Signs of Meth Addiction to Watch Out For

Signs of Meth Addiction to Watch Out For


Methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous drugs currently known to man, and signs of meth addiction are some of the most pronounced in the drug world. Methamphetamine attacks both the mind and body of users, making its effects hard to mask.

One of the first symptoms noticed will be an extreme loss of weight over a very short span of time. Meth works as an appetite suppressant, and many become become addicts while using the drug to lose weight. Since many times people who are on meth will stay up for days at a time, and are much more active than normal their bodies also burn many more calories than normal. People suffering from meth addiction often look wasted.

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Another outward showing of meth addiction is the formation of blisters and sores on the users lips and gums. Meth is manufactured from a number of highly toxic substances which are corrosive to human tissues. This makes the soft tissue that comes in contact with the drug blister and boil.

One of the most well known, and long term, signs of meth use is known as meth mouth. This is caused due to a variety of factors. First, meth usage tends to dry out saliva glands. Saliva helps teeth and gum by keeping them moist, and washing away certain surface substances that settle on the teeth. Second, the chemical make up of methamphetamines are severally corrosive. Third, many people who are using meth tend to forget the basic function of live when they are trapped in their addiction, such as brushing their teeth when they need to, leading to tooth decay.

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Most times when a person is full blow into their addiction they lose their perspective on life. The drug becomes all consuming to the point where the abuser man lose interest in jobs, hobbies, friend, and even forsake their families while in the grip of addiction. All they care about is finding, and using more meth. Some people at the height of their addictions have prostituted themselves, sold everything they have of value, and completely cut off all relations with anyone that cares for them.

A meth addict often times will get very angry, or even violent when confronted with their addiction. Many times this can further alienate the people who care for them. Denial is one of the greatest allies of any addiction. Meth addict in particular seem to lose touch with the real world, leaving them in a drug addled realm of their own creation.

Meth addiction also tends to lean towards wild, erratic, compulsive, or risk taking behavior. The drug work by affecting the natural chemical reward pathways in the brain, and bringing on a sense of intense euphoria. This state of being can lead to all manner of actions that make little sense to someone who is not high on the drug.

Hallucinations are another well known side effect of meth use and addiction. The way the drug affects the brain can often lead to the user seeing and hearing things that are not there. This can range from seeing movements in the shadows, and imaginary enemies, to feeling something crawling over the skin. Often time the crawling sensation becomes so intense that a user will scratch open sores on their arms.
The paranoia effects of the drug often make the user irrational, and even dangerous to others.

These are a few of the most obvious indicators of methamphetamine addiction. It is a drug that can take everything from an addict in a short time, and it is one of the hardest addictions to overcome.

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