Some Suggestions for Getting through Suboxone Withdrawal

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Suboxone is typically used to help addicts detox from opiate drugs such as painkillers or heroin.  It is a partial synthetic opiate that is designed to take away the detox symptoms that usually come from withdrawal.  Most people who have tried it agree that it works pretty good for this.  Some people take the drug over the long term in order to stay off of other opiate drugs and/or heroin.  In this way it can be used as a maintenance drug to help people stay clean.  The drug is pretty expensive though and some people do not want to take it forever, so they might one day try to stop using it altogether.

If you are going through Suboxone withdrawal then here are some suggestions for you.  The best idea is for you to taper off of the Suboxone in very slow increments so that your body does not experience heavy withdrawal symptoms.

For example, in a drug rehab center, they typically use Suboxone in order to detox addicts from opiate based drugs.  What they will do in many cases is to eventually put the patient on a taper schedule, so that they get a decreasing amount of the medication every day.  In the vast majority of cases, this taper dose works fine and the addict may experience only slight discomfort as the dose is decreased every day.  Generally, the dose drops by 2 milligrams per day.

Ah subutex!
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Now if this is not working for you and is producing severe withdrawal symptoms, then you might want to continue with the taper but just slow it down.  You can do this by carefully cutting the pills and dropping the dose by 1 milligram per day instead of 2.  That way you are tapering off more slowly and you are also extending the time that you are doing the taper by double the amount of days.

Eventually you have to take the last pill and be done with it, if your intention is really to get off of the Suboxone completely. If you have been taking Suboxone as a maintenance pill for a long time, then this is going to be hard no matter what, and no matter how much you taper down.  The bottom line is that you are going to have to go through some level of discomfort and simply tough it out.  If you taper down as slowly as possible and you are still miserable, then you have a simple choice.  Go back on the medication or tough it out and get through the withdrawal.

It is probably worth it for most people to try and go through with this last little bit and get completely free of the chemical.  Won’t it be nice to not have to rely on a pill in order to feel normal?  You can get back to that point if you are willing to go through some level of discomfort.  Otherwise you will continue to have to depend on an expensive medication in order to just feel normal in your life.  Freedom is a wonderful thing.


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  • Elisa

    do you have any idea how long after stopping suboxone will I return to “normal”.each time I quit I ended up on oxys or suboxone after about 2 months,because of depression,exhaustion and adhedonism.

  • Patrick

    Hi there Elisa

    If you stop taking Suboxone and all other opiates as well and stay completely clean from all of it, then your body should get normal fairly quickly. Now there will be an acute withdrawal that will be over within a week, and then there is “post acute withdrawal syndrome” which can last a lot longer (up to several months or longer) that is not really about your physical dependency so much. This might be what you are experiencing, or it might be that you have some health issues. Either way, you might consult a doctor to help you treat those issues without using opiates. You might also consult with other recovering opiate addicts to see how they deal with these issues in long term recovery.

    Good luck!

  • http://non Joe Bird

    Hey !!!

    I just want to say that We People and specially americans love to seek comfort everywhere. Part of your comfort is your addiction because pills makes you easy going and lazyii attitude . What I want to say is that we need to start asking yourself DO YOU WANT TO BE SHARP , HEALTHY , ENERGETIC AND READY FOR SUCCESS ????

    ASK YOUR SELF AND THAN WRIGHT YOUR ANSWER ON THE PAPER or WALL OR RECORD YOURSELF. SO EVERY MORNIG YOU WAKEUP and you will READ YOUR ANSWER AND will THINK WHO YOU ARRRRRRRR. I KNOW THAT YOU are HUMAN WITH NEEDS AND SOMETHING TO GIVE AND WITH HARSH LIFE GOING ON BUT ONLY FIGHT AND FIGHT will take you to winning position. Start to think about the winning NOT LOOSING but WINNING WINNING and try to see your self on the winning position were you standing on the !st Place and everyone is happy because of YOU WON THE RACE TO BETER FUTURE. AT the end a just want to say that MOTIVATION and ACTION is important because without motivating there is no action.
    FIRST , IF YOU want to do your things ,START TO PLAN and MOTIVATE YOUR SELF and than ACT , RUN , SCREAM or Kill your self but ALWAYS REMEMBER to PLAN YOUR SUCCESS without that THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW – IN DEEP DEEP BLACK WHOLE without ledder or rope or anybody to whom you would reach so they could help you to get out. The last thing is simple if you stay clean for month just don t look back and don t let anyone to remind you about not nice times you have been threw. You will be fresh as carrot picked from the ground because your body will clean you automatically but it will hurt a little. Last sentence I will tell you why you got withdrawals and how simply get them to minimum.

  • Patrick

    Thank you for your insight there, Joe Bird! I appreciate your thoughts on this subject. Feel free to drop by and share again, anytime.

  • Sean

    I know what your going through. I was dependent on subs for over a year as a result of a oxy addiction.. It’s been about 12 days since I took a sub… Granted the first week was complete hell! Now I am able to walk around with ease but I still have discomfort in my muscles. Not 100% yet obviously because of my fatigue and discomfort but my will is still strong.. Trust me if I can do it, anyone can! Slowly but surely I can feel my body healing and feeling better… A light is slowly getting brighter in this dark hole that consumed me years ago due to addiction…if your tired of being chemically dependent then it’s time for u to take CONTROL of your life… My prayers are with u and everyone else who is suffering from this vicious cycle! -Sean

  • Patrick

    @ Sean – awesome stuff….I know of at least one other person who has gotten off of Suboxone successfully and is still clean today. That said, it is definitely not a magic pill. Good job in getting off of it. Everything is a process.

  • keifer1

    Ive been on subs for 2 1/2 years for vicodin/oxy problem…The subs definitely saved my life, the direction I was headed…Being on them allowed me to get my life back and not lose more than I already had..
    I started mt taper on Sept 1, and took my last 2mg on Sept 8…Today is day 6 without any..and I am doing suprisingly well..Day 1 and 2 were normal…Day 3 I started getting the stomach cramps and diarreah, and had to leave work…Day 4 seemed like I was wandering around in a daze…No direction or focus…Day 5 about the same…Im still working, but no energy or drive, no appetite, and a crappy taste in my mouth…Also the smell of certain things like hand soap really bother me..Crazy, huh?? Hopefully I can put all this behind me and get on with a productive life…I am sick and tired of depending on a chemical to feel normal!!! good luck to all!!

  • cam bo

    its been just over 24 hours for me i have been on subs for over a year i stopped at taking a half to 3/4 of an 8 mg pill a day so im feeling pretty bad but i just want to be done with this any ideas on how to help the restless legs?

  • Patrick

    @ Cam bo – plenty of walking during the day will help you sleep a little easier at night. Make sure you get plenty of fluids. I have seen some help from taking a 50mg dose of Benadryl before bed to help with the legs. Do NOT overdo that though, never go over what is recommended on the box or you could make things much worse. Good luck.

  • jayco

    I was in suboxone withdrawal for a total of six days. i didnt sleep till day four i had three hours of sleep. then more the next day and so on. it is now day seven and i feel about ninety percent better. i was on 12mgs for months for heroin. my taper dose was 4mgs for ten days and and 2mgs for 20days a total of ten 8mg pills. my withdrawal was shorter because i kept my sub dose relatively low. the doctor would move me up if i wanted but i stayed low. and i went off relatively short in four months. I kept a positive outlook. drank water till i went the bathroom every ten minutes. it came out of both ends too. had to throw some boxers away lol! im also suprisingly in good shape. i suggest working out on suboxone while your on it your body will be more defensive to withdrawals. i forced myself to work out on day three when i was feeling horrible. it sucked at fiirst but after fiteen minutes i felt great and that was the peak of my withdrawal. it got better each day after that. good luck

  • Patrick

    Thanks for the helpful advice, Jayco. Very inspiring. Exercise is awesome!

  • amber

    i am going through sub. wd myself its day 2 and i feel pretty bad ive been on a half a day for about 2 years. i dnt kno wat im going to do i cant miss work and from wat i hear these wd can take weeks.ive pretty much been watching movies and listening to those sleep hypnosis videos to help me sleep.just praying that god helps me thru! good luck to everyone n just kno we’ve already taken the step to better our life…much love

  • Patrick

    @ Amber – I have heard of folks doing a taper that goes down to quarter pills and even smaller. Not sure if that would help you or not. Might be a bit like ripping a band-aid off, might be just as well to go through it now and be done with it.

    At any rate, good luck to you. If you figure out any tips that seem to help you, do share them.

  • Billy

    Guys I don’t know what is going on. My last pills were 76 hrs ago but I still fell normal, but it’s opposite of what I’m reading??? Am I going to withdraw or what. Peace…

  • Billy

    By the way I been on 24 m for the last yr and half but jumped off at 18 m 76 hrs ago.

  • Kaitlynn

    I was on heroine for over a year, and WD from that completely cold turkey, it was terrible and I told myself I would never do it again. A few months after being clean I relapsed a few times and told myself I didn’t want to go back to it, so I started shooting subs, some people told me it wouldn’t work if I shot it, but like many other addicts you get addicted to the needle as well as the drug and I couldn’t bring myself to taste them. Shooting them worked for me I usually did half at a time. My boyfriend is on a program called drug court and I can’t be getting high with him home, I haven’t touched a sub for the last 4 days.. The first day I didn’t have anything it already hit me. I was sneezing and cold, I would wake up through the night and not be able to fall back asleep. Its day 4 today and although its not nearly as bad as coming off heroine it still sucks. I tried muscle relaxers, ibuprophen, nyquil, and nothings helped. I need some ideas before I go insane.!!

  • david

    yea idk guys i have been on subs for over a year and was on every kind of opiates for 3 years b4 is day 2 and i feel like shit but not that bad..try to do something to take ur mind off things play ps3 thats what i do but benzos are the best thing for coming off anything it takes the edge off for sure..restless legs sleep the fat kid on ur chest everything will die down..everyone is diff on how the drug leaves your system but plenty of water and fluids deff help..i appriciate everyones help on here for what we are goin thru but stay strong and kno you will be free when its over..if it wouldnt be for my brother tellin me he would give me his car if i got clean i wouldnt find the motive to do it..find your motive and think of it everytime you wanna relapse..were all better than this and will find the strenght to get through it..but if i get some sleep your in my prayers..thanks yall

  • Anonymous

    suboxone should be elegal the shit is fucken nasty

  • judy

    I think maybe this is my daughter’s out from oxy addiction.,..only it is SOOOO very expensive..she is a single mom little income…she wants to be normal and continue working etc….anyone know of a cheaper route? this is ridiculous..700.00 a month..thats almost her rent! its the pharms that are making the money, they do run our lives! help

  • Patrick

    @ Judy – yes it is expensive but if you add up the total cost of your addiction, it almost always turns out MUCH cheaper to go the legal route. Do the math, find out for sure. Good luck….

