How to Stay Off Cigarettes

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Do you want to know how to stay off cigarettes?  That really is the only goal in quitting smoking because everyone quits smoking all the time when they put out their last cigarette for the day and lay down to go to sleep.  The only problem is in staying stopped and anyone who has tried to quit smoking before knows that it is a long and hard battle to stay abstinent from the darn things.  Staying off cigarettes is not easy and even after it has been several weeks or months away from them you can still get the occasional crushing urge to smoke.

Well the first suggestion that I have for you is to create a zero tolerance policy in your head for smoking.  Make a mental deal with yourself that you will not smoke no matter what.  Then take your zero tolerance policy one step further and make a deal with yourself that as soon as you become aware that you are romanticizing the idea of a cigarette that you will immediately shut it down and think about other things.  This really works and if you stick to your policy of not allowing yourself to entertain the thought of “how nice it would be to smoke just one” then you will be much happier as a result.  See, if you allow yourself to think in detail about what it would be like to smoke then you are going to become miserable over time (unless you give in and relapse).  Your brain is going to be screaming that you are missing out on something great, whereas your brain will not care that it is missing anything so long as you do not allow it to romance the idea of smoking.

The next suggestion that I have is very simple but very powerful.  Most people do not like this suggestion at all and dismiss it out of hand, and that is quite understandable.  The suggestion is that you must exercise vigorously every single day for the first year that you are off cigarettes.  Now that is a tall order and I realize that it is a very demanding suggestion and it is no light task for a person.  However, I really believe that the physical benefit and the rush of dopamine that you get from vigorous exercise every day is enough to replace much of the same rush that you got from smoking.  There are many reasons that we smoked cigarettes but over time we trained out bodies to enjoy the rush of chemicals.  You need a way to replace that if you want to stay off the smokes in the long run.

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  • someone

    haha.. yep definitely , i have been trying to quit for a while i normally make it for several months ONLY if i am going to the gym almost daily…

    Then inevitably i stop going to the gym, have one night out where i have been drinking and give in to the urge… its like a cycle i go into every couple of years…

    This time .. i hope to stick with it ..not getting any younger. :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m hearing ya, i quit for 2 years and took it back up again once but i really hate smoking!! and repeating all the reasons i hate it really doesn’t help at all. trying not to think about it sounds like something to try though. Only been a day so wish me luck :)

  • AINE

    this is my second day got no sleep last nite dont know if this is part of it or not but doing great food tastes so good and i feel so much better i know its only been a day so far but i have the will power and i can do this i know i can and i am going to put on weight hopefully

  • Anonymous

    I’m a 21 year-old male, I started smoking when I was 16 or 17, so it’s not been that much time, but still, it’s not a healthy habit at all. I’ve been off cigarettes for something like 3 weeks and a half, now, and it wasn’t easy at first, but exercise helps a lot.
    I had this “zero tolerance policy”, i.e. every time I wanted to smoke I said to myself how I’d be cheating if I smoked and how it would all start again, so I just said “I don’t smoke anymore” and refused to smoke, this gives you a confidence boost.
    You can ask people to move away a little so their smoke won’t reach you, because the smell triggers the craving, and now I tend to feel sick when someone smokes heavily around me.
    Don’t leave this task solely to willpower, there’s a lot more going on, it’s deeply rooted. Think why you DON’T NEED THIS anymore and assess how your life will improve if you quit, or at least reduce it.

    Good luck to all non-smokers-in-the-process!

  • http://anonymus anonymous

    I started smoking when I was 17, I had trials for an Olympic sport, I had my first drink and woke up the next morning with a 20 pack of cigarettes, there were 15 in the box, I thought to myself why waste the money. It’s been 8 years, an immeasurable amount of shame and self hatred, countless cigarettes and countless half assed attempts to quit. As much as I want to blame everything else and make excuses, I am the one who lit that first cigarette and inhaled, it is my responsibility to quit. I took up a new martial art where I am doing very well competitively and found that my desire to quit has become stronger and stronger, to reach a new level of competition I have to become fitter, the main component being my ability to intake oxygen, hampered by the cigarette smoke that I crave. Over the last six months I have been automatically cut down my smoking habit, I quit a week ago, fully, no desperate, intentional second hand smoke inhalation, no excuse to smoke, I’ve just genuinely tried my best to dedicate my time to positively re-enforce the commitments that I have made instead of focusing on why I’m not smoking anymore. I’m doing well.
    I guess it also helps to go on the the internet and randomly rant away and get some more stuff off my chest. Best of luck to anyone quitting, and F*** the tobacco companies! Haha

  • Linda W

    Hey everyone

    Im a 20 year old student and ive been smoking for 8 years now.

