Are you a Marijuana Addict?

Are you a Marijuana Addict?


How do you know if you are a marijuana addict?  Is there even such a thing?  What defines addiction with this particular drug?  Is it addicting at all?

Many people dismiss marijuana as being a bit harmless.  This is a mistake, but let’s take a look at why they do this first.

First of all, people know that you can’t really overdose on marijuana.  No one has really overdosed from it so they believe it to be a softer, safer drug.  If you can’t overdose then it really is not toxic, right?  The logic actually makes good sense so this point is quite understandable.

Second of all, most people experimented with marijuana at one time and pretty much no one got hooked on it.  Very few people get addicted to the drug, and nearly everyone tried it, so it is common enough to believe that it is harmless, since the addiction potential is perceived to be so low.

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Finally, people know that there is no withdrawal symptoms when stopping cold turkey.  With some drugs, you go through quite a bit of misery when you quit cold turkey.  This does not happen when quitting marijuana.  People know this and assume that this means it is a harmless drug.

Now, is marijuana addiction real, in spite of all this?  Most of what was just stated is true for the most part.  In many ways, marijuana is a lot more harmless than other drugs.

The big point that people are missing is that marijuana is addictive because it is mind and mood altering. In other words, you can take someone who is very upset and in a terrible mood.  Have them smoke a large quantity of marijuana.  You will notice that their mood is instantly changed.  At the very least it will be neutralized for a while.  They will not be as upset as they were before smoking.  This is medicating.  They have self medicated their mood and their feelings almost instantly.

Just because marijuana is not very addicting physically does not mean that it is not addicting. Because people can use it to change their mood so quickly, it is potentially very addicting.  When they use it every day in order to cope with regular, every day stress, it becomes a huge problem.  Why?  Because it blocks further growth and personal development.  They stop growing and maturing emotionally because they simply medicate their problems away each day instead of dealing with them.  This is how marijuana is addictive and if you fit into any of these patterns then you are probably an addict.

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