Pill Addiction and How it Can be Deceptive to Addicts

Pill Addiction and How it Can be Deceptive to Addicts


Anyone who has suffered from pill addiction for many years might be struggling to get clean and sober.  There are a number of reasons that pills can be a long term trap that keep addicts in denial for a long, long time.  Let’s take a look:

1) Pills are often prescribed by a doctor, so the addict might be shifting nearly all of the blame on to their doctor. This is very typical with people who have a very low threshold for pain and tend to over dramatize their injuries.  Such behaviors often lead to medicine seeking and the need for heavier and heavier doses of medicine.

People can get stuck in this mindset very easily.  They manufacture and amplify their own injuries and illnesses, then they complain profusely to their doctor about how terrible they feel.  Once prescribed something to help with pain or discomfort, they will often turn around and complain that it is not effective, and that they are still in terrible pain.

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Now of course, such a complaint could be legitimate, depending on the situation, and on the person.  But for the addict, this is just business as usual, and they might not even be conscious of how badly they manipulate doctors anymore.  They might be so used to exaggerating their symptoms that they are truly clueless about it.

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The truth: we are our own best doctors, and we are ultimately responsible for whatever medications we put into our bodies.  Just because we convinced a doctor to prescribe it does not mean that it is the best thing for us.

2) Addiction to pills seems justified, because they are legal. Most pill addicts have this justification worked out in their minds–that because they are using a legal substance, and not buying illicit drugs off the street, that they are somehow better than other drug addicts.

Obviously this is fallacy.  Anyone who is popping pills and abusing them and is seriously addicted to them might just as well be smoking crack cocaine or snorting heroin.  The fact that it is a legal medication does not do much good if the person ends up overdosing or wrecking their entire life due to drug abuse.   And of course, there are plenty of examples out there of addicts who have done just this, and wrecked their lives or even overdosed on legally prescribed medications.

When you are using illegal drugs, it is a bit easier perhaps to at least realize the need for change.  But these rationalizations listed above can allow an addict to stay stuck in denial for a very long time…..

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