Some Classic Signs of Heroin Addiction

Some Classic Signs of Heroin Addiction


When there is a drastic change in a person’s daily habits or if they suddenly become secretive or withdrawn, these may be the signs of heroin addiction. The first thing to do if you suspect that someone you know may be addicted to heroin is to rule out the possibility of another addiction. For instance, a person abusing crack cocaine may exhibit some of the same symptoms as those of a heroin addict. Crack cocaine use leads to changes in person’s behavior and as their addiction grows their personal hygiene may no longer be important. The heroin addict will have slurred speech, glazed eyes, runny nose and needle marks on their arms and legs. However, it should be noted that not all heroin users “shoot up” some snort or smoke the drug. The one distinct thing about heroin use is rapid age acceleration and the addict’s teeth will often fallout or show signs of decay and rot.

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If a person who was once outgoing and friendly suddenly becomes moody and withdrawn and other factors have been ruled out, there is something that happens to every heroin addict. Money will always be an issue for the addict, with heroin addiction the need for that constant hit grows and they will need more and more heroin, to sustain their daily high. Their need for heroin and the money to feed their growing habit will lead most addicts to criminal behavior such as robbery or prostitution to get money fast.

There are many reasons why people become addicted to drugs. Drug addiction is often the result of an unresolved problem such as mental illness. Sometimes the person experiences a traumatic incident or abusive childhood that leads to a psychotic break. They become unable to function in society without their drug of choice.

Financial or emotional issues may also cause heroin addicts to struggle with multiple addictions such as alcoholism, gambling or cocaine abuse. Most addicts don’t start out using heroin; usually addicts start out with another drug or form addictive habits that eventually lead to heroin addiction.

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Heroin is highly addictive and heroin addiction is usually the easiest habit to form and the hardest to break. The person with a heroin addiction will have a pattern of behavior that loved ones or family member will notice first. Heroin addiction typically starts as a recreational pastime and quickly develops into a full blown addiction that restructures the person’s life and alters their personality. It may be start out with small things like stealing from the home or missing work that alerts someone close to the addict that there may be a bigger issue that requires intervention or drug treatment.

In some cases people are simply born with addictive personalities and should avoid any type of habit forming activity or substance. Then there are those people who use alcohol or their drug of choice to self-medicate. People who are searching for a way to avoid the pain of living- real or imagined are those most likely to seek comfort from using or abusing drugs and alcohol. Addicts seek the first time high that they experienced when they took their first hit. The “high” allows them to relive the pleasure and avoid the pain.

Heroin addiction is the most serious of all drug addictions. Heroin dealers feed off of the addict’s need; they will do anything to keep their customers happy. Dealers offer a cheaper form of heroin called, “black tar.” Black tar heroin is not only cheaper but it is twice as addictive and often leads down a path from which there is no return.

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