Using Magnet Therapy to Quit Smoking

Using Magnet Therapy to Quit Smoking


I’m excited about a new product I found that uses tiny magnets to help people quit smoking. The idea is similar to acupuncture and acupressure, in that the magnets are very small and are held onto the ear.

Previous experience with acupuncture

Several years ago, I was in a medical facility and they offered to do an acupuncture session with all of the clients. I agreed to do this, and it consisted of having 5 small pins inserted into each ear. The man who inserted the needles said that many people used this service with the sole intention of quitting smoking. I was smoking at the time, and had no intention of quitting. Despite this, I did notice that I had less desire for a cigarette, both during and right after the acupuncture treatment. While I did not quit smoking at that time, I was amazed that having those pins in my ears could affect me in such a way, as to reduce my craving for a cigarette.

Does magnet therapy work?

Several years later, I did quit smoking, though I did not use magnets to do it. However, I have met several people who swear by the healing property of magnets, and also many people who have successfully quit smoking due to the acupuncture treatments in their ears. Based on this evidence, I’m excited that this new magnet therapy has been developed.

Supplemental strategy instead of a replacement strategy

What really gets me excited about this new magnet therapy is that it is a supplemental strategy instead of a replacement strategy for quitting cigarettes. What does that mean?

There are a lot of products out there that are designed to help you quit smoking. Most of these products are replacement strategies. Examples of this include the Nicotine patch, Nicotine gum, Nicotine lozenges, or even prescription medications such as Chantix. These products are designed to replace the cigarettes. The problem with using a replacement strategy (in my humble opinion) is that they do not work very well.

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Replacement strategies such as the Nicotine patch look great on paper, because people who are using them tend to not smoke while they are on them. But as soon as the patch comes off, the success rate drops off drastically, and people find themselves right back at square one. I experienced this many times myself–over and over again–as I repeatedly failed to quit smoking.

Replacement strategies never worked for me. I always went back to smoking. It wasn’t until I started building up other techniques for quitting–strategies that could be used in combination with each other–that I was finally able to find success in quitting.

That’s what makes magnet therapy so exciting for me–that it can be combined with other techniques to really help a smoker to gain a real advantage in quitting.

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