  • rmet

    I was addicted to suboxin for two in a half three years due to my oxy problem, i have been taking a half of a 8mlg pill for a year straight, my last dose was a half. I have been reading about the withdrawls of suboxin for about six months and it scared me so bad. six days ago i stoped cold turkey, i have not had any withdrawls at all other than being tired, i sleep through out the night even. so i called like ten suboxin doctors and almost all of them said i am the one person in about 300 people that gets lucky and this happens to, i guess what im trying to ask is am i going to go threw hell on day 7 8 and 9 our am i really lucky that im going on day 7 and have had no major withdrawls other than being tired and maybe my legs hurting a bit, but that could be from working out

  • kristy

    I’m in the same boat…I’ve been off subs for 5 days now and have only experienced anxiety, mild RLS just today and fatigue. I jumped off at 4mg, was on for a total of 3 months……everything I’ve read says I should be outta the water by now, but I never got in…so????

  • kelly

    Geez…do I ever wish I were you! I was on 24 mg suboxone for almost 2 years, believe it or not, for an eating disorder…it really fixed it. I started tapering down about 3 months ago, was down to 1/2 of a pill for the 2 weeks before I quit. It was the worst!!!Sleeplessness, restless leg syndrome, achy,horrible sweats, sneezing still,malais…the first 7 days were by far worst by far. I am an athelete and work out for my job 3 to 6 hours a day 8 I could barely drag myself through the workouts…I am so glad I’m off suboxone, I knew I could do it, but when will I sleep????I am on day 13 and I have perhaps gotten a total of 5 hours the past 6 days, none during the first 7…taking melanonin, can anyone give me an idea what to expect?

  • itztony

    im at day 14 today, i was on subs for 2.5 years got off em for 5 months then got back on them for another 2 years, i had relapsed. But anyway, first 6 days were the wosrt, then i had to deal with fatigue, insomnia, and a cold. But since day 10 things have gotten so much better. Ive slept like a baby the last 3 nights and thats simply amazing. Ive used alot of the things ive picked up on these boards to get me better quickly. Take your vitamins, do light exercise if you can it helps!(i take light walks every day or most days anyway) Get some sun! This help me tremendously, i havent got much sun the last few years i was like a drug vampire. Ive been sittin outside reading just getting alil sun and it feels great(and peaceful) I listen to music all day makes me happy, i go to meetings everyday, helps me.

    I feel for everyone going through the struggle, it sucks, but theres a much better life out there for all of us. Life gets better it truly does, it mau seem like it takes to long but in the scheme of things its a blink of the eye. STAY STRONG its worth it, ur worth it.

    heres a quote i heard and love,
    Eat the food, drink the water, RUN LIKE A WARRIOR, the rest is all BULLSHIT, feel the freedom of being FREE!

  • Never again!

    I’ve never done any drugs in my life before I met my now ex… I didn’t understand what I was getting myself into. I tried Subs and yes I liked them. I have never regretted anything more in my life and now I am on day four of quitting cold turkey and I can’t wait for this horrible drug to get out of my system! I know I will be ok and I just want to let everyone else out there know that no matter how hard or how sick you may get YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  • danny

    I have recently relapased into 30mg oxy’s for the past 6-8 months now…I wanted to stop so my buddy gave me a couple of his suboxone n8 which are 8 mg suboxones…I stopped the 30’s for more than 24hrs and took about 1.5-2mg suboxen that evening.I felt fine…next day took another 1.5 at. Workthis past monday…then a small sliver on ties….and taking a smaller dose since then leading to today….so total 4-5 days ..wat myquestion. Is…will I expieriance withdrawel symptoms from either or?…thank you for your help in advance…..Danny

  • Patrick

    @ Danny – It sounds like you are just about out of the woods already! I would tough it out from here, drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest, and don’t put any stress on yourself if you can help it.

    Don’t think that withdrawal is going to be terrible. Your’s sounds very mild so far, and it might be almost over. Keep going with it. Take less meds, or no meds at all. You are almost there.

  • danny

    @ patrick…thank you….since the day I stopped the abuse with the 30’s and started the very mild doses of suboxone…I have felt fantastic…and by fantastic..I don’t mean high…like…”normal” again in a sense…I was just hoping the tiny doeses of suboxen I took over the past couple days isn’t going to make withdrawel even worse than coming off the 30’s…cause I keep hearing horror stories about coming off I was wondering if I am goo.g to go thru suboxone withdrawal providing the information in my first post….Regards..Danny

  • itztony

    danny i think you will feel minimal withdrawals if any at all, most horror stories are from long term sub use. Early on in my addiction i went on subs for a short period of time and came off and felt nothing, then i relapsed, stayed on long term and when i came off that, is when i felt the long drawn out withdrawals people spoke of. But everyone is different so i cant tell you for sure but my guess is you will be ok if you get off soon.

  • itztony

    i just was reading my old post from 14 days off subs and felt like inputing some more. ITs now day 33 off subs and just wow im feelin great, id say 98%. Things have certainly changed for me since i last posted 17 days ago, my life is really gettin better. Anyone struggling i truly believe this whole addiction thing is a spiritual problem and should be treated like that. THINGS ARE GREAT right now im more happy then ive been in a long time, LOVE U ALL TAKE CARE GOOD LUCK!

  • nicole mallory

    i have been back and forth with perc 10’s and fentenyl patches for about 5mths and now im trying the subs ive been on subs for about 3 days and my doses are a fourth of the sub once or twice a day. i feel fine and it seems to be working. my question is where do i go from here? typical opiate withdrawl peaks around the second or third day well im on the third day now. so do i quit the subs to or stay on them a few more days and then quit? i really want to be off all of it and will do whatever i have to do to do so. im not under medical care the subs are sold on the street and that is how i obtain them. any advice wouuld be greatly appreciateed. thanx

  • Patrick

    Best advice is to consult a doc about how to taper off the medication.

    Most tapers drop by 2 milligrams per day that I have seen, though that may vary.

    So like 12 mg today, then 10 mg total tomorrow, then 8 mg the next day, etc.

    All the way down to 2 mg then the next day take 1 mg, then you are done.

    But I would urge you to ask a doctor….

    Good luck.

  • Stickyfingz

    Goin thru the sub wd really bad. It’s been 5 days and am ready to pack it in. I wanna be free of all meds but this sux bad. Any suggestions?

  • Derek

    I am in the same boat as a few of you, very confused lol. I took subs for one month to get off a nasty oxy/xanax habit (stopped both at same time lol). I tapered down to .5mg every other day for the last week. I am on day 6 now with only very mild RLS and diarrhea, and immodium does the job for that. What I wonder is why have I felt so OK. Is it going to get worse by day 7-10? The strange thing is here on day 6 is the first day I started feeling strange (depressed, tired, anxious). Could it be the extra long half-life of suboxone coupled with a slow metabolism?. I hope im in the clear, but am scared its gonna get worse lol. All in all though, I stopped once Cold Turkey off 6-7 30mg roxys a day. That was hell, this is nothing compared to that.

  • a.j

    i have been taking saboxin for a little over a month now. (everyday) and i want to stop cold turkey, ami going to go through withdrawl symptoms?

  • Patrick

    @ AJ – yeah you will likely have some physical withdrawal symptoms. These can be minimized greatly by weening yourself down slowly from the drug. Ask your doc to suggest a taper schedule for you. If no doc, then I would reduce by 2 milligrams per DAY.

    Good luck.

  • tk

    all i have to say is i have been on suboxone for four years and i wish i never did, if someone told me before hand to only take it for a short period of time i would of appreciated that, i am down to 1 mg, and i am not gona let some pill take over my llife, we only live once and u have to do something bout it now, may god have mercey for we are just humans.

