Some Strategies for Dealing with Percocet Withdrawal

Some Strategies for Dealing with Percocet Withdrawal


If you are going through Percocet withdrawal then you probably want to know what your options are and how you can possibly feel better.  It is generally pretty uncomfortable and it can get downright nasty as far as the withdrawal symptoms are concerned.  Here are some tips for getting through it:

1) Go to drug rehab – This is going to be the best option for most people who are hooked on Percocet and cannot seem to make it through the withdrawal process on their own.  If you find yourself in this position then you should call around and find a local drug rehab center that can help you.  If you can get into one then they will see to it that you get detoxed from the Percocet and they will most likely keep you relatively comfortable during this process using medication.  It is not completely painless but it is generally really mild and it beats detoxing cold turkey by a long shot.  If your detox symptoms are so bad that you have not been able to stop on your own, then this is the best route to go.

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Of course rehab is not cheap and you will either need to have Medicaid or insurance or lots of cash.  If you don’t have any of these things then there still might be a chance that you can go to rehab, but you have to call them up and ask questions and see what your options are.  In some cases people who did not think they could get funding for treatment end up being able to attend for free or for a very low cost.  So make sure to investigate.

2) Detox yourself – this is not a great option but it is cheap and you can do it at home on the couch.  Despite the fact that you may feel terrible, there is really no great danger in opiate withdrawal so if you just tough it out then you might be able to make it through.  You might also start going to 12 step meetings for support once you start feeling a bit better, as this might help you as far as staying clean in the short term due to the extra support.

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3) Ultra rapid detox – this is an expensive procedure in which they put you to sleep and flush your system.  Most people will not need this level of procedure and even if you do go this route there is no insurance that you will stay clean necessarily.  Stick with traditional drug rehab as it is more therapeutic.

Those are pretty much your only options.  Either do it yourself or ask for help.  If you go it alone then remember to drink lots of fluids and try to sleep through most of it.  If you ask for help then I suggest calling up local rehabs to see if they can get you in to detox.  Either way you need to make a decision and take action.  If you go it alone then I strongly urge you to hit a meeting or two so you might find some other form of support.

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