Some Options for Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Some Options for Treatment for Heroin Addiction


What is the best treatment for heroin addiction?  There are a couple of different choices that a person could use to try and get off heroin.  All of them have been used with various degrees of success.  And it should come as no surprise that there is a huge difference in the cost for these different methods.

The first method is dirt cheap and that is cold turkey on the couch at home. You could also supplement this method with free NA meetings if you have access to them.  Narcotics Anonymous meetings will offer you the support and a possible solution for long term recovery.  You could certainly do worse then attending a few of these meetings, though they are not going to work for everyone.

Now if you choose to detox at home on the couch then you might want to get some over the counter medications to help with your withdrawal symptoms.  Not surprisingly, these medications will not help all that much but they are better than nothing. I would suggest Ibuprofen 800mg every 8 hours for aches and pains, and Benadryl 50mg every 4 hours for anxiety and restlessness.  It’s not much but it will help.  Remember to stay plenty hydrated with water and just tough it out on the couch.  It generally takes 3 to 5 days to get through this mess and start feeling better, but it can be done.  Take any sleep you can get as a blessing, it is probably hard to come by.

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If you want to spend a bit more money then you can always go check into drug rehab.  This might even be covered for you completely depending on your situation.  It would be wise to call a local rehab and see what your options are for funding.  Some people do not have to pay much, if at all.  Others are stuck paying the full amount in cash, which is generally in the thousands.  If you have Medicaid or insurance, then you might be lucky in this regard.  Depending on what state you live in, you might also get a grant for rehab.  It all just depends.

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Of course in rehab they will give you better medications that will help a lot more with the withdrawal symptoms, while still getting you fully detoxed before you go home.  Of course there is no guarantee that you will stay clean just by going to rehab, but it will certainly increase your chances a bit.

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