    I quit last saturday which would have been the 13 of august 2011.

    So far im doing graet, food is lovely now and i hope to put on weight.
    Dont let the fags win, they are not worth it

    All d best

  • Sarah

    I’m never smoking again. Think about it. You can die by smoking. Nothing more to say!! Good luck everyone. Remember your mind is powerful use it to give up

  • catherine

    Im off cigs now 3 weeks. Have to say its been hard. I’m not sleeping very well since, I really miss the one or two in the evening but have persevered so far. Im 43, have smoked for past 25 years and I know its a lethal habit so I am determined not to go back. It is a case of mind over matter and I dont want to smoke any more. Best of luck to all who are currently trying

  • Jane

    Day 2! I’m determined this time. I only smoked 7 a day but even that was too much for me. I was constantly paranoid about smelling of cigs and bad breath. Always washing my hands and swilling my mouth out with really strong mouthwash. I thought why am I a slave to this? I want my freedom from Fags. I feel so much cleaner now and confident.
    Funny though, I seem to catch eye on people smoking all the time now where I thought I was in the minority. Your mind surely plays tricks on you.!
    It’s great that there are sites on the Internet like this where you can share your thoughts with others! Thanks

  • dave

    8 months off em now , will ( fingers crossed ) never go back on them . I started smoking 20 years ago . I feel much better in myself , no coughing fits in the morning , no smelly clothes , no standing in the rain , no tobacco stained teeth , extra cash in my pocket , its all pros pros pros YOU DONT NEED EM OR REALLY WANT THEM , they are a drug that will KILL you , live life smoke free

  • john

    Hi, this is my first few hours off the cigs, and have caught my mind playing tricks on me about 6 times, where I go to reach for 1. I am in my final year of mental health nursing degree and feel very much of a hippocrite when I`m explaining the benefits of non smoking to my patients, knowng that I smoke myself. Who`s kidding who?? I WILL do this!! No point saying I HOPE I do this, need to remain focused and positive, It feels good, however, knowing that tomorrow when I wake up, I`ll have already started a healthy new life. Good luck to every1 and I WILL update yous as the days , weeks and months go by.

  • Innes

    Day four for me and doing ok so far, been smoking for forty years and cant afford the price of my habit anymore . Never smoked at work so that part of the day is easy, but at home a glass of wine or two and I reach for the fags, so the answer is to kick the vino into touch for a while til the urge to smoke subsides a little so I can control it.Nightmare !! but be worth it long term, wish me luck.

  • bren

    day 6 off the smokes,just thinking all the time why its best to be off them.21 years of smoking 35 now started when i was 13

  • http://howtostayoffcigarettes wayne

    gave up in sept 2011 after 23yrs of smoking ,best thing i have ever done in my life is to quit smoking , worst thing was to start in first place, anyone who has just quit for your own sake please stay off them , 5 months down the line and still bringing phlem up just the lungs having a clean out ,when you fancy a cig just remember how good your lungs and fitness was before you started smoking , best of luck to all who are trying to stay off the cigs , good health to all.

  • vicki

    trying and thinking about gicing them up tryed so many times before but always back on them its so hard and every one keeps saying if you want to give them up u wil ,wel i do but still cant, i find it to hard to go true it all again the not been able to sleep ,dont want to get out of the bed,dont want to talk to people,no interest in anything that in its self puts me off it,feel bad if give out to the husband and children dont feel me at al when im off them but when im smoking wish in did not smoke would piss ya off any advice

  • Trisha

    Hi everyone,
    I’m 37 years of age and have smoked since I was 13… think the damage that I have done to my lungs at that young age, makes me sick. Anyway, I have time and again tried to give up, but always ended up bach on them after a few weeks. I met my partner 2 years ago, and over the last year we have discussed giving them up. We decided to give up in Sept, but as thing went, actually started on Monday 20th Aug! To spur us on we decided to put the money aside to invest in someting in a couple of years……OMG what a shock we got……We are spending in the region of €10,000 a year on cigs, ultimately trying to kill ourselves:-( Anyway we will hopefully stay off them and in two years time we should have enough saved to do something very nice! I would ancourage anyone trying to give up to do the maths, and figure what you are spending a year – and put this money aside every week….at this point we have €400!!
    The very best of luck xx

