Is Marijuana Addictive?

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“Is Marijuana addictive?” It is a common question because most people automatically assume that it is not an addictive substance based on their knowledge of the drug and the culture that surrounds it. On the other hand, more and more people these days are seeking treatment for dependency on the drug, and some people definitely seem to show real signs of marijuana addiction. So what is the right answer? Is it addictive?

Let’s take a look and find out. Take a quick glance at the chart down below that is based on a mountain of government data. It is indicating that for all of the people who have ever tried marijuana, 4 percent of them are currently meeting criteria for dependency on the drug. You can also see the numbers for some other drugs there.

Now I know that when I was smoking weed every day and trying to justify my using, I would have seized on these numbers and said “Ha! See? Marijuana is the least addictive of these drugs!” This is a typical attempt to justify my addiction.

But you see, 4 percent is actually pretty scary. Do you have any idea how many people try using Marijuana at some point? LOTS. So it is pretty significant that 4 percent develop dependence.

Plus, what does it really matter if it is 1 percent or 90 percent? Some people do get addicted. Flat out. And that can have a huge impact on their lives.

Traditional wisdom

The traditional wisdom regarding Marijuana use is that very few people even become habitual users of the drug. Many people try it at least once but most people do not turn into what we call “pot heads.” On the other hand, the same is true of alcohol. Again, check the chart. Pretty much everyone is exposed to alcohol at some point but very few people actually become alcoholics. So a low percentage of addiction is not really noteworthy, as this is the case with other addictive drugs as well.

Now does habitual use mean that a person is addicted? Not necessarily. But in practical terms, this difference really does not matter much. If someone wants to change their life then the fine line between “bad habit” and “full blown addiction” really does not matter. Many people who become heavy users of Marijuana would like to quit for a variety of reasons, including some of the following:

1) It is illegal and therefore risky behavior.

2) Smoking it daily affects the health negatively (harsh cough, obvious damage to the lungs, etc.)

3) The drug begins to dominate your lifestyle. It influences how you spend your time, the people you hang around with, etc. It thus limits your freedom.

4) Smoking it daily stunts your personal and emotional growth. You use it to medicate your feelings instead of learning and growing through new situations.

And so on. So there are a number of reasons that people would like to stop using Marijuana in order to improve their lives. The fact that some people experience these negative consequences but continue to use Marijuana points to the idea of addiction as well.

But in addition to all this, consider the following points about Marijuana:

* There is evidence that it activates reward centers in the brain.

* Heavy users seem to develop tolerance (it takes more and more of the drug for them to reach the same level of “high”).

* Withdrawal might be really mild, but people do report cravings, and others say they feel sluggish and “down” if they go without it.

* Physical addiction in the body is beside the point, people get wrapped up in a lifestyle of smoking marijuana every day

* There is evidence that Marijuana is indeed a gateway drug, and can lead users to other substances that are also harmful to them (though in reality, Marijuana addiction is bad enough, when you consider all of the negative ways in which it can and does impact a person’s life).

All of these points seem to reinforce the idea that Marijuana is addictive, so let’s look at them in greater detail.

Marijuana seems to be addictive in a physical sense for heavy users

A certain percentage of people who smoke Marijuana end up becoming very heavy users of it. These are people who smoke a lot of Marijuana every single day. For people in this class of user, it seems that they actually do experience some signs of physical addiction.

For example, if they go through a day or two where they can not get any of the drug, they complain that they feel lethargic and depressed. These are difficult withdrawal symptoms to measure but they are definitely real symptoms nonetheless.

Marijuana is clearly addictive in terms of psychological dependence

The biggest point here is not really physical addiction regarding Marijuana, but rather the idea of psychological addiction is what is important. This is because Marijuana is very addictive to some people in a psychological sense because the person uses the drug to basically escape reality and to medicate their feelings.

For example, consider someone who has been smoking Marijuana for most of their life. They use the drug almost every day, and they justify the use of it for almost any situation. They get high to celebrate. They get high to compensate for a bad day at work. They get high when they feel sick in order to feel better. They get high when they have to deal with a bunch of drama in their life. Getting high became their default response to almost everything in their life, and so they developed this pattern of managing their entire life through getting high with Marijuana. This is addiction. They might not be physically hooked on the drug, but they rely on Marijuana as a crutch to get them through almost every event in their life. They are psychologically addicted.

It is worth noting that anyone who is psychologically addicted to Marijuana like this is also cross addicted with other drug, whether they realize it or not. In other words, people who are self medicating in this manner could very easily switch to another drug or substance and find that it works just as well for them. In other words, they are in greater danger of experiencing cross addiction. This is due to the fact that they are not really hooked on Marijuana, instead they are addicted to medicating their emotions and using a chemical to escape from reality.

Everyone who smokes Marijuana is not going to become psychologically addicted like this. But many people who smoke it every day for long periods of time are in danger of becoming psychologically addicted.

Marijuana is clearly addictive in terms of a social dependency

The other way in which Marijuana is deeply addictive is in the social sense of the drug. This is what people are referring to when they say that someone is “addicted to the lifestyle.” People who smoke Marijuana together will naturally develop some level of social bond with each other. To give up smoking Marijuana is to give up this bond. Depending on the person, and also on how old they are, this can be a really big deal.

This also points to how Marijuana use can become a self esteem issue for young people. They might try using Marijuana for the first time and realize suddenly that doing so has earned them “automatic friendship” among others who are also smoking. This is an instant ego boost for any young person who suffers from low self esteem. It is also easy to see why someone can become trapped in the cycle of addiction this way because they are not willing to walk away from their new friends.

People who become heavy users of Marijuana will, over time, end up having a social network built up in their life of almost exclusively other Marijuana users. This is the lifestyle part of drug addiction that gives their life meaning. Part of staying hooked on Marijuana is in not wanting to abandon this network of friends.

Marijuana really is a gateway drug in some cases

The idea that Marijuana is a gateway drug has been thrown around a lot, but I believe that there is some truth to the theory based on my own experience. I started with Marijuana and the use of it made me curious enough to try alcohol and other drugs as well. It’s not real clear to me that Marijuana is actually the cause of experimenting with other drugs, as I think in most cases it is actually the result of that interest in exploring different “highs.” Nevertheless, smoking weed can definitely lead to trying other drugs, simply due to the social nature of the drug and the culture that surrounds it. If you smoke Marijuana long enough with a large variety of people then eventually you will be introduced to other substances as well. Whether or not you choose to use those other substances is up to you, but most people who are immersed into this drug culture are eventually going to explore a bit.

In the end I don’t think this point matters much though, because marijuana addiction is bad enough all by itself, and it doesn’t much matter if it leads the user to “harder” drugs. To suggest that this is the main problem with Marijuana addiction is to belittle the fact that Marijuana use by itself is really quite harmful and damaging to a person on a number of different levels.

Let’s look at it another way….addiction = loss of freedom

Regardless of whether or not you buy into the idea that Marijuana is addictive physically, socially, or psychologically, being caught up in the lifestyle of smoking weed on a regular basis is still going to ultimately mean the same thing: a loss of freedom.

What more is addiction, really, then when you have to do something? You have lost your choice in the matter and now you have to smoke Marijuana in order to get by. If this is the case with you or someone you know, then it matters little if we label it as addiction or not. The fact of the matter is that they are trapped in a cycle and they have to smoke Marijuana in order to feel normal and to deal with their everyday life.

In this way, it has become an emotional crutch for the user and they are using the drug to medicate their feelings. If something bad happens in their life, then they definitely need to smoke that day. If they become stressed out over events that have occurred in their life, they have to smoke then as well. Using a substance as an emotional crutch like this qualifies as an addiction in my book.

Is Marijuana addictive? Only to the extent that it dominates someone’s life and removes their freedom. If you take a look at heavy marijuana users or people who smoke regularly, you will see that they are making great sacrifices and taking big risks in order to continue to self medicate with the drug.

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  • Reese S

    I was looking here to find some help on how to quit the weed. The things you say are true I have had this problem for 32 years and I want to stop just how do I do this

  • Chanel

    Hey Patrick,
    I don’t know if you posted this
    in order to get a paycheck or perhaps
    you have a passion for writing
    and got either the short straw of
    having this topic or the long straw depending on your own opinions, but
    in all sincerity I want to thank-you
    for this information. I have no idea
    whether I was just stupid not being
    able to find the facts or that it wasn’t
    there in order for me to find them, but
    without this I wouldn’t be able to base
    my own perception on something a bit
    more solid than what my mind is led to believe. If I could explain this with any more clarity (you can easily see I’m not concise), I guess this is thousands of times better than any of my ‘hunches.’

    In honesty at my age and at the age of my generation, there should be no knowledge of any situation pertaining to marijuana, yet
    the brutal truth to this easily convincing statement is that all I have heard in my city, in my school, out of my friends’ mouths is how awfully good this substance really and truly is.
    To express my opinion, I think it’s sick. I think it’s horrid and terribly devastating. My stomach churns at the idea. Over a year ago, consider hearing your best friend at the mere age of fourteen telling you of her first attempt at the drug. Now consider her constantly craving it; it doesn’t have to be verbal announcement but time lapses again only for her to inconspicuously refer back to her ‘wild’ weekend. Lucky my parents, I never had a crave to do it. None. I don’t feel the needs to impress the people around me nor do I think I have to carry this experience with me until I’m six feet under. And just because I choose the good ones, my other best friend of the male sex, recently tried to persuade me to “think this thoroughly and just do it once to have a novel experience that leads to an intriguing conversation.” I didn’t budge; no matter how cool everyone believes him to be. I suppose you could compare it to taking Freddy Krueger and putting him into a Jane Austen novel. Something so absurd that it’d never ever happen. Another good trait I possess is that I do not intend and will not by nature drop my best friend who is ultimately obsessed with weed until he drops me. Stupid, right ?

    This was exactly what I needed, even though I was bawling before the end of it, for the fact that I’m certain he is psychologically addicted to this herb.

    Thanks again.

    Happy Smoke Marijuana Day;
    I can’t tell you how much I’ve hear about it.

  • Patrick

    @ Reese – Please have a look around this website, explore the articles in the sidebar there or check the archives… all I write about is how to overcome addiction. I think for overcoming Marijuana addiction, the things I write about creative recovery are particularly relevant.

    @ Chanel – That is right, I forgot it was 4/20/09 today, that means all the people who are hooked on Marijuana have a day to celebrate. I think you are right to exercise caution regarding this drug, because even though everyone of your peers tries to convince you that it is innocent, Marijuana really is a subtle foe….it can rob you of life in a way that you are not expecting. Plus, it could land you in jail, which is besides the point actually. Medicating your feelings every day is no way to live!

  • JaViD

    K lsn everyone! Ill say it in a short way, people who want to smoke they will, there is no addiction to anything! Its just ur idiotic mind that wants to do. Only Heroin does make u addictive.

  • Patrick

    What is up JaVid….I guess you are probably not really addicted to marijuana. That is great, kudos to you!

    Hopefully you can smoke some herb and enjoy it and have a good life. If so, my hat is off to you.

    Some people ARE addicted though, and I am trying to help them. That doesn’t sound like you. Fair enough. Good luck to you at any rate….

  • fabian

    so true, the reasons for smoking cannabis buds.
    The main reason i smoked, is to elevate my mind
    enhance my awareness, transcend my consciousness
    to find peace and truth in my personal being and the universe

  • Patrick

    Fabian, your reasons are presented as being very seductive. I agree with them and that was what I held in my mind when I used to smoke.

    But the reality was, 99 percent of the time I just got stoned and sat on the couch, maybe watched some TV. Very rarely did I actively try to expand my consciousness or increase mindfulness in any way. That was my ideal, that was what I told myself. But the reality was that I was just getting wasted, day after day after day.

    I have learned not to glamorize it any more, and to see it for what it really was.

  • Lea

    Awesome. Looked for some good material to present to someone who argues this is a good drug, thank you.

  • Patrick

    Good luck Lea….it is an insidious drug because people find it very easy to justify as being “soft” and harmless. Good luck.

  • http://.com Gavin

    Good Info

  • Patrick

    Thanks Gavin. Hope you are doing well…

  • alice

    Mj is not fair trade either, when us rich hippys sit around contemplating our navels , people of the third world have often suffered for our sakes.
    It is often grown in houses here in europe, that are resedential propertys turned into mini farms,
    Then often someone is shipped in from the third world to take care of plants, under the pretence they are getting a good job, sometimes its children,they are locked in these houses 24 hours a day for months on end, until harvest, then they are dumped, unpaid in a country they know nothing about.
    The people who organise these mini farms are not your fellow hippys, they are rich mafia types, who also deal in hard drugs, crack and heroin and often child traffiking.
    Think about where you weed came from? did you or your friend grow it? then can you be sure who did?

  • Patrick

    Interesting points there Alice, I am not really informed about the situations that you speak of, and I have no idea how much of that stuff really happens. I don’t doubt you though. Seems rather unfortunate…

  • Lee Bardell

    Hi Patrick
    Thank you for your information, I agree with it ALL. Sadly enough I am losing my husband and the love of my life because HE doesn’t share the same views being an avid user himself. I am sad and torn apart, 12 years of trying to help him see the light, I have started to retire and we will be coming to an end.
    Nonetheless, your words helped me as at times I feel as though I am lost in my thoughts and that no-one shares my views as the drug is so socially acepted.

  • Patrick

    Hi Lee

    I know how you feel, that everyone thinks it is socially acceptable except for you. Like it is you against the world.

    If people can handle a drug, then that is their business. If someone in your life cannot handle a drug, then it becomes your business. If it is tearing your family apart then it is not your fault. Don’t take on the guilt….you should not have to.

  • Lee Bardell

    Thanks Patrick, yes I definitely feel as though it is me against the world especially when there are so many wives, mothers and girlfriends out there that just don’t seem to have an issue with their partners medicating their feelings everyday. How can I compete with that?

    What constitutes ‘not’ handling the drug? Who determines this and how can you? Because I can surely say that my husband says he can ‘handle’ the drug so who am I to say he can’t? Sometimes I fear I am giving up what we have for no real reason and I will be racked with guilt for a very long time because I have no-one to determine whether he can ‘handle’ the drug or not.

  • Patrick

    Well this does get into tricky territory, Lee.

    To some extent, though, my parents, when arguing with me about whether or not I should be smoking weed, always fell back on this one: it is illegal. Now of course that might change, and it very well might at this point, but for now it is still illegal for most people reading this website.

    If it remains illegal, it is simply a matter of when he will suffer consequences.

    What about this tact: when he self medicates, he is neglecting his partner out of selfish self-interest. Ask him to uncover what his motivation is for getting high. Then ask him to remove that surface level answer and go deeper.

    I was hooked on medicating my feelings with weed and I rationalized it by saying I wanted to have fun. This was a lie that I told myself, but it really was not a lie, because I never bothered to analyze it until I got clean. I believed, with all of my heart and mind, that my happiness was based on getting high. I could not see another way. Addiction is a trap, of course.

    Ask him, hypothetically, that if you got really crazy and made a stand, and actually left for, say, a month, and then told him you would return to him only if he quit the weed. I am not suggesting you do this, but you might discuss it as a mental exercise with him. If he would choose the marijuana over you, then what does that say about his level of addiction? What does that say about his level of denial? Tell him to stand up and be a man, to stand by his wife like he promised he would, and that medicating with this dumb little herb every day is a small, petty thing to throw away his marriage over.

    Ask him if the truly great people in his life, the heroes that he has looked up to, did they have to medicate with weed? Were they hopelessly addicted to it…so much so that they would squirm at the thought of going without it and actually sacrifice their happily married life in order to keep medicating their feelings every day instead of facing reality? Ask him: “Don’t you see how week this makes you? This dependency?” You think it is opening the doors of perception and it actually has you in chains.

    You are going to lose your wife and the drug has you so clouded that you cannot see what is important….what is truly important in life.

    I don’t know what else to say, I am just sort of spouting off here, maybe something here will click. But I have had similar stuff said to me, and my mind reasoned it all away, my denial striking it all down at the speed of light.

    Most of this is just thinking out loud….even though I work with addicts every day, I still don’t have any magic wands. I try to talk people into staying at treatment all the time when they want to leave early and go get high. It is a tough gig, lots of wasted energy. You can’t pierce through that addiction if they don’t want to hear it. Their mind is pulsing with fear, they are like a trapped animal because you are threatening them and threatening to take away their crutch; their coping mechanism, their means of life.

    Of course I would never admit that it was fear. I don’t know anyone who would, unless they had been through treatment and therapy many times and already learned this about themselves.

    Fear is what keeps your husband trapped in addiction. It takes sheer courage or absolute defeat in order to agree to try the clean and sober thing. You have to be either super brave or super beat down to do it. Otherwise it is too scary. When I finally agreed to go to treatment, you could have held a gun to my head and told me you were going to play a little game. I would have shrugged my shoulders and said “let the games begin. Whatever. Get me a drink or start pulling that trigger.” I mean I really had no care left about myself. This was the level of surrender and defeat that was necessary to overcome the fear of sobriety. The fear of facing life without self medicating. The fear of facing my own feelings and having to feel them and go through them and maybe even show some emotion.

    So yeah, in one way, it really is about “being a man” if you will. Sorry to bring the sexist angle into it, but I am off on a tangent and it sort of makes sense. Really we are talking about “personal responsibility.”

    Face reality. Own your feelings. Stop medicating your life away and do what is right for once.

    I guess that is a bit of a rant and sort of a lecture too. Hope you can wake him up somehow. Good luck.

  • Lee

    Thank you so much for your effort and time taken to help me, it is very appreciated. Everything you said has helped me understand more of what maybe going on in his head but the ammunition I have used before and has fallen on deaf ears. It has been 12 years and I have never just ignored it. I have only ever been on my own with my own feelings thats all, I’ve never written or spoken to anyone about this issue our lives.

    As he is constantly stabising his feelings whether I threaten to leave or not it is not really sinking in – he believes that I am making a big deal out of nothing and that he is doing nothing wrong. I see so much more than just this and I wish I really didn’t sometimes.

    I have threatened him numerous times, with lots of things, not just me walking out the door, it just doesn’t work so this time is different as I have given him a time limit and will leave if he doesn’t talk to me about truely dealing with the issues he has as to why he is smoking in the first place. I am tired.

    I wish you had a magic wand Patrick but I guess I am and will just have to deal with all the pain that is coming towards me.

    Thank you again, if only my husband could learn to talk too.

  • Patrick

    Well good luck Lee, let us know at any time if you need more support in any way. Not that there is a ton that we can do here, but we will always be willing to listen and respond if you need to just vent or bounce ideas off of us, etc.

  • Saintstephen

    I really enjoyed reading your article. It takes an intelligent stance on a topic that is rife with conflict.

    I am now smoking twice a month for personal reasons, after being a daily smoker for 35 years.

    Problem: I am experiencing extreme panic attaxcks and emotional breakdowns, about 3 days after each use. I do not want to stop outright, becuae I enjoy it and it has never negatively impacted my life. But the withdrawl symptoms that I experienced upon cutting way back, and now experience each time after smoking, are really not worth it.
    I am looking for a solution.
    Anyway, thanks for the read.

    Peace, out.

  • Patrick

    Hi Saint Stephen

    Smoking twice a month is an interesting setup. I know for myself, if I tried to do that, I would end up smoking every day, and probably also return to drinking as well.

    But if that is working for you then I would not necessarily beat yourself up over it.

    You can’t take my advice or that of anyone else, really. You have to find what works for you. In order to do that, you have to be really, really honest with yourself. Accurately judge what marijuana is doing for you, and what it is not doing.

    Sometimes it used to do something well for us, but not so much anymore. Clinging to the old results we used to get is a form of denial.

    But maybe it is still working for you, even just twice a month. Maybe that is doing what you need it to do. And maybe that can work out for you in the long run.

    But you should be very careful to accurately judge whether or not it is really doing what you want it to do.

    I am an addict, and eventually the drugs and the booze would not medicate my feelings like I wanted them too. I could no longer get to a happy place through self medicating. I was either miserable, or blacked out. No more in between. That is when I decided the drugs were not really doing what I needed any more.

    So I quit.

  • Lynn

    hi patrick,
    thank you for this information. I just broke up with my boyfriend on friday, and I’m really upset about it. We used to smoke with each other, literally everyday, more than once a day for the whole time we were together ( a year and a half) and even longer than that. The main reason I even started smoking is because my birthday is 4/20, and I wanted to live up to its fame (stupid, right? actually, more than stupid!!)
    Well, the last time I smoked was on Thursday night before I broke up with him, so today will be third day in a row I haven’t smoked any weed in I don’t even know how long. I feel like I’m going through withdrawal, I can’t eat, my body feels like it’s hurting all over, and my head is killing me. Are these symptoms of marijuana withdrawal, or is this just the pain of breaking up with someone I love? I can’t figure it out, but it’s killing me. I don’t want to start smoking again, I want to be done with it, but I feel like I want to again, so I don’t have this continual pain. It’s almost like quitting cigarettes all over again.

  • Patrick

    Hi there Lynn

    There is some potential for some physical withdrawal symptoms, but these usually only occur with much heavy smokers I am told. If anything, what you are probably experiencing is a combination of the two things….both the psychological withdrawal from the marijuana, as well as from breaking up with your boyfriend.

    I have not heard that being very common with the headache and the body pain. Like I said I think it is more than just the marijuana withdrawal. You should try to give yourself like at least 30 days to be completely smoke free and get your head cleared a bit and get through the emotional loss of your relationship. If you actually stop smoking and really feel the emotions you are going through you will be a lot healthier in the long run for it. I know it sucks right now and it would probably be nice to self medicate, but if you feel the emotions then you will learn from them and become a stronger person. This is growth in action. Make it through this tough time and you will become healthier because of it.

  • Lynn

    Thanks Patrick,
    It’s so hard to just suddenly stop smoking, I’m craving it right now, I think it’s just because I would usually smoke when I’m stressed about something, or to help me calm down. It’s hard not to have it when I feel I need it the most. I will take your advice though, and try to work through the cravings, because I do want to become a stronger and healthier person. Thank you so much!!
    P.S. – I will probably come back in a month and let you know how your advice has helped me. :)

  • Patrick

    OK Lynn….be sure to keep us posted. Good luck on your new journey…..

  • urbanminister

    I think Marijauna, like any other addiction; cigarettes, television, food or drugs can be addressed with a plan. The 12 step program is definitely a plan. There is a lot of excellent information here and other places online. If you want to stay “clean” you have to do the work no matter what addiction you’re trying to take control of.

    Thanks-Great Insights,

  • rachel

    i never saw it like that.
    “Smoking it daily stunts your personal and emotional growth. You use it to medicate your feelings instead of learning and growing through new situations.”
    you are soo right.
    and then without it the next day they feel irritable and low, become angry. the truth is this drug changes a person, from what i see.
    im going to a school where the kids are big on weed and i know i wont come close to it anymore because i know it will limit my learning and growth. thanks!

  • Patrick

    God bless, Rachel, and good luck to you. Sounds like you are making some healthy choices.

  • Bob

    Patrick, thank you for your insight into the reality of marijuana use. I was a constant user in my younger days, but gave it up for many years to maintain my Air Force career. In the past year I met the love of my life and we intend to be married next month. About a month into our relationship we began to smoke together daily. After about six months I realized that it was robbing me of my focus, ambition, ability, and keeping me from realizing my dreams, so I pulled back without any real problem. I told her my reasons for doing so, but left her use up to her. She has been a daily user for over 20 years. Lately, I’ve realized how much self-medication is involved for her and how dependent she is on it, and it really bothers me. The past two nights we’ve been talking about it, and it has her really upset. I’ve told her that I don’t want a relationship that is characterized by addiction and that we should be each other’s crutch rather than weed or alcohol. She understands intellectually, but is very scared becaause I think, though she won’t admit it, that she is gravely addicted to it and can’t fathom the thought of not having weed. I’ve assured her that she is free to make her own choice, but I’m not sure I can or want to stay if we can’t be free to love and experience each other without doing so through the lense of the head change that getting high brings. I love her so much that I don’t want to leave. She loves me and is afraid I will. I’d like to believe that her desire for me is motivation enough to put it away, but I’m very afraid that the psychological hold of 20 plus years of smoking will win the day. Everything you said is right on target – her network of friends consists of only smokers. Her justifications are many and varied. Her overlooking my previous hints, comments, and trying to set an example has been disappointing. We truly love each other and have so much to offer one another, but I am convinced that neither of us can give the other our best while we are constantly self-medicating. I don’t want to lose her and realistically know how difficult the struggle will be for her if she want to stay with me. And finally, here is my question: My initial inclination is to ask her to limit her use to one or two times/week rather than insisting on total and immediate absitinence. Do you think this is a reasonable proposal, or is it likely just to lead back to daily use? We’ve both set it aside before for a period, but once using again we were back to daily use within a week. Any advice? Again, thank you for your concern and compassion. Bob

  • Patrick

    Wow that is quite a situation there Bob and I honestly do not think I am qualified to give you advice on it. A big part of me wants to say “Just smoke with her and be happy!” But of course that is not the answer as you point out that you notice the drug is holding you back from being your best self in some ways.

    I guess it is like with any relationship with addiction going on. So often on this website is a woman trying to get her husband to stop drinking, and I just want to scream at them to leave now, that nothing is going to change. Of course alcohol is such a crude and violent drug compared to marijuana though.

    I am baffled. This is an interesting situation and pretty upsetting. Would hate to see you two split up over marijuana.

    It is like saying “I love you, you are perfect, but just change this one thing….” Is that really fair to say to someone? I guess it is. Sometimes we outgrow one another. Happens all the time in AA. One gets sober, the other keeps drinking. If they both hold steady like that, eventually they split up. Like you point out, it is just incompatible.

    I don’t think the limit thing will work. You hint that you don’t think it will either. It will either backfire or create hidden resentment, etc.

    I guess you will have to make a decision eventually. Either love her, warts and all, or leave. I guess you could challenge her with an ultimatum instead but I don’t see that working out.

    Huh. Good luck, at any rate. Keep me posted, would be interested to see how it all turns out. I hope you can stay together somehow.

  • Willie

    this makes me sick. there’s nobody out there that is addicted to marijuana as…….. its not addictive

  • Patrick

    We are all entitled to our opinion of course, Willie. Let me ask you this though: do you think video games are addictive (World of Warcraft, etc.)? What about internet addiction? Are these “real” addictions or do they not qualify?

    What about food addiction?

    Spending addiction? Sex addiction?

    Would love to hear where you and others draw the line on all of these….

  • Ryan

    weed is good! you people dont know what the hell your talking about! why would you ever want to stop smoking the herb that has made your whole lives what they are? yeah you all know the best moments of your life were when you were stoned and if you say they werent than you can be the ass hole who lies about it!

  • Patrick

    @ Ryan – weed might be good for you. If it is, then roll with it brother! Me, it screwed me up bad….led to some even worse stuff. And I just can’t use it successfully. I am an addict.

    So for me, weed = bad. Just saying!

    But you are entitled to your own opinion of course…..

  • Addiction Recovery

    Patrick, I am glad you wrote what you did to Willie. There are definitely addictions in this world and my opinion is that Marijuana is one of them!

  • marc

    Hi Patrick,
    I can relate to your article.
    My parents wont let me get a car until I quit smoking pot, but I’d take the pot any day, which I guess is mainly because of the social life associated with it. I don’t need a car; although it would be nice.

    I hate to pass judegement, but I think that some of the people posting on this site have some serious mental issues. I was following somebody’s story about how they are all fed up with their husband smoking weed – i kept reading to find out that she herself was a stoner? What the fuck is this shit. Shut the fuck up and smoke if you want to, if not thats cool too.

    Call it pro choice, I think people need to make their own decisions and do what they want.

  • Patrick

    @ Marc – I totally agree with you there…..”smoke if you want to, and if not, that’s cool too.”

    That is a perfect philosophy for a drug like this, that to me has obvious medical benefits for certain people.

    And then others who have addictive tendencies, they can just avoid it, like they do with other drugs. I don’t smoke weed anymore because it led me to bad things.

    Good luck to you, and thanks for your comment…..

  • Bobbette

    Stop being destroyers of friendships! >:E

  • sally


  • http://asdfa d

    uggg shut up

  • lizzy

    oh my god, talk about ignorance. the people writing responses to this are not only ignorant, sexist and misinformed, they are also just idiots-even the kid talking about enlightenment and reaching a higher level. that just gives marijuana a bad name.
    ive met plenty of people who casually smoke, it does not interfere with their social life and they have no signs of addiction. i’ve never heard of or met anyone with an addiction. and even if it is slightly addictive, its certainly healthier than other addictions, such as alcohol, hard drugs, prescription drugs, or even coffee and chocolate. it has numerous benefits and, if used correctly, few harmful affects. IF USED CORRECTLY, not in a “pothead” manner. this is ridiculous.

  • lizzy

    a few more things-there are no reported cases of marijuana related deaths. now alcohol, drugs (both kinds), caffeine-TONS. also, there was a piece called stiletto stoners recently about women in the working world who smoke and lead fulfilling, healthy lives, but have to hide it in shame because its illegal. clearly, its not necessarily a “stoner” “pathway” drug. in fact, most of the time, it isn’t.

  • Patrick

    @ lizzy – you make valid points, and I used to make them all myself too. I used to quote to people how no one had died of a marijuana overdose, etc. How it had less toxicity than caffeine, and so on.

    You add the disclaimer “IF USED CORRECTLY.”

    Well, duh. Crack cocaine and heroin are perfectly acceptable if used that way as well. “Correctly” can mean anything you want it to.

    But I got addicted. I am an addict. And it took control of my life. I’m sorry if you don’t buy into that.

    Marijuana might not make you into an addict….but it screws an addict up, and it is “off limits.”

    Just go to an NA meeting and ask if they know of anyone who has ever relapsed on Marijuana. In a room full of 20 people, you will get at least 5 to 10 hands in the air. You know why? Because it leads them back to their drug of choice every time. And I know a few people in NA in which Marijuana IS their drug of choice.

    Hey, if it is not a problem for you, then it is not a problem for you. I’m not saying it is. What I’m saying is, it is a problem for me. (and a lot of other people).

  • Phil


  • Patrick

    The more defensive someone is about this issue, the more it makes me wonder.

