Do Herbal Remedies Work for Quitting Smoking?

Do Herbal Remedies Work for Quitting Smoking?


Someone asked me the other day if Herbal remedies work for quitting smoking. At the time, I sort of brushed off the question and told them to focus on planning out a full strategy for their quit. But looking back at my own successful quit (from over 2 years ago), herbal remedies actually did play a part in helping me to get through the first month or so. Here are a few things I did that helped me quit:

1) Took an herbal vitamin supplement from the health food store that was supposed to calm cravings (no nicotine)

2) Chewed on herbal Tea Tree Oil chewing sticks (supposed to be soothing, plus helps with the oral fixation when giving up cigarettes)

3) Sucked on peppermint candies and chewed on sugarless spearmint gum.

So I actually did use some herbal remedies in helping me to quit, even though, at the time, I did not really give these things much credit. But just consider what had failed me in the past:

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1) Zyban (prescription medication to help quit smoking)

2) Nicotine patches

3) Nicotine gum

Those methods that failed me were supposed to be magic bullets, and I expected them to completely replace my cigarette problem. This strategy obviously failed me.

The reason herbal remedies worked is not because they are a magic bullet, but because they helped sooth the pain of withdrawal once I made a firm decision to quit smoking for good. In other words, they were a supplemental strategy, not a primary strategy.

The idea of using a supplemental strategy is very powerful in overcoming addictions. This is because several small techniques can build on each other in order to “get you over the hump.” Careful planning, a firm decision to quit, and herbal supplements were what finally did the trick for me. I have now been clean from cigarettes for over 2 years, saving myself over $3,000 from not buying smokes!

I highly recommend herbal remedies if you are interested in using herbal remedies to help you quit.
Good luck with your quit and God bless!


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