How to Stay Off Cigarettes

How to Stay Off Cigarettes


Do you want to know how to stay off cigarettes?  That really is the only goal in quitting smoking because everyone quits smoking all the time when they put out their last cigarette for the day and lay down to go to sleep.  The only problem is in staying stopped and anyone who has tried to quit smoking before knows that it is a long and hard battle to stay abstinent from the darn things.  Staying off cigarettes is not easy and even after it has been several weeks or months away from them you can still get the occasional crushing urge to smoke.

Well the first suggestion that I have for you is to create a zero tolerance policy in your head for smoking.  Make a mental deal with yourself that you will not smoke no matter what.  Then take your zero tolerance policy one step further and make a deal with yourself that as soon as you become aware that you are romanticizing the idea of a cigarette that you will immediately shut it down and think about other things.  This really works and if you stick to your policy of not allowing yourself to entertain the thought of “how nice it would be to smoke just one” then you will be much happier as a result.  See, if you allow yourself to think in detail about what it would be like to smoke then you are going to become miserable over time (unless you give in and relapse).  Your brain is going to be screaming that you are missing out on something great, whereas your brain will not care that it is missing anything so long as you do not allow it to romance the idea of smoking.

The next suggestion that I have is very simple but very powerful.  Most people do not like this suggestion at all and dismiss it out of hand, and that is quite understandable.  The suggestion is that you must exercise vigorously every single day for the first year that you are off cigarettes.  Now that is a tall order and I realize that it is a very demanding suggestion and it is no light task for a person.  However, I really believe that the physical benefit and the rush of dopamine that you get from vigorous exercise every day is enough to replace much of the same rush that you got from smoking.  There are many reasons that we smoked cigarettes but over time we trained out bodies to enjoy the rush of chemicals.  You need a way to replace that if you want to stay off the smokes in the long run.

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