Residential Drug Treatment

Residential Drug Treatment


Residential drug treatment is a good option for pretty much anyone who is hooked on drugs.  There are a number of reasons why it is usually the best option for people so let’s take a look.

1) Residential treatment is helpful in that it completely removes a person from their environment temporarily. This is a really big deal when it comes to quitting drugs or alcohol because we can get sucked back into using drugs so quickly based on our surroundings.  Most people do not stand a chance at quitting drugs if they continue to frequent the same places and see the same people that they are used to seeing.  Without checking in some where the temptation and opportunity to get high is usually just to overwhelming.  Drug treatment provides a break from that routine and at least gives people a chance to start to dry out a bit.

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2) Residential drug treatment is helpful in that there is peer support there and a useful structure for recovery is introduced. What good does it do to go get clean and sober if  you are just going to leave rehab and go back to your old ways?  Recovery is about finding a new way to live and if you go to a typical drug rehab then they will introduce you to other peers who are going through the same recovery process that you are.  In addition to this, you will probably be introduced to 12 step meetings that can function as a support network once you leave treatment.  This creates a natural follow up plan of sorts that can help you after you leave.  If you could recover by yourself then we would likely not need treatment centers.  Success in early recovery comes from networking with others and residential treatment can give you a foundation for that.

3) Residential gives you access to medical supervision and professional help from therapists and counselors. Most places will have a medical detox unit that is medically supervised, and they will also have professional staff that can give you one on one counseling and expert advice.  The therapists can also help you work through specific issues that might have led you to using drugs.  Plus, the counselors can probably help you get set up with an aftercare plan for when you finally leave treatment.

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Now unfortunately, residential treatment is pretty expensive.  But it still remains the best option for most recovering addicts, due to the reasons listed above.  There are other ways to get clean and sober but none of them offer the benefits of staying in rehab for a few weeks.  For example, some addicts simply try to attend NA or AA meetings, in the hopes that they can detox themselves and start a new life using 12 step therapy.  This has worked for some people in some cases, but the safer and more effective route is to generally seek professional services.  When you go to rehab they generally direct you to 12 step programs anyway, so you are then getting the best of both worlds.

When in doubt, seek professional help.  It is an investment into your life that is almost always worth it!

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