  • TattooedBarbie

    I was always scared of pills hec I was even scared to take too many Tylenol at once, I had a surgery for a tummy tuck back in 04′ and it was extremely painful so at first I cautiously started taking the Pain Killers I had been prescribed, by the way it AMAZES me how doctors hand out pain killers like skittles Any how as we all know you start out with a few and then a little more and a little more before we know it this “Monster” has us in it’s Grip! I’m a very independent person and i’m sure like most of you do not like to be controlled, by having to stress where your going to get your next set of pills, or the cost $$$$ of the fear and anxiety that your running low, I hated it. I’ve never done or even tried any other drug for that fact and hated that I was being treated as if I was doing every drug under the sun. So long story short, a friend told me of the “wonder drug” that keeps you from with drawls, hey I’m only human to of hoped that this were true. Any how I went through an out patient clinic to get on Suboxone I told myself I would get on it for a week at the most and then take myself off, Of course that didn’t happen, so after being on it for 3 yrs. and having a baby on it by the way seeing him having to go through the withdrawals for almost a month was horrible! Mind you sense I started suboxone 3 yrs. ago I had been “clean” from everything. even after going through 8 root canals, a Breast Augmentation. Not one pain killer in those three yrs. so by this I thought I was “clean” but let me tell you after watching my son go through living hell I decided I’m not clean, I don’t want to have to wake up and take any pill, I don’t want to have to go to a Dr. once a month to drill me on if i’m using or giving me UA’s, Or when i’m in pain be treated any differently and not give me the care I need because they think i’ll abuse my prescription! I hated it all!! Ok ok so I know I’m bouncing from place to place but there is just so much to tell so your just going to have to bare with me, by the way Through my breast aug. surgery I FELT everything, every cut, every little stitch and I was awake, talk about a LIVING HELL! Ok so here is my opinion and no i’m not a doctor just a human who has went through the experiences, Suboxone is a great short term treatment, but but leave it up to your own body to know when your done, not a Doctor… I did that and three yrs. I found them wanting to up my doses, On We know ourselves. ok so heres a medical outlook on my little story, Was on Suboxone for 3 yrs. started off at 8mg then 12mg to 16mg then hey guess what they up’ed me to 20mg of course thankfully I wasn’t taking the whole amount because it would make me so sleepy and having children I just couldn’t have that well I’d say within the last 2 months I’d take my 12mg through out the day like usual but it just wasn’t cutting it it seemed like, little to mention the whole time i’ve been on sub. I’ve always gotten heat flashes and would get bad anxiety, so these last past few months I thought hey maybe I wasn’t taking enough, so the 12 mg. I was taking I’d add a little more and a little more so I’d say within the last month I was on 24mg/a day none of the heat flashing or bad anxiety had calmed down. So recently 2 family members of mine had died from Heroin overdoses both around my same age. So among st all the other hell this pill has put me through I decided 3 yrs. of my life + the 1 yr. that I was addicted to pain killers was enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I went cold turkey off of 24mg a day the first 3 days weren’t too bad just the heat flashing and the anxiety but hey I was already going through that anyway, but by day 5 it hit me! and from reading many things from then net its because of the long half life suboxone has so reverse, on thursday night around 10:00 was my last little bit of sub. to total in 24 mg. for that day, so by Sat. morning at 1:00 am I now had 12 mg, Sun morning at 4:00 am I now had 6 mg , Mon morning @ 7:00 am 3 mg and on tuesday morning at 10:00 am I was at Omg ( Of course all this I ASSUME, by reading up on sub. that is has a half life of 37 hr.s and it drops by half every 37 hrs. assuming you don’t add on any more to your current dose) All I do know for sure is that through the weekend I felt okay but once that tuesday hit me man did it really hit me, So i’m now on Saturday which is day 8 I’m still having problems with the hot flashes, & im not having restless leg synm. more like restless arm synm. lol although its no joke it is annoying and my bones are achey I don’t have to much of an appetite, as for diarrhea I’m a very constipated person so I must say (the diarrhea part is a bit of a blessing) lol I haven’t been able to sleep to well and haven’t had much energy, but I will say this I think that day 5 & 6 were the Worst and 7 & 8 have been better but not great, amongst all this I had to have two teeth pulled but hey where theres a will there is a Way, I haven’t been ME in such a long time, I’m super excited to be “Clean all the way” To all the people who are in my shoes now, or are wanting a way out from underneath Sub. Good luck & you guys are in my prayers, It isn’t an easy road & it may be a long one but it IS WORTH IT, there are many of us who die trying so for the rest of of us, let us not let them of died in vein, lets kick this damn thing! It’s easy to get addicted, and hard as hell to get un-addicted but damn is it so worth it! God bless us all, were only human and were all fighting our own demons but at least were still here to tell the tale! Rest in Peace to all the Ones who Died Before they got help or while trying,

  • Matt

    Hey everyone. 2 years of mainly hydro’s (peaked at about 200mg/day then 2 years of subs starting at 16mg/day tapered over the last month. Please anyone reading DO NOT do a 2mg/day sub taper. Its insanity. If you can afford it taper over 6mo. Even tapering over 6mo if you have been on LT sub you may have a tough time. I was curled up, RLS, very little sleep. Day 4 my goal for the whole day was to take a shower and it took everything I had to stand for 10min. I don’t want to scare anyone but remember suboxone is an opiate, albeit a partial agonist. Remember you’re not only coming off the subs but also coming off all the opiates you did. Check out the suboxdoc on utube. Very informative. Good luck.

  • Maf

    I’ve been on Subutex for several years now (in the Uk) I am now on a tapering off program and have come from 16mg to 3.2mg in a short time.It is now that I’m starting to sufferr and have found that valium has stopped the withdrawals for me and I’m able to sleep.I’m doing it slowly as I’ve been on them for so long and heroin for many many years before that.I now have a nice supportive girlfriend who I stay with in the very beautiful land of Scotland which I feel is the best place for me to take the plunge and get clean.The key is to fill the gap that will be left behind once the crutch has been removed.I did some voluntary work and ended up in Bristol presenting and producing radio shows which helped me reach out and acted like a diary.I’m a firm believer that a person can make the detox experience much worse in their own heads and highly recommend some form of positive distraction preferably something that will benefit others in a positive way also call it Karma or whatever you want give it a name.
    I’ve not got to the point where I’m ready to give up altogether but hope my preparation has helped and will make my journey as painless and quick as possible.At the moment my counsellor is prescribing me 6 weeks worth at a time so I can come up to scotland to do the next stage of my reduction in the serenity of the highlands with a warm and understanding partner who is willing to support me through this journey.
    Thak goodness for the british National health service who provide all my medication free and the benefit system who pay me more than enough to live on otherwise I would not be able to undertake any of this.
    I feel for all of you in the states who have to pay rip off prices to the most corrupt drug dealers in the world who do it in suits as respectable drug companies.Talk about wolves in sheeps clothing.
    Good luck to all who are having toendure this hell and I wish a pain free escape from the prison without walls that the state has allowed(and on many occasions encourged)and a future of painless freedom.Also I hope some of our experiences can be used to help others nas well as ouselves by maybe getting jobs in the field instead of textbook experts playing around with the damaged souls of many people full of so much magic and self worth that just needs tapping into



  • Detoxed

    I’ve been on Suboxone since about October 20th, 2010. I’m currently at a dose of 14 mg/day. What I noticed with Suboxone is that it has a very pronounced energetic antidepressant effect for about the first 5 months and then after that, this effect wears off and the Suboxone does little more than kill cravings and keep me from getting sick. I mean I think it’s an absolute godsend that it keeps cravings and dope-sickness away, but that extra bit of energy and mood elevation was a big help in recovery for some reason. It gave me the drive to want to stick with recovery and to enjoy recovery. Downsides aside (i.e. cost, side-effects), Suboxone has kept me in a recovery mindset and has kept me clean since October. Before that time, I was mainlining anywhere from 60-300 mg of oxy a day. Looking back on that, I really, REALLY can’t believe that I survived. When I’d go on a binge, I’d be shooting up so much that my injection sites seemed to shut down and not want to register anymore. I hit rock bottom hard, but it was Suboxone that helped pull me out of that path to inevitable destruction.

  • teethmarks

    wed 20th @ 9am was my last dose of suboxone. i was at 1/8th of a 2mg strip twice a day. morning and night for the greater part of a year and a half. 9am wednesday was also my last night of peaceful sleep. for me i would prefer the three day hell of w/d from H than this insane nightmare leaving me feeling like no end is in sight. sleep is where your body gets work done spiritually, physically and mentally. getting 1 1/2 to 2 hrs per night for 8 days has left me depressed, lethargic, and hopeless. you will see people saying melatonin, benadryl, xanax, nyquil and valerian root. i have tried all of these and they have done nothing. maybe tack an extra half hour on the nights i try an aid. but you do not get that for free; each one does something to your system that you will notice in this extra sensitive time. be it grogginess, bad tastes or headaches for the next whole day. only thing i have yet to try are clonidine (got the script but told it’s not for sleep), tryptophan, seroquel and ambien. hard to imagine they would be effective.

    so this is paying the piper. if you were told that long term sub maintenance would keep you off your drug of choice without the recreation but be just as hard, if not harder to kick, would you still have taken it long term? if you are about to start maintenance on this moronically overpowerful overprescribed cash cow of a drug for big pharma be prepared. note that most people stabilize during induction at a dose no more than 6mg. it breaks my heart to hear that people have been given 24 to 32 mgs per day. this stuff is bizarrely powerful, has a 37 hr half life and if you take it long term “permanently” changes your body chemistry. it should be handled with extreme caution. but instead is used to enslave addicts to a life of their legal little miracle drug with their little saber imprint. bottom line, it is still an opiate. take it for early acute withdrawals and make sure you find a doc who understands you should not be on it for more than 21 days at most. please.

    a friend of mine was at 24 mgs a day. checked into a clinic in thailand to get off of them a year later. he was told that the dose was way to high. for two weeks they stabilized him with ms contin and a variety of other drugs for stabilization. he was given opiates for a sub detox. and was successful and has been since. given this, and my current state, i would recommend people find an environment that knows what they are doing. can stabilize you with something nearer your drug of choice. it will be much gentler if done properly.

    sorry for the bitter edge. i am in a fragile state. i wish everyone going through this luck and just hang tight. we are told the body will repair itself but ask yourself what kind of damage have you already done. can you be positive you will return to normal? for me, a this stage, it is not looking up. but it is something i am willing to stick with out of a sliver of a chance i might lay down one night and sleep 6hrs again. that is all i really want.

  • Natasha

    Hey there, nearly 6 years on suboxone/ subutex. Didn’t taper have been 3 days without and omg I am miserable. I want to do this for my 3 babies. I got so mad at my doctor because I couldn’t afford it anymore so I just stopped going to him. Wishing so bad right now that I didn’t. I have 3 kids to take care of I can’t just lay in bed and let the feeling pass. I am not sure what to do as I can’t afford to go back to the dr. I have no health ins. Any suggestions on what I can do. I hate relying on this shit but man it has saved my life. I was on 8mg/2mg daily.

  • Gem-Sta

    I’m now on day 5 of subutex withdrawal. Apart from feeling cold and sweaty and lethargic i’m actually ok (and at work). I was only on a tiny dose (0.25-0.50) per day, but would be tempted to smoke crack and sniff the subbie to stop cravings, thus preventing me from getting any lower.

    I have been taking some zopiclone and low doses of diazepam to sleep.

    Each day is getting better.

    Apart from that i’m knocking back Lucozade, Redbull and lots of sweeties (Chewits and Curlywurly’s… Proper English sweeties, none of that Hershey rubbish!)

    Tonight, a bottle of wine is calling and I will take a break from the sleeping tabs.

    Yay! 127 hours opiate free!

  • teethmarks

    just want to say i am nearing day 30 and i am still alive. after my post ^ up there, you can tell i was in a bad place. if you are going through this and you find this website. power through the first 14 days any way you can. it will feel like a year. you will be counting minutes and then hours, finally days. believe me it will not be easy. but if i can do it so can anyone else. i am by no means in the clear but i started sleeping again around day 14. all the other little bullshit i can handle. it was the sleep that was getting to me. good luck and godspeed.