    Phil, I just know that I cannot handle pot. Me. I don’t know about you. You can do your own thing…..but for me, I just can’t go there. That’s all I am really saying here….I am an addict and this drug called Marijuana really messed me up. That’s all.

  • pono

    I am a daily smoker but when i dont have any bud i dont want more i can go weeks with out any smoking, but i have been smoking for three years. every day now im stoned but i can handle what im doing but yet im stone.

  • pono

    all these poeple are just say that they dont have a problem but they do. they just dont want to amit it.

  • A Guy Who Does His Research

    I have been smoking for 4 years now. Marijuana has never affected my life in a negative way at all, but for those who are addicts (non-medical) to it now, it is your fault you abused it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say you guys deserved it and I hope you guys pull through, but if you think about it marijuana addiction is not a physically addiction due to the fact that your body has no desire to crave THC; this is because our receptors naturally accept THC in our systems, thus leading to no PHYSICAL craving to marijuana unlike cigarettes with nicotine.

    Here is when the addiction comes in:

    You will not get withdrawal after going a day or two not smoking marijuana, but you get a psychological craving to the EFFECTS of the THC, not THC itself. This leads to more smoking. Note, the effects of THC can also be similar to just simply choking yourself or taking xanax.

    Here is the kicker:
    People don’t have to get addicted to marijuana if they smoke responsibly! Same with drinking alcohol, drink responsibly.
    Do not smoke before a test or a business meeting. Just do it on your own spare time if all of you work is finished. It is such as easy drug to control but people choose not to.

    Did you know there has been no recorded death associated with marijuana to date?
    Compare that with what is currently legal now: alcohol, fatty foods, cigarettes, overall stupidity. That is what is killing this nation, not marijuana.

    Are you guys familiar with a certain government funded study that found marijuana caused permanent brain damage due to the killing of brain cells?
    This study claimed that all of the monkeys (test subjects) they injected (metaphorically speaking) with marijuana, showed signs of brain damage. What they decided not to tell the public (who believed the study)was that the monkeys they forced to inhale marijuana was forced to inhale it through a gas mask for FIVE MINUTES STRAIGHT!! Of course brain damage will occur, but not because of the marijuana but because the brain was denied oxygen thus leading to the death of brain cells.

    My apologies for such a rant.
    Bottom line, please do not villainize marijuana like it is an evil drug that will kill you and ruin your life because it won’t if you use it responsibly. Responsibility will help prevent addiction.
    Thank You.

  • Patrick

    Hi there Guy Who Does his Research

    I agree that Marijuana is not as addictive as some drugs at the physical level, but it is still addicting due to the effects that the drug produces in our brains. Getting stoned has a very powerful psychological effect, in my opinion, due to the fact that the drug is mood-altering. This goes way beyond smoking a cigarette. Getting high changes your entire mood. A cigarette does not even phase your current mood. Does not even touch it.

    I completely disagree with you regarding “responsible using.” The first drug I ever tried was not alcohol, it was Marijuana. This was my first drug ever.

    And the first time I smoked it, I was addicted. I knew it right then. I said out loud “I will never stop smoking this stuff.” I was thoroughly hooked on half a joint. In fact, I was addicted before I even tried it, because previously I had gotten “high” from shoplifting. I was an addict waiting to happen.

    How could I have used the drug responsibly? I got hooked for life from half a lousy joint! Because I am an addict. Through and through. I just am.

    Your argument that “marijuana will not kill you and ruin your life if you use it responsibly” works just fine on other drugs such as Heroin and Crack cocaine. Just limit intake and use them responsibly! While true that marijuana is not nearly as addicting, it still is addictive. It is still a powerful, mood altering drug. True, nicotine kills millions of people, but it is not as powerful in my book. It does not alter your mood so drastically. You don’t get “stoned” on cigarettes.

    Bottom line for me: because of the effects produced by marijuana, it is an addictive drug. Perhaps other addicts can get away with smoking it “responsibly,” but I know I cannot. Heck, I started with marijuana. It was my drug of choice for a long time.

    If this stuff doesn’t apply to you, then you are probably not an addict! Go smoke in peace!

  • A Guy Who Does His Research

    Dear Patrick,

    I am sorry if I angered you or anyone in anyway, but perhaps your craving for marijuana was more of you instead of the drug itself. Yes it marijuana is mood altering just like alcohol except, in my opinion, it is not as bad of a mood alter as it would be for alcohol. It keeps you calm and placid whereas alcohol gets you drunk, makes you throw up, gets you into car wrecks, and in some cases, die from alcohol poisoning. I have never heard or known anybody who got into a fight or got into a car wreck while high. Anything can be addicting: food can be addicting, pills can be addicting, even masturbation can be addicting.
    By the way, drugs such as heroin and cocaine have been proven to be physically addicting and extremely harmful to you in countless ways.
    Marijuana addiction and it’s “harmful effects” are still being disputed.

    This is my last post here.
    Sorry if I angered anyone and good luck with solving your addiction problem.

  • Anonymous

    Guy Who Does His Research,

    Patrick isn’t saying that marijuana itself is addicting. He has numerous times that people mostly get addicted to the psychological effects of the drug. Yes, it does depend on the person as to whether or not they end up getting addicted, but the fact is, it is a risk that someone has to consider if they are prone to falling for that. I’m addicted so to speak to chocolate in that I like to eat it when I’m stressed out. Is it the chocolate’s fault that I’m mentally attached to it? No, just as it isn’t the pot’s fault that people are addicted to the sensation they get from it since there is no evidence of it being chemically addicting. However, Patrick is highlighting that if you do end up getting addicted to it (again, addiction doesn’t mean chemically, and it does depend on the person and how they react to it), it can have some serious consequences, especially since it’s illegal.

    I really think, to summarize, what he’s saying is that, yes, Marijuana isn’t chemically addictive. Yes, not everyone will get addicted. But, if you happen to be someone that’s addicted to it psychologically, socially, etc. (which is a real possibility), it can have consequences.

  • Connor Jacob

    Although marijuana may be physcologically addictive, it is most definitely not chemically addictive. People may use it as a crutch, however in my experience, none of my friends have used it except to simply have fun.

    I personally think Marijuana is a great drug, and that it is fun to use when ever you feel like it or when you have lots of friends over.

    However getting addicted to it is totally different. People who get addicted to it usually always have major family or life problems, and use it, much like booze, to get over those problems. I think that you are generalizing that all pot smokers (including those who smoke only occasionally) are like this.

    I just want to say that 1.) I think Marijuana should be legalized and then handled much like Alcohol and Cigarettes are and 2.) Marijuana is, a high percentage of the time, not addicting, and not something that can either take away your friends, your life, or ruin any part of your life.

  • Patrick

    I agree Connor that most do not get addicted to pot.

    But I still think most people who are arguing here are minimizing the consequences for those who DO become psychologically dependent on the stuff. (notice I did not say addicted there!)

    People seem to minimize this out of hand, as if no one really becomes dependent, simply because MOST do not become dependent. They dismiss the addicted as weak, foolish, or selfish. This is what I am surmising from the comments anyway.

  • john davis

    fuck all of you =]
    marijuana is great

  • Patrick

    Totally understand, John! I’ve been right there with you before.

    All part of the journey. And, maybe you can use successfully. Me, I can’t. Good luck.

  • Veronica Callahan

    I’m sorry but your evidence is terrible. THC is a non addictive drug. Addiction is not when “you have to do something” addiction is when the body has been exposed to something so uch that it needs it to FUNCTION!! THC may in fact be habbit forming but so is biting your nails or tapping your foot. Please get your facts striaght.

  • Patrick

    @ Veronica – I disagree with your definition of addiction. What you described there is physical dependence. That is a similar, but separate issue from addiction.

    I do agree that Marijuana addiction differs from other drugs that carry a strong physical dependency with them. But addiction is about much more than just physical dependence.

  • Kayla

    I Just Think That Marajuana is not addicting not physically anyways Maybe Mentially… Cause I Did It For Years And Quit Without Any Help.

  • big d

    Here’s the deal-pot is NOT physically addictive. Its totally a psychological thing. I smoked pot every single day, all day long, for 11 years and wanted to join the army-so I just stopped! I don’t crave it, need it, want it, anything. All you have to do is just stop buying it lol! I’m now a proud drug free soldier. Believe me, I loved getting stoned and vegging out and watching movies, playing xbox360, having sex with my wife, but guess what-i can still do all that! I just don’t get stoned anymore. Trust me, you’ll feel more energized, you’ll lose some weight (no more munchies), and waking up is waaaay easier. If you really want to stop-just cold turkey stop! Its a waste to try and “cut down” because you won’t have withdrawl anyway because its not a physical addiction. You might be a lil grumpy at first because its a lifestyle change, but if you want it-you can do it. From fat pothead to lean mean active duty us army. It can be done people!!

  • Patrick

    @ Kayla and Big D – I completely agree. Psychologically addicting, not physically….

  • Chris

    Patrick I have read this whole page, and I can see were you are coming from. I would still have to disagree with you, because these people that say they are addicted to weed, would not steal or prostitute for the drug. If you told someone that smoked weed every day to stop for a week they could no problem. People find no harm in the drug and there for continue to use it, but if it was very dangerous they would most likley stop. Thats kind of my opinion. But what is fact is when you said you were addicted to marijuana the first time you used it, that is some bullshit because nothing even happens the first time you smoke ecspically a half of a joint. Thats like me saying I am addicted to something that hasnt even been made yet. The bootom line is its not even a drug its natural it was put on this earth for a reason by god and i can garntee he didnt have addiction runing through his mind, he gave it to us not to fight and argue over but to enjoy.

  • Patrick

    @ Chris – People warned me going in to it that I would not get high on the first time I smoked weed. This was utter crap. I set out to prove them wrong and I got completely lit up on a lousy half of a joint.

    This was not some peer pressure moment where I was trying to look cool….I was seeking something, and I was hitting that joint for all it was worth with the determination of a seasoned high-on.

    I was hooked right there and I said so out loud. Then I proceeded to smoke the stuff for ten more years, in spite of the consequences. I tried a bunch of other drugs as well. Am I blaming that experimentation on the marijuana? Not really. I experimented with coke and acid and ecstasy because I am an addict…..not because Marijuana led me to them.

    It is almost like people are not seeing this clearly: I am a drug addict. I like drugs. I like to get high on drugs. Marijuana just happened to be the first drug I really tried.

    Let me say it this way: if you happen to be a drug addict, then yes, marijuana will screw your life up. This will happen even if the drug becomes completely legal. Getting high is still an emotional crutch. This only applies to drug addicts, people! If you are not addicted, then be confident in your “normal-ness” and go smoke weed as you wish to. You are on the wrong website, wondering about the wrong questions. If it is not a problem then it is a not a problem.

    Here is one more analogy: is alcohol addictive? Yes it is. Does everyone who has taken a drink of alcohol become a raging alcoholic? Of course not. It is the same with marijuana.

    Many will smoke it, very few will have a problem with it. The ones who have a problem with it are drug addicts. Period.

    Did the marijuana turn them into an addict, like Reefer Madness would have you believe? Of course not. Marijuana does not create drug addicts after half of a lousy joint.

    Drug addicts are born, not made. I was a drug addict waiting to happen. Marijuana is just a “soft” drug that is caught in the crossfire here. But it is still a drug, and it can, and does, have real consequences (emotional ones, not legal ones).

  • Chris

    Patrick I understand your problem and you are right, but I think the information you gave at the top of the page before the comments is not accurate becauce I did a health projest were I had to find out what drugs were addicting and you made weed seem like it was addicting now it seems like your not blaming the bud but yourself witch one is it? I think you got the definition of a habit and a addiction confused.

  • Patrick

    @ Chris – I just reviewed the post itself and I still agree with all the info there. Yes, marijuana is addictive. Yes, so is alcohol. No, not everyone will get addicted to both drugs. But the potential is there.

    For some people, alcohol is not a problem. Same goes for marijuana. Same goes for other drugs.

    Physical dependence is just one facet of addiction. Psychological dependency can be much stronger and harder to break anyway.

    Addiction is more than just physical dependence. It involves craving, obsession, compulsion, lifestyle, and so on.

  • violet

    weed is bad period!!!!!!!!!

  • Troy

    I am in the process to stop smoking weed. The very first post was dead on with everything I have experienced. I smoked heavily for 2 years then realized MY bad habits using the drug were damaging my life.

    I stopped smoking cold turkey for 32days through the help of NA. During that time I did feel a slight withdrawal, some cravings, and I slept a lot (which my doctor said was normal because apparently MJ messes up the deep sleep cycles-research needed.) The physical withdrawal was easy. Like the army guy posted you just make a choice to stop, not that hard.

    Then the difficulties began emotionally. I formed many coping mechanisms around getting high (not just escape, but to have fun, to relax, even to journal out cognitive therapy.) When I decided to stop smoking there has been a frequent immense emotional turmoil accompanied with a strong desire to find a way to get MJ or ANY TYPE OF HIGH.

    The hardest part though, for me so far, and the reason I haven’t been able to give up the drug completely, is the social network. When I remove myself from smoking, I remove myself from literally all my friends. I used to have other friends who didn’t smoke but they are now estranged because all I did was smoke and that lifestyle sorted me out into strong friendships with other smokers.
    So, in short, after smoking MJ for 2 years daily, when I decided I wanted to stop I have found that it has not been as easy as just stopping. It has been a road of very mild withdrawal, emotional stress, lack of healthy coping habits, and I’m all alone- unless I want to sit around my friends while they all smoke, which is difficult for me because I loved the stuff so much!

    I’m trying to experiment with cutting back and using it only to have fun, but after my first round of experimentation I find myself following the same path I followed before to problem usage. This is the same path that I was amazed a therapist could use to so accurately describe my 2 year journey with MJ. It is the path that all people who become addicts follow. So I guess the question isn’t really is MJ addictive, but rather are you a person prone to becoming an addict to getting high, or are you on the path to becoming an addict.

    The path goes like this:

    Experimental – normally someone else is offering for free, you’re just doing it for the experience

    Occasional Use – One a week or less, normally still a friend initiating and/or providing. Just done for something to do to have fun.

    Regular Use – More than once a week. User begins to buy their own and have their own stash. May switch to an activity that is enjoyed not only with friends but also alone.

    Problem Use – Frequent use (4 or more times per week). User is seeking to control their usage, usually repeatedly failing. User is smoking more to get high (tolerance.) User ends up smoking more than intended or for a longer period of time than alotted. Problems with family, non-smoking friends, finances, activities, performance begin to be seen.

    Addiction – User is consumed with the thoughts of how to get their drug to get high. (Sometimes a functioning addict is formed, but they are still being driven to function so they can still get their drug.) Larger problems begin to arise, especially relationally and financially.

    That’s what I could remember from my therapist. There’s more but that’s the ball park idea. I find myself following this same path again as I’m trying to just use occasionally.

    I have also tried other drugs but I don’t blame that experimentation on MJ. I’m a curious person and when opportunities for experiences presented themselves, I took them. They could have came into my life any which a way, but I would say from experience that it was the social network I was involved with that brought about the other drugs.

  • Patrick

    @ Troy – what an extremely sensible comment, thank you for giving us your experience.

    I think the key is that some people are susceptible to addiction, and others are not. It is the same with other drugs, such as alcohol. However, the consequences of alcoholism are so much more damaging and visible than the consequences of MJ addiction. Also, the withdrawal is so much more mild with MJ, so people minimize the drug.

    I think your experience and your sharing it here is incredibly valuable, Troy. Thank you so much. Your thoughts are well organized and I think you know that if you get off the stuff for, say, six months, you will see a huge improvement in your life.

    It sucks to lose all your friends but I have gone through that myself. I had to make a choice about addiction and recovery. For many, many years I chose my friends, and continued to get high. Eventually this led me to other drugs (including alcohol) and I was facing a more serious decision.

    I think you are forecasting this cycle perfectly Troy. You see it coming and are taking action against it. Good luck!

  • shenans31

    I would have to say that I don’t think it’s addictive in any sort of way. I mean, I love the way it makes me feel, but I could stop whenever I want to. But as in the movie “the Union” and I quote
    “There are no deathsfrom cannabis use… anywhere.. Ever.”

    and the whole it kills your brain cells is also bullshit.
    the study was conduted using monkeys. they were putting “gas-masks” over the monkey’s entire mouth/nose and then pumping 30 Columbian stregth joints within 5 minutes. no oxygen, you start losing brain cells because they die. therefore Marijuana is not nearly as bad as eveyone claims it to be.

  • Patrick

    @ shenans31 – I am familiar with the research done where they suffocated the monkeys. I use to quote that all the time to help justify my beliefs.

    This is not an “either/or” thing. They tried to make marijuana out to be evil. It’s not. But, it is no good for me either. And it gets me into trouble, and takes away from the life I really want to live. It does rob ME of potential.

    Perhaps it does not rob you of potential. If so, that is great.

    Good luck.

  • Curley

    Look you little stubborn children believe what you want to believe but i am one of those people who cant just smoke on nug. i got to keep smoking intill im doing it on a hourly basis. I have crazy withdrawl symptoms (loss of aptite, aggression, depression, imsomniea, stomch pain). I am a pot addict to the fullest and i am not proud to say it.

  • Bob

    Patrick, I posted back in September concerning my new wife’s addiction to pot and how it has affected me. Your answer was very thoughtful. I resolved to love her warts and all, and to let the chips fall where they may. I am able to truly love this woman and accept that pot will probably always be part of her life.

    I am amazed to read all the posts that are so vehemently denying that pot can be addicting. Most of these coming from people who proudly claim to be daily smokrs. Is there a disconnect in some people’s thinking that daily use of any substance could not be considered addictive? I think you said it well, that when people protest so loudly if gives cause to wonder. Or another question, why are those who argue so loudly that pot cannot be addictive visiting and posting on a web site designed to help people overcome addiction. At any rate, you have handled all these incredibly ignorant posters with grace and dignity. Keep up the good work.


  • Patrick

    Hi there Bob

    Yeah it is a tough, tough topic to tackle.

    I think the real problem comes from the fact that Marijuana is really more of a behavioral addiction, rather than a real “drug addiction.” Not sure if that makes any sense or not. But of course, the kicker is that it doesn’t matter. It is still an addiction, and there are real consequences. But you already know that….

    Good luck to you and your wife.

  • Anonymous

    I would just like to say that you are very difficult to understand, Patrick. Addictions are harmful to the body, right? Yet studies show that marijuana is actually more beneficial than harmful. For instance it does not cause lung cancer as most people believe, actually thc is known to help lower the chance of cancer in the body.

  • Anonymous

    Also how you are describing marijuana is not labeled as addictive like you think. Habituating is the term that you are describing and should probably be using. In that way, I agree with you that it is habituating. There is a difference between these two terms, therefore they are not to be used interchangeably.

  • Patrick

    @ Anonymous – I would agree that thc is not the cancer-causing agent that was once feared….however, you might want to think about the idea of smoke in general. You can still see some pretty nasty pictures of the lungs of a long time marijuana smoker….not much different than that of a cigarette smoker. It might not have as much “cancer juice” as nicotine, but it produces far more tar and resin, and that does stick in the lungs.

    Can’t be good. Period. Just study the end of a roach, or a pipe…every pot head knows that the resin and tar build up is thick and extra sticky. Its a no-brainer that this is damaging the lungs in a major way over long periods of time……

    Habitual vs. addiction – I agree there is a difference, and many people who smoke MJ are probably just habitual. Good point. With me, and with some other people, marijuana becomes an addiction, but introducing obsessive thoughts about smoking (preoccupation, planning, supply control, etc.) and also compulsion (smoking when I said I was not going to, etc.).

    Not every marijuana smoker is addicted.

    But some are. I know this, because I was at one time…..

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Patrick for attempting to bring light to the fact that this can be addicting to people, maybe not everyone, maybe not even a majority, but for some, it is addicting.

    For those of you who are arguing over the wording of “addicting” versus habitual….here is the definition of addict from the websters dictionary….”one who is psychologically or physiologically dependent (as on a drug)”

    Notice it says psycologically (mentally) OR physiologically (physically). So, there can be no denying (of course people will), that weed CAN be addictive, just like alcohol, just like sleeping pills, just like some prescription medications, etc. That doesn’t mean it is addictive for everyone.

    I have tried MJ, never got into it. I have my 17 yr old nephew living with me now because of his lifestyle choices, one of which is MJ. Some of the others….prescription drugs, ICP, and gangs.

    Before you go off on me….please LISTEN….I AM NOT BLAMING MJ!! It is a symptom of a larger problem. His home life sucks and he turned to MJ as a coping mechanism, which led him to a group of friends that all do MJ (and other crap), including gang activity. Now he believes that MJ is the ONLY thing that can get him through life, he hasn’t learned to cope and he is on a very slippery slope. He got his first high on MJ, and when it’s no longer available to him, he still wants the high and is turning to other things, prescription drugs, alcohol, household products, etc.

    It’s very sad to see a bright young person turn into a raging lunatic because of any form of drugs.

  • Patrick

    I agree Anonymous, MJ is a symptom of a larger problem. It does not have to be a gateway drug, and in many cases it is not.

    But for some, it clearly is. Thanks for your comment.

  • Royal Dice

    M J can be a gateway drug, but that don’t mean you’ll end up doing crack if you smoke M J.

  • Stupid Like a Fox

    Now really I can see every ones point. But lets face facts here. Marijuana is not and has not EVER been addictive! I speak from doing it for 15 years and quit. I’m also a smoker and have tired many times to quit that but could never seem to give it up. With pot, I put it down and never picked it up. I really felt no effects. Likes hands shaking or getting sick. You know, the signs that your body is telling you that you need the THC back in your body so it can go about it’s day. Is it or can it become a habit? Yes, but no matter how bad this habit might be it is not what we all call addictive. Because again, the signs of withdrawal are not there. This also comes for many of my friends who have quit or tried. The ones who did quit only quit because they really wanted to and those who didn’t because they being told they had to. But even with all that if you can show me one person who (is a “heavy” user) and got sent to jail and could not get out of bed because the withdrawals were so bad. Then I would be able to agree with you. But that is not the case. What tends to happen with people who answer this question tend to base their answer around their personal opinions. If you are against pot, you will never admit to it being non-addictive and vise versa. And the government will not do anything about this because they make way to much money off keeping it illegal. But that is another topic.

  • Patrick

    Defining addiction through the presence of withdrawal alone is too narrow. For example, there are no withdrawal symptoms with sex addiction and gambling addiction either, but those go beyond mere “habits,” fox…..

  • Paul D

    I think marijuana is addictive in the same way that some people are addicted to certain types of food, or deserts. People who smoke marijuana regularly, then stop smoking, do not go through painful withdrawal sickness like cigarette smokers or heroin users.

  • Patrick

    I disagree, Paul D….because marijuana can medicate emotions so much better than “certain types of foods or desserts.” Just my opinion, and I still appreciate yours….

  • http://idk? Nick

    marijuana makes people funny!

  • Anonymous

    Speaking from current and past experience, I agree 100% with previous statements that MJ can, in certain cases be addictive. I have smoked Mj for 4 years, not a lifetimes worth, but plenty enough to know it’s affects on my body. After consistent use for even a few months, I was unable to eat when I wasn’t “high.” The mere thought of food was enough to bring a salty taste in my mouth (like I was goig to puke). That right there told me that Mj can in fact be addicting, I needed it to eat. Or at least my mind or body was telling me so.

    So after finding this out I continued to use the drug. Still noticIng that everytime I don’t have it I won’t eat.
    I wake up in the morning with a bad stomach ache everyday. If I go a few hours without it n the morning I start to feel really out of it and loopy. I took a trip to see my dad this week. I have only been three days without it, but it seemed like a lot longer. I have gone through phases like this before with long periods without MJ. Everytime with the same feelings. This time seemingly worse. I haven’t had a bit to eat since yesterday ( half bowl of soup), and I feel alot more sick than normal, throwing up a few times. No, it’s not the flu. For one, I have experienced the flu many times and this is most definately not the same feeling.
    My conclusions that MJ can be addictive is based on my own personal experience. I’ve wanted to quit for A while and find it very troublesome because I personally like the drug. However I don’t like the consequences. Recently I have started to get heart palpitations, I think it’s time too find my solution.
    Also, saying that MJ is a gateway drug is bullshit. That’s just someones excuse for making bad decisions. The drug didnt make their decision. They did.

  • Genitt

    Everyone here has made an excellent point, and no one is right or wrong. Indeed, i must admit that in some cases MJ can be somewhat psycologically addincting, but that is not the majority. My entire family (asside from my mom) has smoked weed quite frequently when they were young, including me. However, you can say that my younger brother got psycologically addicted to it. Why? I suppose because we never really had a “normal” life, the society we lived in, and the people around us, as well as other personal reasons. I have gone about 5 months or so without touching it, and feel great with or without it. But my younger brother was so emotionally unstable and severely depressed that when he had to stop for a while, he became even more depressed to the point where we got worried. But in the end he managed to simply stop doing it with a change of atmosphere. We sent him to Lima, Peru wot go live with my grandparents for a while and i must admit, it was the best thing we could ever do for him. Being so caught up with a different culture, a different way of life, and so many other things to do, he simply had forgotten about marijuana all in all. So you see everything that “Patrick” had stated IS 100% true and I am not arguing with that. You see, if you smoke all day every day (like my younger brother) its almost certain that you may develop some type of dependancy for it. However, the same concept applies to food. If you eat a certain type of food every day, whether it be chocolate, salty foods, McDonalds, etc. and you eat this food when you are depressed, when you are tired, and even in celebration, it is OBVIOUS that one will most likely develop a dependency for this if it is taken away. Sure, there are no withdrawl symptoms, but what is the difference between food and marijuana? i mean, yes marijuana messes your lungs up, but i think i prefer messing my lungs rather than clogging my arteries with sugar and fat and being morbadly obese. But thats just me. All in all, MJ CAN be physically and or psycologically addicitng, but so can MANY other things; such as cutting, food, other drugs, bitting nails, etc. its all a matter of what you choose in order to have “fun” get rid of your “anger” or to just “relax”.
    Ther are many opinions out there and everyone has a right to express them. But FACT is, although MJ may result to some types of addiction for some people, then by damn it so can chocolate. I would know because i crave chocolate and know many other people who do, and that is something that i have NEVER experienced with MJ nor anyone else i’ve ever know, not even my brother. And that right there my friends is not an opinion, it is a FACT!

  • Em.

    It seems that marijuana is only addictive to people that are already ill equipped to handle reality. If so little people ever become addicted to it, then WHY is marijuana viewed so negatively by everyone?! Marijuana is not the problem. Just think about all the things out there so much worse for you that ARE legal.

    I should probably mention that I am a heavy pot smoker and have never experienced any symptoms of withdrawal in all the years that I’ve been smoking it.

  • Patrick

    Hmmm…..a lot of people are addicted to coffee, but it is not a big problem. Why? Because the consequences are minimal (the health community says the benefits may even outweigh the negatives at this point) and the withdrawal from caffeine is quite minimal.

    A lot like marijuana, actually. Just because it is not devastating like alcohol withdrawal is (which can be fatal) does not mean the drug is harmless. Addiction is characterized by more than just toxicity levels and presence of withdrawal symptoms. Those are factors in diagnosing addiction, yes. But they are not the whole story.

    The bottom line is that many people who smoke a lot of pot develop a problem in their life because of it. No, marijuana *itself* may not be the problem. But smoking it every single day is a symptom of a deeper problem that lies at the root of addiction. It is a way to self medicate. I know this because I lived it for several years….avoiding reality and medicating my emotions by getting high. Is it as bad as drinking a half gallon of vodka and smashing your car? No, but that’s not the point. It is still addictive, and damaging, at least for me (and for some others).

  • Timeforchange

    listen ive smoked marijuana for the past 10 years i started smoking it when i was 14 and my mother always said “your going to get addicted i dont want that” and one day she looked at me and called me a drug addict. i said you really think im addicted? she responded yes…i quit smoking for 3 months with out a problem. i never smoked or did anything besides marijuana and i have NEVER drank alchohol i dont plan on it either. i smoke marijuana cause i have stomach problems i get very bad pain every now and then along with nausea and MJ is the ONLY thing that helps i have tried a million other medicines and nothing works i dont think i speak for myself when i say “If i wanted to quit marijuana i could do it without a problem” and with that said i believe anyone with a harmfull condition that has tried medicines and nothing works should be allowed to smoke marijuana in peace with out anyone judging or giving them names like “potheads”. marijuana has NEVER killed anyone and an overdose is IMPOSSIBLE you would have to smoke 15,000 joints in 15 minutes to do so. alchohol has killed millions of people why is it that illegal? why dont i see people getting arrested for drinking but us people who smoke marijuana are always getting fucked with. I just think we have the right to be pain free and if you dont like it dont smoke it were not obligating you too its a decision a person makes and if they wanted to they would stop otherwise they’ll keep smoking. And all that deeper problem stuff is BULLSHIT i hate all you doctors speaking out false about it only because you know it will overthrow your proffesion, marijuana is a pain reliever admitt it its not addictive and it doesnt kill brain cells.. its a medicine something people rely on

  • 2sides…1truth..whichone

    All I wanna say is that my entire family has come in contact with a drugs and substances of all sorts. Everybody drinks, most have smoked this or that at one point in time. Hell I’m underage and know more about drugs and alcohol than most people will ever know. Just the fact that I know how to cook this and flip that, how many oz. is for that, how to stretch this, it freaks me out. But I’ve tried several drugs that are a wide variety of things, like LSD, inhalants, codeine, angel dust, crosses, blow, shrooms, and much more. I guess you could say I am a generally screwed up individual, but I’m not addicted to any of this.
    I was one of those kids that would come home everyday and just get so high that I couldn’t talk and would just sit there and drool. All through school I would just go home grab whatever I could find, be it drugs or some inhalant or something and just go get scrambled. And I was a multiple time user for all of those things in the list, but around 12 months ago one of my friends was like, ay man that stuff is gonna mess you up so bad you gon end up in a coma, so I just quit it and that was it. No withdraw. No nothin. If anything there seemed to be more time in a day, and I started noticeing more stuff in my life. The only thing I didn’t leave behind was weed (and/or hash) because that stuff just flat out makes me relax after a hard day at school or work. (Yea I miss school for work, you would do the same if you were down here up in this building hearing the neighbors yell through the walls)
    So anyway a few weeks ago I decided to quit all drugs clean. And just vapped one more time and left the stuff behind. There has been nothing, no withdrawal. The only thing that has been hard for me has been alcohol and I just haven’t been able no matter how hard I try to put down that bottle in the bag. So I guess I’m an alcoholic but I dropped the coke and weed in a day but haven’t been able to set down the bottle in over a year. Why is all the fuss about weed which it is impossible to OD on and even all those smart scientists can not even tell if you can develop a physical dependence on it? Why would you take the chronic but keep the bottle?
    Weed is not addicting, all those cancers and stuff they tell you that you can get is just from smoking. You could smoke almost anything and you’re gonna develop some health factors. To all my fellow users of the weed, I quit easy, you can too, and to anyone that is afraid of the consequences, use the vaporizer, research it please. It is no gateway drug, all those docs say that these druggies did the chronic before they did the blow, but they also went to sleep, they also brushed their teeth, they also put on clothes.
    And finally you can be addicted to anything. Think about this, the endorphines that are released in your brain during an orgasm are the same chemical that are released by cocaine. So how can a natural thing be compared to something man-made and made to seem worse?

