Extreme Quitting Smoking Techniques

Extreme Quitting Smoking Techniques


Extreme Techniques and Tricks for Quitting Cigarettes

Before you get extreme, you might first consider:

1) Developing the motivation to quit.

2) Trying some less extreme coping mechanisms for cigarette cravings.

3) Examining the 3 major reasons that people fail when they try to quit.

“What are some more extreme quitting smoking techniques?”

1. Get your tongue pierced – this one sounds a bit bizarre at first, but it actually makes perfect sense. After the piercing, your tongue will likely be swollen and sore for a couple of days, and smoking will only serve to agitate and inflame the condition. There is also an increased risk of infection if you smoke, and if you do try smoking, you’ll notice that the hot smoke will sting your new wound. Very painful….an excellent preventative measure.

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Picture of a pierced tongue

2. Take a Cruise – The recent trend is to ban smoking in public places, and cruise ships are no exception. Most of the cabins, lounges, and dining rooms are smoke free on cruises these days, so taking a cruise offers an excellent distraction and (a mostly) smoke free environment.

Picture of a tropical island

People often balk immediately at the cruise suggestion, as if it were meant to happen next week. Of course this one will take some planning! You’ve been smoking for years, and you’ll continue to do so unless you manage to finally quit once and for all, so why not plan this vacation to happen a year or two from now? Planning a cruise that far in advance makes it affordable for almost anyone. Just imagine….if you had started socking away 20 bucks out of every paycheck starting two years ago, you could be starting on this little quit-smoking fantasy cruise tomorrow! Why not set a date and make a commitment to make it happen?

Consider also the cost of continuing to smoke. Calculate your cost per pack and the amount of cigarettes you smoke each week and you’ll see that the quit-smoking-cruise idea is actually much cheaper than continuing to smoke.

3. Survival adventure – Hire a survivalist and go on an extended camping trip under their professional guidance. Perhaps you could even arrange to have a drop off point that is hundred of miles away from all civilization, so that there is absolutely no chance of relapse (Obviously, don’t bring any cigarettes with you). Design the camping trip so that there is no possible way to obtain cigarettes for at least a week or two. The idea is to force yourself to go through the withdrawal, with no chance of relapse, and with as much “distraction” as possible. Survivalist camping should fit the bill nicely.

Picture of a forest

4. Cream of Tartar This one sounds a bit disgusting at first, but it actually helped me a lot when I quit. Take a spoonful of cream of tartar and mix it into a glass of orange juice. Drink one of these in the morning and another in the afternoon. Start doing this every day before you quit, and continue doing it through the first week. Sounds crazy, but it helps a lot!

Picture of cream of tartar

So there you have it. If one of these ideas doesn’t work, then perhaps you could try all three of them together. Good luck to you on your quitting adventure…where ever that might take you!

For a more traditional approach to quitting smoking, see exactly how I managed to pull it off right here.

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