  • Dan

    While your article is helpful and of great importance to those looking to get off Heroin(I would NOT recommend taking suboxone if you have painkiller(aside from heavy Oxycontin abuse), which unfortunately, this money hungry pharm companies never ever mentioned when this miracle drug came out.
    I had a major painkiller addiction. I have been on suboxone now for five years, taking less than.5 a day(each morning a sliver)
    The reality and harsh one for anyone on it long term is that whether taking clonidine which I take, Diazepam which I also take, or any other aids that so call help ease withdrawals, you’re in for a ride.
    I’m not saying there are those who have high tolerance of pain that can’t handle weaning off taking these meds.
    What I am sayinig is don’t listen to doctors. Even the best, have unfortunately been extremely u neducated when it comes to this unique drug.
    When a pharmacist tells you they know jack SH__ about sub tapering, or what helps, and tells you to go ask your doctor, you know suboxone is not something that anyone knows much about, the lnog term effects, and whether it should be used as a maintenance drug.
    I can’t speak for those who prefer staying on this perhaps for life, as it does prevent cravings, and the one thing about sub versus other opiates is that because of the ceiling effect suboxone has(unless you inject it, which would either lead to overdosing, or major withdrawals, hence another thing these stupoid a

  • Rabbit

    Been really helpful reading everyones responses. i am currently on day 4 without suboxone. i was hooked on roxys for almost a year(at one point taking 60mgs) and then was introduced to suboxone by a friend. ive been taking it for maybe a little over 3 months with doses ranging from 2-8 mgs a day. Its my fourth day of withdrawals and i feel like they are just getting worse. today i decided to take a 5mg oxycodone before bed thinking it would help relieve the symptoms and i can sleep. Is this a good idea? cause i just want to troop out these next few days but from reading everything online and people talking about weeks of withdrawal symptoms from quiting cold turkey im a bit scared. but still willing to go on. any advice/help/attention would be greatly appreciated.

  • God Please help us

    I’ve been a long time suboxone user and I’ve had enough., I stopped taking it Wednesday morning and by Sunday morning feeling really tired and stomach pains, it is now Tuesday afternoon and all I can say is OMG this sucks please make the pain go away. The only reason I haven’t taken one yet is because of all the “comments” posted. So Thanks guys I now it will get better………:)

  • Master Blaster

    I am compelled to cheer YOU ON. I was addicted to painkillers, then was in the “Suboxone Trap” for 3.5 yrs. Does that make sense? 1 yr getting higher, baby, and 3.5 years in maintenance? It was stupid. I had finally had enough of paying some doctor over $100 per month to “check-in”, then $6.00 per pill of Suboxone. I don’t have health insurance so it was well over $300 a month for 3.5 years! Stupid.

    Anywho, I took my last 1 mg of Sbxne on Sunday, Aug 28th. The first 4-5 days were really sh**ty across the board. When you go through WDs you sure feel dumb for allowing yourself to be in this spot. However, now I feel pretty much back to my ‘normal’ self, except my sleep is suffering. I lay down at midnight, then wake at 1:00 a.m., can’t sleep until 3:00 a.m., then sleep 4 hours. Sucks. That is the hardest part in the separation from the pills. I don’t want to get started taking Ambien, or Xanax, or alcohol, in order to sleep. I feel that is just starting another ‘monster’.

    YOU CAN QUIT Sbxne. The first 4-5 days are the hardest. Just get through them. Once you are on day 7-8 things really start looking up, you’ll feel better, realize the hardest is behind you. Pray to Heavenly Father, we need the mercy. I pray for all that read this blog and have posted on this blog. Lord knows this isn’t easy or fun. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on ridding the ‘shaky arm’ feeling, or ‘fidgety feelin’ while trying to sleep, I’m all ears. Good luck, and God Bless!!

  • Brandi

    Hello, never done this before but really need to vent!!!
    I used oxy 80s for about 4 years. By the end I was snorting about 18 a day which I now realize is a crazy amount. Withdraw about killed me. My arms and legs felt like pins and needles for over a month. It was unreal how hellish it was. There is no way to describe it. So my doc told me about this ” miracle” drug syboxone. At first I thought I felt great! The absence of pain felt like a high! About a month in though I realized I had become a zombie. I was mimicking human reactions without ever feeling anything. Docs tried every med known to man, ( one of which put me in the hospital, seriquil) never realizing it was the subs all along. If they block your feel good receptors from the drug then your natural feel good stuff can’t reach them either.
    Anyway, I was on subs almost 4 years!!! Thus is a death sentence!! Withdraw was under doctors care which I guess was better than alone but it was even worse and much much longer than detox from the real thing!!!!
    I took my last sub march 1st. September 1st should have marked 6 months clean…. Still haven’t felt right, still trying to shake it….
    So I got acsess to morphine 30s. Figured I wanted just one more day to rememberwhat feelinggood was…. Genius!! I ended up using fairly heavily for about a month

    My family all think I just got over the hump and got better. Everyone keeps telling ne how fun I am and how great I’m doing…. Breaks my heart. I have run out of pills now. I’m at the 48 hour mark with no pills. I’m dying!!! Having to fake the flu.
    Trying to find the strength to not get more…. I’m an idiot.

    Subs are the devil!!! Be very careful with them! also brush teeth after you take one. The rot your teeth. No one told me that and now my teeth are f**ked!

    Someone just shoot me!!!!

  • ThisistheLASTTIME

    Well, this is the second time I used suboxone to get off opiates. (Maintaining much longer than I should have, after reading all of the info on the internets the past few hours….)
    The first time ’round was not bad at all. I had a steady street supply of subs, and gradually, slowly weened myself down to crumbles, and don’t remember feeling any withdrawal at all.
    I estimate about 1.5 years opiate use (smaller stuff graduating into H, sadly). Then I spent about 6-8 months on suboxone. At first, maintaining. Then for about 4 months gradually stepping down the dose. This was about three years ago-and I was clean for almost two years.
    I relapsed around this time last year. Abusive ex-boyfriend, and a best friend I had lost touch with due to her addiction asking me to send her “just enough to get clean” in the mail, and keep a few for my troubles. NOT that excuses are any reason to go down the opiate road again. But they were handed to me, for free….stupid me.
    Anyway. Started H again. Slowly…for a few weeks. But it went much quicker this time. I needed more and more every day. Stress was high, and that was my release.
    September-March I went from 1 or 2 to 6 or 7 a day. For me, that is a lot.
    April-abusive boyfriend finds out, and begins to beat me because I am using again. Great time to try to switch to sub and get clean, right?
    But I had to. It was making a mess of my life, I was running out of places to go and people to turn to.
    So back on subs. I never needed very much-started at a quarter of an 8mg pill, work my way down quickly to less than an eighth a day within about a month. Both times around.
    Then, the maintain. When you just kinda take the same amount every day, because you’ve been doing that or something else for so feels normal.
    So, between June and 4 days and 8 hours ago, I weened down to less and less every day. The last week I must have stretched .25 mgs out.
    So it’s been over 4 days. Some reports online say after day 5, it gets better. Others say after day 5 is hell.
    I am already an insomniac, and have a myriad of sleep meds-10mg Melatonin, 5-htp, AdvilPM. So far only the first night was bad for insomnia, and the past two nights I have been jerked awake by restless legs, a few times a night.
    My biggest fear is multiple nights of insomnia. Have experienced it, and don’t function well without sleep.
    At this point, I am simply wondering if things are going to get better, or worse. The uncertainty and anticipation is causing my anxiety to mount, which I know will just increase my symptoms.
    Anyone with a similar situation?
    Any feedback would be helpful..also any suggestions on OTC meds for restless legs and sleep.
    I don’t really have the best health insurance right now.

  • FeedbackPlease

    Well, this is the second time I used suboxone to get off opiates. (Maintaining much longer than I should have, after reading all of the info on the internets the past few hours….)
    The first time ’round was not bad at all. I had a steady street supply of subs, and gradually, slowly weened myself down to crumbles, and don’t remember feeling any withdrawal at all.
    I estimate about 1.5 years opiate use (smaller stuff graduating into H, sadly). Then I spent about 6-8 months on suboxone. At first, maintaining. Then for about 4 months gradually stepping down the dose. This was about three years ago-and I was clean for almost two years.
    I relapsed around this time last year. Abusive ex-boyfriend, and a best friend I had lost touch with due to her addiction asking me to send her “just enough to get clean” in the mail, and keep a few for my troubles. NOT that excuses are any reason to go down the opiate road again. But they were handed to me, for free….stupid me.
    Anyway. Started H again. Slowly…for a few weeks. But it went much quicker this time. I needed more and more every day. Stress was high, and that was my release.
    September-March I went from 1 or 2 to 6 or 7 a day. For me, that is a lot.
    April-abusive boyfriend finds out, and begins to beat me because I am using again. Great time to try to switch to sub and get clean, right?
    But I had to. It was making a mess of my life, I was running out of places to go and people to turn to.
    So back on subs. I never needed very much-started at a quarter of an 8mg pill, work my way down quickly to less than an eighth a day within about a month. Both times around.
    Then, the maintain. When you just kinda take the same amount every day, because you’ve been doing that or something else for so feels normal.
    So, between June and 4 days and 8 hours ago, I weened down to less and less every day. The last week I must have stretched .25 mgs out.
    So it’s been over 4 days. Some reports online say after day 5, it gets better. Others say after day 5 is hell.
    I am already an insomniac, and have a myriad of sleep meds-10mg Melatonin, 5-htp, AdvilPM. So far only the first night was bad for insomnia, and the past two nights I have been jerked awake by restless legs, a few times a night.
    My biggest fear is multiple nights of insomnia. Have experienced it, and don’t function well without sleep.
    At this point, I am simply wondering if things are going to get better, or worse. The uncertainty and anticipation is causing my anxiety to mount, which I know will just increase my symptoms.
    Anyone with a similar situation?
    Any feedback would be helpful..also any suggestions on OTC meds for restless legs and sleep.
    I don’t really have the best health insurance right now.

  • Day 6 and hurting

    So. Skin is crawling, sweaty, insomnia, restless legs, upset appetite. Pretty much everything I was dreading. Suggestions please. I actually feel a slight craving…but I am putting that as far back in my head as possible.

  • http://Bing Pat Link

    I am the mom of a 35 yr. old man who is just now beginning to wean himself from the Sub. He’s been
    on it since Jan. 01. His life is somwhat of a mess. Just broke up with his girlfriend, money can’t be
    accounted for, (of course we all know where it is going) and some real depression. He is using Heroin, and God knows what else along with the Sub., I guess because it is so expensive. He has such a compulsive nature and I know the temptations everytime he leaves the house is too much for his will power, or shall I say lack of. He, too is dreading the coming days and weeks til the withdrawal symptoms begin. My heart aches for all of you who must fight this hidious disease everyday. Lucky for him, he does have the support of his family, but our patience is wearing thin, with some of the stories he is telling us about not using. I know that drug use makes a person lie to any extent. Do things that they would not normally do to people who love and care about them. I’ve learned thru going to NA meetings just for myself to learn all I can to be there and to learn how to NOT ENABLE.
    That is most difficult, and I think I’m doing a pretty good job. There is always that fear that when you do say NO MORE, what might be their reactions and could you ever forgive yourself for that?
    I continue to pray for him and all the people in the world who suffer from drug addiction. I know that’s not much help to you, but I am here to listen.

