recovery they are both invaluable tools.


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