  • Linda

    I have heard anyone talk about the consequences that it brings to our community. It doesnt effect your brain motor skills. Just a couple of weeks ago a kid cause a trible accident because of under the influence of pot.
    Someone pays the price.

  • John

    I’d like to just point something out, you can become addicted to a cheeseburger too but were not outlawing those are we? I’ve smoked marijuana, and i’ve been through spurts where i smoked daily for quite a while and i never felt addicted or a need for the drug. But like i said, you can become addicted to anything, if you eat a roast beef sandwich everday for a year, and try to stop, im sure youll really be craving that roast beef sandwich but its not like your going to freak out and rob a bank to get a fix, and even if you do get addicted to marijuana, whats the worst that can happen? youll spend too much money on it maybe, becuase there is no helath problems associated with it whatsoever, maybe the occasional cough and maybe a lung infection even though I’ve never even heard of a case of lung infection due to marijuana smoking and i know A LOT of people that smoke.

    and addiction is a very loose word, you will never get addicted to marijuana like you will heroin or coke, I knew a heroin addict and TRUST ME, you can NEVER get that addicted to pot

  • Diane

    I know all about the debates over MJ. From my own personal experience…my husband is addicted. He smokes on a daily basis. It does not matter if we are short paying a bill, his pot comes first. When he does not have it, he becomes very angry and lashes out, especially at me. When he smokes, he forgets things all the time, risks his job, he has even tried growing it incase he was without. Of course our teens found it which opened a whole new can of worms. He does not even want to have sexual relations unless he is high and that makes me feel like crap! He says sex is so much better. He has degenerating back disease so he says he smokes to help him deal with the pain he is also becoming addicted to pain killers that his damn pain doctor keeps giving him. I know the signs. I smoked before, I have tried other things. MJ in my opinion is addictive and can and will destroy you and your family. Get help.

  • smantha

    we are all different in many ways i smoke pot lam not addicted to it but my is addicted to it he has to smoke pot after every twenty minutes;i know thats pretty scary. well i hope you huys get what mean

  • paul

    I have access to unlimited quantities of herb and smoke /ingest almost every day. Occasionally I will not smoke/ingest for several days in a row and have never had any cravings or abnormal feelings/effects. I live in a very popular ski town and estimates are that 30 to 50 percent of snowsports enthusiasts are high when on the mountain. It is socially acceptable by almost everybody I know. Once you remove the stigma, many of these issues go away. Something about it being illegal (not in my town) changes the dynamics of users, upping the excitement level, and actually increasing use by those seeking the “coolness” factor or those looking to join a certain group for the lifestyle appeal. I believe marijuana has actually helped me learn to be more patient,relax, put lifes issues in perspective, and improved my relationships with others by allowing me to contemplate my daily concerns and family/friend relationships from a different perspect. I have been using marijuana off and on for many years and daily for 5 years.. Health concerns from smoking are easily avoided by ingesting with food instead of lighting up. Also, many people with health problems use marijuana f0r improvement of symptoms and pain reduction. I think people with addiction problems have a problem that is exacerbated by drugs, not caused by them.
    Marijuana is a naturally occuring plant that is not changed or processed for use and is very very safe, being impossible to overdose. If you disagree, thats cool. Peace

  • Addicted

    Thank you for this article. All of it is very true. I fit into the psychologically addicted category. I always dream of the day when I do not need this anymore. Some people are strong enough to do it themselves, I am not one of those people. If rehab worked and was for free, I would definitely go, instead of smoking this tree. Wasted so many years of my life, it just isn’t worth it.

  • Anonymous

    It is kind of addicting.
    When you’re depressed, it feels like weed is the only thing that can help make you feel better.
    I personally love pot.
    I don’t think I could live without it. &Trust me, I’ve tried to stop. But, it helps emotional pain so much, that it’s close to impossible.

  • Anonymous


    I personnally think that pot is addictive. My boyfriend smokes all day and night and it seems he forgets about his family.
    The only thing that matters to him is smoking his weed and we come second in his life its too bad.
    Maybe one day he will wake up it will be too late.

  • Medical User

    Marijuana is highly addictive both physically and mentally. People who think otherwise are naive or refuse to believe so because they don’t want there precious marijuana to have a bad rep as in heroin other hard drugs. (I’m not talking about one time users duh) . This is especially true for habitual smokers. As soon as marijuana becomes part of your life style it is extremely hard to stop. I constantly feel like something is missing when in not high and go as far as to scrape resin from pipes, bongs to selling things so i can go to a collective and purchase marijuana. Marijuana addiction is still a new phenomena and i believe we are the first true generation hooked on marijuana. The grade of marijuana and the availability is ever increasing and addiction is on the rise. I know as i am part of the medical marijuana fiasco and i see many addicted individuals that can’t go one day without getting high. Sorry it’s the truth for most people smoking everyday.

  • Anonymous

    Marijuana is NOT addictive, its like a hobby you can go with out it but its nice to do and have around.

  • Anonymous

    Alcohol is addictive,
    MJ is addictive,
    Mc Donald cheeseburgers are addictive,
    It all about how you deal with it.
    Addicts don’t believe their “habitual choice” is addictive , until they hit bottom and come back up. They all scream “I’m not a drunk” “I’m not hooked” all the way down.
    MJ is illegal. If the government could tax it, then maybe it wouldn’t be.. But it is illegal. It may not be fair … but life is not fair It all about how you deal with it.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I appreciate the article and I respect others opinions…. Those that say they have smoked pot and not become addicted, Yahoo! I am happy for you. I have tried it myself once, hated feeling so tired and emotionally dead and I did not become addicted. The point of the article however was to say it does become addictive for some! Addictions are tricky and there are people that have addictive personalities. Some people are addicted to eating too much, they use food to satisfy their emotions. Just because most people are not addicted to food doesn’t mean that it is not harmful for to those that are! So anything that has led to addictions for anyone should be taken seriously! My husband Smoked pot for 10 yrs. He became seriously addicted and it almost destroyed his life!!! It had taken a toll on him physically, mentally, financially, and socially. Trust me the drug is addictive!

  • JOE

    I am marijuana addict and I wish I never did that stupid stuff. I hate myself for this addiction andsee me having no future as long as I have weed. I didthis drug since I was 16 and now I’m 23. All my friend are worst then me. For a marijuana addict , I have accomplished alot like achieving my commercial pilot licence, but I lost alot because of it like a good job. My parents and family are aware of this addiction and see as a loonitick and a criminal. My girl friend is a recreational user but can go for ever without doing it. MARIJUANA HAS RUINED MY LIFE (BUT NOT COMPLETELY, SINCE I’M STILL YOUNG)… IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND YOU WANT TO EXPERIMENT THINK OF JOE AND MESSED UP MY LIFE HAS BECOME. DON’T DO ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kylie

    thanks so much. this website has helped me be able to talk to my marijuana-dependent best friend. He justifies his use and is pretty much exactly like you describe “potheads” actions. He doesn’t smoke as heavily anymore, but when he wants to, the reasons and justifications are still the same. Thanks so much!!!!

  • Zach

    I wish i never tried pot. im trying to quit but i usually dont make it past a couple days then i have to smoke. I dont even have any serious problems. I just like being high and its slowly taking over my life….

  • Jack

    Are you guys kidding me? Get some self-control. Weed isn’t addictive. I’ve been smoking since I was 16 and I’m 18 now. I stop when I want to and I’ve been smoking daily since I got to college. I was smoking weekly my junior year in high school too. It’s not difficult and it’s not addictive.

  • your mama

    i have been smoking since i was 13 and now 59 years old and still smoke it and i have stoped many times

  • medical colorado

    I live in colorado, a newly christened medical marijuana state. I have been smoking pot since 1994 and growing for several years now. Just about everyone I know has smoked, or still smokes in varying degrees. I work part time at a state approved dispensary and have taken the time to really talk to the people involved on both sides of the ongoing debate for legalization. I spoke with members of my local DEA task force who were happy that their resources could be used to more effectively rein in the meth problem. I shave spoken with doctors who have had measured success in dealing with pain and depression(even though it is not yet recognized as treating mental problems). Our customers come from all walks of life, everyone from doctors to coal miners. I still use to treat the pain caused by a recent cancer surgery as I cannot take more expensive and infinitely more addictive opioid pain killers. In all my years I have never heard of anyone becoming an addict, ever. This article is complete B.S. The same tired misinformation that’s been perpetuated for decades. and Joe, you are a pussy. Man up, put down the pipe, go outside and find something you like more than crying about how a little plant ruined you life.

  • medical colorado

    @medical user:You sir, are simply too stupid for words. You sound like a spineless turd,”Once marijuana is part of your life it’s hard to stop”. I handle 40 MMJ recipients a day who completely disprove your statements. Is there no accountability for these so called”addicts”? Is their lack of will and self-control the fault of a little plant? Or the weakass who can’t handle it. Comparing marijuana to coke or heroin is simply moronic. Grow a pair candyass.

  • Patrick

    Wow….the anger in some of these comments shows that this is a very hot topic indeed.

    I would like to keep seeing healthy discussion without all the anger.

    Just because Marijuana has medicinal uses does not mean it is completely safe for anyone. I am an addict and Marijuana was my first drug of choice and I used it as a true addict would for a long time before I tried other drugs. Even when moving on to other “harder” drugs I continued to use Marijuana every day.

    I am not saying MJ is evil or that it should not be legal or that it is not good medicine. In fact, I am all for legalization and for medicinal and even recreational use. I agree that alcohol is far more dangerous. BUT, marijuana can still be addictive for some people. So can video games. So can gambling. If you can’t get with that, then just go do your own thing, but the anger and the over reacting point to some sort of disturbance, some hint of truth that is making people angry.

    If this article were all full of blatant lies then why would people be so upset?

    I know both sides of the coin as well as anyone because I used and loved this drug for many years. But I also was able to see how I was using it to medicate my emotions, and how it is a mood altering substance that reactivates my addict thinking. It is off limits for me, because I am a drug addict.

    OK, that is my rant for this month, I will try to duck out of it for a while, until I get too tempted and have to jump back into this fray….

  • Anonymous speaker

    I fully understand what this entire article is trying to get out, and for the most part it’s partially true. I’m not trying to be a rebel or a smart-ass; I would really like to state a few facts that are confirmed and true about marijuana that I honestly feel should be shared.
    To start this off I’d like to mention that the founding fathers of our beautiful country did infact smoke the herb marijuana, therefore saying that pot makes people stupid is untrue.
    Considering that we are all aware or have heard about smog, and what it is doing to our ozone and how it’s destroying our polar caps and killing defenseless artic animals and damaging health factors for generations to come, which in my opinion is basically getting away with murder. And little do people know, but hemp is also a strong material that can be made into products such as paper (the constitution was written on hemp paper), and plywood aswell. My point being; hemp can be turned intoa fuel for cars, eliminating several to most conflicts the US is having due to iraq, aswell as the worlds ozone meaning it will more than likely help keep our world green! What’s not great about that?
    I know it sounds a lot like I am trying to make it sound like the greatest thing in the world, but honestly I feel that it has many more purposes that can give you and the future of mankind a helping hand.

    I’m fully aware that marijuana can be smoked, and yes I do suppose you could become addicted to marijuana. It effects everyone differently, I’m really trying to state that if you do something repeatedly and enjoy how it makes you feel why not do it? Well one reason is if it takes over your life, but I feel confident to say that you can become addicted to anything; skateboarding, sex, a certain band. Etc.
    I will be completely honestand tell you that I smoke pot, not everyday?, I’m not high right now, and I have never felt the urge or need for it, it doesn’t make me feel depressed if I’m not high for a day I can go as long as I please. It has no effect towards me and I don’t do it to feel good or to get away from things it’s just a way for me to creatively think of new and innovative ideas. I’m not a junkie I’ve never done anything but pot. I am always responsible with it. I would never make anyone ever do it if they didn’t want to, sure it’s not cheap, I’ve learned to appreciate what I can afford. I’m not a straight A student though I can manage to get B’s and C’s with little effort. It hardly impairs me I drive a few miles per hour under the speed limit and I feel that I can pay better attention to the road and things surrounding me. As a 17 year old I personally think that beer and tobacco products are useless cancerous and take far to many lives for them not to be illegal. Where there is not one reported overdose on marijuana. I’ve been told that one day I could get so high I might jump off a bridge but in all reality it doesn’t necessarily make you hallucinate. It’s not acid or one of those highly dangerous mind alteri g drugs. As a matter of fact smoking marijuana makes me love myself I’d never do anything to harm myself, and I don’t go putting random drugs in my body. People need to understand that it isn’t going to destroy your life unless you let it. Though it is medically legal where I’m very happy we just changed and I feel that even though people tend to think that people who smoke pot are lifeless losers. I am proud to say that I am a stoner, not addicted, not stupid and strongly disagree with the direction In Which most all of society has been driven. And I honestly do whatever I possibly can to inform people about the truth of subjects that are extremely way to discriminated against for false reasons. Thank you all for reading, please don’t try to argue it’s just facts that I felt were important to let people know about and I am truely sorry if you are “addicted” to marijuana.
    Remember addiction is half mental. :). You’ll overcome it and I’m sorry that you did not have a good experience….

  • Hannah

    For the people who say they have been smoking for years, are not addicted, and can stop whenever they want…. then why do you start again? addicted?.. check!

  • Owen

    Thank you for this post, and to all the readers who’ve replied. It’s a hot topic indeed and riddled with mixed opinions.

    I’m 27 and was a heavy smoker for almost 10 years. Playing in a reggae band and working in a creative industry gave me many reasons to smoke all the time, then as I started getting older I left the band, purged some friends and got into a serious relationship – but I kept smoking weed almost everyday to the point where up to a few weeks ago when it almost ruined my relationship, my health and my job.

    I was hiding it from my girlfriend, smoking before work (because I knew I couldn’t smoke after work as we live together) and suffered a week in hospital with a collapsed lung, likely to have been aggravated by weed smoke. Not cool.

    I consider myself a strong willed individual. I have experimented with harder stuff, and gave it up easily. I smoked cigarettes for 6 years and quit cold turkey in 2008. But I believe I am psychologically addicted to Marijuana. It’s hard to break all the associations I had with smoking and I still battle to see myself without it.

    I’m all for praising the herb but be careful. Peace.

  • larry

    hannah, that was the dumbest thing ive heard in my life. i take it u have never smoked marijuana on more than one occasion. it is much easier to understand where everyone else is coming from, but your statement just makes me question your common sense. and to answer your question, they start agaain because it is fun. why did they stop? maybe a job, maybe they were broke, maybe to prove to someone or themselves that they can take a break or quit and that weed is not addictive. plus define addiction, please. throught all these posts, i havent seen anyone adress what an addiction really IS. an addiction is when your body can not funstion without the subsatnce in you. thats all, not a craving.

  • Patrick

    @ Larry – an addiction is more than just physical dependence (what you claim it is).

    Addiction involves psychological dependence and what you might call “behavior factors” as well as the physical component….

    It is also useful to consider consequences when defining addiction, in my opinion….

  • austin

    hahahaha…whoever wrote this is hands down, by far the biggest asshole alive. Weed is not addictive. Weed is not a gateway drug. It is all psychological. Ive been smoking since i was now 18. I had a physical last month and im 100% healthy. During those years i had stopped smoking with no problem. In the history of mankind there is no evidence of weed being a direct cause of any type of respiratory disease. Just do me a favor, the jerkoff who wrote this and all of you who believe the same bullshit, educate yourself and watch the The Union: The business behind getting high. You can find it on youtube.

  • austin

    oh and to owen..did you ever think the reason why your lung collapsed because of smoking cigarettes?

  • Derrp

    “The term “addiction” is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive psychological dependence.” – Wikipedia

    Weed does not have these effects (from my experience). I have been smoking many different types of weed for quite sometime now and have no desires or cravings for it. Some days I simply say “Hey, why not get high” and do it. Much like when I get with a group of friends and say “Hey, lets go down to the bar for a few drinks”

    Addiction is not doing something to avoid emotional stress like this article suggests. Addiction is a psychological, sometimes physical craving, or obsession.

  • Owen

    @ austin – Sure I did, as a weed and cigarette smoker I hammered my lungs, so I’ve given both a break.

    @ Derrp – I agree with you that it is not a physical addiction. You are one of the lucky few who can socially smoke and keep it under control, much like most people socially drink. I relate to your term “obsession”, that’s a good way of putting it, I felt obsessed with doing it everyday more that physically needing it and more than I actually enjoyed being stoned.

    30 days and going strong.

  • me jenkins

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  • Tevin

    I was recently introduced to weed and since then have been a strong supporter of it. I smoked 5 times per week throughout an entire semester of college, so it is safe to say that I should be addicted. However, when I got home from school, I stopped smoking because the group of friends that I have back home tend not to do that. Smoking pot is merely a social activity for most, and it is only done so frequently because it is so fun to do with friends. It is NOT addicting unless you have an uncontrollable addictive personality, in which case, your problem is not weed, but it’s yourself. Scientists should all get together and smoke a fat joint with each other and then maybe they will see how fun it is and look at the matter objectively instead of with a negative light. LIGHT ME UP A DUTCHIE!!!

  • Tevin

    short version: austin is right its all in your head…get over yourself and smoke, or get over yourself and dont smoke, either way nobody gives a damn, just dont lie on weed. thats all we ask.

  • j dag

    yo i smoke weed every day and yo,i get all the pussy
    so fuck you, and keep smoking

  • gotta get high

    “Now does habitual use mean that a person is addicted? Not necessarily. But in practical terms, this difference really does not matter much”

    yeah doesn’t matter much if you’re a bunch of liers.

    I guess the truth doesn’t matter to those who make money off the so called war on drugs!

    weed aka Marijuana is NOT addictive.
    get a real education and stop wasting people’s time with statistics. Statistics which clearly don’t support your case.
    Have you considered that many, (as in millions) of people who were addicted to cigarettes an alcohol are now DEAD.


    What about the affects of too much salt in the diet, surely a greater threat that weed, yes?

    I’m more addicted to coffee than I ever was to weed.
    eat mostly vegies and don’t eat mostly salt and red meat … be healthy everyone :)

  • billy

    All of you are stupied!!!!!!
    Marijuana is a drug and it is alegal so that makes it bad.

  • HmGrwnSnc1984

    You’re mother is stupid Billy. In California, we will get to choose whether it is illegal or not come Nov. 2010! I’ve been smoking weed for 10 years and have many friends who both smoke and don’t, I stay good friends with the ones that quit, I’m stable emotionally and very socially active. Aside from all this, I have managed to complete school, payoff 2 vehicles, become entirely debt free and own my own home and business. All this while smoking weed on a daily basis…….so fuck off with your preachin’ ass…

  • Jackson

    I became extremely depressed after my girlfriend left me. I started smoking every day because it took my mind off of her and i felt better. It has been over a month and now i feel like I cant function unless i get high. I tried not smoking for a day and it was really hard, I became more upset than I ever was to begin with. Next morning my depression was just so unbearable that i had to smoke more. Marijuana is addictive if your smoking it to escape a harsh reality. I can’t stop using it now…

  • Darren


    Cannabis really does hurt no one, does it really harm the police or government NO
    But still the leaders of countries are burning down the crops and arresting people for what reason?
    Is the smoke they exhale so disturbing? I personally don’t mind people who smoke pot. I’ve monitored them they’re so happy, at peace, never start fights and always keep out of others’ path.

    Ignoring the fact that billions of innocent people are arrested for using a plant, why is this so bad for the countries? I mean, everyone loves money and in this world we live in it’s on everyone’s mind. Even though pot is illegal it makes BILLIONS! of dollars in the US alone. If it were legal not even Bill Gates would be able to keep track of how many TRILLIONS it would make world wide. This would really help out the developing poorer countries in the world and its output on developed countries would be glorious!

    Although pot may be considered bad to some it does actually have certain benefits. Unlike tobacco products which cause cancer because of the harmful combustion products in the smoke, cannabis contains THC and CBD molecules which work together to give the a ‘high’. CBD, despite what police and anti-cannabis agencies say, actually has anti-cancer properties which allows marijuana users to smoke the plant material and inhale all the combustion products without the risk of developing lung cancer, British scientists are only looking in to this now. This is why the CBD in Cannabis could be used for cancer patients, especially cancers developed from tobacco products.

    Cannabis has been frowned upon for centuries now because of the fact is does give people a buzz and despite that many countries have been tricked into believing it is a harmful ‘drug’ it is the least harmful and no one has ever in the history of using cannabis died.

    I really think people would prefer to buy a so called ‘drug’ that gives a buzz and does not cause cancer other to an addictive tobacco product with no effects and causing numerous cancers each year.
    It’s actually quite sad to see how so many people are dying each year from tobacco products and how the governments continue to keep taxing, I recently lost an Aunt to Esophageal Cancer because of cigarettes. Stop the murder!

    Cannabis is also a very fibrous plant, which would end the need to destroy forests to produce paper, furniture and all lumber products. This would help destroyed forests to recover and slowly but surely heal our precious Ozone layer which so many people abuse.

    But the war on the plant continues to remain for now, maybe forever until the leaders are ready to except the fact Cannabis really has so many uses and benefits.

  • chazzenski

    fuck it heres the real deal. the vid is rite but its not bad to smoke it .
    jus smoke it time to time. not daily.u can quit, but it depends on how much problems u have in ur life

  • erik


  • johnson


    11 % ALCOHOL


  • JS

    I’ve been smoking Marijuana regularly for 9 years. I am 25 years old now.

    I would say it is very addictive. It’s hard even to go 2 or 3 days without it anymore.

    For the first 4-5 years I smoked it, I laughed at the people who said they were addicted to it.

    I totally understand them now.

  • matt

    This article is a farce, the only reason why marijuana is not legal, is due to the Lumber and wood industry.

  • Anonymous

    Some of you really need to put down your joints and actually read what was said ffs.

    1. the definition of addiction is subjective in this context; but so called ‘psychological’ dependancy is still a dependancy. The brain is a physical entity.

    2. you can show stats that prove anything, particularly if you have your own agenda – like most of you coming here “sticking up” for marijuana do.

    here are some facts:
    Delta9-thc is the active ingredient in marijuana.
    thc binds to the cb1 and cb2 cannaboid receptors in the brain. these receptors are responsible for most of the effects marijuana gives you.
    these receptors are closely linked to the opioid receptor system (like opiates, including heroin)
    the opioid system activates Dopaminergic pathways (dopamine) which plays a large part in becoming addicted

    research shows that without activation of µ opioid receptor, thc does not have the aforementioned effects.

    This is SCIENCE. Not anecdotal crap (i’ve been smoking since i was 2 and i’m not addicted blah blah. some of you have genuinely just posted a reply to say “how can you say it’s addictive? its NOT.” great argument there guys.)

    i don’t smoke. tried it, didn’t like it. and i don’t care if people do smoke, and i’m very happy it doesn’t ruin everyones life, obviously. but some people are hurt by this dependancy and for that reason some of you need to open your minds and realise your own personal experiences do not reflect everyone elses.

  • Molly

    Just came here through Google, and would like to point something out:

    Psychological addiction is very real, and applies to everything from television to pot. Ask yourself why you smoke pot. Do you do it to escape from thoughts, feelings, or memories? Do you just have an occasional smoke when you’re with your buddies? Do you just wanna experience a different plane of consciousness for once and a while and then go back to daily life?

    There’s nothing wrong with smoking pot, as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons and give yourself some general rules like “I’ll never smoke when I’m depressed,” “I’ll only toke every other weekend,” or “I’ll only smoke once a month.” Sounds very similar to the rules we all apply to alcohol, doesn’t it?

    It’s not the marijuana. It’s the escapist feeling that some people need (for whatever reason) and find it in marijuana. If they don’t smoke weed, they may find it in shopping or watching television. It’s the individual’s obsession that holds the problem. Marijuana is just what they obsess over.

    There’s no statistical proof that marijuana is a gateway drug. If a person parties around a lot, then yeah, they’ll run into different and possibly harder drugs. If anything, alcohol is much more of a gateway drug because a drunken person is far more likely to take serious risks than someone who’s stoned.

    In short, if you have the need to escape from something, don’t experiment with drugs (and that includes alcohol). Contact a counselor and deal with your problems up front and learn to love yourself before taking risks.

    My own personal situation is a positive testament to marijuana. Earlier this year, I was beginning to develop a drinking problem. A good friend of mine sat me down, explained to me that my drinking was massively impacting my life, and then handed me a piece. I had smoked pot before, but I had always been under the influence of alcohol.

    Smoking sober made the experience SO much better. Unlike when I drank, I was in control and I could hold a conversation. I understood my limits and wouldn’t try to cross them. The best thing of all was that I felt good, calm, and comfortable.

    I don’t drink anymore. I still smoke pot, but after having the experience I much prefer being high on occasion rather than being buzzed or drunk. Unlike alcohol, I don’t feel I have to smoke. I can (and have) gone months without it and feel great sober. If I can’t afford it, I won’t buy it.

    In short, it’s become my new having a drink once and a while without becoming a problem.

    Hurray pot!

  • Ashtray

    Just thought I’d add, in regards to the psychological dependence, the same goes for alcohol. People drink when they are sad, when their footy team won, lost, when they had a bad day at work, when they had a really good day and they feel like “rewarding themselves.”

    I agree with your statements regarding self-medicating. But isn’t this the same with most drugs? Infact, it isn’t just drugs. People get into music, sport and drugs for the same buzz. It feels good to listen to a really nice song and forget about where you are in the world. It feels good to go do some rock-climbing and get that adrenaline and forget about where you are in the world. It feels good to get “high”, and forget about where you are in the world.

    I don’t think these things can be labelled as addictive and non-addictive really. Particularly in the mental aspect, there are so many levels of depth that this is a very hard area to survey,,,

    P.s. I’m not bagging music, it rocks. All I’m saying is some people use it to escape and relax.

    No offense meant.

  • Ashtray

    I also agree with Molly.

  • Radio

    Im a 16 y,o who has been smokin for about 8 months, marijuana is not a joke whether it actually is psychological or physical addictive who gives a fuck , it has ruined my life, i have been inhaling 1-2 grams a day , i have friends i smoke and play cod with them i have a really good bond with them even before i smoked, ive known these 8 guys for 2.5 years and i never used to smoke with them, marijuana does ruin lives. after reading this site i think it will have a big impact on my life, if there is no physical addiction, why the hell am i still smoking that shit. mental toughness will impact highly , in saying that this is only my opinion 8 months compared to 20 years is nothing in the sense that its 19 more years of what has fucked me over in under a year. sorry if i offended anyone, i havent smoked yet today but i did last night so we will see how i go thanks for all the advice and good luck to everyone trying to quit, i dont think its the drug thats the problem its the person taking them, . Thank you and sorry if i disrespected anyone

  • the truth hurts!


    i think its all in ur head…weed is not addicting trust me..

    the first time i smoked i was 10 yrs old n it was always dro no and my three older bros smoked atleast 5 days a week. we all had smoked for 5 yrs. we stopped at times bcus of sports n we never craved it or anything. wen i was 15 and one of my bros was 19 we had quit smokin for he is 22 yrs old. he has a good job a nice house n wife n kids. they r u can say a perfect family. we 2 quit bcus grandma passed away n cus its two other bros are locked up at this moment bcus dey couldnt control dem selves n dey messed with coke, bars, n codine.

    da bad part is dat me and my bros would buy 2 grams a day.we were always calm.
    imagine how much money dat is in 5 yrs. we would get the hook up 15 buks a gram..dats 150 dollars a week(not counting da weekends)..dats 600 dollars a month.. dats 7,200 a year..ok multiply it times 5…36,000 dollars..but remember we played sports at times so ima bump it down to 30,000 g’ soccer saved us 6 g’
    ..wut im tryin to get to is dat it was four teenagers spent around 30,000 dollars on dro for 5 years..bro das like paying of a new top notch truck. but remeber two of us quit for good das like saying me and my bro dat quit, smoked around 15,000 dollars worth of weed for does 5 years..das like sayin me and him smoked a gram for 1300 scattered days..n we stopped without help from how r u goin to tell me dat its addicting. u may think dat damn these crazy pot heads..n yea we were untill two us quitted..but really its its all in ur head, just quit trippin n just do what u want to do..i just wrote this to the ppl who want to stop but cant cus they think they r addicted..i just want u to use this as an example dat u can control it n u can stop. dont quit on urself. if it helps use a good friend to help u..

    TODAy july 6, im 18 yrs old, i just graduated from high school this year.i dont smoke and never drank’d.(beer is nasty)lol. i have a son dat i love with all my kid and i are happy for my wise hope i start college in august. or may join the millitary. not sure. my 2 bros r in jail at this moment aint seen em in yrs..its life u know..dey both have been to rehab so they r fine now but they still gotta pay the price..
    but im dissapointed to say that at one point in my life i spent 30g’s with my 4 bros on weed..

    remember its all in ur strong..

  • Ben

    What I have read about the self medication, is true; and to those of you who have never tried this powerful potent drug called marijuana, you are very lucky and smart for that matter. I am 25 years old and I have been smoking weed for 11 years. I have recently decided to put myself into treatment for weed and alcohol. To you fools that smoke weed and think there is not a problem with it; well I guess I wont be to rude, because I use to feel this way at some point in my early 20’s; but fuck it, you guys are fucking stupid if you believe that marijuana is not a problem. I mean seriously, would you teach your own kids to do this. And by the way marijuana is extremely addictive it just takes a longer time to realize it. Some people might think I am wrong, but fuck that I was in the game for 11 fucking years!

