Some Suggestions for Getting through Suboxone Withdrawal

Some Suggestions for Getting through Suboxone Withdrawal


Suboxone is typically used to help addicts detox from opiate drugs such as painkillers or heroin.  It is a partial synthetic opiate that is designed to take away the detox symptoms that usually come from withdrawal.  Most people who have tried it agree that it works pretty good for this.  Some people take the drug over the long term in order to stay off of other opiate drugs and/or heroin.  In this way it can be used as a maintenance drug to help people stay clean.  The drug is pretty expensive though and some people do not want to take it forever, so they might one day try to stop using it altogether.

If you are going through Suboxone withdrawal then here are some suggestions for you.  The best idea is for you to taper off of the Suboxone in very slow increments so that your body does not experience heavy withdrawal symptoms.

For example, in a drug rehab center, they typically use Suboxone in order to detox addicts from opiate based drugs.  What they will do in many cases is to eventually put the patient on a taper schedule, so that they get a decreasing amount of the medication every day.  In the vast majority of cases, this taper dose works fine and the addict may experience only slight discomfort as the dose is decreased every day.  Generally, the dose drops by 2 milligrams per day.

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Now if this is not working for you and is producing severe withdrawal symptoms, then you might want to continue with the taper but just slow it down.  You can do this by carefully cutting the pills and dropping the dose by 1 milligram per day instead of 2.  That way you are tapering off more slowly and you are also extending the time that you are doing the taper by double the amount of days.

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Eventually you have to take the last pill and be done with it, if your intention is really to get off of the Suboxone completely. If you have been taking Suboxone as a maintenance pill for a long time, then this is going to be hard no matter what, and no matter how much you taper down.  The bottom line is that you are going to have to go through some level of discomfort and simply tough it out.  If you taper down as slowly as possible and you are still miserable, then you have a simple choice.  Go back on the medication or tough it out and get through the withdrawal.

It is probably worth it for most people to try and go through with this last little bit and get completely free of the chemical.  Won’t it be nice to not have to rely on a pill in order to feel normal?  You can get back to that point if you are willing to go through some level of discomfort.  Otherwise you will continue to have to depend on an expensive medication in order to just feel normal in your life.  Freedom is a wonderful thing.


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