The Truth About Ultram Addiction

The Truth About Ultram Addiction


Some addictions out there are trickier than other and Ultram addiction is a perfect example of this.  There are a great number of people who find themselves getting addicted to this drug when they were very unsuspecting of it at first.  In fact, some addicts who find themselves hooked on Ultram were blatantly misled by people who were not well informed to begin with, some of whom were doctors.

The problem is that Ultram is sometimes toted as being a non-addictive medication that can help relieve pain without having the same addictive level of potential as stronger opiate medications such as Vicodin or Oxycontin.  But the fact is that Ultram contains an opiate medicine in it, a synthetic form of codeine that produces a similar high and feeling of well being that other opiate drugs produce.  Is it as strong as heroin?  No of course it is not.  But this is part of the sneaky nature of this drug.

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Most doctors believe that there is very little risk of addiction because the warning on this drug generally reads that it is “Not addictive but may be habit forming.”  What?  What kind of contradictory crap is that?  If it is habit forming, then that sounds like the makings of an addiction to me!

Of course the bottom line is that addicts are turning up all over who have found themselves seriously addicted to Ultram.  It has become their drug of choice and they prefer it over other drugs.  I know this happens because I work in a drug treatment center and I have seen a number of people in this exact situation.  Some of these same people were also told that the medication was not addictive by their doctor.

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If you find yourself addicted to Ultram, here are some things you might do:

1) Go to rehab – if you need to, go to a treatment center and get properly detoxed from the drug.  There is no shame in doing so.  Many people cannot get off of Ultram simply due to the uncomfortable nature of withdrawal.  If it were easy to quit then there would be no need for rehab.

2) Find alternative treatments for pain – if you suffer from chronic pain, then you might investigate other methods of treating your pain.  You might try a pain clinic where they can focus on treating the pain locally instead of doping your entire body, or you can mix in some holistic techniques and see how they work for you.

Ultimately, if you cannot kick the Ultram on your own then you will have to ask for help in order to do so.  There is no shame in this and finding freedom from this addiction is well worth the effort it takes you.  You deserve to have this monkey off your back, so find the courage to ask for help.

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