    God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers.


  • Tammie

    Hi there it would be nice to know how u r doing now…i experienced the exact same crap getting off subs. I am now on about day 18 & starting to feel somewhat normal. I also was taking a myriad of sleeping pills…which didnt do any good.i wanted to die from the sleep deprivation. 3 nites ago I tried plain alcohol free nyquil & slept like a baby. I woke up feeling much better. The entire w/d process I took vitamins (b12, multis), forced myself to eat, drank some beer in the a script 4 clonodine which helps a lot I believe. Even took a couple hydros. I have no urge to take any opiates 4 3 days now. Still mental crap to deal w/ & the fact that im a single mom of 4 boys makes things difficult for sure but im trying to stay positive! My rls is gone god that was soooo annoying! I hope u were able to stay off that awful stuff & I hope & pray i will never have to experience this again!

  • Samantha Wood

    hi my wife is on suboxine, and her insurance is not approving her meds and she is going through some pretty bad withdrawls. waht am i supposed to do? in what ways can i help? i hate to see her like this its killin me. what can i do to help her not be so uncomfoartable and sick? if you ca get to me asap that woul be fantastic.
    Samantha Wood

  • http://thisone jace

    I sit in this hot bathtub and can’t help to laugh when I saw the words restless leg syndrome and insomnia. I am experiencing both and at first I thought it was just me. A friend of mine is not experiencing either of the symptoms. I guess we all do something different when coming off ofand this crap. I guess I’ll be an insomniac for a while. Its better than being a slave to a pill. Just wish there was something to help me sleep.So to all you quitters let’s just barrel through this. s*** and stick it to the sub because we know were all better than that.always remember hell is a real place where their is restlessness and the nashin of teeth so at least this is temperature and not eternal

  • Brandon

    I am on day 4 of quitting it is hell I know I havent slept for days.. First 3 days i used a mild amount of kratom to ease the withdrawls because I believe my withdrawls will only last 6-8 days. If you believe in yourself anything is possible in life just remember someone else out there feels the way you do to. Just remember this time shall pass.

  • Kevin

    On day 4. I want this so bad! I AM GOING CRAZY! Wwhat can I do?

  • Kevin

    Someone help

  • Troy

    Hope you are doing better. I’m not sure words can help, but, as long as you know you are not alone in this…a lot of us are going through it. You can make it! My wife and I just prayed for you right now and hope that you will get through this quickly. It DOES get easier. One day at a time. Go to meetings if you can. Don’t try to go through this on your own. You are NOT alone!

  • wally

    hang on. don’t listen to to your body. it gets bad right before it gets better.

  • brandi burgdorf

    hey im asking for my boyfriend and he is on the subs and is trying to sober up and and get a way from all types of drugs and alch. any suggestions

  • Patrick

    @ Brandi – I highly recommend detox to get off subs, especially if he bounces around with any other substances thrown in as well…..try to get him to go inpatient.

  • Scarlette

    I’m on day 8 of being off of subs. I decided that enough is enough and decided to take control of my life. I don’t not have the restless legs, however I have been sneezing like a maniac, can’t sleep, can’t eat and have bathroom issues. I’ve read a LOT on what to ease this hell on earth. I got a multi vitamin and vit B complex. And pray this helps me. There’s been times that I felt like I was loosing it. Its a battle for sure, but I am on my way to freedom. Thank you all for sharing your stories. Knowing that I am not alone, somewhat makes it all easier. I know I have a long recovery ahead, mentally and physically however today was better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today. Don’t do it alone! Its a dark long battle but there’s a rainbow after a storm and even though I might want to pull all my hair out after hours and hours of trying to sleep and staring at the walls. I know there’s a rainbow at the end of my storm. God is good.

  • ryan

    I beenn taking about 4 miligram of subs for about6 months is that considered long term us. I tryed to withdrw before and i get like a feeling my central nervous system is going crazy

  • dave

    ive been on the subs off and on for about 5 yrs now, i recently just got back on the sober wagon, the best thing thats worked for me is exercising through it! It sucks bad but once u get 20 minutes into it u can actually sleep at night! Take milk thistle, its all natural and kicks out the drug faster from ur liver(since thats how evrything is processed anyway) make sense? if u do not go to meetings read ” how to quit drugs without using n.a.”. Believe me it will help wonerously

  • Kelli

    I am on Day 20 off suboxone, I just want to tell everyone that “yes it does get better” I know that you have read all of this before. In the begining I was reading all sorts of things, and I think I made myself worse. The worse was the panic attaches. I cried at everything. I had to work, but putting on make up and doing my hair was a chore, but I DID IT! I had no help or support. I didnt want anyone to know. I had long sleepless night. I tried to write in a journal, but my mind raced to much, I threw it across the room. Currently, I still have mild WDs. I am still not sleeping well, but I am sleeping better. I take a 1 a day Vitamin, and I use melatonin and it helps, I still have RLS, but way way way better. I still look for advice. I still dont know when I will feel like myself again, or even if I know what that feels like.

  • Anonymous

    adderal helps during the day

  • Kelly

    Hi guys! Today is number 5 for me coming off of 2mg subutex daily and even though I am REALLY struggling at night with flailing legs/RLS, I still feel hope is in sight. I’ve slept maybe 6 hours in the total 5 days, but finally last night I was able to sleep for 3.5 hours in a row! I am so thankful. I have been so tired of a stupid little pill controlling how I feel every day! And, not to mention the money that I am spending on it. Hey, I understand that it is still a lot less than what I used to spend on the street for opiates, but it is about progression. I know that 15 yrs of opiod abuse is not going to be easy for me to kick as I have spent the last two nights either on the toilet, bathtub in hot water, or crying for hours on end pleading for God to help me, but I have survived. I do believe that pushing myself to stay busy during the day has helped. I actually cut grass yesterday-yes pushed mowed. Did I get it all done? H*** no. But it’s there today to give me something to do. Please be strong people, You can do this if I can. I haven’t been clean for over 15-20 years. I am in no way out of the woods yet, but I be darned if that s**t is going to rule my life every day. My family deserves better from me and I deserve better of myself. I figure if I don’t lose my mind in the next week and a half from RLS, I maight just possibly kick this. STAY STRONG PEOPLE. LOOK IN YOUR EYES IN THE MIRROR EVERY DAY AND SAY OUT LOUD ” GOD LOVES ME, I LOVE ME, AND I CAN DO THIS!!!!”

  • leah

    im on day three and i really had no idear it was gonna be like this, im starting to feel crazy and my legs are aching all the time, all i want to do is get up but i have no energy.. i cant believe its gonna take so long to recover.. i pray that something will change soon…

  • Kelly

    Leah- you can do this. What are you coming off of and how many milligrams? You feel crazy because of your lack of sleep and the body aches and for me, flailing legs. I am on day 6 now and I finally slept last night. I promise you that it will get better. It always gets grim right before it gets better. I spent 3 entire nights in a hot bath, pleading for help, and I too felt I was losing my mind, but it does get better. What has helped me is getting pissed off at what this substance has done to me. Why would I want to ever touch something that can control me and make me feel like this…**** that s***!!!!!. I hate it. Let me know if I can help you. I will pray for you today and ask for His healing hand upon you. God bless and good luck. DON’T give up!!!!

  • angela

    HI everyone I have been up and down the past 4 years of my life with this I would go on subs do well then not have the money at times to get the med.then after a few days of hell i would go back and use H.just please to everyone that is going up and down this path stay on a clean path.take your subs and very slowly taper off.then after that i would get on like clonazepam or the same class of drugs to help with restless legs and mood swings then taper off this med slowly and have friends and support as well.also try to do the aa or na meetings it does help alot.also always be truthfull to your docter on how u feel and they will help u as well.stay positive and strong and try to stay active once u start to feel better too.but for myself iam doing alot better and still on subs but slowly geting off.we all can do this and also think of how much money u will be able to save as well.set goals and strive for them and stay positive.god will always be with u and get u to a clear path.godbless all

  • Kelly

    Have any of you guys found that your doctor seems like your legal dealer? I know several times I had weaned down to 2 mg/daily of Suboxone/Subutex only to leave the office, drop off my prescription and find that it is for 8mg/daily? That happened to me three times over the three yrs with my MD. Me, being an addict, would not call my MD to get the Rx straightened out, thinking “oh well, I’ll have some for back-up” and end up taking them. When he found out that I had stopped cold turkey, it seemed there was a lot of pressure to “just come in and talk w/him”. I don’t trust myself to even go “talk” fearing I’ll leave again with another Rx.

  • Kelly

    I am on day 12 of long term Subutex detox cold turkey. Can’t keep any food down. Lost 12 pounds in 12 days-down to 120lbs. Thougth watching a popular intervention tv show would be inspiring, but saw dude snorting an oxy and puked everywhere. What can I do for inspiration and what can I do for my stomach? wake up sick every morning. yuk. tired of feeling bad.

  • jo

    I am on day three feel very weak,irritable,moody as hell,lash out and very depressed but what helps is trying to keep my mind off of it and push myself threw the day. I know its horrible!! Hearing a lot of ur stories has helped I feel like I’m not alone and it makes me see light at the end of the tunnel. I been a slave to subs for about three years and can’t take it no more, I want my life back and my family deserves a clean and sober woman in there lives. I’m not sure if my w/d’s will get worse or get better but I know that alot of prayer and support will help me threw this ur not alone out there don’t give up I feel like shit right now and wish I would of never touched the shit!!! God b w us all and hang in there people. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better u gotta think like that…. God Bless!!!

  • mike

    The key to having the least amount of withdrawl from suboxone is never increasing dosage. Taper down 1 mg at a time and this is your best bet. Of course your still going to feel discomfort when you are finished with the process. You have to remember that thats just life. When your sober your never going to feel as good as when your taking something as strong as suboxone. I have found that staying in shape physically also helps a lot. Along with some support from friends and family you can do it. Prayer never hurt anyone either. Good luck to everyone.

