Pure Methamphetamine or P Addiction

Pure Methamphetamine or P Addiction


Methamphetamine has been an epidemic that just will not go away. “P addiction”, short for pure methamphetamine, takes the lives of everybody down including the family and friends that is involved in the addicts life. It does not acknowledge boundaries or discriminate its users. Some of its users refer to it as being the devils dandruff.

Methamphetamine is one of those drugs that takes over an entire lifestyle. There are many symptoms that an addict will display during their use. They will separate themselves from friends and family alienating themselves from the outside world. Once they have separated themselves from everyone they will become depressed and sometimes suicidal. Manic behavior is common as well as extreme irritability. They will have a loss of energy and will feel like they cannot function unless they have the drug. They will not feel hungry and will exhibit significant amounts of weight loss. After a few months of chronic use they will look extremely older than what they really are. It causes the body to become very dehydrated and the user will sometimes refuse to continue to take care of themselves. They will stop taking showers and they will refuse to comb or even take care of their own hair. Unfortunately, the user will sacrifice anything and everything including themselves, their own children and their own family just to get to the drug. It destroys not only the lives of the users but also the family and friends of the users too.

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Fortunately, there is healing for the abuser and their family and friends. A treatment program is highly useful for the addict and has worked successfully for other users. A treatment program is also extremely useful for alcoholics, heroin addicts and prescription drug abusers. Treatment centers offer counseling not only for the abuser, yet they also offer counseling for the abusers family and or friends.

The first step they take for treatment is usually detoxification, which allows the body to cleanse itself from the harmful toxins it was exposed to. During this time medications may be used to help clean the toxins out. After detox, they will continue with inpatient treatment where they stay anywhere from 3-90 days. Admitting the abuser, making them a patient of the treatment center allows them to separate themselves from the drug and any abusers around them.

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While in treatment they will receive one-on-one counseling, group counseling, educational classes of the different drugs that can be abused and how that abuse has effected them and their family and friends. They are given the tools that are needed to help prevent a relapse. Many former drug abusers have been very successful after completing a treatment center program. However, treatment does not stop there. In order to remain sober, they should continue treatment as an out-patient by continuing any group classes that are made available to them at the treatment center, as well as attending a support group each week, such as an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous).

Some treatment centers offer sober living homes where they may safely live sober along with other recovering addicts for support. In this environment they are free to come and go, such as, looking for work or going to work. This gradually allows the abuser to slowly work their way back into society. It is extremely important that they have support from others around them whether it be friends, family or just someone who has gone through the same thing that they have also. Often if an abuser tries to go at it alone it is usually a set up for failure almost every time.

Once an abuser does not have to mean always an abuser. There is hope. There is a life free from drugs. All you have to do is take a step in that direction.

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