  • Tony

    You do realize that marijuana is 100% not physically addictive, correct? Sure, it can be psychologically addictive, but so can just about anything. There are food addicts who are ridiculously overweight. Does that mean we should throw that in the faces of the obese, or make food illegal? No, but yet there are people who seek help for “bad eating habits” as well. I.E., a diet.

    Using any of this to justify marijuana being illegal is downright stupid. In fact, marijuana being illegal in the first place is downright stupid. Marijuana is not a drug, it is a plant. Drugs are made in labs.

    What gives the government the right to regulate something that occurs naturally on mother Earth? Nothing. Free country my ass.

    Just because some people smoke on a daily basis does not make them addicts. I smoke on a daily basis, but I’m not addicted. I just happen to really enjoy the effects. To prove it to a friend that didn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t an addict, I went cold-turkey and didn’t touch weed for two weeks. Nothing happened. Sure, I wanted to get high, but there were no negative effects on my body at all and I didn’t find myself sucking dick for weed.

    Think of it this way. Somebody could really like tacos. They could eat them daily. Based on these facts, would you say the person is addicted to tacos? If yes…then.. wow.

    I am fully against drugs. And I am a very frequent marijuana user.

  • Patrick

    @ Tony – you say that Marijuana is a plant and not a drug. I say, it is a drug because it medicates my emotions and changes my mood in an instant. That is what makes it a drug, for me. That I could be having a bad day, and smoke some weed, and POW!….everything changes. I have medicated my mood. I was upset, or frustrated, or whatever….and now I have “cheated” and medicated those emotions with marijuana. That is what makes it a drug.

    And for me, that is what made it dangerous. That I returned to it–not because I was physically addicted to it–but because I came to rely on it to medicate my mood. I had to get high in order to deal with anything, or to enjoy anything.

  • Jenny

    I think Marijuana could be addictive.
    it controls your emotions and who you hang out with and how you spend your time, i lost my boyfriend of 2 years because of pot. He’s choosing to smoke it but there’s got to be some sort of addiction for him to do it EVERYDAY!!
    just dont smoke marijuana..

  • Ezekiel

    How do I stop? I don’t care if the addicition is psycological or physical, it feels the same. It’s all the same. Addiction is addiction. It’s beside the point. Am I just weak minded? Why do I feel like smoking it when I don’t want to? How to I stop it all when I feel like smoking when I’m not? I’m coughing up crap and I find it hard to breathe sometimes. It’s all I smoke, and I don’t want to do it anymore. I want it gone. This site isn’t helping. How do I stop?

  • Dan

    Well if it doesn’t make you physically dependent, if you don’t build up a tolerance for it, if it does not in of itself cause withdrawal when you stop using it then its not by definition addictive.. But sure you may form a habit and other factors may contribute towards forming an addiction.

    The unfortunate reality is that because marijuana is illegal and unregulated most anecdotal evidence provided by people like Patrick cannot be relied upon as proof of marijuana’s supposed addictive qualities.

    The drug can be laced by dealers who obviously want repeat business. If you’re experimenting with other substances concurrently (legal or illegal) you can hardly prove that the withdrawal symptoms are caused by marijuana and not something else you’re imbibing.

    Long story short; we need conclusive evidence showing the link between marijuana and addiction. I hope someone here can provide it if it exists.

  • Dave

    Dear Patrick,

    I’m not saying marijuana isn’t addictive, because to be honest I don’t think it would even matter. To me an being addicted to “something” is where you need to have that “something” or else you feel like you’ll fall apart and die. What I think is happening is that you just enjoy marijuana as I do or any other guy. Its like if you enjoy ice-cream, I love ice-cream I eat it everyday. And my parents like to run every morning. Would you say they are addicted to running?? And I also smoke everyday. So ppl *enjoy* these things. What I’m trying to say is that ppl like to smoke marijuana. I know others who are addicted to cigarettes and they WISH they could stop, but just can’t. Also even if it is addictive is it really harmful to your body? NO its not. The smoke it self is bad for your lungs. That part is true. THC on the other hand is not. No one has ever died from THC. So for the ppl who are scared of the smoke just make some bomb ass brownies and get blazed!! In the end I would like to ask you whats your definition of *addiction* and of *enjoyment*?

  • Romeo

    My Name is Romeo I don’t have any knowledge of the use of Marijuana. I have been carrying bags for the better part of my time here in Canada. I found that the use of Marijuana is not a psycological addiction. I have no way of actually understanding how to explain this. Maybe becuase I have smoked so much pot. But whos to say. I have tried to change my habits by becoming a security guard and taking a 40 hour training course. The instructor in the class states that my opinion of the use of marijuana is not a pyscological dependancy but what do I know. I have just taken this course because I have been forced to to keep my employment. Maybe I should sit and listen and maybe research before I open my mouth and argue with him.

  • glenzlbc

    Wow all that information is very true, look I first started smoking at age 14 I believe (loss memory to weed) and I stopped at age 19 and I just barely turned 21..idk if anyone brought this up bt everyone that gets high knows how it is to be so hungry and eat lmao munchies you kno.? munchies also played a role in weed addictions physically and mentally, you know damn well the food taste bomber like that and we all love to eat, no.? if you ask me now, i think buying drugs for a temporary pleasure is a waste of money

  • Incognito

    It’s not that I’ll say Marijuana is addictive, because I believe it is not. It is nevertheless time consuming, time it takes to get it, making time to smoke it and time to be high. Time is all we have left… to spend it using the same routine stunts character growth and can ultimately trap oneself into a boring bubble of reality.

    That being said life itself is the high, smoking merely puts it into perspective for the detached viewer.

    If you want to know about myself, I have smoked weed before for about 5 years “pothead style” 3 years ago. A puff on odd months.

  • chris neglia

    I think doritos and donuts are addictive also, if you consider how many people have formed a dependency around them. Especially in the Southeast US. They share is a statistically significant cross-tolerance with teriyaki beef jerky, RC cola and moonpies.

    Yeah, Marijuana is addictive. That is a laugh. Ya’ll wanna try some co-caine!?

  • Stephanie Kendrick

    I never used to think marijuana was addictive. I’m 36, smoked it for a few years when I was younger. My mother has smoked daily for 40 years. There is no question in my mind that she is an addict. I am a recovering alcoholic so I know the signs. She has emphysema and has never smoked cigarettes. She is an unproductive member of society, and is now homeless after leaving my house last night in her truck.. My brother and I have been dealing with her and her pot use our entire lives. She has always put it before us, using her child support for it, growing it and selling to support herself and her habit. I believe the majority of marijuana smokers are recreational users, and can lead a productive life while enjoying the “high” pot gives them. My mother, however, uses it to cope with every aspect of her life, weather good or bad, and it has affected my family seriously for many years. It should not be a joke that marijuana is addictive, after much research, and personal experience, I believe for some it is just as addictive as any hard drug. Thank you for the article, I believe it can help open some blind eyes.

  • Melisha

    This page spelled out exactly what I think when all my friends get together and smoke. I just want to know what I can do to get them to stop. From all the web pages I’ve been exploring, everything seems to be biased and controversial. But one thing I know, every person I know that smokes pot on a regular basis (3-8) times a week has told me “it’s not addictive” but they constantly crave it and shove it in my face. Any pointers? I’d very much like to kick it out of my bubble permanently.

  • Melisha

    Patrick- If you do by some miracle get to my question and have time to answer, I’d like to say It’s a good thing you’re doing. You may not have a ton of reliable sources but obviously you’ve spent months debating these topics and I value your opinion-*peace*

  • Patrick

    @ Melisha – You say “I just want to know what I can do to get them to stop.”

    Answer: you can’t. Do not try to do so actively. Your best bet is to set the example, to BE the example.

    As for “kicking it out of your bubble permanently,” I would recommend that you explore the articles in my sidebar that talk about creative recovery. Basically what I advocate is to create an awesome life for yourself that is so exciting that smoking weed would really just be a distraction. That is what I have done and what I have become.

    Hint: your definition of what is fun and exciting will change after you stop using drugs. This might take some time. Most people have to be fed up enough with the drugs to slug their way through the misery for a while. Good luck…

  • unanymous

    wow.. He hits the nail with the hammer.. Its psychologically addicting.. I did it everyday for 2 years, now ive quit for 8 days and wow… Longest ive gone, never in those 2 yrs could i go even 2 days without it for sleeping especially… Its such a waste of money and its not worth it. Live life! Drugs aren’t needed.

  • Chuck

    What if I just want to get high at night? or with a couple buddies? And how much is to much?(amount/a week)

  • me

    Most people got to get away sometimes from somethings, life is not just rainbows and addictive substances are good way to relax a bit and get your blood pressure down, people smoke cigarattes when they are upset so they can relax, people drink horrific amounts of alcohol for the same reason, isn’t it better if they all smoked weed instead of smoking tabac or worse drinking alcohol.
    I guess you could get addicted to marijuanah and i guess most of us get addicted to something at some point well, isn’t it better to be addicted to marijunah than most of those things? isn’t it better to be a pot head than a workoholic? or addicted to sports?? or sex??? or pills??? well anyways seems that even in the research shown in the article only 4% get addicted, even if that is true, the numbers are very low. And most of the stories you’ll hear about people getting high will be funny stories with a good ending unlike alcohol stories, which some you might not even hear because the drinker won’t know what the hell happend. so in conclusion , the world is not perfect, far from it, we need ways to escape it sometimes and weed is a good option. i’ll take a joint over a drink any day. (but not every day)
    think about it , aye?

  • Jessie

    This article spoke volumes to me.

    My boyfriend has been smoking consistently for about 4 or 5 years… when he and I hang out I usually see him smoke about 6-10 bowls a day. I smoke with him, but I smoke about 3 times a week, a bowl each time. I’m in no way dependent on it, I just think it’s a nice feeling, and there’s no set-backs because I get it for free from him. I’m worried about him though. I wish he would cut back, but when I mention this he always shoots it down. Usually his reasoning revolves around “I work 40 hours a week and I take care of everything. I love smoking weed, so why shouldn’t I?” I of course have no adequate rebuttal. It makes sense I suppose, but I think it’s more of a justification. He’s 25 living on his own with a good job and the world ahead of him… but I feel like he’s wasting a part of himself. Another reason I think he’s addicted? His father has struggled with addiction since as long as my boyfriend can remember, and I believe his mother had a drug problem as well.

    On top of all of this, he doesn’t have to worry about the “illegal” aspect because he got his medical card. Augh! He’s so stubborn, and ridiculously passionate about his weed.

    Patrick, do you have any suggestions for convincing him to, at the least, cut back? I really don’t know what to say.

  • Anonymouse

    I beleive the reason it would be addictive is the high you get of THC, its kinda like porn, it can be addictive, but not in a chemical way.

  • Ian

    Im 15. i started smoking weed when i was 12, and i do it atleast 4 times day every day. and the days that i can’t smoke my weed is the days that i have terrible headaches and sit in my room in the dark all day or until i can smoke my next bowl. whatever anybody says, marijuana is addictive but, whenever im baked i feel that the whole world around me is perfect. no matter what, im never gunna stop smoking bud.

  • Patrick

    @ Jessie – Convincing someone to cut back on a drug is gonna be very difficult, especially if they are addicted to it.

    The experts would say that your first step would be to stop condoning the behavior….that means no more smoking with him or around him.

    To be honest, I know nothing about how to “cut down” on a drug….only how to stop it entirely. Moderation is not something I can do, nor teach anyone else how to do…..

  • jason

    hmm Patrick you do have some valid points. I agree mostly with what you say in your website, however I have one question for you.

    Why is it that 10 people can drink alcohol and have two drinks at a party and stop drinking while the 11th person at the party can’t stop drinking until they have consumed 17 beers?

    Do you really think that the source of the problem is the alcohol?
    If so I think you are confused.

    The point here is that a person who is mentally weak can blame marijuana for their problems. Maybe marijuana has manifested personal issues and made problems arise that would not have necessarily happened without actively smoking marijuana.

    However, the main controversial topic discussed here is its addictive qualities. the feeling of smoking marijuana is a desirable state… but not an addictive state. Also, I think it is important to realize that personalities are “addictive”.. not herbs or spices, as marijuana clearly is.

    I wouldn’t argue that marijuana makes you more focused… because that is probably untrue. Marijuana doesn’t make me want to study books or do mathematics either. It is just something to do that will burn up time. Marijuana is a cure for boredom… or maybe “mood medication” as you put it. Also, I believe that marijuana puts the mind in a state of “thoughtlessness”

    So there are a large quantity of people who are depressed or reliant on a substance for happiness… which is sad. If they were addicted to drugs from the local drug store no one would mind.. because a business owner is making money from the sale of these “certain” prescription drugs.

    If marijuana were sold at the pharmacy then the whole “perception” of marijuana would be different, maybe even encouraged.s

    marijuana should be treated like a coffee, beer, or maybe glasses of milk.

    I have smoked marijuana off and on since i was 13 years old. It just is what it is.

    I am neither an advocate nor a hater of marijuana. I just think people who are “dependant” on marijuana need to stop doing the “finger pointing” at drugs and alcohol and stick that finger at themselves and take responsibility for their own personality disorder.

    Patrick, you yourself stated earlier that you were “high” from shoplifting…

    who gets high from shoplifting? shoplifting is stupid and criminal. There is no “change of mood” while stealing… unless you are a retard and socially inadequate.

    In closing, I want to say to you that I appreciate your insight and opinion on this controversial matter. I also want to voice my opinion that addiction is not in the substance, it is in the psychological health of the individual.

    proper diet, social contacts, exercise, employment, and feelings of happiness should all be plentiful before anyone decides to experiment with mind altering materials.

    keep smiling everyone!

  • Dave

    I’ve been smoking for about 3 years everday, who ever says its not addictive is a total idiot and are clearly lying to themselves or dont know what they talking about, trying to stop is very difficult, cold sweat, irritation beyond believe, depression, insomnia, it wont leave your mind you will think of it every minute of everyday. And by saying Ill stop tommorow is going to be that little bit harder to say no. One thing I have noticed though, it is way easier to stop if it is your own decision rather then a partner or parent forcing you to quit,

  • Laurie S.

    My husband has been a heavy user for over 25 years. Recently his usage has increased and his perspective on life and the situations around him became more distorted. For the past year and a half I have been secretly seeing an addiction specialist/therapist and going to meetings for spouses of addicts. They educated me in the addict mind and explained it would have to be his decision to quit and become present in our marriage. There was nothing I could do but save myself.

    I love him – he is my soul mate. His anger (I learned through an addiction counselor) is directed to me because I represent all his failings, and a direct result of his marijuana usage. They explained that marijuana users are the more angry of the addicts! How about that one, who knew? He smokes from when he gets up until he goes to bed. About every 2-3 hours. He does not want to do anything other than smoke his weed, play on-line poker and video games. When he is done with that, he goes to bed. He has no sex drive nor any interest in our relationship. He does this to medicate the pain he has from his past. He will not let me in because he medicates all this pain he feels so he does not feel. I can not speak to him about his addiction or he leaves. He gets so angry with any conflict or bump in the relationship road. When he wants to do other drugs (or whatever else he was doing out of the house) or there is the slightest conflict in the household – he would pick a fight and move out for a few days, once for 2 weeks! My heart and life would fall apart, he taught me well. If I wanted him to stay around – zip the lip.

    With his last outburst he walked out on me again and I did what I had been threatening to do on so many occasions – If you leave me again – the locks will be changed and you will not be allowed back in.

    I filed for divorce 3 weeks ago. My hear is broken, he chose his drugs over our marriage.

    Pot is an insidious drug that erodes the fabric of the users life. It’s side effect are: lethargy, poor concentration, lack of motivation, depression, paranoia, isolation and many psychological effects (suspicion, inability to deal with complex emotional situations, stunts emotional growth, explosive anger).

    When you are lost in the woods it sometimes take a while to realize that you are lost. You can convince yourself that you have just wandered a few feet off the path and that you will find your way back to the trail head any moment. When you finally figure out that you are lost, its time to admit you have bewildered yourself so far off the path that you don’t even know from which direction the sun rises anymore. That is what pot has done to my husband – but he is still lost.

    I love my husband and hope he will soon realize his addictions have brought us to where we are now. The door is still open back to our marriage – he needs to walk through it. But with weed being so “accepted” in society convincing him he has a problem, falls on deaf ears. Read a book called “The Truth Abut Pot” formally called “It’s Time to Know” by Joanne Baum, Phd.

    If my situation sounds familiar – save yourself. There is no amount of love in the world that will make an addict see the light. Love cannot fix it. You cannot fix it. They have to do it on their own.

    Pray for us – we need all the help we can get right now.

  • Cory

    marijuana IS addictive! I know I have been smoking it for 4 years everyday now. I think about it at work and can’t wait to get home and smoke it. I have turned down offers to goto friends houses (ones that don’t smoke it) and missed out alot of my niece growing up because I MUST have it, and would never go there high (no one knows that i do it at all in my family). I stay at home by myself (live alone) and smoke it if im awake. The only times i don’t smoke marijuana when at home is 3 hrs b4 i have to drive anywhere.

  • Cory

    I don’t understand how anyone could be addicted to alcohol, and I drink (once a weekend if that), but there are people out there who are. Thats the same thing as these people saying marijuana isn’t. There not. so they don’t think other people can’t be.

  • Andrew

    I have smoked for nearly ten years and I can say for sure that marijuana is both emotionally and physically addictive.

    A recent study suggested that marijuana withdrawal exhibited similar symptoms to tobacco withdrawal. I can confirm that.

    I smoked once in my teenage years. I had a bad experience with it, and ended up freaking out running up and down the street, and then in the toliet throwing up for a number of hours. I believe this is referred to as ‘acute panic anxiety reaction’.

    In first year of University, I watched the stoners come back from their smoke fest. They’d offer, but i’d refuse, remembering full well my first experience.

    In second year, I moved out of the dormitory and into our house with one other guy and three girls. The girls had a pothead friend who would come by and smoke with them. I tried it, but didn’t really enjoy it. I got way to high and queezy.

    Then the pothead friend came by on Christmas break to see the girls. But they had gone home to see their families. He rolled a j and offered some to me. I ended up smoking such a small amount of it, and then he bailed. I went upstairs to my room and started to watch music and then porn. Boy was that an awesome experience. I bought a gram from him the next day, and then continued to blaze the next night, just little puffs here and there from a dented popcan (no idea how to roll a joint at this point).

    Then it never stopped. I started playing Halo which was just released back then, with my roommate, high, j after j. It was every day. This continued throughout University. I was always getting high.

    Then after university it continued as well. I got a good job at a good corporation. After work I would come home to my bachelor pad downtown Toronto, and blaze one on the patio. It was great.

    At about this point I read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking, and slowly gave up cigarettes. This was the best decision of my life. I love being a non smoker. I passed the book on to my sister, who then quit, who then passed it on to friends, who also quit.

    But I continued to smoke pot. I’d medicate myself daily with it. I associated with people who would also smoke. My life became about when I would next get high. I’d find myself planning great events, and measuring how great they’d be by how many times I’d be able to get high during it.

    I’ve always been a very ambitious person. I find that my daily smoking routine has to this point become a barrier to success. I have trouble making time for business plans when I can simply not escape the decision I made hours ago that now is the time to get high.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have completed a three year accounting designation in the meantime. Grades top of the pack. I am regarded as intelligent by many (although my intelligence leaps forward significantly when I’ve been sober for 3+ days) When I get high, I tend to go walking or hikes that are in excess of 15km on a daily basis. I live and eat a very natural and healthy lifestyle.

    Except for this. I live a lie when it comes to marijuana. My family doesn’t know about it. My wife never approved of marijuana, and so I have always lied to her about my abuse of it. She questions whether I am high when I come home, to which I lie and deny, to which she questions why I am lying to her. I smoke when I hike because it is a time that I am alone and can get away with it. It impairs my performance when running. And I ask, what exactly is that I need to escape from? My life is great. If anything, I need to be more involved in it. Why am I numbing myself?

    I hate pot because it gives me a head rush. It doesn’t feel good on my brain. It tires me. I hate the way I look when I’m high. I hate what the smoke does to my skin. I hate what it does to my teeth and tongue. I hate what it does to my lungs. I hate having to say to a friend “I can’t remember it because I’m high”… like some stoner jackass. I hate that I have to sit in my car and wait until I don’t look burned out before I come home.

    I hate that after escaping cigarettes, that I am exhibiting the same tendencies with marijuana. What I love about quitting cigarettes was that every moment I got to decide what to do. Cigarettes lost their control and I regained it. Marijuana is now stealing that freedom.

    The only thing I like about pot is that the addiction forces me to lie to go for walks, which have ended up being the most healthiest and beneficial exercises that I’ve ever done. But I lie. I can never truly live my life if I lie. If I quit, I need to ensure that I continue to do make time for these excursions.

    The withdrawal from marijuana is very similar to cigarettes, and near as powerful in terms of desire to smoke. The stomach gets twisted and the lungs grasp for more and more air with no satisfaction, just like tobacco withdrawal. However, marijuana withdrawal can be significantly lessened if you accept the fact early in the day that ‘today i will not smoke’. That seems to ease the withdrawal significantly. Marijuana begs to be consumed every 15 minutes to half hour, whereas with cigarette withdrawal, they remind you every 15 seconds. So there is definitely more pyschological aspects to this drug then chemical.

    I really enjoyed reading everyone’s post here. It is alot of really great opinions. As for me, I’m sick of making marijuana into something that it is not. I gave it so much praise for its benefits, that it made me more creative and a better person. But that’s all bs. How is numbing my emotions and feelings, and then replacing it with a sense of euphoria, a euphoria that I will have trouble comprehending or remembering later when I’m sober, a good thing? It just doesn’t make sense. I’m an athlete and an intellectual, and I need more time to achieve all the great things in life that I want to achieve. I just don’t have time for this anymore. My time to bid a fair adieu to this drug has long been passed.

    If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

    Good luck everyone on improving their lives for the better.

  • Thistlesister

    Thankful for this website! My 19 yr. old daughter just broke up with what she thought was the love of her life. He has an addiction to marijuana. He is on a constant rollercoaster ride emotionally and physically because of his addiction. There were events in his life that he had no control over and marijuana fit the ‘feel good’ he needed. Unfortunately, he didn’t ‘take’ to counseling when his father passed away….he continues to try and suppress his anger and it temporarily works. A.A. worked for my Dad, (33 years sobriety….Congrats, Dad!). Prayers that people can knock their addictions before they die. P.S. I’m for legalizing marijuana in California…..time to regulate it and tax it….much safer for everyone, (knock the criminals on their butts and make a safer/more affordable product and monitor the addiction closer just as we have done with alcohol….it is already being widely used by all ages….biggest cash crop in our state….time for everyone not to be in denial about the magnitude of the drug!)

  • justen

    social dependency is understandable, i have that but that is how i meet all the people i know, that is how i make new friends, and i cant even call that a dependency because i just like meeting new people. but as far as the addiction and lack of freedom. i think that is a buch of bull bc you have the freedom to make your own choices. i personally do not believe in addiction i do believe in that. tell me what chemical in marijuana is addictive then my perspective about addiction will change. and i have been smoking heavily everyday for five years and the times that i got in trouble and had to quit for a few months at a time i had no problems with withdrawls. and yes 5 years isnt as long as most but at 18 still kinda long. i was even able to make the varsity diving team doing just marijuana. i dont believe that gateway bs, you experiment other drugs bc you want to, not bc weed gave you the idea you gave yourself the idea and if marijuana was legal and moderately regulated there would be a lot less drug dealers out there. and i bet the economy would be better that market would make money and that money would go to the government since they are the ones regulating it. as for me legalize it, i like it, i want it,but do not need it, i have had no problems smoking less or not smoking everyday. please legalize texas, long shot but please.

  • Cory

    They’ll never legalize marijuana if they did people would not buy it they would grow it which means no tax money for the government. Unlike like if you wanted to make homemade beer / wine you would buy the ingredients and something to store it in, theres tax dollars there. Its that simple.

  • Monica

    Well, i started smoking when i was in my late 20’s, on and off, mostly when i would get together with my friends/co-workers. Mostly we would smoke on the week-ends then it became more constant. Now i believe i just smoke to feel better about things/life. Sometimes just because i feel like it. I actually enjoy smoking weed. It calms my nerves and energizes me. Most of my friends smoke so i always have access to it, someone is always offering it. I want to know that it is alright to smoke, not be persecuted, judged or even put in jail for this. The reason i feel like i want to quit sometimes is because of the negative stigma attached to the drug. People drink excessively and do a lot of dangerous things, like have accidents, assault other people because alcohol makes people aggressive and angry. Marijuana calms the savage beast, this drug should be made legal just like alcohol and if it is being abused the same laws should apply. Please let us all stop the madness, food is addictive, anything can be addictive if not done in moderation. We all know that this government has not/or has figured a way how to come out on top by making this legal, they prosecute innocent normal decent people for using it. Come on you can’t control everyone. Marijuana can get this country out of the depression we are in, this is a miracle drug and the government knows this. Besides smoking marijuana, it has many medicinal uses thats not being discussed, because once again the government does not want us self medicating, they want us to go to our doctor and get a prescription for “legal drugs”. In other words they are saying “you pay us for medication” don’t try medicating yourself or we will put you in jail. It’s all politics and the government being in control. So sad but true, something so simply

  • Erick

    Marajuana is a safe and simply harmful drug. The U.S government manipulates the mindset of almost every one polluting minds by saying marajuana is addicting and a gate way drug. But thats complete bullshit, Marajuana isint addicting in one single way, its us Marajuana users and anyother conservative american that realzies Marajuan is illeagle beacause, One man a Racist pig who should go down for the biggest piece of shit in the history of the united states Harry J. Aslinger, along with the help of The paper industry among the u.s, Americans need to realize we our ancestors came here to be free, also the native americans have been spirtually using Marjuana for hundreds of years, so why the hell can the government keep manipulating are minds!! Stay strong my friends well all get our day at some point.

  • Erick

    Also for all you people out there trying to quit do it for yourself, your family not for b.s government lies, Every statistic shows that Alcohol and Tobbaco to other drugs that i commonly use are over 5 times more addiciting and they are scientificly proven worse for your body but yet the government lets us use those

  • Cory

    Alcohol Poisoning Statistics
    Estimates compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest that excessive alcohol consumption results in deaths of around 1.8 million people world wide every year. A large percentage of these deaths are caused due to alcohol poisoning. The number of deaths in itself is so high, that the number of people diagnosed for alcohol poisoning world over would be difficult to estimate. As far as the United States is concerned, approximately 50,000 individuals are diagnosed for this condition every year. This means that the number of individuals diagnosed for alcohol poisoning each week could be well above 900. A large number of these individuals are college students who take to alcohol owing to peer pressure and curiosity. Around 150,000 college students are diagnosed with some or the other alcoholism related health problem every year.

    Nearly all medicines have toxic, potentially lethal effects. But marijuana is not such a substance. There is no record in the extensive medical literature describing a proven, documented cannabis-induced fatality.

  • Doc

    wow so many idiots in here. Marijuana is addictive that’s fact and though it doesn’t create a physical dependancy it does create psychological addiction which is far worse as physical addiction ends within a week of non use with any drug yet psychological addiction can last your entire life.

    I smoked weed everyday for 4 years and was a champion fir legalizing it chopping down opposition anytime they claimed it was addictive with many arguments that I truly believed. I loved gettin baked and didn’t even intend to quit when I did. About 6 months ago I decided I wanted to quit smoking cigarettes so I quit cold turkey thinkin it would help lessen the craving I decided to take a temp break from weed for a few weeks whilst the nicotine and other toxins left my system and it was during this period I realised I was addicted to weed.

    I still get cravings for it now to my surprise as I truly believed it was not addictive at all and trust me if your a regular user and quit smokin alltogether and that includes cigarrettes you too will realise it’s addictive.

    You’ll notice that only people who currently use weed will claim it’s non addictive those who have stopped using for a prolonged period know better, they’ve felt the cravings and the desires to get baked

    I spoke to someone who said they know it’s not addictive coz they stop for several months at a time yet they failed to realise that what they kept doin was relapsing and not quittin for months at a time.

    Also those claiming it’s a spiritual drug are fools and I’ll keep it simple for them if you can’t maintain your level of spirituality without drugs like marijuana you haven’t attained them period only the illusion of spirituality and higher consciousness

  • Patrick

    All heed the Doc!

    Lot of truth in your post….

  • Anonymous Please..

    Hi, I’m a freshman in high school and you know, drugs are everywhere. Especially weed. I was talking to a girl who smokes weed and she says she really enjoys it. She’s a sophomore. I’ve been thinking about it lately and I’ve been thinking about trying it to see how it feels. I want to know what it’s like to feel high or what it’s like to smoke, but i only want it to be a one time thing. I live by the motto, “You only live once”, so I was going to try it. Half of me says go do it and the other half is convincing me not to and now i’m here trying to look at the negative effects of weed so i don’t do it. I’m stuck and need help. :(

  • Savanuhh

    I will agree that by smoking weed every day, you WILL develop a dependence on it, but it’s really not addictive. I have never smoked weed to deal with emotions, I smoke weed as more of a “hobby.” Something interesting to do when you have nothing else to do. I’ve been smoking for 2 years now and have honestly never felt a craving for it. Sometimes I will go a month or two without smoking and won’t even think about it once. In reality, weed isn’t addicting. Some people just depend on drugs PERIOD as a way to cope with life and that’s where they make a mistake. By the way, I have never tried any other “hard” or illegal drugs & don’t use tobacco products either.

  • Andrew

    This is a lie. Anything is addictive heck you can become addicted to masturbating. The difference with marijuana is that it does not have any physical addiction at all. I smoke marijuana almost every day and there are days or even week long periods where I can’t smoke marijuana and I feel normal with no symptoms at all.