  • Christopher Leverett

    After being on Suboxone for 15 months, I finally got mad and quit cold turkey. Nothing works. Actually there are only 2 things that work. TIME or MORE OPIATES. I went from 16mg down to 2mg and I jumped off last week. Days 3-6 were suicidally hellish. Don’t expect to sleep for 4 days straight. Of course the other typical opiate withdrawls occur like no energy, horrid anxiety, and feeling like your skin is on fire. On day 6 I got 2 hrs of sleep. Day 7, 3.5 hrs of sleep. Feeling much better, but still no energy. Today is day 9 and I feel like a human. I actually did some laundry. Last time I kicked Subox, it took about 25 days to sleep somewhat normally. NO PAIN-NO GAIN. I did it cold turkey. GodBless!

  • lovebattery

    how long was it until you were able to sleep normally without the use of any other drugs. i do find my self able to get maybe 2 hours of sleep after i get really really tired but i have to be awake for more than 24 hours to even have a chance at sleep. thats all i feel all the other symptoms have left me as i am now on day 9 however i feel like i am flying on paper wings and that sooner or later somethings going to give. i can feel everyday as i get more and more tired and still am getting no more than 2 hours of sleep at night. i know i wont feel 100 percent normal for a few months and so on with the depresion and all that which is understandable but i simply cannot last that long with the kind of sleep im getting. im not even sure why i cant sleep its not due to RLS because those symptoms are pretty much gone expect for an occasional spree of it in my arms. it would greatly calm me down and make me feel ok if i knew i was close to getting even 6 hours of sleep.

  • Homey Don’t Play That

    My personal story…Perc 30’s 4 times a day for a year, last ten days before jumping off to Suboxone went on a tear. Took Suboxone for 4 days weening down…no problem. Been 10 days without any opiates, 5 days off suboxone and I feel better every day. Day 2 and 3 slight headache…please…I’ve had worse hangovers. Run my own company, so I’m very busy and I think that helps. A slight discomfort was all I dealt with and tomorrow will be day 6 off suboxone and 11 days off opiates. I believe at this point with the low doses off suboxone I took and weening down, I should have little if any suboxone left in my system. Get your life back people, suck it up and just remember…homey don’t play that ! God Bless…see u on the slopes !!!

  • Bighed

    Hey everyone, I keep reading all these different sites looking for sucess stories that dont involve being in hell for months at a time. Ive been on Suboxone for just over a year and decided 5 days ago I was done. The first 3 days I felt nothing and thought that maybe I was gonna have some miracle bestowed upon me. Nope! Yesterday started all the w.d. symptoms that are absolutely grueling. I’ve maybe got a couple hours of sleep, But my energy level is beyond low. Throwing in the fact that I have a 5 yr old, a 3 yr old, and a 8 month old, that I stay at home and watch, Im starting to think I can’t do it. I have an appt. set up for the 20th for my refill but I really dont want to get back on em, Just to go through this crap later on. I hope all of us find strength to pull through and get back to being normal again.

  • Joe Relief

    I cannot seem to get thru the initial Hours to get to where it is possible to take the Subs? I waited as long as I could 7-11 hours, I then Took small amounts of Subs, The More i Took of the Subs, Eventually I would be Hit with Monster Waves of Rushing WithDrawls, My God, I thought my Body was going to Explode from the inside out, it is like you want out of your body, But you Cant! I couldnt get any relief, I sit in my floor and rocked and rocked and rocked, no chair, just sitting on the floor, I paced the entire length of my house so many times, I dont even know what I was Doing. But Why didnt the Sub give me Relief when i was in Horrible, Death Producing Thoughts and Feelings? I said Fruck this, and Broke down and went and Got my Roxi’s, When I took 2 of them it took a while but eventually I was able to Relax Somewhat, My Body was Screwed up for 3 days following that Failed Attempt with the Subs, If you can take the Subs without Probs, Then More Power to you, But maybe It just isnt going to help me, Which I was really hoping it would, I have had it with all the Med stuff, But ?? I really dont know anymore!

    Thanks To All,

    Joe R,

  • Rseitz21

    Reading everyone’s individual story somewat comforts me as im on day 5 of no suboxone. I’ve been an addict for 4 years with perks, vikes, oxy’s. I was introduced to subs abt 1 year and a half ago. At first i thought they were great they completely got me off of all the pills with no lingering effects. Here i sit today in my bathtub getting a scolding hot bath to help calm me down. These suboxone doctors are money hungry frauds who mislead very vonabale individuals who are looking for help. Reading everyone’s post only make me more angry simply because my doctor had told me a 8 month sub cycle would take care of it all, life would be great, no withdrawals, no more cravings. I find everything he told me is the complete opposite. I will fight and get thru this but i really feel bad for the people like me out there going on 4 days without a wink of sleep. My mind races, I’ve been gettin suicidal thoughts, im so antsy at time i literally don’t know wat to
    Do with myself. I have zero energy and just want to feel normal again. God bless everyone living the daily hell i am!

  • hope

    i have been a opiate user for 6 years and the subs really work with only one pill i came off opiates i took half the first day and the secound day i took one quarter and i did the same the third day and i am doing good its been 8 days that i am off the subs,
    its all in the mind if you really want to do it you can be strong and dont think of it,


  • Eli

    I feel the same way as Joe relief up there^
    I’ve been battling with this addiction for close to 7 years now. When I first heard about subs I thought it sounded like an awesome idea and there was a few times when I jumped from dope to subs painlessly but no matter what I do this time around the subs just make the wd’s worse so I end up using to shake the dope sick. Right now I am at the 36 hour mark from my last true opiate use. And it was h super fast acting most people can dose subs at the 12 hour mark fine. I waited till the 30 hour mark until I was so sick I literally thought it can’t get worse. I took 4mg of sub it got worse. Just mega wd’s dripping fluids from both ends and convulsing rocking back an forth I almost went and picked up but I’m writhing this instead. Please get better soon

  • Albie

    I’ve been checking out everyone’s story and some pulled me thru.Ive been on subs for 4yrs and that was a switch off methadone so all in all I went from heroin,methadone,suboxne all in 11yrs.7dome,4subs and haven’t relapsed till now…long story short I couldn’t afford subs any longer so I took a month off to detox at is day 5 and I cheated all 5 days with today being the only day I had subs in my system since sunday?i plan on doing it w/out any subs/dope here on out?the reason I went back to dope was to bypass the taper that I never did! I don’t no why I went back to subs today,but I did but won’t make that same mistake 2moro!i tossed what I had left?I keep telling myself that I kicked dome twice I can do this but when u wake up in the morn if u do get any sleep it is hell!!I’m using clonidine 2x a day vitimans,ambiens,IBP800 I’ll be back to post on tues…Goodluck to all who gotta go thru this bulshit,I dnt no what could be worst but remember there always is something!!GOD bless

  • Low

    Help Please – I am about to enter a five day long in-patient opiate detox program which uses Suboxone. I’ve been on opiate pain meds for years. I have been told by the detox center that they use Suboxone to ease you through withdrawal and then wean you off of Suboxone – in five days. They have further told me that when I leave after five days I will be off all opiates as well as Suboxone and that I will no longer have any *physical* withdrawal symptoms at all. Please help me with your comments. Does this seem reasonable ???

  • melissa

    Today is day 8 for me off of subs. I took them for 6 years. Today is the worst the wd’s have been so far. I hope they get better tomorrow, cause this sucks.

  • Ton

    I’m at day 7 and can’t take it anymore….have a sub right next to me bc I just want to feel good again..the only thing stopping me is that I don’t want to go thru this again down the road….not sure which way this is gonna go

  • aubrey

    im on day 8 of coming off of sub. ive been taking hydro, xanax, and otc supplements to help with the symptons. the xanax and potassium help the best i can sleep at night and during the day i dont feel to bad. ive quit before cold turkey and the worst was not sleeping at night i decided this time i couldnt do that. i have a one year old daughter and she isnt going to suffer due to her mom being irritable and going through withdrawls. i have looked everywhere for home remedies and found thomas recipe. this is what im doing and i think it helps. taking natural vitamins and potassium helps with the rls. this is the last day im taking hydro only been taking 5 miligrams two times a day. it helps take the edge off. i hope all of you have success on quitting. it is very hard to do but i rather feel sick for a few weeks then to have my whole life be consumed by any drugs. my beautiful daughter gives me strength everyday. good luck to all of you.

  • Bizzle

    I’ ‘ll tell you what going through as from sub after 4 days without is much worse than going through opiate or heroin as, and this shit is supposed to help.

  • mike a.

    i have a family member going through the same except he says hes dependant on subutex and other drugs. the dr. just keeps suppling him. we have gone through several detox centers and over 100,000.00 dolars stolen and now out of work. no insurance for him. he threatens my wife and i . what do we do?

  • Thomas

    Day 2 off bup’s cut down over the months 1/2 of a 1mg then weeks of a quarter then just a piece. I am having a little panic want to get off:(!! These things are expensive and after being on oxi’s for several years I just want to be done! It effects me I am 56 years old, once I started the bup’s I never did the oxi’s again!!!!

    It’s hell it used to be fun until it was costing me 100’s of dollars a month!!

    I have lorazapam, u will need something and be somewhere peaceful where one understands!!!!! God bless each one of u!!

  • Amy

    Hello to all the brave hearts trying to nix Suboxone.
    My husband has been clean of opiates and Suboxone for almost 2 years now.
    I am still dragging on in year 3 of Suboxone.
    I am VERY VERY afraid of what tomorrow will bring.
    I seen exactly what wd did to my husband who did it cold turkey and it was nofun let me tell ya. If your taking care of someone going through wd from Suboxonep pleaseremember that they may say and do things that they dont mean and you. May feel scared at times but stick it out with them…..unless it gets to were you fear for your life.
    My husband took months until he felt normal again. This is what we did to our bodies. My husband will never go back to using…especially subs because he always remembers what he went through. I think Thats why we have to feel that discomfort… we refuse to live through it again.
    Im hoping to get through ok…but Im scared. I will tell you this, if you have kids especially young one as i do, its better they are not around if at all possible because the devil inside will yell at whom ever is around.
    And you will be able to relax better when your not worrying about stuff.
    Good luck everyone…you can do it….lets do this together

  • Sickofbeingsick

    Last roxy Christmas day after 7 years of that and suboxine !!! It has really messed me up from the personality of extreme mood swings and being dependent on something to get thru the day, the money omg the money spent could have had a down payment for home of our own. Had 4 subs day after Xmas which lasted me until jan 19 when I took last tiny peice. Started w/d about 12 hrs later and progressively got worse and by Tuesday I couldn’t control my spasms in legs and felt sweaty and cold and couldn’t sleep either. A small dose of 5 mg Xanax did help me but I was determined to get over the hump and I did!!! Day 3 now feeling a bit better I am now gonna try and drink alot of water and Gatorade to help hydrate my achey legs ! But I must say only you yourself w the help of God who is inside of each and everyone of us can do this and w pure determination of your higher self the soul of who u truly r will get u thru the darkness and into the light I promise u that!!!! God bless u and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone suffering thru this and just remember u too have the will inside of u to get thru!!!! Love to all

  • Nick

    Everyone, you don’t need to suffer so much as you may be suffering. Kratom is the answer… trust me.

