How Xanax Abuse Can Occur

How Xanax Abuse Can Occur


Xanax abuse can lead to some dangerous situations when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction.  In particular, the most danger seems to be present when a person is addicted to both alcohol and Xanax, and then they suddenly stop using both of these substances at the same time.  If you or someone you know is in this situation, and you have stopped using both Xanax and alcohol cold turkey, then you might need to seek immediate medical care.  Depending on your level of physical dependence, this can be a potentially very dangerous situation.  Medical supervision can help make it much safer to manage the withdrawal symptoms, which unfortunately can be fatal in some cases.  It is nothing to mess around with, especially if alcohol addiction is also a factor with the xanax abuse.

There is a common pattern that can lead to this series of events, and doctors are all too often falling into this trap.  The patient may be an alcoholic who drinks heavily due to anxiety.  So the patient will complain of anxiety without really explaining to the doctor that they are an alcoholic.  In many cases the patient may be in denial of this fact anyway, so they would never admit to themselves that they have a problem with alcohol, never mind admitting such to their doctor.  So their doctor wants to help them to overcome their anxiety, and thus prescribes medication that can lead to Xanax addiction.  Combined with the alcoholic drinking, this can create a more dangerous combination.

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If the patient were to stop drinking alcohol altogether and take the Xanax as prescribed, then this would probably work out just fine and not be abusive in any way.  However, with an alcoholic, this is not what happens.  Instead, the alcoholic will start to take the Xanax along with their drinking, and thus depress their system even further due to the combination of drugs.  Xanax is an addictive medication in its own right, as is alcohol.  As dependence increases, the person falls into the trap of having to over medicate just to feel normal. If they stop taking either the booze or the Xanax, their anxiety will seem to flare back up because their body has become dependent on having the more powerful combination. Thus they get stuck taking way to much medication (the alcohol combined with the benzo).

If you are in the situation of abusing Xanax, then your best bet is to ask for help in order to get some relief.  There are other options now for treating anxiety that are not addictive.  A good doctor will be able to find new solutions for treating anxiety that will not create these types of problems.  And of course, getting help for alcoholism can also help alleviate anxiety in the long run as well.

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