Why You Should Consider Rehab for Xanax Withdrawal

Why You Should Consider Rehab for Xanax Withdrawal


Anyone going through xanax withdrawal should really stop and consider the idea of going to drug rehab in order to help them get through it.  There are a couple of reasons that this is a good idea:

1) Safety – there is some danger in withdrawal from Xanax, and people who are in this state are more prone to seizures, even if they have never had a seizure before in their entire life.  Don’t assume that because you have never had a seizure before that you are immune to them.  Anyone can have a seizure and if you are detoxing from Xanax then your chances of doing so are increased.

If you go to a drug rehab in order to detox, then they will give you medication that will help prevent this from happening.  In addition to that, they will monitor you with medical staff and make sure you are safe in other ways as well.  It is just safer all around to detox in a medically supervised setting.

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2) Relapse – if you try to detox at home from Xanax then you run the risk of relapse.  On the other hand, if you do go to drug rehab for a few weeks, then you are pretty much guaranteed to get a few weeks clean under your belt before you get out.  This is a huge advantage and you can get a clean body and a clear mind while you are in rehab so that you can better evaluate for yourself what medications you really need and do not need.  When you are at home struggling to get through an uncomfortable withdrawal, the temptation to relapse will probably be too great and you will fail before you even get started.

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3) Support – when you go to drug rehab for xanax addiction, you will meet other people there who are also addicted to drugs and alcohol.  They are all trying to get off of the stuff as well, and the whole point is that you can help each other.  You will likely be introduced to 12 step fellowships, where this idea plays out in regular group meetings.  Therapists will talk with you and teach you things about addiction and recovery.  You will attend group therapy where you can discuss things and learn more about how to stay clean on the outside.  If you could stop taking pills on your own then you would have done so before you got to treatment.  The fact is that we need help in order to recover.  We need other people in order to fight addiction and find a new way to live in recovery.  Rehab can give you these avenues of support.

The bottom line is that if you have tried to quit these pills in the past and failed to follow through with it, then it is time to get honest with yourself and realize that you cannot do it alone.  You need help in order to overcome the addiction.  There is no shame in seeking treatment for such a condition.  Ask for help and allow your life to start to heal.

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