  • michael

    Patrick, you should get a new job, writing about pot is a rather lame way to make a living, being that in the next decade it will be legal, therefore making you obsolete. welcome to the new America, its decriminalized in Oregon and in order to stimulate this god-forsaken economy they are most likely going to legalize it in California, that is if the christian/tea party retards don’t start a ruckus. seriously though i have a mother who is addicted to heroin in and out of prison since i was 12, i smoke weed im now 25 i have a 3.7 gpa in college and possibly pursuing law school, some of us smoke weed because quite frankly it helps us with anxiety, it helps us with depression, it helps cancer patients not feel the atrocious pain they would otherwise feel if marijuana wasnt available to them. Patrick the fact is that marijuana is tylenol of the future, marijuana is the prohibition of our generation, so do yourself a favor, go back to church, pray about it and come to a real realization, moses talked to a burning bush what the fuck do you think he was on?

  • Radical1

    Michael, seriously, please seek help. I say this with the sincerest intentions in mind.

  • Ryan

    blah blah blah

    always one side or the other.

    If you choose to use weed, use it responsibly. Don’t do it in high school, it will probably interfere… and you’re too young, still developing, all that.

    However, for adults it’s a fantastic medicinal herb and is extremely beneficial when used responsibly, by the right person. What is good for one person may not be good for another. The same is true with pharmaceutical drugs. If you’re dependent, that’s a problem you should deal with somehow. It doesn’t mean the drug can’t be used by some people in a way that’s beneficial.

    I love pot but I guess I liked the article as well. People should be informed. I guess for a balanced view you might also read something about the benefits and side effects of using marijuana.

  • WeedMan

    cool insights. Extremely open-minded discussion!
    i think it all really boils down to the person smoking the weed. if you have an addictive personality, then stay away from it. otherwise, do it for recreation :)) Peace!

  • CanadianPotHead

    I have been smoking pot now for seven years. I am 100% addicted to the high. i dont require any spiritual enlightenment, nor suffer any emotional distress, i just feel down right OFF if i dont smoke it. i wake in the morning and smoke within 5 minutes, and continue throughout the day until the moment i go to bed. i always relied on the argument that there are no addictive properties to the drug and that its better then smoking blah blah. (which is utter BS if anyone saw the CNN news special where they proved through smoking letuce that smoke is smoke, and regardless of where it comes from its equally as harmful). My mind was changed very quickly when i was forced to quit NOW for a short period. It was easily the worst week of my life, i think it was 3 days before i could sleep, and the entire time i was 100% aware that there was no physical addiction going on, just my psycological cravings. but the cravings were still intense enough for me to sweat, pace, heart rate speed up, could not focus, and it wasnt until i got to have a hoot again that i really started feeling “normal” again. i believe the majority of people arguing on here that it is not addictive, either have never tried to quit, never smoked enough to get the “hook” to begin with, or are for the most part adolecents that have not even been alive long enough yet to feel the repercussions of it. and people need to stop thinking that the legalization of pot is going to put an end to all debate, cause its just the beginning, and keep in mind countries like amsterdam, argentina and my home in canada 3 places where pot has been legalized/decriminalized for years now, are starting to take steps towards criminalizing it again, because your mind about it really changes when it becomes so accepted that your children start doing it, and start doing it at much younger ages, my friend(who is a pot head son of a pot head) has a little brother 7 years old who has already tried weed with his friends and loves it…. he doesnt stand a chance. In the end its about who you want to be, ask and see how many gas pump attendants smoke pot, then find out how many lawyers and doctors do.
    Peace from the North

  • Radical1

    Well spoken. I read another article that did a great job of explaining that people are becoming addicted to their own dophamine (brain chemical) as a result of spiking it repeatly over time with the ganga.

    For all of the people that are coming to this post, you MUST have typed something in the search engine that inquired about marijuana and addiction or you simply would not be here. Why do you consistently try to convince yourselves this is a no problem drug despite the many examples of folks stating that it is a problem?

    Ask yourself the next question (this was really hard for me to answer for a lot of years until I got honest), why am I getting high on anything to begin with?

  • Patrick

    @ Radical – you make good points, and I agree with them.

    But to define it further: I think smoking weed is akin to behavioral addictions.

    Some people are just NOT addicted to gambling. They just aren’t. So it is hard for them to see why someone who is intelligent could fall victim to this.

    I think weed is the same way. “Getting high on your own high” is a good way to put it. The stoner is not addicted to the weed so much as they are to the lifestyle, and to the little brain vacation that they get when they get stoned. Over time, dependence develops because they use the high to cope with life.

    Not the same as physically addictive drugs, in my opinion. But still harmful in many ways.

  • Radical1

    Agreed, however, I will use your own quote against you which I beleive is profound (at least to me).

    “The absence of withdrawel symptoms does not neccesarily mean that something is not addictive…”

    Something to that effect. We obviously need a LOT more research here – certainly before we legalize this crap…

  • Patrick

    Good point radical. It is nice to see a deep thinker on here like yourself, trust me, I do appreciate that…

    What exactly do you think should happen with it all, in your opinion?

  • Radical1

    I think we as Americans need to get honest about the state we are in as a nation to begin with. I walked around for 20+ years of my life leaning on tobacco, alcohol and marijuana due to childhood issues (dad just never wanted kids and it showed – plus he smoked which started me – this was my gateway drug). When I finally discovered the root of the problem (had it validated with an experience at 41 years of age) I was able to stand up straight and finally get rid of all of these damned crutches.

    I have to admit that tobacco was the only one that I actually had physical withdrawel symptoms (which were horrible), however, I had a strong desire to keep using the other two because I had worked myself into three sets of crutches over time. When I realized that these crutches were really all a bunch of whores with switch blades, I quickly ran. So there is a lot of truth to the statement that people that have trouble with substances have trouble to begin with. however, when you start looking at the percentage of Americans that have grown up in dysfunctional households the numbers are alarming. Kind of like the percentage of Americans that have a sexually transmitted disease is also alarming.

    It is obvious to me that the answer of addiction is still not clear, however, when I look out in the world I simply do not know anyone that uses drugs or alcohol that does not have problems. So, knowing these things, does it make sense to legalize, tax (right – like the government is really going to collect tax dollars – please – hey, mr. govt man, i just grew 10 ounces in my garage, i just stopped by to pay the 60 dollars in taxes that I owe prior to distribution?)

    It’s obvious to me that we simply as a society have passed the point of casual using. Should we flat out criminalize it? No. You can’t jam up the jail systems with potheads while you are letting murders and rapists out the back door. I don’t have the answer, but I know that legalization as well as full blown criminalizaiton are not the answer.

    One last thought on the ‘medical’ use of this drug. My wife just went through a years worth of breast cancer treatment (she is lucky, caught it in time, negative on the BRCA 1 & BRCA 2 mutation (i.e., not genetic), she is ‘cured.’ 96% odds of lifetime survival (please don’t worry or comment about this, its just part of the point) and her BOARD CERTIFIED ONCOLOGIST laughed hysterically over the ‘medicl’ use of this drug for any cancer patient, regardless of stage. His answer was, “I simply have way better drugs to use than this weed.”

    What I am seeing is a lot of people in denial. That denial is very dangerous. I really did not beleive that my family was abnormal. I really did not beleive that I had a problem. Like so many people here, I used the same, worn out excuses to use (beleive me they are worn out people) never getting to the root of the problem.

    Now, having explained all of this, why was MJ the roughest one for me to beat? We know that tobacco and alcohol are brutally physically addictive as is heroin. I stopped drinking and using tobacco, but contined with the weed for some time. That’s becuase this drug is VERY stealthy. You don’t wake up hungover, you don’t rob banks, you don’t beat people, you don’t do any of the crazy things that people do on ‘hard drugs,’ however, how come people can’t stop? This drug provided (good weed anyway) me with a MUCH better and more ‘natural’ high that….how can this be bad?

    I am rambling but there is just something about MJ that is the most ‘sneaky’ of the drugs….wonderful high with no hangover, easy to score, more and more socially accepted, damn that is a very slippery slope my friend…and now you want it legal? Something about that makes me VERY uncomfortable…do we not have enough drunks on the roads? I could go on and on…

  • Jacob

    The trend that I am starting to see here is the people who are most concerned about marijuana usage are people who do not have personal experience with the drug, or people who are coupling cannabis with other bad things.

    “To express my opinion, I think it’s sick. I think it’s horrid and terribly devastating… I never had a crave to do it.”
    “We know that tobacco and alcohol are brutally physically addictive as is heroin. I stopped drinking and using tobacco, but contined with the weed for some time… something about that makes me very uncomfortable”

    I commend you for posting this information on the internet, prior to reading this I just assumed that marijuana was not illegal in any sense. The reason that I assumed this was because government organizations such as above the influence and what is taught in the schools are not real data, but is edited to fit various agendas. I believe that we need quality, uneducated and honest education about marijuana so that people can make their own decisions about marijuana, the way that our nation of self determination would lend itself to.

  • Michael

    I smoke pot everyday 9 times a day and im fine, i do work, im in school (college), i have great friends some who smoke some who dont, i skateboard and it effects me in no way, shape or form, i like the information, but really everyone reacts differently. Yeah the feeling is great, but really if i wanted to i could go without it, its a plus on my day so it doesnt mean i need it. The worst thing about pot is the cost… just keep in mind marijuana is more of a mental thing then physical, if you have a problem just reassure yourself youre fine or that you are high and marijuana wont be a problem. im just trying to help all of you to keep a realistic view… plus How many people have died from the result of smoking weed? NO ONE! it should be legalized.

  • Jess

    Out of all the issues that are associated with marijuana use, I find that a lot of these comments that are pro marijuana use hold to the idea that nobody has EVER died from the use of weed.
    I’d like to point out that this idea is almost certainly incorrect. Nobody, even the oft cited Union, has true documentation and knows the true cause of death for every fatality that ever was. I’m certain that there have been deaths caused by use of marijuana; perhaps not in the sense that an individual overdosed on it, but rather in the sense that the drug impaired decision making, and the drug user did something incredibly stupid or something that he or she would ordinarily not do under the influence of the drug. To say there has never once been a fatality caused, at least in part, by the use of pot is a gross overstatement intended to propagandize and justify the use of pot.
    Both sides of the argument are guilty of propaganda and oversimplifying points in order to improve the appearance of their argument, but I’d like point to this one out. Just because you hear something doesn’t mean that it’s true. And all of the oft cited government studies that show that marijuana is beneficial to one’s health, and even possibly reduces the risk of cancer? Have you ever even LOOKED at these studies yourself? If so, how can you cite their conclusions? Think for yourself, and think without the clouding lens that is your personal use of weed. If you’re going to be honest to anybody, be honest to yourself.

  • trey

    okay weed isn’t addictive at all…there is no scientific study that it is even addictive. there is NO addicting substance in the plant. and people go to get “help” for it because they get caught by the cops and they have either 2 choices, go to prison, or go to rehabilitation. and everyone doesn’t want to go to prison. so they choose rehab and thats why there are statistics showing that people are “addicted” to this plant. it isn’t bad for you nor is it addicting.

  • d-rae

    im doing a research paper about drugs and i have all the facts against marijuana but i need facts or thoughts for it and why its not addictive and why people should not get therapy for it. Any suggestions? Any thoughts? anything? :)

  • ufukhoffnow

    Marijuan has not been proven to be physically addictive. It actually dialates capillaries, bringing more oxygen and blood to the brain. A recent study at Arizona proved that it cleanses the body and can actually prevent the growth of cancerous cells. It also produces more alpha waves in the brain, bringing you a heightened sense of well being. Millions are prescribed highly addictive drugs for depression, stress and anxiety. Marijuana relieves the same symptoms with fewer risks of dependency. Patrick, as a daily smoker for the past ten years, i do not have memory problems or social problems or “loss of freedom” due to pot use. In fact, my mind is actually clearer and more open! Trey is right in saying that these “addicts” of marijuana are labeld by judges!

  • Radical1

    Denial is not just a river in Egypt sports fans. Last post here, best of luck to everyone.

  • Dan

    I smoke weed, for the same reason people watch sports, go to the theaters, play video games, play scrabble, etc etc etc. It is called “recreational use” because, that is in fact, what it is. Simply put, I smoke to have fun. If there is no cannabis available, big deal, I can find something else to do that will entertain my brain just as well. Its this “medicating feelings” thing that traps you, trying to escape from life. Grow a pair and deal with it, weed is a pastime just like everything else. You wouldn’t say someone who is spending all of their budget on sports collectibles, game tickets, and other such paraphernalia is “addicted” to sports. He/She is simply a hardcore “fan”, not an addict, even though the exact same thing is happening. You can get psychologically addicted to ANYthing.

  • Pat

    I used to never believe pot was addictive, I smoked a couple times early freshman year then stopped for 5 months due to the fact that it was wrestling season and there was just no time. After wrestling was over i sarted smoking on weekends again and i didnt really think to much of it. As the school year went on I started smoking up to a couple times a week. Up to this point I had never had my own stuff and just always borrowed from a friend. The day before school got let out my buddy got busted and gave all his pot related possesions to me this was when I started smoking daily. I would usualy smoke in the mornings watch a disney movie and then go hang out with my friends that didnt smoke for the rest of the day. This was mainly becuase I was young and didnt have many friends who smoked pot. As the summer went on I told myself I was just getting it out of my system now while it was summer and would go back to weekends when school started. As the summer progressed i started smoking more and more and didnt hang out with my old friends as much. The only reason I didnt get caught by my parents at this point was becuase I was a good kid never got in trouble and they were completely oblivios. Also they never went in my room which helped. I kindo felt becuase they didnt notice it wasnt havig to much affect on me. Some things I did notice from the article was the thing you mentioned about being bummed when I couldnt get bud and not having as much fun when I didnt have it. When the summer ended I was truely bummed becuase I thought I would have to slow down. This was not the case I smoked twice after the first day of school and didnt slow down from there. I justified this by saying as long as my grades were good I was fine and even told my wrestling coach this when he confronted me about it. I decided not to wrestle this year and everyone at school thinks its becuase I smoked weed was I still to this day believe is not true becuase I quit do to time reasons and wanting to try new things like diving and skiing. At the end of the marking period I actualy did get the best report card of my life some say it was the fact that I started taking honors classes which were weighted and some said it was to compensate for the weed. About 2 days after the marking period was over I got arrested with my friends. Thsi happened when we were blazed and in the mall and they decided to steal shit. They got caught and I was with them and though I didnt steal anything I got searched and when this happened I had a bag of weed a piece and some lighters. My parents found out and I got arrested that day making it honestly the worst day of my life. I was shaken to the core becuase I honestly believed I would never be arrested also things were going very well for me. I had good grades a sick job teaching people how to build longboards with my stoner buddy and I thought everything was under control. It is now 10 days later and my grades went down I lost my sick job and I’m about as grounded as it gets. At first smoking again was just the last thing on my mind due to the fact that I just had other things to deal with but I do now still think about and occasionly miss smoking. Looking back on it alot things you and other people said were true. I only got in that car to go to the mall becuase I wanted to try my buds medical it did just start with me smoking once and its safe to say I was doing things I used to do to have fun only high now. One thing that wasnt completely true was that alot my potsmoking friends of mine only hung out with me becuase I smoked pot. I live in a small town so everyone heard within a week and it was pretty big news and the people i got busted with are still my good friends and alot of people I used to smoke even those that were older then me asked if I needed anything or if there was anything they could do to help whcihc leads me to believe not all stoners are bad. In the end while being grounded sucks pretty hard I do realize that I was in a way addicted to this erb and dont know if it would be a wise idea to do it ever again even when out of high school.

  • d-rae

    thanks for the info, thoughts, opinions and facts!! I have alot more info in my paper now!! :) if anybody else has anything else to add that would be great!!!

  • Mary Jane

    I love weed. I love sitting around with my friends toking up because it’s all about good times, man. Let people smoke in peace. Everyone has the right to do whatever the hell they want. It’s your choice to be addicted to marijuana.

    It’s completely silly that it’s illegal.


  • Lizz

    I started smoking pot at Age 11 (Almost 12) and i loved it when I first got high. I didn’t keep doing it, but if some of my friends had bud i would smoke with them. I started smoking more and more, but i only would smoke on weekends, the summer or days we had off fro school and I never let it cross into my schooling and education. I started hanging around with different people and smoking more and more. but still didn’t let it interfer with my schooling. all summer 2010 i was stoned. And then when school started, I found my self hanging out with all 18 year olds and smoking pot every single day after school, I found it to be a stress reliever and gave me something to look forward to after school. I now find myself smoking weed everyday and when i dont have it- the people around me are dealing with a bitch. but im only 15! I don’t want to stop smoking pot because it relaxs me. and even if i just smoke one bowl it makes my day better. I also, know im not going to get into harder drugs because of a heart problem i have, drugs like coke and speed could kill me.I dont smoke stoges, i dont drink. i only smoke pot! how can i just cute down?

  • Lukeppp

    It does not matter what you say there is nothing found in weed that makes u addicited to the drug. it is just considered a gatway drug to ohter drugs. if the U.S. legalized the drug they would be able to get out of debt withinn our lifetime. if u do not think that weed is safe then look at thetwo drugs that are legal, tobacco and alcahol. both of these drugs can kill u its just weed doesent. whatever anyone says u cant get addiceted to weed and u should smoke it everyday it will help with many diseases and eventuall be legalized.

  • Kurtis

    He admits that weed is not physically addictive, and anything can be addictive mentally. If weed is no more addictive than video games, there is no reason it should be illegal. It’s completely a personal thing whether or not you “medicate your mood” with marijuana. And there is no “escaping reality” when smoking weed, this may be so when doing heroine or cocaine, although i wouldn’t know, but getting high only increases your awareness of reality.

  • Ian

    im pretty baked right now.

  • Hello

    Haha, so am I. “escaping reality, medicate your mood” lmao, are we talking about pot here? Wish it did all that !!!

  • Patrick

    @ Ian – if you don’t think it can medicate your mood, then you are either:

    A) Not smoking enough of it, or

    B) Not being honest with yourself.

    Just saying.

  • allie

    this is a bunch of bullcrap it is not addictive people these days just want something to blame for peoples actions

  • Steven

    I honestly believe smoking weed is fine for an adult(which im not)and for my friends and i to go smoke, hang out at the park and play a game of football it not a bad thing im not using it to kill my emotions and i dont do it every day. i guess what im saying its fine in moderation.

  • Steven

    patrick please give me your thoughts on this

  • Patrick

    @ Steven – if you can moderate and suffer no consequences, then there is no problem.

    But can you do that while taking a real, honest look at your life?

    To be objective, do a 30 day trial with no drugs or alcohol, then do 30 days while smoking. Evaluate.

    The key is to really evaluate your life honestly.

    If it works for you, then smoke it!

  • Steven

    k Talk to you in 60 days

  • nataS

    im thinking about trying weed since most my friends smoke it. i dont plan on smoking it for any emotional or stress purposes, i just wanna smoke it with my friends for fun every now and then

  • Collin

    Hello everyone who will actually take the time to read this. My name is Collin, I am 17 years old, 3 weeks from 18. I have smoked marijuana twice, once over a year ago, and once 10 months ago. Each time I enjoyed the sensation it gave me. It was fun, but to be honest I didn’t really care for the people I was enjoying it with. My mother is a substance abuse/mental health counselor and I aspire to be like her in so many different ways. I figure some background information is necessary before I begin my “comment”

    I haven’t been entertaining the idea of smoking it again due to information I’ve been absorbing. I’ve come to the conclusion so far after about 4 hours of reading on multiple sites, 4 to be exact (the majority on this website), information provided to me from people in my life, and different books from both sides of the argument that marijuana is addictive. Video games are not addictive, taking a shower is not addictive, reading a book is not addictive. Drugs are addictive because they alter your state of mind, pretty simple.

    I will continue to read every comment on this page along with every website and book I can get my hands on until I lose interest or develop an unshakable opinion on all matters relating to marijuana, which is improbable…

    If the poster of comment # 170

    On September 10th, 2010 at 11:36 pm ,
    Andrew Says: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    ever reads this (so doubtful but you never know) I would really like to somehow get in touch with you to confirm you are a real person if you’re cool with that. I hope that there won’t be a lot of trolls reading this so if you ever read this Andrew and you appreciate my inquiries about yourself than please send me an e-mail to

    Thanks if you ever do, peace all and thank you to everyone for sharing your opinions/stories/experiences

  • JoeBlo

    I’m 26, regular pot smoker since 16.
    I don’t know where you guys are, but here in Australia weed is definitely Physically addictive. Screw your books, facts and figures, for they are out of date. I have had dependencies on heroin, alcohol and tobacco and I can tell you that, contrary to popular belief, weed withdrawal exists and is very similar to opiate withdrawal symptoms. That is to say, your body notices the lack of the drug and seemingly goes on strike, hitting you with sweats, trembling, weakness, nausea, insomnia, irritability.. This is after maybe one day of not smoking and is far from subtle. I should point out that I am pro-weed, I still love to smoke excessively and would recommend it to most. But then I have made friends with the monkey on My back.

  • Ty

    I’ve been a constant smoker for 3 years..I love it. Everything truly is better when ur high lol however it has began to run my life. I get irritable at the ppl around me when I’m not high, I see myself getting upset at ppl I love and ppl I don’t even know for things that should simply be brushed off. I guess my word of advice is that weed can be wonderful if used correctly, but it can go in a bad direction if you let it spiral out of control. MODERATION is key with this drug. Oh and if u start smoking bc something is going wrong and u wanna jus forget about it, u are a lot more likely to develop a problem then some1 who just recreationally uses it.

  • infamous

    man i smoke weed and its not addicting its been well over 3 months i haven’t smoked and i feel fine maybe it depends on the person or how much and how long you smoke but from my experiences its not addicting

  • Garrett F

    i believe u r correct in some scratch that… most of your opinions half ways i am not justifying my doing it cuz i feel like i dont need to. right now i see no reason to quit i am perfectly healthy after 3 years of heavy use and i have recently slowed down a lot ( from every day to 2-4 times a month) when i am not using i feel no cravings for it at all i just play a game of football with my buddys or do something productive, i like it as a recreational drug and will probably smoke for the rest of my life not cuz i have to or am addicted in any way but because i want to. whats the difference from coming home from a long days work and having a couple beers (acohol is more addictive, and harmful to you then cannabis, fact)then coming home and smoking a couple joints. and i have recently studied up and found out cannabis does not kill brain cells. also we should keep in mind that cannabis has 0 reported deaths from the 1000’s of known years of people smoking it… so there is always 2 sides to every story. the bottom line is everyone has there own opinion abd do what u want to do cuz u want to not cuz some one is talking u in or out of it. all of these facts are in the movie the union i learned more from that movie in 20 min then i ever knew about it, and i knoew quite a bit… i qwould highly recommend watching that movie before making a final decision. imma go smoke a Jointtttttt (:

  • http://weed Garrett Frazzz

    ^P.S. its not easy to quit… but is easily possible(u have to want to, not a parent or 2nd party telling u 2). going to the gym everyday or doing an every day activity that u enjoy doing is the biggest help cuz it takes up the day to day activity which used to be smoking and trades it for whatever you choose to do wether it be jogging or whatver… have fun and enjoy life, thats what its for.

  • Edward

    I am an a chronic pot smoker and have not taken a hit in 72 hours. I fall under that 4% of addiction. I can tell you as I type this that I am having physical withdrawals, with chills, flu-like symptoms–mood swings and cravings. Add a big loss in appetite. As a long time smoker, I can tell you for all of the reasons you stated that it is addicting. Does it really matter how we label an addiction? Whether physical or psychological–the user still feels that they cannot live life without it so they self-medicate–just like I did. People have actually made fun of me because I’m going away to a detox center for 30 days. Not just to detox but to find aftercare support. Nobody should be fooled anymore that 300,000 American’s checked into rehab for pot last year. So, I know I’m not alone. If anybody feels under control–it is an addiction–no matter what type of name you give it. If you get stressed when your bag is getting low–you have a problem–if you scrap resin hits out of your pipe when you have no weed–you have a problem. If you smoke in the AM and PM– you have a problem. When you spend money on weed when yo know there is something more important that you can get–and you choose weed–you have a problem and When you start making poorer choices in life because of it–you have a problem. Good luck to anybody who wants to quit after long use-don’t fall into traps that it is a benign plant form the earth. I suspect that most chronic pot users also suffer from OCD.

  • http://facebook frank

    Its psycological. People are addicted because they get use to doing it everyday.. its not the bud, its the fact that they get use to smoking weed daily.. just like how I get in a pissy mood if I can’t take a shower in the morning. “Potheads” arrent addicted either, they just get use to smoking daily… and people progressively using it more is because a tolerance is built up over time and more is needed, then more is needed more often.. I’m not trying to make it out to be anything that its not.. weed isn’t opening your mind, you aren’t meditating. You are getting high period. But why is alcohol legal when marijuana is illegal. Alcohol causes liver failure, what does pot do? It doesn’t give you cancer or cause any organs to fail.. we are in a depression and marijuana needs to be legalized and taxed to help america

  • frank

    People can get addicted to exercising, does that mean it should be banned?

  • frank

    @JoeBlo.. I’m sorry to imform u, but your weed is laced, period, end of story

  • http://igmail.comlovekadyn1217@ wendi

    weed is not additive i done it for ten years and stoped completly ive been clean for 11years now.

  • Teresa Lee

    I’ve never heard such a bunch of crap in my whole life. I’m 52 years old and smoked marijuana for the first time at age 14. I basically gave it up as one gives up Barbie dolls and other toys that are age inappropriate. I don’t know anyone who has been to rehab for MJ. I only know of three people who continue to smoke into middle age…. out of countless thousands of people I meet throughout life. On the other hand, I can think of dozens of people who have died from alcohol or alcohol related incidents… domestic abuse, job loss, DUI’s, and on and on. I live in the States… WTF? Child labor? Maybe where you are, not here. Oh, and did I mention that MJ has medicinal properties… do your research. IT DOES.

  • Krystole

    marijuana has no physical addiction. it is all purley mental. this site is ludicris. you people know nothing of marijuana because if you did youd know that its the most amazing thing since jesus christ himself, so shut up with your “oh i need rehab, marijuana is the devil” bulltron and spark up a lefty…like im doing right now

  • preston

    Marijuana can be an addiction…. in your head. If you want to stop smoking weed it is all mind over matter. Your mind has to be stronger, for some people who have a weak mind and cant decide things seem to think if they say weed is an addiction it justifys their use. This is all bull shit, anyone who has smoked weed knows it is completely great and nothing is addictive about it. Mind over matter.

  • zack

    obviously this is a highly opinionated article. the research and information was most likely taken from people who use marijuana to seem cool or make it seem llike it gives them a better social status. their is peoploe who smoke marijuana that are veryy successful do you think mickel phelps smoking a bong was a joke? not at all in fact alot of people in the real world smoke normally. people who say they are addicted to it are fucking retarted. i can smoke for a week straight and stop for however long i want i have over 20 family members and friends who can also do the same thing. ive never heard of anyone overdosing on marijuana if you have please email me and tell me who and what marijuana they use guaranteed it is eather synthetic or laced. the only addiction about it is mental wanting to smoke every day is the only addiction. that should even be the issue marijuana has never killed anyone and is not addictive and yet cigarettes are the highest selling producting in the world and kills millions of people and is highly addictive and yet they still sell that like its going out of style. the only reason marijuana was made illegal was because when the police started having problems with minorities they needed more leverage on them other than underage drinking, so marijuana was made illegal our forfathers of this country smoked marijuana. they never said anything about it in the countrys documents because they figured it would have never been an issue. there is proven documentation that proves george washington smoked marijuana. it is also not a gateway drug. any sensible people soke it to get high and enjoy the feeling it is not a fucking crutch? what the hell are you on now dumbass? whoever made this website is a fucking opionated idiot that obviously needs to do more research on marijuana. you want to debate on why it is a bad drug compared to other drugs that are legal? go ahead shoot me an email. vicodin other pills any other things like taht you can get a perscription over. doctors sell pills for prophit illegaly every day. and people overdose and die every day on them. mabey we should only sell marijuana instead of giving people the opportunity to hurt themselvs. people who make bad decisions give marijuana a bad name. especauly after they move onto other drugs that are actually dangerous addictive and very illegal. so if you are on thjis website dont listen to this dumbass he dosent know shit about marijuana. and how it really is. oppinionated dumb fuck who only know what he is told instead of what he learns and knows for himnsself. obviously got into some other drugs when he stopped using marijuana. legalize it

  • Ziggy

    Hey Zack, were you stoned when you wrote this or just forgot to use spellcheck?

  • LEK

    I really enjoyed your article here @ this website. It was informative and seemed sincere. I smoked weed in the 70’s. Everybody did it and it was fun. When I graduated, I wanted a more productive life. Most of my “friends” as you mentioned, went on to harder stuff. I dumped my friends and moved on with my life. I have been fortunate to not have an addictive lifestyle, however my boyfriend is a huge pot addict. Honestly, he functions very well. He is a teacher and a great guy. As you said, when he smokes, which is every moment he can, he sits on the couch and watches TV. My question is, do you have any suggestions to how to approach someone as addicted as he is without crushing him or turning this into a battle? How do you make someone realize that they are addicted, should quit and get help? And where do you go for help that doesn’t crash the bank account? Really, I don’t care he smokes. Like I said, he’s a great guy. I care about his health and the fact that our life literally stops because he has to smoke. It concerns me that he’s not living life. Should that be my concern? I’ve never mentioned anything to him because he did this long before we met. I don’t want him to throw back in my face, well, you knew I was like this. Anyway, I appreciate any advice and help you can offer. Really, appreciate the good, sincere info you gave.

  • Rick

    I bet half the people who are giving these generic I’m addicted and cant stop, now my life is ruined stories are just a bunch fags who have never even smoked weed. They just believe the lies that weed is bad for you since it’s illegal. Which in most cases it is less harmful than legal drugs such as alcohol.

  • Nucci

    @Rick – you are the smartest man on here

  • Chris

    @Rick – Don’t forget tobacco, Weed is FAR less harmful then tobacco OR alcohol.

    @Whoever wrote this article – “For example, if they go through a day or two where they can not get any of the drug, they complain that they feel lethargic and depressed. These are difficult withdrawal symptoms to measure but they are definitely real symptoms nonetheless”

    So what you’re saying, is that I’m addicted to going for a run in the morning? If I wake up late and don’t have time to get my run in, I feel lethargic and depressed all day. I guess I need to stop exercising, I didn’t realize I was actually addicted to it. Thanks for your help in realizing that I had a problem!!!

  • Patrick

    @ Chris – I wrote this article, and I run 2 to 4 times per week usually. I tend to go every other day but it is not set in stone.