    Day 4, just about to be Day 5, Kratom.. I can’t say how much it has helped immensely and how no one has mentioned it.

  • Becky

    I’ve been on soboxone for 3 yrs, today will be my 2nd while day without, I’m terrified of what is to come next in this hell! So far the cold sweats and the anxiety ontop of the already there anxiety and the horrible leg cramps has been the worse! All yalls stories has given hope, and inspired me to keep going! For you fits that posted months ago I hope everything went well and you were able to rid this demon from your life, and for you still trying I wish you all the luck, strength, and the patients that you need to finish this journey with success!

  • Matt

    Hey guys, going the same shit as everyone else trying to get off of subs. Been on oxy’s , subs and whatever else for 5 years. furthest i’ve ever gotten in my clean spree was 45 days. I’m only on day 3 and feel exactly like i know i should, like complete shit! I really am so fed up with spending sooooo much money and having to search for, stress out over and get sick over these damn pills. I know after 45 days last time i tried to get clean i only did it because i was in jail. This time it’s becuase of my own will power to be clean and free from all the BS that comes with depending on a drug. It’s the same cycle over and over while you keep using. I have goals and I know the only way i can obtain them is to quit all drugs forever and that is what i have to do and will try my hardest no matter what. Everyone here knows exactly what I am talking about. Yeah i feel like hell but I am going to get through this because i want to actually LIVE the rest of my life. Anyways, good luck to everyone and myself. I know of no easy way to do this but to just think of it as a life or death situation because truly that’s what it is. Thank you for every one who has posted on their situation, every little bit helps and to know your not alone in your fight. I pray for everyone here.

  • Wise owl

    Hey everyone. My last suboxone dose was 5 days ago, 4mg. However, prior to jumping, I pumped my body full of mega doses of amino acids, and it has made this withdrawal 10000x easier.

    I recommend the following:
    2500-3000 mgs of L-Tyrosine in the morning on an empty stomach, combined with 500 mgs of L-Agenine and an Omega 3-6-9. Wait 45 mins and take 500 mgs of GABA. Do this 3 times per day, along with an Advil and a good multivitamin , and some water. You’ll have natural energy, you won’t have the chills, sweats, or leg cramping, or yawns. Take some Immodium for your stomachs if you have issues there.

    At night take GABA, Melatonin, and Valerian Root.. Go to sleep between 12am-1:30am, and you can easily stay asleep until 8 or 9am.

    Take some 5HTP and St Johns Wart to help with the low mood and anxiety. Keep in mind that the reason your body is going through hell is because you have damaged your neurotransmitters in your brain, that regulate everything from pain, pleasure, depression, anxiety, sleep-wake, etc. you need to help your body repair these. Did you know that a doctor can tell by a urine sample if you’re on an opiate just by the amount of amino acids in your pee? This is because when you’re on opiates your body discards them, and over time you end up damaging your entire nervous system.

    Ever notice how after you became addicted to opiates that you lost interest in the little things that used to make you happy : music, concerts, the beach, bubble bath, etc. that is because your neurotransmitters are damaged and have forgotten how to make you feel pleasure naturally. Fix it with amino acids.

    Again, start pumping your body with nutrients before your detox if you can.

    No other method has worked for me like this. I feel happy, have energy, I can sleep, all while my body repairs itself through detox. Of course, you aren’t going to feel 100% and that’s. probably because we never were 100% and that’s why we started using in the first place. You can conquer addiction, rebuild your brain, and always remember to cultivate your spirit through prayer, reflection, and meditation.

    Best of luck to all of us. God bless

  • Sherrikay

    I’ve been reading all of these posts, I’ve been taking sub for 7 yrs, today is day 3 with none, I feel like shit, my body aches, I may have to take one, I’m so impressed with anyone who beat this……….

  • angie

    This has been my 6th day with no opiates and my 6th day on 8 mil.grams of suboxone the first night I could not sleep and did not want to take any thing in fear it might get me sick or kill me! I have been on and off 750 mil. of vicodin (mostly on) for 7 years I never exceeded over 10 per day most of the time I would keep it down to 6 per day thinking I had it under control, well I was wrong when I tried to stop after the 3rd day with out opioids I started bleeding wile I was having severe diarrhea that scared the hell out of me and I took my self to the hospital only to find out I was having narcotic with draws duah! Well long story short I got some good advice from a ex user and suboxone worked for her and I know it will work for me the trick is do not take it for to long stat weaning your self off it slowly I do not plan on doing this longer than two months yes I know I will have some bad days but 50% of overcoming this habit is will power, ask your doctor for ativan for anxiety it will clam you down and help you sleep it is also safe to take with suboxone God Bless you all and I pray for your recovery to be safe ans successful

  • stan h

    Hey, im glad to see i am not alone in this crazy stuff. I have been on subs for 3 yrs to get off of oxys. Now im trying to kick this sub habit as well. I also feel like the doctor is just a legal dealer. This is day 3 n i am feeling really irritable alot of anxiety rls which sux i keep punching my leg to make it stop. cant eat dont want to be around noone very depressed plus i have no support because my mom n stepdad say u dont get withdrawal from subs i got so mad i wanted to break his jaw even tho i have no energy to do it. its like the people that never experienced what we addicts go through have no idea. It is easy to say u get no withdrawal n u can just stop cold turkey if they never went through it i dont know what to do i have no support.. Is there anything to help the withdrawal process easier? I would really appreciate it.

  • jean

    i feel the same way i am angry with these doctor for not telling the reality of this drug.

  • jean

    I am 15 days off of these and my legs still hurt my depressing sky rocketed but it is what it is

  • Gracey Meyer

    Suboxone is a terrible addictive drug. it is ruining my son and my husbands lives. They run out and the withdrawal is horrible. My son cannot get out pf bed because he hurts so bad, and he cries or gets very antsy. Then he finds more subs and all is well until he runs out again. it is a very vicious cycle. This drug was invented to make drug companies rich because once you are on them, you never want to stop and the doctors who prescribe them are money hungry too. Most do not take insurance and the visits range from $375 a month. It is crazy. I have yet to meet anyone who has successfully been able to beat the addiction to Suboxone.

  • google

    Great post. I’m dealing with some of these issues as well..

  • Kevin

    my son is haveing bad withdrawls from suboxone
    hospitals will do nothing. hs last dr dropped him after 1 relapse. so we are on our own I am going to try “wise owl’s” thank you for your site

  • ashley27

    I was an oxycontin addict for two years and went on methadone for about two years. My doctor then actually diagnosed with fibromyalgia and will not let me work for two years. she suggested suboxone so i agreed! I know have been completely off suboxone for 3 weeks and the first week was just hell but hang in there guys it does honestly get a lot better! life with out addiction reminds me of how much of me i lost! so just a little word of advice don’t give up ever because a life with an addiction is not a life at all.

  • ashley27

    kevin*** some things that really helped me through were herbal teas like chamomile and sleepy time herbal tea. tylenol cold and flu night were my bestfriend for the first week taking away a lot of muscle discomfort and aches. I am prescribed an anti anxiety which is clonazepam and that really helps with the overwhelming feeling of ” its never going to end and that you absoloutely need something to help” hope your son feels better!

  • mel

    Im off suboxone, day 4. Been taking it for 3years now and tapered down to 1-2 mg a day. The worst for me is irritability and depression. I don’t feel like the same person. I have a sickening love affair with subs.I feel like Im never going o get better because I’ve tried so much and failed. I can’t go to rehab, I have a family to take care of. I wish this wasn’t so hard.