  • Clo

    Hi All
    I am into my3rd weel of yat another quit, lathough i have to say that i have learnt a lesson from every attempt. I have been smoking for 14 years and had my 1st very successful quit lasy year where i stopped for 3 months.
    At the momeni i am feeling strong and better for it. My problem is when i am out socialising and i have a couple of drinks and just thing ‘Ah sure ill just have one’ and we all know how that goes… one puff leads to a pack and all that.
    I had forgotten the sheer freedom of being off and i love the fact that my life is not being dictated to me. The benefits are endless and there are no advantages so it is easy- (according to Alan Carr). But he is right, it is easy when u think about it.
    Everyone stay strong and hang on in there when times are tough. There is plenty of information out there that also helps.
    Good luck.

  • Mary

    35 years of smoking and I feel like I have lost a friend. Am in to my third week and have to say it makes me smile that I got this far. Wont give up but its not easy, its just that one minute when you think you will crack and then it passes. Just want to feel free its great not having to find somewhere to light up and have managed to have a beer without resorting to the cigs. Fingers crossed and best of luck to all

  • annie

    day 5 ,end of a 30 year habit, Had convinced myself that as i only smoked 6-7 a day now that i was ok but i know they are killing me slowly. I miss them though, i really loved the few i had but i am not going back… day 6 tomorrow !!

  • Tina

    3 days off them now and struggling but I know I don’t want to be a smoker,I can’t wait to go through a day where you don’t think about them all the time.The only thing keeping me going is my hatred of them.Good luck to everybody

  • Sara

    I am two weeks of the smokes today! Still tough but more determined now then ever.. I have given them up numerous times but this time I feel different! I’m 22 and have been smoking since I’m 14. I know 3 people in the past year who have died from cancer who smoked! I also lost my aunty to lung cancer only recently and that kind of hit home and made me realise it can and does happen if u smoke! Good luck to everyone trying to give up its not easy! What I think is imagine actually gettin sick and thinking if only I gave up when i tried! We only get one shot at life may aswel make the most of it!

  • Michelle

    I am on day 8 off the dreaded cig..struggling big time but find reading all the comments here a kick to keep going..I hate them an keep saying to myself that I do not want them in my life anymore…lets do this together guys…

  • Carrie

    Day 16 for me and I’m amazed I’ve got this far! The first three days were the worst….couldn’t sleep, anxiety and just sheer desperation! Well its getting a bit easier now but for some strange reason I really want one today….but I will NOT give in! My kids are so delighted and proud and I feel free of what has become the slavery of smoking. Stay strong people :)

  • Rusty

    Day 5. I have smoked for over 30 years. I’ve quit before but used snuff which has even MORE nicotine! The mornings are easy. I wake up feeling much more rested as a non-smoker but the evenings are pure Hell. Everything is a trigger, so I just sit in my chair and wait till bed time. I have been running too. Amazingly after 30 years of smoking I can still run a mile pretty easily.
    I feel so much better already, but the cravings are murder! It is so stupid to crave something that makes me feel like crap!
    Venting helps…thanks for listening.

  • ursula

    day 2. ive tryed many times before for about 4 or 5 months and each time i have went back on them, im 37 wit 2 young children and it scares me that i will die from these awful things…im on a high one minute and then on a low which seems to last longer!! im on the patches and have drawn up a chart of all the benifits of being a non smoker and have it in my bedroom so each morning i wake up i can see it!!! good luck everyone x

  • Jeff

    I will be clean two years as of April of 2013. I had been smoking for about forty plus years, and of course, my parents both smoked. The nitely and morning ritual was to sit on the side of the bed and hack up phelgm. I gave my addiction to God, and ask Him to help me. I had taken a script from a Dr. for Chantex, and decided to look it up. The side effects (suicide,depression, etc.) scared the heck out of me. The side effects were as bad as the habit. Needless to say, I crossed that option out! At that point I ask for God’s help. God was faithful, and delivered me from smoking. Within a week, the evening and morning hacking sessions ceased, and the fullness I felt in my chest went away. My shortness of breath remained, but I was seeing improvement. Yes there were difficult times in the beginning, but they were torerable, and subsided significantly as time wore on. Over the last two years I have not fallen once, and I know I will never smoke again. My body is the temple for the Holy Spirit, and I cannot foul it with nicotine. Give God a chance, He wants to heal you, because He loves you. You are the apple of His eye, and he will honor His promise. Good luck, and God Bless!