    I recently ran a marathon and I am training for my next one.

    When I wake up and do not get to run, you know what happens? I feel like superman all day, ready to break into a sprint at the drop of a hat. Coiled energy. I don’t know why you think missing a run would lead to lethargy. I can take a full week off, and often have, and feel great. Are you actually a runner, or just guessing on this?

  • Chris


    Running 2-4 times a week is great, but not remotely comparable with running every day. You say you tend to go every other day, but that it’s not set in stone.

    So let’s say on average, you run 3 times a week. That means that 4 days a week you do not run. Your body is less used to running then it is to running, so how can you POSSIBLY expect to feel what a daily runner would experience when they don’t run one day.

    After day 1 the lethargy disappears, and the stored energy starts to bubble to the surface, but someone who runs every day does NOT feel “like superman” if they don’t run for one day.

    Yes, I am actually a runner, and have been for a long time. 8 years of running 330+ days/year for high school/college cross country/track and 2 years since I’ve been out of school.

  • Helms

    You would not believe the pain i’m in. My gf whom i love dearly is a user of MJ, and she has developed the “lifestyle” concept you referred too.I, however, cannot stand the stuff. (havn’t used it, never will.) and its this fact that is so difficult for my lovely gf to understand: and now she is quite torn up about it. Her pain is devestating for me. In your opinion, am i still making the right decision?

  • Patrick

    @ Chris – The last 2 summers I ran every day.

    I feel extra energy when I take a day off from working out. This is true for me whether I am doing 4 days a week or 7.

    Exercise makes me feel energized in general. Works a lot better for me now that I don’t use marijuana, too!

    I suggest you test things for yourself personally, and go with what works best for you.

    Good luck!

  • Tyler

    You’re making an awful lot of generalizations here…

    ” This is due to the fact that they are not really hooked on Marijuana, instead they are addicted to medicating their emotions and using a chemical to escape from reality.”

    This sentence is key, because it shows that the addiction potential of pot doesn’t come from the pot, but rather from the user’s personality. Also, you seem to be avoiding the fact that a HUGE majority (96%, according to you) of people who try the stuff don’t develop any dependency. Seems to me that it doesn’t really make sense to say “cannabis is addictive.” More like, “some people may make a habit of smoking cannabis if they so choose.”

  • Tyler

    “I, however, cannot stand the stuff. (havn’t used it, never will.) and its this fact that is so difficult for my lovely gf to understand,”

    Helms, the reason your girlfriend doesn’t understand how you can hate weed having never tried it is because that makes no sense whatsoever. Try it, then bitch about how bad it is, if you still feel that way.

    Glad I could help…

  • Lance

    I have been sober for about 7 months now. Pot was my main deal. It is good to read such a well written article about the truth of marijuana. I was definitely apart of that four percent and like many others, labeled pot as a “soft” innocent drug. Glad to see there are people that see it the way I do!

  • Joe

    Honestly, this article is BS. It is completely biased. I hear one extreme side of the argument to the other. I do not smoke because of my career and believe I hold a very balanced view. All this drug really is, is an anti-depressant. Thats it. Nothing more, just a really good anti-depressant. I’ve been on anti-depressants, and I’ve tried weed. Marijuana is just an awesome anti-depressant. Not very many people look down on the persons who go to their doctor, and get prescribed anti-depressants. As a side thought: Its funny how the only drugs in our society that are demonized are the ones that make people feel better. As far as the recreational use of drugs, of course, maybe it is wrong to be high everyday! If you were drunk everyday I’d say you have a problem too! People will believe what they want to hear, and this article is EXACTLY what some people want to hear. so they LOVE it. How about this for a change. Be a lover of truth. Every person I have ever known to smoke weed daily I’ve met in college, and they happen to be contributers of society. And they are not hurting anyone. But If you really think they are hurting themselves, in what way? It makes them happy. Maybe it is illegal right now in most states. But if it wasn’t, how could anyone have a problem with a substance that makes people happy and loving. The opposite of love is not hate, its fear. Why is it not completely legal right now? No, Its not because of scientific data. Do your research in the history of this. Its illegal because people are afraid…. I have doubts about whether this substance is addictive like ice-cream, or addictive like coffee. But one thing is for sure, I REALLY wish this substance was a hell of a lot more addictive. Maybe if enough people got hooked, we could take all that money that we spend on weapons and defence each year, and instead spend it feeding, clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over.

  • Steven

    HI Patrick

    After 60 days i have decided that i’m not going to smoke the frist 30 days not smoking i fell good but i did not really have anything to compare it to after smoking for 30 days i felt run down, lazy, and more irritable and to top it off i realized that i didn’t like the people i was doing it with.

    i challenge everyone how smokes to try the same test

    thanks for the help =D

  • Shelbylynn

    Weed is not addictive. Ive been smoking almost every day for the past 4 years and about 2 months ago i was put on probation. I have not smoked sence then. I do wish i could smoke but i do not crave it.

  • John

    I seriously don’t believe sites like this are still up….it is still a safer substance than alcohol or tobacco….knock those two down and then maybe the intellectuals will listen to your propaganda..most likely not though ;) And most people that are arressted for possession of marijuana are COURT ORDERED to attend rehab…so to say that addiction to marijuana is on the rise based on facts like that one are biased and should be ignored. Each person is different, and how they respond to everything on this planet is different…responsible people should not be punished for an inability to handle the substance by “some” people. I believe that most people that become dependent were already mentally unhappy/unhealthy and found an escape. So lets leave the plant alone and help the “sick”…..seriosuly people, wake up…your own personal desires and ideas should not be spread to the masses of innocent people potentially unable to think for themselves…thats how problems start. People with addictive personalities should point the finger at themselves….I call it maturity..

  • Tony

    I smoked marijuana 1-4 times almost every day (maybe 20 days not blazing) for 16 months and quit in the middle of the 16th month. It’s been 2 months now and honestly I have not had any ‘withdrawal’ symptoms. How could it be? Maybe it’s not addictive. Or, maybe im simply immune to addiction. It’s one or the other, and if it’s the latter I’m moving on to heroin.

  • Alise

    Hello, When i was growing up I did experiment with marijuana. My concern was If It was addictive. Everyone said no. so I experimented and 8 yrs down the line of smoking and everyday all day for the last 3, I did become mentally addicted. I have a mood and anxiety disorder. And when I lost my health insurance I started self medicating. And it came to the point that it replaced those medications I was on. I couldn’t go anywhere without smoking first or anything for that matter. I also have trouble concentrating. It helped me concentrate, but I lost every ounce of energy I had in me. and when I did not smoke I became very moody or it triggered an episode, and I would become very angry. It has has prevented me with dealing with the emotional issues I have I especially don’t recommend the use of this drug with a mood disorder. It does calm the mood but long term use of calming the mood resulted a melted brain and paranoia. I know that my past marijuana use has affected me negatively.

  • Teen mom

    Hi Patrick,
    I am a mom of a 16 year old who argues constintalntly about smoking pot. I have never tried it myself. I want him to stop. He has done so much research on the drug and feels there is nothing wrong with it. It is tearing apart our family. He cannot understand why I can’t just be ok with him smoking & drinking…. Many times I feel like maybe it is me. Maybe I should just let it go. It’s better than him doing pills or harder drugs… but I just can’t let it go. He is extremely lazy and this is making it worse. His grades in school have gotten so bad. Not to mention, if he gets busted I’m responsible for him since he’d a minor. I don’t want it on me, but I can’t change his thinking, especially when he’s under the influence. Any suggestions on how to get him to see my side?

  • ahmad imran

    you said lets take a look at a mountain of GOVERNMENT data… your so cute, haha.. lets also watch CNN and believe everything they say, lets also study the US history and see how perfect it is right?..( i was referring to “History is always written by the winners. When two cultures clash, the loser is obliterated, and the winner writes the history books-books which glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe. As Napoleon once said, ‘What is history, but a fable agreed upon?” Dan Brown… hey we might as will believe that we live in the best country in the world, why not, this is the free world with the Bill of Rights securing our rights to be free, right? lets also believe that Americans are NOT brainwashed….

    Thats all I am going to comment on, just on that quote “Take a quick glance at the chart down below that is based on a mountain of government data”… i didn’t read the rest after that because your source is weak. but whatever you did write about marijuana is probably true if you beileve what i just wrote up there is true… which at that point shows the pure ignorance of your believe.

  • ahmad imran

    “Patrick Meninga is an Intake Specialist at a Drug Rehab in Michigan, and has over 5 years of experience working directly with recovering addicts and alcoholics” i got this from the authors page…
    just out of curiosity, how many people have you worked with that have a pot addiction problem?

  • Patrick

    @ ahmad – almost everyone who comes to rehab seems to do pot on the side. No, it is not what got them there. But it is part of the package. And, it leads them back to their drug of choice.

    @ Teen mom – not real likely to listen at this point. I don’t have much wisdom for you. I was at that point too once, I had to learn the hard way. Go to Al-anon. Good luck.

  • Teen mom

    Is Al-anon for drugs too? I just assumed it was for alchol.

  • anon

    anyways..that worked. but. i’m sixteen years old, in AODA for being addicted to marijuana..and you’re all trying to say it’s not addicting? sad. i mean, on some degree i think it’s’s more of a “mental” thing. but if it wasn’t addicting, why would about three out of seven people in my group be relapsing from smoking weed? ..that makes no sense. everyone handles their shit differently. positive, or negativly. i guess mine was negative..i’ll be on my way to rehab in a few weeks. wish me luck!

  • Sean

    This site is so ridiculous. Anyone who buys into it is mentally deficient. Read the section on psychological addiction, and replace every instance of marijuana with “watching television”. Watch this whole argument unfurl like the pathetic, biased, lame one it is.

    “They [watch TV] to compensate for a bad day at work. They [watch TV] when they feel sick in order to feel better. They [watch TV] when they have to deal with a bunch of drama in their life. [Watching TV] became their default response to almost everything in their life, and so they developed this pattern of managing their entire life through [watching television]. This is addiction. They might not be physically hooked on [watching TV], but they rely on [watching TV] as a crutch to get them through almost every event in their life. They are psychologically addicted.

    It is worth noting that anyone who is psychologically addicted to [watching TV] like this is also cross addicted with other [entertainment], whether they realize it or not. In other words, people who are self medicating in this manner could very easily switch to another [mode of entertainment] and find that it works just as well for them. In other words, they are in greater danger of experiencing cross addiction. This is due to the fact that they are not really hooked [watching TV], instead they are addicted to medicating their emotions and using a [machine] to escape from reality.

  • http://google.comismarjauanaaddictive saundra

    my name is saundra i have been using weed for a long time i really belive i am additced how do i know if i am relly addicted.

  • PotLuck

    First of all I would like to thank you Patrick for your original post. I am a daily user and though I do not intend on quitting anytime soon I do agree with you on many of the statements you made. I completely agree that in smoking often you can lose the ability to work through emotional situations and grow. Weed is a numbing agent that can make it easier to avoid dealing with things all together. This becomes an issue when you try to quit smoking, or even take a break, because suddenly you have nothing to help ease you through emotional conflict. I agree that for many users it can become an issue but also think that it can be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

    That being said I still love how the drug feels and have learned to control my smoking in such a way that it does not affect my school performance (I’m in college). It has been a miracle drug for me because I have suffered from severe depression and generalized anxiety disorder since high school and it is the first drug that has provided real relief from some of the chronic symptoms of those conditions (I’ve had therapists and drug treatment since I was diagnosed). I tried pot for the first time in college and eventually started smoking habitually and love that overall I am a much more stable and sociable person. I think as long weed doesn’t affect how functional they are weed can be good for some people.

    A note to one thing post I read…

    Teen Mom-I can understand why you are concerned and I see what a difficult situation you are in. I think what your son doesn’t understand is that pot can only be an all around good drug if you don’t let it affect the things that are really important in life. Point out to him that his grades suffer because he doesn’t do his homework if he smokes. Tell him that you’re worried about how his smoking could get you and him in trouble. My mother had a calm and respectful conversation with me about my smoking when she got worried and we set up rules that make both of us comfortable with my smoking. I keep my grades high and stay involved in extra curricular activities and she is ok with the fact that I do smoke. I know that logic isn’t always effective with teenagers, but if he senses you want to respect his feelings about the drug then he may be willing to make compromises. Just some food for thought :)

    Just wanted to put in my two cents. And to thank you Patrick for remaining so diplomatic and respectful to everyone’s opinions throughout this whole thread.

  • Adam


    My name is Daniel and I’ve been smoking marijuana for a little over 2 years now. The fact is, it wasn’t until just recently that I realized I may have an addiction to the drug. So thank you for all of the information you posted about the various aspects of addiction. And as a current smoker, I’d really like to give my perspective on things.

    When I started smoking marijuana, I was with a friend just looking for something new. We had always talked about trying it together at least once because it sounded like a wild new experience to have. I remember the first time more clearly than anything. When my friend and I had finally managed to get out hands on a little bit of weed, we acquired a taste for smoking on special occasions and certain weekends often spaced out. It would be when the parents were out of town, or right before a concert. Soon enough, my friend began smoking every day. It was rare for him not to have weed on him. I, however, managed to keep it at a distance. And for about a year, I only smoked every once in a while.

    Since then I have begun to smoke nearly every day. I’m a freshman in college and I get high all the time. But the craziest part is, I don’t feel like it’s a bad thing. That leads me to the question, am I really addicted? Or is it just something that I enjoy, that doesn’t come at any real sacrifice on my behalf? I maintain good grades, stay physically in shape, and keep many close relationships. I also have a decent bit of money left over from working so I’m not really trading away necessities to afford the drugs. I just prefer the perspective I have when I’m high.

    As far as a physical addiction goes, I have had no problems and I’ve stopped smoking twice. I actually felt way better about myself physically. Like I was cleaner in a way.

    The psychological addiction does get me bad. It’s probably the real reason why I would rather never stop. My whole perspective changes. The marijuana expands my thinking, creativity, and helps to spur a lot of my ambitions. It also relaxes me and helps me to maintain a broader view on things. My feelings at this point, are that I would rather spend half my life with such a mindset then live it all without it. I stop smoking every now and then so that I can experience both ways of living, but I just like being high more.

    I really enjoyed your views on the social aspect of addiction. The majority of my friends smoke, but most of them keep it in moderation. Whenever I do stop smoking, I can’t really hangout with most of my friends because I don’t want to be around the marijuana. And I’ve found that some of my friends have had the same problem. If you want to stop smoking, you can’t just start telling all the people you hang out with that you can’t anymore because there’s too much pot. Some of the closest friendships I have are based on bonds made through marijuana. You probably know as well as I do, how deep of a connection you obtain when your in such a high state. The experiences you go through are heightened to what seems like limitless boundaries of your senses. Isn’t that a bit much to throw out the window?

    I’m not sure what to think about all of it. I am well aware of each aspect of the addictions but I still feel like its more of a choice then anything. I could easily stop, but my heart wouldn’t be in it. Trust me, I know, it sounds like without it I’ll be depressed so that must mean it’s a crutch. I just don’t know.

    Input from anyone would really be great, I’m simply interested in what other people might think.

  • Zachary

    Hey i would like to thank you for this information and your point ofviews and i am thankful that we have people that will stand up for what they think is right.

  • Blue Green

    I’ve been smoking pot for most of my adult life. During that, I have:

    served a successful enlistment in the Army
    obtained a Bachelor of Science degree
    raised an amazing young woman (predominately as a single parent)
    built a successful career
    maintained financial well-being
    built a good retirement portfolio
    maintained a good credit rating
    kept my mortgage right-side-up
    maintained a healthy body (via martial arts (11 years) and yoga (3 years))
    been generous with my family and friends

    Here’s the problem. My wife has a vague opposition to marijuana. Years ago, I began keeping my pot use on the down-low. With the kid out of college (and out of the house), I got tired of keeping a secret and broached the topic with my wife: I want it to be out in the open. She claims she didn’t know that I was doing it and is pondering whether this is – despite the things I listed – a deal breaker. I, likewise, am now wondering whether her focus on pot (to the exclusion of the “good” things) might become a deal-breaker for me. Tied up in this is a sexual issue we have had for years: she does not have a strong desire. Also, I used to drink. I decided that was – indeed – destructive AND I QUIT. I don’t know what I am looking for in posting this (maybe just blowing off steam). Anyway… any thoughts anyone might have on this will be appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that weed can be addictive, but do people go to rehab for weed? No. People who are “addicted” to weed are just realizing that there are negative side effects. It does make you loose ambition and goals, so if you realize this before you start smoking you should be able to control it and not let it control you.

  • gg

    Hi Blue Green,
    I am no expert here, but I would say your usage has kept you from connecting with your wife emotionally a fair amount. I am married and realize that women want and like sex when they connect emotionally with their husband and feel like their husband is connecting emotionally with them. The fact that you kept this from your wife for years seems to me quite obvious that you think there was something wrong with it. There is something wrong with it. It keeps us in the long run from connecting with others and not handling life on it’s own terms. The real deal breaker seems to be that you may be willing to leave your wife over your marijuans. What is up with this?

  • Frodo

    Can someone give me advise? My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years and he is a wrestler. I hear wreslters smoke weed. He is a freshman in college and the friends he met down there all smoke weed. At first it wasnt a big deal, but he started doing ita lot and now I cant even get him to slow down. He does it about every day but he can stop doing it for a few days when i am with him. he knows i dont like it and when i see him he usually wont be high. He sometimes lies to me and says he doesnt do it on certain days because he doesnt want to start a fight. i’m trying so hard to help him believe tthat weed is addictave. I wouldnt mind that he does it now if I knew he wouldnt in the future. but we BOTH dont know if hell ever stop. I need to know how to bring this up to him or how to get him to slow down. I dont want to end the relationship just because of this because its our only problem. HELP!

  • JOHN


    I COMPLELTY agree with you on this. I have smoked on several occasions and already feel the pull that can come from this drug. In my opinion it doesn’t matter whether or not it is physically or mentally addictive, both are extremely hard to overcome.

    For me it took isolating myself from my friends who choose to smoke. The social influence to smoke was much to strong, and what scared me into stopping was watching my friends change. Each one of them went from smoking onceor twice a month to smoking multiple times a day in a very short period of time. They became much more calm, but at the cost of giving up on caring, they are also severely deppresed on some days. Everytime i confront them to stop (mostly because of the health effects) they simply say they WILL.

    I know i have an” addictive ” personality and that’s why I had to stop so quickly. For me it did not take longer than a few months to start to feel like i needed it. To me it seems very addictive due to the social aspect as well as the “positive” feelings that come as a result of its usage.

    It took my brother joining the army to stop, and he still has cravings. If you ask either one of us we would tell you that it has more negative outcomes than positive ones.

    Any type of mind/mood altering drug is not an easy thing to regulate…just saying.

  • tom

    Your an idiot. Seriously i cant believe you said that and expect me to beleive you.

    “But you see, 4 percent is actually pretty scary. Do you have any idea how many people try using Marijuana at some point? LOTS. So it is pretty significant that 4 percent develop dependence.”

    LOTS of people use it with a SMALL addiction rate.

    A SMALL percentage of people use herion but it has a HIGH addiction rate.

  • http://none lou gonzales

    I need permission to include this great article on marijuana addiction in my book LETTERS TO MY SON. My son was arrested and sent to jail for one year and I’ve published our letters and reinforced it with helpful tips to families, first time inmates, and others who don’t believe that Marijuana can be psychologically addicted. Please respond.

    Dr. Louis Gonzales

  • Patrick

    Feel free to use it, Lou.

    A mention of Spiritual River would be nice but is not required.


  • theodora

    great article, patrick’s way of thinking and writing is perfect in my opinion..

    just wanted to say to all these people who smoke weed and post comments about this article: the more effort u put in sounding smart, the more ridiculous u sound..there’s no smart reason in being a slave to anything, let alone a substance that alters your reactions/thinking/behavior/etc and damages your health…hopefully u’ll put more effort in being strong and quitting than coming up with smartass excuses that are only important to you than anyone else..good luck to all :))

  • Amanda Moore

    You are the ones who are ridiculous I mean seriously. Who wants to be high all the time. If you have to get high every day in order to feel good you have a problem. If you have to be high to have a good time you have a problem. Life isn’t all about getting high. You people don’t know everything. If smoking weed can harm a baby inside a mothers womb then it can most definitely harm you. Those of you who can’t admit it and keep saying that its not bad for you think again.

  • hbalzac4

    Addictive? What a joke!! Should I quit eating chocolate? Coffee? Provide some real scientific data here. I am prepared to do just that…abuse of substance doesn’t always equate to addiction. Should you quit sex? Technically it can become an addiction. Provide evidence that it can be bad for the baby in the womb and I will show where it has been used for years the opposite. Can you abuse Marijuana? You bet!! But you can abuse many things. Its not physically addictive and those who have used it heavily all have been able to quit with little effects on their bodies. No lung cance has been linked to it nor oral cancer. If you want to change my mind give me the scientific studies. If its so bad then why is marinol a 100% THC drug a schedule 3 drug? Required findings for drugs to be placed in this schedule:
    The drug or other substance has a potential for abuse less than the drugs or other substances in schedules I and II.
    The drug or other substance has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.
    Abuse of the drug or other substance may lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence.

    Marinol is 100% THC higher than any Marijuana plant: ever

    GW Pharmaceuticals has begun class 3 testing of a drug called sativex for MS patients and is the oil extracted from Marijuana plants.

  • hbalzac4

    Did I miss it or where do I find the evidence of the 4 % now dependent on it? Would like to know where these facts came from…

  • Stephen

    Interesting reading…..I started smoking MJ in college and am now 59 years old. 40 years with some breaks along the way. I have had some some amazingly good times while high, but the down side is undeniable. I seem unable to form strong emotional relationships with women (other than a brief marriage in my late 20’s, I have remained single and unable to commit). I attract people easily and consider myself a good friend, but moving to the next level emotionally seems elusive…Is it MJ or just how I am wired? Don’t know, but quitting is going to be necessary for sure, if for no other reason than to find out!….I would never date a pot-head….so I can’t expect a woman to put up with my addiction….I would not respect her if she did!

    Lack of motivation, self-esteem issues, being tired (it catches up with me at this age), anxious, short-term memory loss, feeling stupid (can’t concentrate or focus), and just a general sense that life is passing me by all point to the need to stop using this drug and see if I can’t make the next 25 years of my life more joyful and connected to people and life itself….

    I speak for no one other than myself….MJ affects everyone differently and I don’t presume to lecture others about it….this is just my story….

    Thanks for the site Patrick!

  • Bonjovi

    I believe people can have addictive personalities. My partner is an example. He struggles with working, gambling, food, drinking and drugs. He lives his life all or nothing in everything he does. He seems unable to live by doing things in moderation. He has struggled with drug addiction his whole adult life. He says he would have been fine if he would have just stayed with smoking pot. But thats where it started and lead to trying everything under the sun ending with a crack addiction that almost cost him everything financially and physically. He has stopped the crack but still wants to beable to smoke pot. The problem I have with him now wanting to smoke pot is that he has proven he is unable to keep it under control. It has started out just smoking it socially once every few months but then it has progressed to every month then every week then every day. The biggest thing is the lying about it. He denied how much he was smoking telling me it was still only socially (once every few months) it wasn’t until he refused to take a drug test that I realized he was using on a daily basis. That and how angry he got when confronted about it. He thinks it has not harmed our relationship but if you have to be high to have a relationship with someone is it really a relationship? It has affected our personal relationship and the connection we once shared as the trust I had is gone. He protects his using far more than our relationship. Pot use comes first his whole day revolves around when he can smoke it. I believe as long as you control it not it controlling you but how do you know which is which?

  • Mr.420

    seriously Sean your 100% rite please close this site its retarded you can be physiologically addicted to ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING case in point CANDY, or sex but do those two things really kill you, no so please dumb fucks stop this shit its annoying as hell seeing stuff like oh im addicted to pot well sorry, no your not get a real addiction like heroin and ill feel sorry its like calling obesity a god damn virus sorry fatty your fat because of your actions stop making up a scape goat anyone can quit pot at any time whatsoever if they choose, and if they choose not to well then its not really going to change their life other than they gotta close the blinds when they smoke a joint.

  • @_@ Stoner face

    I have but one thing to say to you all… Cool story bro.

  • Mr.420

    My second point I would like to post is that lobbyist from the lumber company had hemp made illegal so that it wouldn’t replace many things they had just patented and the richest man in the us at that time (us treasurer at the time William Randolph Hearst) had many patents including lead based fuel patented that would have been replaced by a hemp based bio diesel like fuel. Their point was that marijuana had no medical uses…. and now in 16 states its used for medicinal purposes and has BEEN PROVEN TO BE USEFUL FOR AID HIV HEPATITIS AND GLAUCOMA Its even been proved to slow the effects of altimeters you know that sickness that causes memory loss and it was proven at this little school called Harvard don’t know where that is but maybe they are just a little smarter than the dip shit who made this web site (just the short list of the worst stuff it treats) its been proven by people who are REAL doctors that save lives on a daily basis that it works.

  • http://none GBaby

    Marijuana is not a drug. I would like to put that out first and foremost. Secondly it is lees addictive then both coffee and even advil! The reason why the government shows these “studies” of SO many people reporting to rehab for marijuana is because they have no other option. When a person is arrested and put in trial for using marijuana they’ll most likely get two options: jail or rehab… wouldn’t you take rehab too? But I suppose they forget to leave that out. Also, marijuana is not a gateway drug, the people who sell the marijuana are (drug dealer sells you weed, then offers you exotics, then cocaine, then heroin.) if you can grow it everywhere in the world… it is not a drug.

  • Ellerachelle

    People that are against Marijuana most of the time have had some “bad experience” or had something happen to someone they know and dont even know first hand what they are talking about. The ones that are opposing it are doing that because they feel like marijuana is their enemy and I guarantee they dont ever smoke. I have been a full time smoker for about 2 years and while Ive felt like Ive kinda became introvert, I feel more enlightened than ever before. I think outside of the box more.

    I totally agree with what the post said about full time smokers having psychological dependence because I do feel like sometimes it would just be better if I was high. I mean come on people, the intro to Pineapple Express, “Everyone likes smoking weed, they have for 1000’s of years and they arent going to stop now. you know?, it makes everything better, it makes food taste better, it makes music better, it makes sex feel better for God sakes! it makes shitty movies better!” I love that part because you know its sooooo true!!!!

  • him

    Marijuana isn’t physically addicting, withdraws are near to none, and if you’re smoking for emotional release I advise Zoloft, or some antidepressant that won’t deter your future. I’m not justifying marijuana, but I’m definitely not condemning it either. If the Government took the time to filter and provide regulations for marijuana distributors none of these pointless “is too, are not” shit would be going on concerning addiction and illegality. I assure you most everyone who claims weed is a “gateway” drug smoked some laced marijuana atleast once. Personally, I think the whole “marijuana addiction” thing is psychological, I’ve never seen someone become a pothead that didn’t want to be known as a pothead for attention. Furthermore, shouldn’t you be worried about cigarettes?

  • Vickie

    I personally have nothing against marijuana in and of itself. I can smoke it on occasion and I can also leave it alone. However, for some people, like my husband for instance, it is a constant thing they do that really affects their lives in a negative way. When my husband has access to marijuana, he smokes it CONSTANTLY! He will puff some down, and then as soon as he feels the effects wear off, he is puffing away again. This goes on all day, from the time he wakes up i9n the morning until he goes to sleep LATE at night. The problem is that while he is stoned, he lacks any kind of energy or inclination to do anything but sit around watching TV, surf9ing the internet, and playing video games. Everything else that is important goes by the wayside. He is a colledge student on Financial aid, so he has to pass his classes, or his funding gets cut off. Which is exactly what happened this quarter. He was stoned, day in and day out, for over five weeks and during that time, he rarely, if ever, did his schoolwork. Now, its too late, he cannot get it done in time and he is going to lose his grant. Other things don’t get done either, the grass does not get mowed, the mail does not get picked up, the garbage does’nt get taken to the curb. Appointments get missed, Dogs don’t getr walked. The only things that he does, are again, getting stoned, watching TV, surfing the net, and playing GRAND THEFT AUTO. It’s like it turns hi8m into a 15 year old boy! I have been in relationships with other marijuana users, and it is always the same. They are responsible reliable people when they are straight but when they are stoned, they become the exact opposite. Even when it comes, to sex! We never had sex the last five weeks, cause he couldn’t keep an erection! Also, when he does not have the marijuana anymore, when it runs out, he turns into a major A**HOLE! For at least three days, hes miserable to be around. Again, this is normal for each and every marijuana user I have been involved with overf my lifetime, and I am 51 years old, so I’ve been involved with quite a few over the years. And they have been from different wals of life. Ive been with a plumber who used, a housepainter who used, a studen who usedl, a chef who used. Invariably, the marijuana always had the same affect. It turned the guys into immature buffoons.

  • Vickie

    Please excuse my bad typing job. It’s difficult to type on a laptop when its sitting on my lap.

  • CAS

    Vickie – I am experiencing a similar situation. It seems that no matter how our relationship is as far as finances, family, etc pot is a constant. I do not smoke but do not have any real issue with marijuana. I personally think it should be legalized and give our farmers something to grow. Unfortunately with anything the government controls, more issues seem to arise. That is a whole other story. I am also not sure if there is a physical part to this addiction since I have never experienced being high myself or had to deal with not having any after having smoked heavily for many years. I guess the question for me is how do I help the man I love when he has expressed on and off for a couple of years that he thinks it may be a problem. I can see that it is a problem because it is illegal. That fact creates stress. There are children involved and even with many precautions taken, kids aren’t stupid. We can’t travel like I think we both would like to and the thought of traveling with him not having any is very, very unpleasant. I see family ties being strained. I feel stress when he is ready to go early from a family gathering and I know why but the rest of the family does not know why. Home to smoke. I feel like it is more important than I am or than the children are. It certainly seems to get more of his concentrated attention. I feel like we have to plan around it. He retains connections with people who I feel have betrayed his trust just so he has a source. Days are wasted trying to procure it, gas is burned and miles put on vehicles. Plans are canceled and life only seems to be returned to normal when he has it and can smoke as much and as frequently as he wants to. Being a non-smoker of pot myself, this seems like a huge waste of time and energy. I love him very, very much and I am committed to this relationship but I have found that help with this matter is lacking. To the point that I would like to go to a counselor and discuss the issue and he has agreed but I am concerned about the legal and familial ramifications of doing this. The high for him, from what I can tell, no longer seems to bring much joy or what I would consider a reason to do it in the first place. It is taking a toll on my emotional state as well. I no longer feel excited when we plan a trip or make plans at all because for the past four years, “it” has been an issue at almost every turn. Either being without it on a trip makes for a very grumpy and argumentative demeanor. I just feel as if we should stay home because it will be easier than the emotional turmoil from fear of being caught with it, where he can smoke, etc. I think it is holding us back. I completely accept that my reactions and my fears are probably not helping the situation. I try the best way I know how to be supportive of everything he does and not judge him. I feel like pot is more important to him than I am and than the children are. I feel like the brunt of housework and a lot of the child care falls on me. I see odd thought processes when it comes to family and friends from him. I want to help and I want to be supportive and I want desperately for us to “get past this” but I am not sure how to go about it in a positive way. If there are suggestions out there… I would be most appreciative.

