Coping Strategies if you have an Addiction to Xanax

Coping Strategies if you have an Addiction to Xanax


If you happen to suffer from drug addiction, Xanax is not the best thing for  you to be taking for general anxiety.  The reason for this is because there is abuse potential and because Xanax is an addictive drug.  There are alternatives out there for treating anxiety that are not addictive and habit forming, so you should talk with your doctor about looking into those.  There is no need to take an addictive drug like this if you are an addict and can possibly take alternative medications.

Addiction to Xanax is actually quite dangerous, especially if you combine it with drinking.  Those who drink and take medications like this can have an extremely dangerous withdrawal when they finally quit, and even in a controlled drug rehab environment they could be in danger of having violent seizures.

If you or someone you know has decided to stop taking Xanax, you should encourage them to go to drug rehab, especially if they also drink alcohol.  It can be a really rough withdrawal and like I said it can also be dangerous or even life threatening in some cases.  Xanax addiction is nothing to mess around with, especially if you try to quit taking it cold turkey.

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Dealing with anxiety in recovery is a real challenge, but most people can get through it if they have the willingness to try some new things.  Like I said, there are alternative medications for anxiety these days and you do not have to be on addictive medicines.  You can also make a huge amount of progress through therapy or counseling if your intention is to overcome your anxiety issues and stay clean and sober while doing so.  Forcing yourself to participate in group therapy is one way to break through a problem with anxiety. Finding unique and new ways to reach out and connect with others in recovery is another way to deal with this issue.

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Many people in recovery will push you to confront your anxiety head on.  If you are nervous about doing so then you do not necessarily have to do so in such a direct manner. Like I said you can find alternative ways to connect with people in a more one-on-one setting rather than in big groups.  If you do force yourself to share in groups, then you will probably see tremendous growth, but you can still make progress outside of that if you choose to.  For example, simply reaching out to new friends in recovery and talking with them on a daily basis can both help in your recovery and make some progress towards overcoming your anxiety as well.

The bottom line is that if you do manage to get detoxed completely from this medication, then your anxiety will slowly improve as you learn new ways to deal with anxiety without self medicating.  You will see that you can deal with life without becoming overwhelmed by fear.  There is hope, you just have to give recovery a chance.


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