  • CAS

    About the article above, the loss of freedom is what appealed to my thoughts about this subject. I would agree 100% that not only does he experience a loss of freedom, but his whole family experiences this loss of freedom because of this habit. I was in a relationship with a man who had a problem with alcohol and it was a very similar feeling of a loss of freedom. So not to put too fine of a point on it but I do see similarities as far as that is concerned.

  • Franny

    I agree fully with the emotional dependencies. My fiancee smokes weed the minute he gets up in the morning until the moment he goes to bed at night. He runs to it when he is bored, in a bad mood, we are fighting, is having a beer or coffee, when he first gets home from being out, is about to leave the house, socializing with someone, etc. When he runs dry the whole world knows and suffers with him. He is EXTREMELY moody with me and our child. We all have to watch what we say and how we say it so to not set him off because he snaps at us and talks down to us when we ask simple questions. And if plans change..look the hell out! I feel like I’m living with someone who is bipolar. But then you get some weed into him and he is smooth sailing without a care in the world? To me, that is an insult to our family. He has to be stoned to feel happy about his life and with us? I used to smoke it like he does but I started to get anxiety and it was uncomfortable so I stopped, as there was no point anymore. He has been smoking day in and day out for over 10 yrs now and I (like the other people on here) feel less important and that our child is less important than his need to be stoned. As long as he is stoned, our life is happy together. Him not being stoned has always affected our outings and his moods in a negative way, therefore effecting mine. I know how it feels to crave it and resort to smoking roaches and scraping bongs…so I can understand the addiction, that’s why I tell him I will help him stop, but there is definitely an addictive side and like you said, not physically, but mentally and emotionally.

  • David

    I say! We round up the drugs, the monkeys, the aliens, and the illegals! and then we send them all back where they came from!

  • Anonymous

    The substance is not addictive, because addiction, regarding the definition I consider, is a mind-made reality. in the other words, the point of view you have to encounter with the plant is a major element to determine you going to be an addict or not. likewise, It’s important too what you expect the plant do for you.

  • Sarah

    My boyfriend smokes weed and during the school year he smokes it about twice a day. and the only reason that it actually bothers me is the fact that yes it is illegal, that is why i am against it, the illealness of it. if it was legal i probably wouldnt give a rats ass, itd just be like him smoking cigeretts, which he use to do but is currently quitting. anyway what all this has to do with the article is that right now he is dirt poor, and even though he smokes it pretty much everyday if he doesnt have the money for it, he doesnt smoke it and it doesnt even bother him one bit, its more of he has it hell smoke it, but he doesnt really need to. its like children and a chocolate bar, they dont need to eat it, but since its in their posession they automatically want to eat it.

  • David C

    i have smoked marijuana for 8 years now and i have never felt the need to smoke it i only do it on occaison like at partys and stuff my whole family smokes it including my 13 year old brother and none of us has ever had a problem with addictions to it at any time so i dont think u can be addicted to marijuana

  • DWM

    So by your own evidence alchohol and tobacco are more addictive than MJ. Yet drinkers and t-smokers walk free, while mj smokers are crimminals! How can you justify this double standard? Or, do you want to throw the executives of Miller, Sam Adams, and Camel in jail as drug kinpins?


    The “factual graph” shown on this page is wrong.
    4 out of 25 is not 4% neither is 7 out of 25, 7%. the table graph you have shown complely fails to show any fact in it. It is misrepresented furthermore you stated that 4% of marijuana users is a big issue. NO, NO IT IS NOT. A lot of people have tried marijuana or still do use it(over 50%), this means that if only 4% have become addicted then it means that the drug is about as addictive as chocolate. I can gaurentee you more people are addicted to coke(coca-cola) than marijuana, although it is known that coca-cola does use coca plant extract(might explain the addiction).

    I just cant believe that you are lieing directly to my face.

  • Rayvyn

    I do believe marijuana can be addictive. Just like alcohol, most who use or try it are not dependent on it. However there are those who need to get high on a daily basis so they become addicted to it. It might not be a totally chemical addiction but an addiction to being high on the drug. Sure there are those who say that marijuana isn’t addictive but mostly that comes from biased marijuana advocacy groups. I feel if you can get addicted to a video game or gambling, you can get addicted to marijuana. I’ve actually talked to people who are addicted and they want to stop.

    One side effect of people who use a lot of marijuana is paranoia, yes it is real. I noticed that most of the people I know who smoke marijuana a lot, tend to believe in the most crazy conspiracy theories. They don’t think anything happens without a secret government plot. Every earthquake and hurricane is attributed to HAARP. Every time a jet plane makes a contrail, it’s the government actually spraying chemicals at high altitude on a secret mission to control our minds. Yea I know it sounds crazy but that’s what I hear. I think doctors need to look more at the reason people on lots of marijuana seem to get so paranoid. Maybe this contributes to the addiction to the drug.

  • Nyxx

    Haha, I hate hearing “it’s not addictive,” it’s especially annoying when I’m breaking out in cold sweats at night because I can’t get my two ‘apparent’ non-habitual/non-addictive substances; bud and Seroquel. Seroquel’s terrible, and it’s the same with weed — I take the Seroquel to feel good, I feel good because I know I’m going to sleep — I can’t sleep without a few bongs, combine this with the fact that I’ve pawned about 50% of my sentimental valuables, theft, burglary, assault — it’s all part of the ‘lifestyle,’ — around here, anyway.

    Don’t kid yourselves that you need a stimulation to write — I was sure I could only write well enough when stoned. While it’s more disjointed, random and out-there with plotless chapters (or half pages), you might get a few good ideas down, that seem somewhat amplified under the influence, after you sober up — or, whenever you’re outta cash/means to get weed, you’ll realise a huge fuckload of what you’ve written is just introverted bullshit that no-one wants to read.

    I’ve been struggling with Seroquel/weed for two and five years, respectively — went 160 days without weed, then got sucked right back into the tradition. Seroquels weren’t really a problem until the time came to wane off of them — I was on 25mg, twice a day, straight up to 1000mg dosage at nights — some of the worst, painful, emotionally and physically, times of my life, and they’re far from over it…

    Self-medicating hit it on the head, though. There’s no real answer as to ‘why…’ other than that — I’ve smoked with pleeenty of people, most of whom are complacent with one or two bongs in a night — where as I’m hitting 40, upwards of 50 bongs every single day. From wake to sleep; I ditch friends for it; I’ve lost friends for it; I’ve stolen for it; I’ve pawned for it; the only difference between me and, say, a heroin (ab)user, is I’ve probably got more of a visible line to cross, as opposed to “Fuck it, I need my dope — I need it now and I’ll kill any mother fucker in my way.” I still know what’s too far, and what isn’t — but it’s not like I listen to myself all to often, eh?

    Feel free to e-mail me, if you’re going to be a cunt, fuck off.

  • Nyxx

    And I know the Seroquel doesn’t make sense; when asked to wane down, my psychiatrist put me on a 40x stronger dose as her way of belittling me in our face-offs/disagreements. And because I broke her glasses — neaaarly. Fuckin…

  • Kush

    I cant enjoy a good meal, sleep, or just sit down and do nothing without weed and i know many others like this… its addictive

  • marrage. ya wanna?

    Outta sight outta mind. I agree completely. When I don’t have any weed I could care less; I mean sure, it would be better if I had some, but it’s not like I’m willing to bludgeon a stranger for their wallet , or pawn my virgin ass, to get some. Consequently, if you can sit on weed, than you have the mental fortitude of a chess grand champ, and I bow down to your super human willpower of the Gods! Personally I can’t forget about my stash. In fact it’s usually nestled close to my ticker, and pokes and prods at my mind like a new love. I Know it’s loving embrace and lust after the raptured bliss tantalizingly ritualized by the soft, smokey plume escaping my lungs.

  • incendiaryunderpants

    You could replace the topic with anything and this artical would make as much sence. When will people start taking accountability for their actions? Maybe when the fat cats in power decide to stop patronising and belittling the people with stupid notions like drug enforcment. Along these lines, it has always baffled me as to why more people don’t question why the government would ban a substance that, when compared to other legally available substances shines with merit, and is also so obviously in demand…

    Escape. Everyones secret little guilty pleasure. Maybe it’s Bingo, or Baseball, or Bridge; regardless, everyone does it. The difference is, some people are willing to go back to reality and some aren’t. Does this mean that because some people are completely fanatical about the loto-max; the dream that they will make it big and never have to work again, that it takes over their lives and should be out right banned? That’s doesn’t seem to be the opinion of society, but why should weed, which is proven to not be physically addictive, be any different?

    “Because it leads to harsher drugs” you say. I say “Hog-wash!” The only tie to hard drugs that weed has, is that it’s consumers are forced to go underground to unscrupulous dealers. It’s a classic guild by association. I know many cronic weed users that would tell you to gtfo if you presented them with a crack pipe or a syring. You want to blame weed for leading people to hard drugs? I say blame the stupid policies that associate them artificially.

    “Well it’s not healthy.” Well, niether is jumping out of a plane, or being tackled in a football game, or lossing your retirement savings in Reno. Where do any of you get off telling any of us whether we can weigh the pros and cons of our personal, private activities that have little to no impact on you. Talk about f’ing pretentious.

    Ok, now that I’ve laid out my own personal reasoning about the rediculous notion that weed is a nefarious, addictive substance, let me ask you a question: “why is marijuanna possession a federal offense in America, when at the same time America has the ability to erradicate, completely, 85% of the entire worlds heroin supply? Are they truely that concerned about some back water economy that means little to the world? I doubt it. As the policies change in the states, as the most certainly are, it will be interesting to see if the people are dumbed down enough to forget about the last 50 years or so of the terrible, hypocritical, unconstitutional policies that have dramatically ruined innocent, moral, decent citizens’ lives. This issue is about civial liberties and government turning from the republican foundations of democracy, towards a centralised state of dictatorial control. The issue is not about weed, or gay marrige. It’s about whether or not you want to take responsibility for your life, or just want to sign it away and let these greedy contemptuous power mongers rape and pillage.

    I’ll be interested to see if you censor this one dude.

  • Stellar

    This web-site & video is so weak it doesn’t even need rebuttled. I’m starting to think the creater of this site is an avid pot smoker trying to use reverse psychology on people. Good job buddy!! [=

  • Franke

    Marijuana is like alcohol in that some people get addicted and some people don’t. But “both” should be legal so that “adults” can make their own decision.

  • Someone with common sense

    This world needs more open-minded pot heads, and less close-minded idiots addicted to stupidity.

  • MM

    Everybody is saying that marijuana is not addictive. Have you ever tried to quit for 3 months? If you smoke a lot everyday and felt no withdrawals when you stop for some weeks you are smoking weak weed. So stop saying that THC is not addictive, this is because the amount of THC in your weed is ridiculous.

  • Me

    Everybody is saying that marijuana is not addictive. Have you ever tried to quit for 3 months? If you smoke a lot everyday and felt no withdrawals when you stop for some weeks you are smoking weak weed. So stop saying that THC is not addictive, this is because the amount of THC in your weed is ridiculous.

  • Jose Donaway

    you can’t be addicted to marijuana dipshit.

  • John Smith

    Hey man I read your entire article and watched your video and from my own personal experience I do agree with you completely. It is definitely a copout for someone to say it’s not. When I was a teenager I would smoke maybe 3 times a week and did not feel addicted to it at all. So I would have disagreed with you then. At that time I was more concerned of being able to act normal around people while being high. I smoked from ages 16-19 and then quit. Ten years later I was walking down a sidewalk and saw a dime bag laying in the road so I picked it up, made a bowl out of a bottle and smoked it. It felt spook good to get high again. Since then I haven’t quit. I now smoke 6 days out of the week and feel like I can’t function without it. I want to quit and know what I need to do to quit, but I just can’t build up the courage to do it. So yes it is addictive! Maybe not to the occasional smoker, but definately to someone who makes it apart of there everyday life. Everything needs to be in moderation. Too much of anything is NOT good.

    Your video is horrible! Bad quality and very unprofessional but a really good article. Thanks!

  • chasddd

    Its somewhat addicting because its good… like cake. I stopped smoking and want to smoke again, but Wont due to drug test. I want to smoke but it doesn’t bug me more than if I gave up cake. P.s. I smoked kronik nugs all day.
    everything is somewhat addictive people, think about it, everything isn’t a black and white issue, nothing is clear cut.

  • Fred

    Marijuana is not cake man. If you think marijuana is like cake you didn´t smoke too much for a long time or your kronic is weak, go find GOOD buds.

  • Katie

    As a psychology major, and dealing with a boyfriend who is a marijuana addict, I can say that I fully agree with you. I’m glad that you attacked each issue, and many of the points that people use to try to say that it isn’t addictive. It’s very true that ANYTHING can be addictive, given the right personality, but as you said, when 4% of people who try it are getting addicted, this isn’t some random occurrence, it’s clearly the drug itself (and, as you pointed out, the culture that surrounds it).

    My boyfriend has this problem every day–every single one of his friends is a pot smoker, all but one of them complete addicts. It’s hard to give that up in order to quit, but as most potheads refuse to believe that smoking pot is bad for them (at all!), let alone an actual addiction, my boyfriend’s friends will harass him when they hang out until he gives in and smokes. I have a feeling that my boyfriend isn’t the only person experiencing this, but it’s clear that in order to give up the drug, you must also give up the lifestyle (including the friends who smoke). This is obviously a huge life change, but I hope that people start realizing that it IS worth it to give up a drug to get your life back.

  • Anonymous

    I smoke everyday after work and when i wake up.
    Work hard every day Im the best at what I do never late for work
    always on time pay my bills on time and I have two JOBs.
    If this guys saying Im an addict then IM and ADDICT!
    I love Marijuana;)””

  • Anonymous

    Well I smoked chronic marijuana for 3 years straight and I’ve gone a month without it so far and no withdrawals. Maybe just my chemistry but I don’t feel depressed or anything. I’m definitely not freaking out.

  • Anonymous

    i am 15 years old i’ve smoked weed for 7 months it doesn’t sound long at all. But I like being high but only one or twice every two weeks to a month. but I end up smoking it like every other day or three days. I want to cut back any tips ?

  • D

    sigh i have seen this drug destroy soo many friends, they always deny they are addicted or can go without but lets cut the crap, pot is bad guys, its carbon in ur lungs, its also a drug that alters chemicals in ur brain. cut teh crap pot smokers just cos u try and justify something u know is bad, if u like smoking it everyday its because u are dependant on it cos without it u are insecure bastards. oh and u say that if it was lega l there wouldnt be an underground market for it and violence blah blah, well if u werent all addicted to it and smoking it then there wouldnt be a market for it dickheads. anyway to the 15 year old dude above, take up drinking buddy like everyone else, go be social with ppl who arent seedy faggots. pce

  • Anonymous

    Saying marijuana is addictive is a lie. Straight up. There are virtually NO withdrawal symptoms, so how can it be addictive? Sure if you smoke ALOT then quit cold turkey, you might feel a slight craving, but it is NOTHING compared to quitting cigarettes. I myself can go 3 months without smoking, no problem. The reason its considered addictive is because most first time offenders are offered a choice to either face 6 months of jail time or admit an addiction (when there really isn’t) and go through a drug rehab program for 6 months. Obviously, most people will choose the latter.

    Marijuana is considered a a Schedule I drug meaning it is “highly addictive and has no medicinal value”. This is bullshit and is even prescribed medicinally in some states. The law contradicts itself. I have no idea why people give marijuana such a bad view. Maybe you’re confusing it with heroin, cocaine, or some other dangerous drug that is rightfully illegal? Maybe you just associate marijuana with the undesirables of society?

    Do you know how many people have died as a direct cause of marijuana use in HISTORY? NONE. There are 0 recorded cases of someone dying from a direct use of pot. I don’t care what government website you look at, its a lie. The ONLY bad side effect is from the smoking itself which releases carbon (a carcinogenic) which is released when ANY organic matter is burned. The odds of actually getting cancer though is like getting hit by lightning.

    One more thing, the “gateway theory” is bullshit. Saying someone will try meth or LSD because they smoked marijuana is like saying someone will go drink Jack Daniels because they had milk. I’ve smoked marijuana on and off for years and not once have I ever done any other harmful drug (with the exception of cigarettes which I quit because they actually kill you).

  • Michael Hitchcock

    It’s interesting to me that even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they are in the clutches of a crippling addiction, most potheads just shake their bowls in rage and shout a big “NO.”

    Then they generally quote the same facts they’ve been quoting for years with no awareness that in both science and in true adulthood just shouting out counter facts does not equal making an argument.

    Then comes the part where they typically show how capable they are even when high and then get a text from a friend and forget what we were talking about anyway.

    Pot addiction is real and from within it it is impossible to experience the full range of human emotions. Wake the fuck up to that and quit spouting your misleading “facts.”


    But that does not even a bit negate the facts of the above article. Both are true. You can’t get it?

  • A

    I smoked weed for 2 years then had to quit for a year because of probation… for me actually guitting wasn’t hard at all. The only thing that was hard was telling my friends i couldn’t anymore. I made it through probation drug free then started again for about 9 months. For me weed was just something to do, but after awhile i was spending to much money on it and made the decision to stop. Now im drug free again. I miss doing it sometimes but i just don’t think it’s addictive because both times i just up and quit and never had to tell myself no you can’t. I realize everyone is different but to me it’s not addictive… it’s just a choice. Either you want to quit or you don’t. If you really want to quit then you will… if you don’t care enough to stop then you never will. It’s just a choice that everyone who smokes will have to make at somepoint, it wont ever be a easy decision… but for me it wasn’t hard to actually quit once i made that decision, it just always sucked to say goodbye.

  • B

    You didn´t have problems to quit because you didn´t put enough THC in your body. You are lucky, don´t go back smoking.

  • Drew

    I read all of your article, and I agree with you. I’m 19 years old and deal with alot of shit in my life. I smoke weed for the escape and for the excitment. I use to to medicate when shit hits the fan. I try to quit but I can’t i will quit for say a month and get right back into it. I love music. always have loved music, and the drug makes music sound so much better. it makes me feel confident and when i hear a song and it makes me feel great. call me silly but thats one huge reason why i cant quit it. But i have so many friends who use it too, they say dude your fucking stupid. Weed isn’t addicting and it pisses me off. and strangely then keep doing it themselves and dont stop it. At least i see my problem, or dont ignore it. Kudos to you and good article With had reading it i think i got a few brain cells back :)

  • egyketha

    Hello people!
    I’ve been smoking pot for a bit more than two years. In the beginning we smoked 3-4 times a month. However, now we are smoking it almost every day (1.7 times a day in average, based on my detailed, two months long statistics ). I still have the feeling, that everything is under control and smoking pot haven’t caused me too much trouble so far… However, when I take a look on the facts, I have to admit that this is not the case. On the contrary. From occasional user I became a pothead, my results at the university aren’t as brilliant as they used to be for I lack the motivation and the energy I used to have before, I have picked up around 15 kilograms during these two years thanks to the so called nighttime-lunchies which is a side effect of smoking weed, I realised that I spend most of my free time with my also pothead friends, smoking weed while watching some silly movie or riding bike in some less busy corners of the city. Oh, almost forgot to say, I think I noticed a slight drop in my memory capabilities.
    Now, after having realised the hidden dangers of smoking pot without the necessary caution, I have to say that, in some way, it is addictive. Don’t take wrong, I do not say people should be afraid of smoking weed once in a while, just take care that you don’t overuse it.
    Now I’m reducing the frequency of stoned nights so I’m using weed once or twice a week, which I think is OK, but once or twice a month would be better. Quitting it is not so hard, but it certainly needs some changes in the lifestyle too…
    All in all, I would compare it to the alcohol, you can use it sometimes if you want to, but remember, be cautious.

  • JJ

    I have been smoking weed on and off for the past few months. I think it can be addictive to some people just like some people cannot successfully drink alcohol. I enjoy smoking weed but there are a lot of risk factors involved. I love being high however I also feel that you dont get the full benefits of life’s moments high. So I have to sober up and yes it does suck but I know in the long run it will be worth it. Not that I really want to sober up but I feel like I need to sober up. I am 34 and getting too old for the party so to speak. I will say I am craving weed though and it is kinda difficult to resist it. However there is a deeper reason why I want to get high and thats what I need to figure out is the core of why I want to use. That is where the real problem is deep down. Using is usually an escape or other way to cover up a deeper problem.

  • Rob

    All you guys need to chill and come hit this joint with me. I LOVE WEED <3

  • JR

    I’ve been smoking weed now for 20 years. I stopped for 3 months once in my last year of college but other than that I’ve smoked nearly every day.

    At a couple of ponts in that 20 years I’ve smoked heavily enough that I couldn’t even string a sentence together anymore. I can still remember the look of worry in a friend’s face during one of these f*d up points.

    I gave up cigarettes for health reasons and now I’m giving up marijuana for health, social and career reasons. I’ve been trying to start a business but just instead of putting in the hard work, I just pack another cone.

    It’s been 2 weeks since my last session and I feel awful. A real craving in my chest like nicotine withdrawl and I feel depressed and very grumpy.

    It might not be addictive for some people but it sure is for me…

  • Tyler

    just want to say for all the people who say “you cant get addicted dip shit” tell that to my face been smoking for six years everday multiple times a day usually and this past week have tried to go with out it period. the first 2-3 days were fine a small amount of dificulty going to sleep but i can deal with that, how ever the next 2-3 have been completly shity every night at around 6 or later i get major headaches from not having it, the other day i had to take a small hit cause i couldnt stand the headache any more what do you know it went away in minuets so not addictive my ass keep smoking headies every day for a couple years and then talk bitch

  • Tyler

    also was a half a pack a day smoker of cigs and was able to quit after 2-3 days of slight withdrawl. will i quit weed most likely not cause its to good or at least thats how my brain justifys it to my self

  • C.

    As is with most things in life, do it in moderation and you’ll be fine.
    THAT’S IT.

  • Harry Hansen

    Weed is addictive beacuase it made me go get high instead of staying at school and doing home work it made me go buy weed in stead of foo dwhen i was hungry

  • jake

    great article.

    i’d like to point out that if you have to make an excuse to justify your actions (in this case, smoking weed), then it’s a bad decision. think about it.

  • Anonymous

    ive been smoking crack for 25 years and im stupid as hell! Th crack has destroyed one of my lungs completely and is slowly but surley crippling my brain…the doctor says i only have a few more days to live before my asshole muscles fail to work and my organs droop out of my body.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I love how people buy into this propaganda. One thing is who the hell cares whoever smokes pot. I think we can all agree that empirical evidence shows that tobacco and alcohol have destroyed more lives than any substance on the planet.
    Pot is no more addicting than porn is addicting. Yes it can be mentally addicting to smoke pot, however, so can masturbation or as noted porn, come on we have rehab for sex addicts now. Come on America how mentally weak are we? Look I smoke pot all day everyday, I go to school full time, and I work full time and have been on the deans list the last 2 years and will graduate this semester with a 3.8. I have smoked for over 4 years now! I stopped drinking because when I would get drunk i would black out and could not remember a thing that i did. When i get high every day I remember it, I am coherent through it all. So lets stop driving the nation to drink when marijuana is a lot healthier. You do not have to smoke it either, you can make it into edables which will get rid of the affects it will have one the lungs.
    It is not this mind altering substance like some think, we just get a bad rap because you look at the stupid stoners but you dont realize that it is that they CHOOSE to be stupid and lazy.
    When I smoke my friends and I are not watching stupid shit we are debating about the issues of the day the past, religion, politics, philosophy and etc… If we watch anything it is usually a documentary.
    Dont give me this bullshit that pot makes you stupid. I was never into academia until I learned the truth about the history of the war on drugs. Why did it become illegal? A substance that has never killed anyone…and its illegal! Stop controlling me and give me my pursuit of happiness and tax the hell out of it and make some money as we did back in 1933 when we ended the prohibition on alcohol and brought in some tax revenue.

  • Michael

    I have a Federal licence in Canada for medical marijuana.
    Im 56 and trying to cut down. I have been using marijuana for 43 years now.
    I would say im dependent on the medical effects as i have just cleared the hep-c virus
    through medication, but i could not have done it without marijuana.
    There are much more serious things in this world other than marijuana.
    Heres the catch.
    If i could do it all over again…
    i would never have done any drugs when i was younger, including marijuana!
    Its not about me.
    Its about Christ!

  • tim

    Why don’t you google Harry J. Anslinger. He was the first drug czar in the united states. Here are some of his quotes he said in front of congress, newpapers, radio ect, to get Cannibus/Hemp illegal (he also gave it a mexican name, Marijuana).
    “There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.”

    “Colored students at the Univ. of Minn. partying with (white) female students, smoking [marijuana] and getting their sympathy with stories of racial persecution. Result: pregnancy”

    “Two Negros took a girl fourteen years old and kept her for two days under the influence of hemp. Upon recovery she was found to be suffering from syphilis.

    I copied these quotes from Wikipedia, go look for yourself. This is the most hateful law in the history of our country. Some may have a beer or two after work, why can’t a person smoke a little weed instead if they want? I get a headache about 30 mins after drinking one beer.

  • Joaquin

    Marijuana for should be legalized in the United States, but no in my home country Mexico.

    We come from a liberal progessive family and I have to brothers who smoke pot for many years now.

    Their lives are a disaster and under the current political, social arena in Mexico in relation to the war on drugs we fear for the lives.

    Is clear to us that sustance abuse has not helped my brothers. At one point the smoke pot 3 times a day. The even start selling in the streets.

    I know pot is not the problem rather some emotional problems. But there is strong evidence that both my brothers are hooked to feeling of getting high.

    In many ways my brothers are trapped in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps if they were alcholics they could be saved from hell.

  • http://gmail Nick

    I know

  • Happy Go Lucky

    My husband is reading the most current Consumer Reports right now and he told me there’s a home made brownie recipe that calls for pot. I live in Amish land and see miles of fields planted with tobacco – tabacco plants should be traded for pot plants ( if pot ever became legal ) the profit would be greater! I don’t smoke ANYTHING but if I did, it would be pot – NOT cigarettes!

  • http://www, Stalibs

    Hello, I think weed is spiritual, it can be addictive to those who believe that weed is everything, there’s more to life then just getting high, anything that is misused or used in repetitive continuous way may lead to critical damage including weed. However weed generates feeling that people never discovered some changes their lives.
    Personal use: I smoked weed we smoked it for a week but on the 7th day i decided not to smoke, because i wanted to be normal and it wasn’t necessary to be high in order to feel good. Smoke when you want and stop when you want its really your choice and nothing else.

  • Trying to quit

    You may think your in control off your smokeing but weed will get control of you with out you knowing it

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the truth of it, anything can be addictive if the “victim” is weak minded. That alone is not enough to make marijuana illegal. If it was then tobacco, alcohol, porn, video games, sex, work, gyms would all be illegal because some individuals become obsessed with these.

    If pot showed more characteristics of physical dependency like opiates or strong correlation of violent behavior then yes it should be illegal. However, by itself pot has never expressed these outcomes. Unless someone’s brain is wired incorrectly, a flood of dopamine shouldn’t cause rage.

    The only punishable offense for using marijuana is if the user is high and using heavy machinery including automobiles due to slower reaction time, much like alcohol.

    If someone you care about is suffering in life, don’t blame pot, you need to look into a deeper issue.


    Did it not occur to you that movies are also an escape from reality? Why do most people watch movies? Escapism! If it is an action film, they like identifying with the brave hero who saves the day from dark forces. If it is a romance film, they like identifying with one of the lovers and the steamy passion that goes on in the film. If it is a comedy film, they just like sitting there in the theater free of troubles and laughing at the characters.

    What about music? Music can dramatically alter your mood! Music can make you sad, happy, or angry with the click of a button. Music can be HIGHLY addictive. As a Muslim, I have personally witnessed many fellow Muslims struggle to give up music, but they find it incredibly difficult to do so. They are addicted to it, but they feel that they have to give it up because of religious rulings.

    My point is, anything can be addicting. People have even been addicted to Chapstick!


    Oh and another thing – marijuana causes no changes in dopamine levels :-)

  • Couldnt be better

    im not saying that addiction isn’t possible but in all honesty, pot is way way way way way overrated as far as being “addictive” or “dangerous” is concerned. I have only smoked pot and drank. I discovered very quickly after drinking a few times that was not for me, not to mention my peers act CRAZY on it. I decided to try smoking pot which i did in fact enjoy. Its a awesome social drug, and i have made many friends because of it and it just makes me feel happy. Three years later, i do not have to smoke everyday or after every situation, class, job, whatever to “get by”, i have never considered trying any other drugs and i smoked a cig once and that was just purely disgusting…my lungs felt like they were going to bust unlike how they feel when i smoke and i sleep like a overfed baby at night.You do not have to worry about someone smoking pot and getting violent or driving while influenced because unless somethings wrong, you normally just want to relax and not do anything crazy. How many deaths have been reported because of pot? Maybe in the drug war but not while operating a vehicle or overdosing or some other means. I always have in depth conversations with my friends about school, politics, religion, anime, whatever and i am fully able to remember everything from class and work even if I am high. I’m a full time college kid with a full time job and people need to stop stereotyping others who smoke pot as bad guys or the lazy guys because they choose to be that way, not because i drug made them do it and that goes for ALL DRUGS. i have known plenty to break a drug habit cold turkey so it is not impossible and these people are just weak minded like mentioned earlier. LEGALIZE it and quit wasting our tax money on fighting a war on marijuana that you will never win. I thought america was about freedom? NOT ANYMORE obviously.

  • Couldnt be better

    wow i can tell i typed that in a hurry, sorry for the couple of mistakes! just my opinion though…its all in the mindset.
    *my lungs felt like they were going to bust unlike how they feel when i smoke mj and i sleep like a overfed baby at night.
    *not because a* drug made them do it

  • Teradactyl

    Here is my take on things. I am 23, female, and have smoked my share of pot. One day, I discovered that I wasn’t interested in it anymore; it just made my head feel fuzzy and I was incapable of interacting with others on the same level that I am while I am sober. However, I realized that weed affects everyone differently, so while I renounced it for myself, I did not give my boyfriend at the time any shit for his decision to continue smoking. My boyfriend was very highly-functioning while high, as I’m sure many of you are, and he enjoyed the feeling he got from smoking. Again, chalk it up to individual differences.

    As time went on, I realized just how often my boyfriend was smoking (3 – 4x per day on average): before work, on his lunch break, right after work, right before bed. After a while I started noticing that it was interfering with my own lifestyle, because even though I wasn’t smoking, I still had to spend the majority of my time with someone who was high. We couldn’t go hiking, to the movies, to a family dinner, or even boating in paradise without him having to get high beforehand. That was when I saw that it was a problem. And it’s not because he’s a “loser”, or “lazy”. He works 50 hours per week at a very successful investment bank. He has his life together in many ways. But his dependence on marijuana was indicative of a deeper problem.

    Let me say this clearly: I do not take issue with marijuana. I myself have smoked it and know that it is, in itself, a benign drug. It does not make people crazy and frankly I think it’s ludicrous to be classified as Schedule 1 right up there with opiates and other things. RIDICULOUS. However. It is the use as an escape that is the problem, and that’s what this article is addressing. Not once did the author claim that people who smoke are losers, and nobody is trying to control anybody, so don’t get your panties in a twist. All the author is pointing out is that there is a potential for addiction with marijuana, just as there is a potential for addiction with anything (as many of you have already addressed).

    This is a subject that is close to my heart because my relationship ended largely over my boyfriend’s dependence on marijuana. That’s why it’s hard to see people defending the other side and fighting tooth and nail to prove that there is no such thing as marijuana addiction; well, I have seen it happen to someone I love dearly and I’m here to tell you, it’s a real thing. At no point did anyone ever accuse everybody who smokes pot to be addicted; hell, I still smoke it on occasion. I’m not a loser. I’m not stupid or lazy. But it’s like I told my ex boyfriend: I love drinking milk (weird example, I know). But if I had to have a big old glass of milk every couple of hours just to make it through my day, then that would indicate that I have a deeper problem I’m not addressing. Milk isn’t gonna kill anyone, and it’s maybe not doing any physical damage to me either, but if it’s being used as a way to navigate my way through deeper issues, then it’s a problem. Weed is the same way, as are cigarettes, alcohol, and anything else on this earth if someone’s personal affinity for it is allowed to grow out of control. That’s all.

  • Anonymous

    Pot is habitualy addictive if you do it enough you will make a habit out if it the only difference is a habit is much easier to break then an addiction. People going to rehab for pot is rediculous . I used to smoke to much pot that’s right I said it too much pot I got arrested it sucked and I stopped smoking it didnt kill me. A yEar later and I’m smoking Again but not like I used to it’s not my life and I wouldn’t describe myself by it. If you describe yourself as a stoner or pothead smoke less weed when describing yourself the first adjetive that should come to your head should not be about weed.

  • http://n/a Sheena Wireght

    I am married and have been with my husband for 7 years. We have two children and I am in school and working. My husbands name is Victor and he smokes weed all day everyday. Before work at work after work before activites with the kids and the family. I am strongly considering leaving him becasue he does not function well on weed. He is talkless, motionless and just simply a downer. I think people should go to rehab for weed becasue anything that can destry a family and take a person completely away from his kids, need deep help!

  • http://n/a Sheena Wireght

    Not to mention he spends lots of money on it!

  • Duke Poopum

    Legalize pot! it never killed anyone, it never hurt anone. its just like beer. affects your mind and makes you do bizarr things. but its nnot addictive.

  • Anonymous

    For everybody saying that cannabis is not addictive and harmless, fuck you all. I believed in that bullshit and now i´m paying for been an idiot teenager like you all.
    If you like your life and your mind, don´t touch high grade marijuana.

  • also anonymous

    first off, I’m not going to get into a mud slinging contest here. I can see the benefit in it for someone experiencing terminal illness, and believe for those people, in such intense pain due to disease, it should be legal. But I don’t believe this drug should be exposed to children, expecting mothers, teenagers, or the general public in enclosed spaces. Before anyone starts yelling at me, some of my bestfriends smoke weed. BUT they respect me enough to not expose me to it. They know how sick I get from it.


    Marijuana is a naturally occuring substance, this is true. So is tobacco and a few other things. However, just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Poison Ivy occurs naturally but I don’t want it touching me, I know I’m going to itch like crazy if it does. Some people are infact allergic to marijuana and there are plenty of studies to show that some people have lungs that are so hypersensitive that any kind of smoke (including the smoke from burning marijuana) can cause severe even fatal bronchospams, and being exposed to it can lead to death for these people.

    What you want to do to your bodies is your business, PROVIDED no one else is exposed to it unwillfully. You want the right to smoke it, make sure you demonstrate that every single person who does smoke it can be responsible about it, the same as the government is currently forcing tobacco smokers to be more responsible. Now where I am, you cannot smoke in a car with someone under the age of 18, you cannot smoke in the same house as someone who is under 18 either, smoking in clubs, bars, restaurants, is illegal. The whole message: If you want a smoke take your butt outside, and in the open where by stander exposure is as minimal as possible.

  • Anonymous

    I’m 54 years old
    Remember laughing at “Reefer Madness” (the film) and thinking that all negative info about pot was propoganda. Now I know better. I’ve seen it. Pot can be harmful.

    I know many people that are addicted to alcholol. They hold good jobs, are committed to their families … can go weeks or months without drinking but they are addicted and every so often they do very stupid things and drink way too much for too long. Gererally they spend far too much money on liquor. They know they have a problem but what the heck … everything is bad for you right?

    I also know several people that have been smoking pot for decades and they have tried to quit many times. They don’t want to smoke anymore but can’t seem to stop. They don’t smoke tobacco but the pot is affecting their health. They can’t quit. I’m not sure how to classify that but it is a problem for them. I didn’t hear about these people or read about them … I knwo them … they CAN’T stop smoking pot.

    If you are so certain that pot is not addictive check out the number 2 reason that people are admittted into rehab in Great Britian. I all suppose all these people are not addicted but rather they have been brainwashed by the propogana against pot … or perhaps someone will suggest it is some sort of conspiracy.

    Sure glad I don’t smoke pot. But I would if I was sick and it improved my health.

    By the way I listen to music alot and it affects my mood. Helps me to alter my state of mind. Don’t know if that meets the criteria for addicted. I love music and wouldn’t want to live without it.

  • Sylvia

    My husband is a heavy pot smoker. He cannot eat a meal unless he smokes pot first. He cannot drive a car unless he can smoke pot. His whole life is about his pot! He would have his children go hungry and homeless first, so he can have his pot. marijuna is his God period. He lacks emotion, he is self centered and most of all lacks in serious motivation. He uses every excuse under the sun to smoke pot. He smokes pot in front of his kids, their playmates. He does not care about anyone or anything other than fullfilling his addiction to marijuna first. So sad that someone so smart is actually so very stupid. He smokes about $600.00 a month on average, and some months even more. He does not care about paying his financial obligations, but does care about how much pot he can smoke. I have had enough after 14 years and am saying goodbye. I am tired of being controlled by his addiction.

  • Kristina

    Difficult subject. I know people who can smoke weed and function normally – go to school, work full-time, etc. but I also have a 20 year old son whose life revolves completely around smoking weed. He flunked out of one school, dropped out of the next school, lost his job; all he does is zone out in his room listening to music and watching movies. He received money in a settlement, over $6000, and in less than 6 weeks it was all gone. He lies constantly and he steals to support his habit. In and out of counseling and treatment programs – nothing matters. I have had to kick him out of our house and my life until (hopefully) the day he realizes all he has lost due to weed.

  • Bill

    That´s because your son probably smokes high grade marijuana.
    Different drugs are called marijuana because there´s weed with 2% of THC, with 5%, 10, 15, more than 20. Everybody who smoke marijuana are not smoking the same stuff and are not smoking the same amount ….that´s the main reason why some people smoke a lot with apparently no problem and others go crazy with the stuff like me and your son.
    If everybody starts to use pure THC isolated from the plant like morphine is isolated from opium, everybody would start to freak out and going psychotic from the effect of THC and from withdrawals too.

  • Morgan Miller

    If people are honestly believing this nonsense, then I feel sorry for you. Where ever this person who wrote this artical got their information from, they are clearly buying into the negative stigma on cannabis. Do your own research to avoid getting brain washed from stories like these.

  • Super-Seby

    I do believe marijuana is addictive, just like cigarettes and alcohol and pizza.

  • Eric Anderson

    So basically this article claims Pot is addictive just like say mediation, or running 2 miles a day, or calling your mother is addictive?

    I’m sorry. I wanted to know if there are known studies which show through scientific method that Pot is addictive and you would be subject to withdrawal symptoms on par with other legal drugs like Alcohol and cigarettes.

  • Frank

    Pot smokers don´t want to admit that they use a drug and just wanna get high, they smoke everyday and don´t admit the addiction…pot is a brainwash drug. If pot is not addictive try to explain to me: WHY THIS DRUG IS BY FAR THE MOST ILLICIT DRUG USED IN THE WORLD???
    That doesn´t make sense. People say that smoke everyday for years and are not addicted. And than they stop for only a few days or weeks to prove they are not addicted. And than they go back smoking saying they smoke just because they like or want or maybe because THEY ARE ADDICTED! The toxins of only one joint stays in your body for 10 days. The withdrawal symptoms sometimes take some time to come up, but they do for daily smokers of good buds.

  • i love weed

    okay, check
    where d fck did this guy got his statistics? pretty much from the fucking government
    and what does government do, they fucking lie about everything
    you motherfuckers out there saying weed is bad n weed is addictive, did you ever fucking tried smoking before?
    if you didn’t, you better shut d fuck up

    listen, weed is not like alcohol that makes your feeling go up and down and make you do stupid shit, weed is also not like cigarettes that fuck over your whole lungs.

    so if u drink and u smoke, i think u have no rights to say shit about pot smokers
    all you mother fucking alcoholics n boggies smokers are probably gona die sooner than we do

  • Michael

    In the short answer, yes. weed is addictive. However, it’s addiction is NOTHING like that of tabacco or other drugs, I’m addicted to marijuana, it’s no different than a craving for sugar not even a bad sugar craving,

  • Frank

    People addicted to marijuana are always very angry when someone say pot is bad…you defend this like you defend your mother…”I love weed” , i was exactly like you 4 years ago. I smoked a lot of high grade man…that´s what marijuana does man. THC is an hallucinogen. Makes we relax too because of cannabidiol and the post effects of thc.
    Forget propaganda man, government….i was really like you, my keychain was a marijuana leaf.
    Now i´m detoxing and it´s not easy man. If you smoke high grade everyday and a lot, try to stop for 2 or 3 months and you gonna see.

  • NoGoThere

    Government studies reveal that smoking pot helps clear the lungs of
    the effects of cigarette smoking. Those cig-smokers who do smoke pot occasionally live an average seven years longer than those who don’t.

  • Tina

    WOW! Rationalize all you want…….Our 20 year old son just entered treatment voluntarily. Smoking weed has stolen his ability to focus, stay in school, hold a full time job, interact with his family in a healthy way, manage money, etc…..He can’t get through a day without it. Don’t you dare say that it is not addictive…for some, it most certainly is.

  • Alex

    Hmm. By all means, say marijuana is addictive, say it’s bad for you, say it ruins your lifestyle and say that people who smoke it are…how did you put it? Oh, rationalizing. Let’s look at the chart k? 4% of people who try it become addicted to it. So yes, it is addictive to some. Now, see the top two spots on the chart up there? Tobacco and alcohol. Those two, are far, far more addictive that marijuana. And they kill you. Marijuana doesn’t. So why are tobacco and alcohol legal? They’re far, far worse than anything marijuana could ever do to you. Think about that question, and think reaaaal good about it and then try to tell me that marijuana, is worse, or even bad for you.

  • mb

    What are your thoughts regarding pot being a “gateway” drug? From my experience, this is true very often, not 100% of the time, but definitely with heavy pot smokers it is very common. There is no good that will come from smoking pot, other than “self-medicating” and avoiding feelings & issues.

  • Logan

    I think tinas son might just be an idiot, i stopped smoking for 6 weeks no problem. it wasnt at all hard i think id have a tougher time quitting soda for the same amount of time. the problem with calling marijuana addictive is that almost every behavior done for recreation is addictive. just because someone would like to continue this behavior after they’ve stopped does not make it addictive in a significant manner. by this sites standers masturbation is extremely addictive. also just because something is addictive doesn’t make it bad.

  • you bunch of idiots

    Research shows the pot used for long periods of time has the same negative affect on the lungs and heart as cigarette smokers. Pot actually contains 50% more tar and more carcinogens then cigarette smoke. The argument that it is addictive can certainly go to the side of pot smokers since there is little scientific proof of physical addiction. However, psychological addiction is definitely happening among long term users. Just the way people defend pot usage and make excuses for it proves that pot has the ability to take over ones life. I myself have had many heated discussions on pot and for the most part, people end up comparing pot to other substances since they do not have much of a argument at all. No website that i have ever seen has scientific proof that pot is 100% worse than other substances like tobacco or alcohol, however, the fact is that pot is sill a harmful substance and legalizing it will most likely not happen. And unfortunately, substances like cigarettes and alcohol which are more harmful than pot are legalized. Cigarettes and alcohol were popular in almost every culture long before pot was even in the picture, therefore, it was legal since day one. For any country to one day completely ban alcohol and cigarettes would mean mass riots and most likely a lot of withdrawal related deaths.

  • Anonymous

    only a pot head loser would disagree with this get a job sponger

  • kerrie smith

    people that smoke pot get angry in the mornings before their next hit get real why have to have pot to be nice

  • Hunter D. Knight (New Breed)Standouts

    How can it be addictive and a gateway drug? thats impossible if your addicted to it you dont leave it for something else. so everyone who thinks that is right away dumb af. Second long term users use it all the time because they like it? theres no reason to stop most people never feel an severe effect in the end. Facts to prove that too. people who start off with weed and then move to hard drugs dont do it because of weed, they do it to satisfy there cheap pleasure of getting “high”. It all depends on the person. Sukha should be used not abused. Now i will admit when im not smoking tree im a little irritable, have less of an appitite and get a little lazy but thats because its just is so samazing the world is such a tough place how could i not help getting irritable when im not in that relaxed state of mind, food tatse so great that i want it when im blown , and as for being lazy im lazy anyway. Oh and for Frank i defend it because its my favorite thing ever , think about if you liked something and i came talking bad about it? you would probley defend it. Also im not addicted just committed:) by the way no one knows how long weed stays in your system, it depends on the person (i can tell you didnt work out much) it gets stuck in your fat cells so lets say you have a low fat percentage and you are an athlete so you work out tons and you clean you body out it can be out soon. Personal experience. How could the great herb of many religions be a bad thing?how could something that helps cancer patients be bad? how could something that gets so many people through the everyday grind be bad?how can something that makes things fuuny be bad? i say to the government and the police and everyone in the world to look at it from the other side, the people across the world arnt smokin weed and fighting or robbing stuff we are smoking weed to get us through the beat down of our everyday lives, to help with our pains, to meditate, to enjoy we may or may not need it in our lives even if we are addicted does it matter? are we hurting the world? or asking for peace and freedom from the prosecution. Psalms 104.14 “he causethh the grass for the cattle and the herb for the services of man.” Who is the government to say no to gods gift. who is the government to regulate what i do or what potheads do? who are you judgemental people to say that its bad or addictive or any other shit haters say? if it does do bad and that what you think then shit have that opinon but why is it illegal ? i was arrested once and the cop said anything that changes your state of mind is a drug well what about beer and smoking cigs? does that not change people state of mind , do sports not change your state of mind? does schoool not? yes they all do so why is it illegal if i want to smoke we recreationally then why not? who is anyone to go against god or what an individual wants to do to himself? make it legal . try some weed. make yourself a better person so you dont get addicted. look deep into your mind. find who you are. or not but still realize that in our minds we wonna smoke for whatever reason so why not let us? we are not hurting anyone? and if there are satistics saying that people high do hurt people well thats not the peace givers fault its that persons .

  • Done

    All I hear from the pot-heads is a bunch of denial and excuses along with walls o’ text, run-on sentences and grammar issues up the wazoo…and yet they still claim they don’t have a problem. But it’s the internet, so it doesn’t matter, right?

    Next, people who smoke will be bragging about their jobs. After all, every pot smoker is a professional making $150k a year, living in a huge house with a Bentley parked in the drive, respectful children and a hot partner.

    Pot smokers have two things down pat; the ability to justify using an illegal drug and exaggerating their lifestyle. Funny that they can’t seem to grasp that the only person who can’t see through their lies and BS is the one greeting them in the mirror every morning.

    Justify it any way you wish. Lie to yourself and others about your habit if it suits your needs, but don’t for one moment think that people who don’t smoke should just grin and bear it.

    You want a cold, hard fact? I’ll give you one:

    You stink. The cheaper that shit is, the worse you smell- I don’t want to be around a person who smells like they set their pubic hair alight then doused the flame with cheap cologne.

    That right there is enough for me to not want to be around or assoicate with any pot smoking tool.

  • jay

    I want to see the people who doesn’t believe marijuana, quit marijuana for at least a few months to a year and see for for yourselves. If you say you can quit but don’t want to,your full of crap,that is that addiction talking, but your brain is affected by weed to realize it, do it to prove to yourself that it is not addictive, I bet you won’t be able to stop that long, do it and you WILL see that you are wrong about it.

  • jay

    I want to see the people who doesn’t believe marijuana is not addictive*** quit marijauna for at least a few months to a year

  • jay

    Hunter D knight, that is addiction making them NOT want to stop it, and if they tried they wouldn’t be able to go without it, it is Psychologically implanted into their lives by then

  • jay

    and just changing words around doesn’t make it any different, IT IS STILL addiction —>committed

  • Anonymous

    I really want to see all you guys quit marijuana and say the same shit after that

  • Anonymous

    well, HUNTER D KNIGHT, this discussion is about marijauna being addicting, not about weed bad, sure it helps but it can be addicting to some people, maybe not you, but to some people it is. Its all a personal choice in the end, if you don’t want to smoke it or think it’s bad then don’t do it, but if you like it or need something to help with stress, then by all means do it. Just because you do not smoke it or like it doesn’t mean the rest of the world should follow you and not do it too. Like I said, it should be legal, but not to be done in public places that would bother non-users, like ciggerettes, it should be done in only certain places, like at home or like a place that is built, like in amsterdam(a cafe). and it should be done on your free-time(not at work) and have age laws. If you don’t like it then don’t bother with it, and don’t bother other people with your choice to not smoke it.

  • 1nsanesaint89

    Is weed addictive?.. to me it was. I started smoking when I was about 17. The first time I tried it I didnt really like it, I didnt feel the high that everybody around me was so exited about.. Well, of ocourse,I kept hanging out with the same people and of course I tried it again, and then again and again. When i was about 18 I got very dependent on it. I couldnt do anything without being “high”, everything seem boring if I was at a normal state of mind. It went like this for 2-3 years, smoking everyday.. I changed a lot. I used to do good in school, I used to play varsity soccer , tennis, I used to have nice friends, I used to be happy with my life.. So yeah, I changed my ways and kept on smoking…I dropped out of school, lost interest in sports, quit on the friends i had.. Overall, I just lost motivation in life, I just wanted to get high thats it .. A year ago somebody shared to me about Jesus, Thanks to Him I was able to quit. It was hard, but God is greater than anything and everything. Since I stopped smoking: I got my GED, started college and opened my own company. Im about to turn 23 and “weed” is not in my life anymore.. God has changed from the inside out and let me tell you, life could not have been better..
    I also tried many other drugs ( cocaine, meth, painkillers, ecstacy) drugs arent worth it, It wasnt for me, All the years I lost that could have turned me into a better person, I wasted with parties and drugs.., if you still have time, QUIT!!, before it gets any worse.. God has a better plan or you, seek and you should find it.

    Time is free, but is priceless, you cant own it but you can use it, you cant keep it but you can spend it, once you lose it, you can never get it back. Use you time wisely, you cant never get it back. The past is history, the future doesnt exist, and the present is only one second that repeats itself. God gave you free will to choose what you want to do with that second.. it is never too late.

  • Rkarlow

    I’m an addict. What that means to me is that I’ve lost my power to choose whether I will use (whatever: drugs, alcohol, sex, work, fill in the blank). It means I overdo it to the neglect of what’s healthy for me like eating or sleeping or working or ____. Bottom line is this. I have a disease that tells me I don’t have one… says everything’s fine…. AND THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DIAGNOSIS ME IS ME. So one of the books I read on the subject says that there are a couple ways to diagnosis yourself: Try leaving it alone for a year… Try to start & stop abruptly… try it more than once. For me, after I start (no matter what plan I had to limit my use) I couldn’t stop. If you wonder sometimes about where you’re at, test yourself & diagnosis yourself. Maybe ya are & maybe ya ain’t.

  • f-you, weed haters

    marijuana is not bad, its only bad because society categorizes it as that.
    many of todays legends are known to be pot smokers. for example, bob marley was a hard core pot smoker & even him being a “skumbag” like some say, he created the genre of music reggae!
    so now you tell me, how is it that people whom have technology & education can’t even do that(create a new world of music)?
    another example, the creator of apple is known to be a marijuana smoker & look at his accomplishments.

    so see, all im saying is that weed isnt bad, who knows mabe the ipod was a high thought he had & has now became a worldwide sold merchandise.

    so allow all of us to smoke our weed peacefully & w/o any of you guys talking shit.

    we smoke weed cause we like it, not because we’re addicted. who knows mabe one of us potheads might create the next cool shit this world has to receive

  • stoner

    Now take a moment to think about how wonderful this plant really is! It is capable of providing clothing (hemp is the strongest fiber in the world), it provides nutrition (cannabis seeds contain the most concentrated nutrients found in any food)! It’s “main ingredient” THC has even been proven to be anti-carcinogenic, eliminating lymphatic tumors in test rats within two weeks.

    On top of all of these wonderful benefits, it has now been SCIENTIFICALLY CONFIRMED that it indeed does increase creativity, reduce depression and anxiety, and promote peace.

    No wonder half of the population smokes it even though it is still illegal.

  • Alice

    I am an alcoholic and I don’t drink because I am addicted, I drink because I like it….A LOT. You are an addict, you cannot function normally sober, correct? And yeah, Steve Jobs (creator of Apple), is 56.

  • smdjdtm

    I used to smoke everyday. I would easily get pissed off when I wasn’t high. Then I stopped smoking for a while. Never went back.

    Also conspiracy theories and other bullshit is much easier to believe while you’re under the influence of drugs.

  • Joshua Mascorro

    Geeeee! Why the hell does everyone think it’s addiction? Just because it’s a drug, doesn’t mean it has to be addictive. You ever think it’s just such a good drug that people like to use it a lot? What if someone gets a message chair and can’t stop using it every day after that? Does that make them addicted? What about soda? Caffeine is a addictive! Nobody can deny that! But do people go around complaining about soda? Hell no. Because you can’t smoke it.
    And maybe we are all looking at it the wrong way. When people live their lives in a certain state of happiness and are unaware of anything of higher happiness (Like for instance everyone thought that the radio was the bomb digidy then the television was invented and then everyone had to get that because that was the best. If television were never invented, we would all be listening to the radio.). So maybe people keep smoking not because they are addicted to it. Maybe just because their lives are much better then they were before and they know that they would not be as happy as they were before if it were removed from their life.
    And when you think about it, you have to realize pot users aren’t going and sucking dick, or robbing places, or mugging people for pot money… They are doing that for addictive drugs like cocaine, crack, and heroin.

  • Anonymous

    You know, to be totally honest. I have been unhappy with life when i am sober for a few years now, ever since i tore my acl during my junior year of high school. I find myself often contemplating suicide and wondering why i even belong on this earth. but when i smoke weed, i am totally content with life and i live in the moment. weed is my medication. currently being unemployed, its not like i can afford to smoke all day, so i have been smoking less and less lately. i find that i might be suffering from a minor depression, but then i was doing some research and i came across this article. i can relate to this, and its actually very scary. i am one of those peope who disprove everything i am afraid to admit, and i found this as being something i am afraid to admit. is weed addictive? yes it is addictive. it takes over your mind, not your body. and if you ask me thats worse than being physically addicted to a substance. whats the point of living when youre only happy when youre doing something still majorly socially unacceptable? i doubt anybody will take the time to read my post, but if you do, then you should really question the reasoning behind why you smoke weed. is it personal, recreational, or is it an addiction?

  • Ashlii

    Hey man! :-) How are you? My name’s Ashlii, & I really like what you wrote. Weed’s totally addictive. I was in 3 rehabs for drugs, & never smoked pot much till 10′ after I got hit by a car in 09′ on 5 different drugs going to a rave. Stay sober man, it’s not worth your life… I was given a 5% chance to live on October 23rd 09′, while under the influence of crystal meth, heroin, mdma, ketamine, & something else… but I guess it wasn’t my time yet, ya know? Go outside, & stare up @ the stars :-) Trust me, it’s fun… I did it last night, cuz I really wanted to smoke, & I’m trying to stay clean, so I went outside, sat in a chair, & stared up @ the stars :-) Anyways, I’m getting too deep… I hope you get this, & search Ashlii Benedict on facebook…
    Much Peace & Love always dude :-),
    ~Ashlii :-)

  • Poo poo

    South park with weird robot voices…. I think that people with alcohol and drugs problems should not smoke weed because it will lead them back to their substance of choice, but why address someone who just smokes weed? The only people whose lives are negatively affected are also addicted to something else. Some parents posted here with out of control teens my advice to them is to see what else they’re on or what mental problems they might have. Maybe smoking weed isn’t good for people with serious mental problems but it certainly doesnt cause them. It helps for mild depression but if someone had schizophrenia it could make it worse. If marijuana causes problems they were already there.

  • Anonymous

    Joshua Mascorro, your little statements there were full of grammatical errors, you of all people shouldn’t argue

  • Ivan

    Joshua Mascorro, your little statements there were full of grammatical errors, you of all people shouldn’t argue

  • simon

    Is it addictive, is it not addictive. Get past this. If you use it and some little voice deep down inside, some remnant of the real [not stoned] you that you have not snuffed out, keeps whispering “don’t do this anymore” – then listen.
    Inhale deep, draw it in, six seconds that dose hits the brain. Does it have a chemical effect on the brain – pretty much a no-brainer that one, how else do you think you get stoned! Your brain IS you. The rest is just the life support system for the brain.
    Your brain is a chemical soup, beautiful, amazing, constantly changing ebb and flow and balance and distribution of molecules. That’s what we are. The output is what we call our personality.
    Now into that delicate mixture throw THC. Put it in for a long time. [This is not addressed to the first time toker with a little after-use angst].
    Gently pull a knife across a slab of butter. You leave a faint trace on the surface. Now do it again and again and again. Now you can see the effect, a deep ridge. Your brain works like this, it develops the chemical pathways that come about by repeated use of a psychoactive substance. Don’t get hung up on this, because your brain can do it in reverse too. Stop giving it THC and the chemical pathways change back. We call it recovery! It takes time, give it time. It is not easy, to start with the brain has to adjust to a sudden change in THC levels. Not pleasant. But not for long either. Expect panic attacks, bouts of anger, irritation and all the rest. That is your brain re-adjusting again, re-balancing. Give it a chance.
    The real you was not born with THC as a chemical in the brain. It is not manufactured by you for any purpose. The fact that you have brain receptors that make it active does not argue for it’s use – rattle snake venom has an effect on us too and most people would recommend not to use it. I am not saying it is good or bad for you, whether it should be legal or not. Your choice.
    But mind-full is better than mind-less. Look at the people who were born mind-less than you. Perhaps a gene not working, perhaps too little oxygen at birth. A twist somewhere out there in the universe that resulted in their less-ness. There but for the grace of your god walk any of us. But this time you get a choice. If you want to exercise that choice then do.
    Get through the bad bit. It DOES end.
    Breath deep. Follow the breath. One day at a time. Live in the now, here, exquisitely genuinely you. Freedom from doubt. Then light begins to return. Welcome to you, welcome to the returning energy, the clear mind. Trust that life does go on, outside of and free of THC. Freedom.
    Peace to you all.

  • Matthew Phillips

    Sounds like a typical addict to me. “What I do isnt as bad as what you do.” Grow up…some people actually manage to live life without doing any of the things on that list.

  • Matthew Phillips

    Typical junkie…make excuses, defend, blah blah.

  • Matthew Phillips

    My ex-brother in law was a stoner and his wife (my sister) got tired of all the money he took from his family for it. She gave him the choice between his pot and her and their children…he chose pot. Me thinks he was addicted, dont you?

  • Ben Lawhon

    Quitting weed was the easiest thing I’ve ever done… And honestly I don’t see what yalls problem is. You sound like a bunch of whiney teenage girls and I’d appreciate it if I never have to meet any of you. If you’ve been addicted to weed than you must not know what addiction is at all… I smoked weed for 4 years straight. I stayed high day and night until my son was born, and the only reason I quit was so DHS didn’t take him from me for using an illegal substance. I picked up my first cigarette when I was 9 years old. That was my gateway drug. First, Tobacco, Next, Alcohol, a few narcotics, maybe some K2. Marijuana saved my life, and as soon as it becomes legal in my state I will be getting a prescription. Thank you.

  • Ben Lawhon

    Done. I quit weed cold turkey, and you know what? My mind hasn’t been changed in the least.

  • Ben Lawhon

    Its about time… Somebody with a little sense

  • Riscilla

    When did he write this?

  • Riscilla

    It still can can be addictive. People who are saying that it isn’t bad are hiding the lies and real consequences.