  • Michelle

    I was on Suboxone for nearly 8 years and other opiates for 2 years before that. I started Suboxone at 16 mg and stayed at that for the first 4 years then decided on my own, to taper to 8mg, which is where I stayed years 5-8. At the end of August 2014 I decided I was just going to quit cold turkey because I knew my Dr. never had any intentions of EVER encouraging me to get off and I was just sick of the rat race and money trap! Not to mention the fact I gradually morphed into another version of myself while on suboxone, one I didn’t like at all or recognize (emotionless, sexless, and taking absolutely no pleasure in things I thoroughly enjoyed nearly my entire life….I was merely a zombie, just going through the motions). I also knew tapering wasn’t going to be an option for me because the minute I started feeling the slightest bit of discomfort, if I had something that was going to make me feel better (knowing myself very well), I’d just take a “little” more until I felt “normal” again; and the taper would be sabotaged in its tracks.
    So I just never refilled my 30 day script at the end of August and my journey began. Trust me, it was not easy, but I’m now 47 days clean and feeling better by the day. I don’t think it does any good to find out exact details regarding the acute withdrawal process (which I admit I mistakenly searched the internet, over and over and over, for the magical answer of when it would end……which only led to sites that had me reading long forum threads of peoples HORRIBLE experiences that lasted months and months), so I’m going to keep it very general by saying that days 1-7 I just slightly felt “off” (had a lot of sub stacked in my system so it took a LONG time for the withdrawals to hit full force), was extremely tired and felt like something was missing….I literally felt like I had a “void” in the center of my body. Days 8-15 were pretty bad physically and mentally, but got ever so slightly better days 16-34. Day 35 was a noticeable turning point for the long anticipated return of about 70% of my energy and ability to fully focus on things.
    Hind sight being 20/20, I now understand there was never going to be a “right” time for me to quit. I am a 44 year old mother and grandmother. During this process, I was taking care of my 5 and 7 yr old grandchildren full time so my 8 month pregnant daughter could finish college. I worked full time, and am the main “doer” in my household. My husband knew what I was going through and stepped up to help make dinner and get the grandkids homework done and a few other minimal things (but that was about it). But from 5 pm when I got home until their bedtime the next morning, they were my responsibility 100%.
    I literally missed only 1 day of work during this process. I wasn’t as productive at work, but I made it. Thank goodness I have a desk job with an office, because it would have been much harder if I had to physically exert myself and interact with people all day. I also never took any meds to help counteract any of the symptoms I was going through so I maybe suffered a little stronger unnecessarily, but I was being very stubborn and determined not to put another pill back in my body (I don’t think I could have stomached it anyway because I had a terrible aversion to pills during this process and gained a gag reflux like I’ve NEVER had… my body was rejecting anything not natural).
    I will say what kick started my ability to eat again was some medical marijuana that I was able to obtain from a relative. Because up to this point I had lost 16 lbs, I smoked a little around day 12 and 13 and was able to get some food down and able to sleep for a few hours on those nights. But I really didn’t 100% like how it made me feel, plus it aggravated my allergies (which I wasn’t taking medicine for during this process) so that was the end of that (a side note though: I am totally now an advocate of medical marijuana as I experienced first-hand the positive effects it can have on someone who cannot function properly… takes away pain, anxiety and helps tremendously with nausea and loss of appetite as well as aids in being able to fall asleep). I tried some melatonin during the worst of it; which did help me fall asleep but I woke up feeling like my brain was being zapped, so I never took it again. Basically I just suffered through it naturally.
    I’m still dealing with lack of motivation, boredom, I wake up at 5 am EVERY DAY not matter what time I go to bed (which is very bizarre and annoying), and some stomach issues. But I keep reminding myself of all the symptoms I NO LONGER have; rather than the ones I STILL have, and it really puts it in perspective and makes it much easier to push forward. I feel like I’ve definitely come out on the other side and will NEVER go back. This journey is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but probably one of the most gratifying because not only did I succeed, but I quit cold turkey from extremely LONG term use at a dose that is 32 times higher than the recommended dose that most people will jump from; all while working a fulltime job and taking care of my family! It was no walk in the park, but with sheer perseverance and a positive attitude, it can be done!!!!

  • Vicki

    I was on sub’s for over a year and quit cold turkey 9 days ago I feel better now but it has been miserable. I felt fine the first 3 days and then the bad WD started to hit me. Now it us day 9 and actually slept all day today first good sleep I have had in a week. I feel a lot better now just having severe back pain, and really bad restless legs at night

  • Justin

    Hello everyone on here. I have been taking subs now for a little over 3 months and just stopped today. My head hurts I have had no sleep and I’m just so over not having any energy. Is there any detox remedies I can take or do I just need to stick this out and let the drug just come out on its own? I thought about going to the gym and sweating it out in the sauna. Will that help speed up the process of the drug getting out of my system. I do not have rest less leg syndrome as I do know from past experiences of getting off opiates and how bad that truly sucks. Is there something none addicting I can take to get s good nights sleep so I’m not waking up every 10 minutes wondering when I will actually sleep? If there is anyone out there who can help it would be greatly appreciated. I just want my normal life back without the use of a drug that makes me feel normal.

  • Justin

    I continue to have hot and cold flashes and can’t seem to shake this. I know its only been a day but how long will this last till I feel normal again and sleep again like a normal human being? Anyone listening please help

  • Michelle


    You were on it for a short period, so I can’t imagine it will last too long for you (that’s been my reading experience). My sleep got better after about 20 days, but I was on 8 mg for 7 years and stopped cold turkey at that dose. The lack of sleep was nearly maddening to me because I still had to get up every morning and go to work and take care of my family….which was much harder when you only get 2 hours of broken sleep for a week or so straight (and wake up in a pool of gross sweat about 5 times…ewwww, I couldn’t stand that). I’m almost 60 days out and the only lingering symptoms I have are some digestive issues, can’t sleep past 5 am (but I can now go to sleep at any time and sleep through the night….I just make sure I don’t stay up too late) and a slight lack of energy/motivation. It does get better by the day…just take one day at a time and embrace when you have good moments and just know the bad will soon be replaced with good. Don’t stay on it long term, I don’t think it’s needed, IMHO and will make it much harder to come off of. You can do this, just think of it as having the flu and there’s nothing you can do except push through.

    Depending on the dose you quit at, I suspect you should be feeling better in a couple of weeks.

  • Jesse Boudoin

    You should have never taken that last dose of Suboxone. I quit Suboxone using heroin once. I would not recommend it, but it helped for me. Although, I took the heroin for 6 weeks after quitting Suboxone and then I weaned down on the heroin, considerably. Then, I still detoxed for nearly 2 weeks, but totally doable. I didn’t sleep much the first week, but I should of taken a benzo or clonidine.

    Check out my tips for tapering off Suboxone…

  • Mammyack

    I know this post is old, but I felt compelled to give
    some words of encouragement. Trust me, if their will is strong enough, they can
    beat it. I was on it for 7+ years…..inducted at 16 mg, then tapered
    myself to 12, then to 8 where I stayed for about 4 years. I felt really
    nothing dropping those amounts, however, I had had enough and decided to cold
    turkey it from the 8mg on August 26, 2014. I knew my Dr. had no
    intentions of ever “forcing” me to take the leap off this medicine, and
    honestly, reading the forums trying to find the magic information to help me
    break free from this medicine, is what kept me chained to this medicine so
    long……I was terrified of the withdrawals….I didn’t have time for it (so I
    suggest keeping them off the forums where people describe all the craziness
    they will go through…..just look at it like it’s a terrible flu and there’s
    nothing that can be done about it except to let it run its course).

    I personally couldn’t successfully taper
    because the minute I started feeling discomfort, I’d just take more
    (although it works for many). I was really just at a pivotal point
    where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and knew the subs were
    killing me physically, emotionally, and spiritually (I had lost any and
    all interests I had in life and felt I was merely existing). I
    had a script at the pharmacy that I never filled and had a couple left
    that I flushed. It wasn’t easy and the drawn out withdrawals are a
    mental & physical roller coaster, but now at nearly 90 days, the
    only lingering issues I have are some digestive problems (which is actually
    just my body reversing the effects of everything being backed up for so long
    while on Sub….so I’ll take it) and an intermittent slight lack of
    motivation (but I attribute that to the cold weather hitting us so hard and
    soon….I’ve always had a slight bout of seasonal depression….so I’m sure
    that will remedy itself come spring). I only missed one day of work and I
    did this while taking care of my 2 young grandchildren everyday (5 and
    7). I also decided not to take any other medication to help with the
    withdrawals….I wanted my body to be completely void of any
    pharmaceuticals… I’m pretty sure I suffered a little more than I probably
    had to. I will be completely honest, about 2.5 weeks in, I did get
    some medicinal marijuana from someone, which helped with the nausea and allowed
    me to finally eat and get some well needed sleep. I only did this 3 times
    to get me through the roughest patch. I’m not an advocate of recreational
    use, but for medicinal purposes I’m now a strong advocate.

    They will go through all
    the things that people describe, but there is light at the end of the
    tunnel. And most importantly, I never had the urge to
    relapse….actually I had the opposite happen. I wanted nothing
    “poisonous” in my body and have started eating much healthier and
    plan on starting to work out very soon. And it feels so liberating and freeing
    to cut ties with this little orange film that literally ran my life for 7 years!
    I now go to bed at a decent time, sleep all through the night, get up early
    refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes my way. Oh, and I lost 20 of the
    pounds I gained while on Subs and have kept it off and am losing more
    weekly. So in closing, yes it’s rough, but the rewards far outweigh the
    discomfort they will go through for about 30 days or so. I’m cheering
    them on!

  • Gracey Meyer

    My son and my husband are both addicted to suboxone and it is awful. We are in financial trouble because of the cost of the doctor visits and the cost of the pills. My son was off them for two weeks and swears he never started to feel better, pain, body hurts, crying, so he started up again. You are right, the doctor will never taper him off of them because they make thousands of dollars a day from these people. He also has a terrible problem with constipation and can only go every 4 or 5 days. I am at the end of my rope watching my son and my husband be a slave to a pill, it is ruining our lives and I do not know how to convince hin he has to stop. I was addicted to speed twice and both times had to quit cold turkey. it was not a pleasant thing and it did hurt. I still get cravings, but I have been clean from speed for 7 years and if someone offered me some today I would turn it down. We cannot afford rehab and I wouldn’t be able to get my son to go anyway. It is sad when doctors just want to make so much money they keep prescribing them month after month and they are off label for pain because my son was hurt in an accident at work, breaking his hip and fracturing his back. I know they do not work to help pain because my son is still in pain. it is just a mess and I cannot stand to see my son slowly growing away and distant due to his addiction. Thank you for your story, I am going to have my son read it. Please pray.

  • duckman0605

    That’s because you were only on suboxone for a few days. (to get off of regular opiates) If you’ve been on suboxone for more than 3 years it’s extremely hard to come off.

  • dgray15

    so I’m on day6 of sub detox, nothing in 6 days….today i did one bag of h, haven’t dun h at all in 2+ wks….u think this will affect my sub withdrawal, make it longer or worse? i jus couldn’t take it anymore now I’m like, fuck should i have dun it. it did relieve my withdrawals for a while….

  • Bill Bradford

    I have been an addict for now 10 years. I have been to rehab. I actually got on Suboxone in 2005 right when it came out. It has been a terrible road a life of pills and cocaine finally beat the alchol by doing Suboxone it just made me lose my craving. I got back on perks/oxy and 10/325 about 13 a day. Went back got back on Suboxone I do beleive in prayer and I do have faith but this drug is wicked the devil himself made this crap. I am down to a 1/4 strip I am ready to be drug free just want to wake up being who I once was. I am close. I changed my diet on a heavy regiment of vitamins and only certain foods I trying it a nutrinolist way. I will let you know in 30 days were I am at. I know I will do it. Have to this time.

  • A.Knight

    Thank you! Your story is exactly what I needed to hear. I won’t be back on the forums and I’m gonna do this. I’m on day 3 now and not looking back.

  • amanda campbell

    Hi everyone

  • amanda campbell

    hi everyone 12 year back i was put on methadone, i dont even know why i let myself get spoke into it as i was clean from herion for 3 year but i was feeling vulnreable at the time due to unforseen circumstances. I started reducing but got stuck on 18ml and my counceller suggested i went on the suboxine i started at 12mg and for the 1st time in along time i suddenly felt as if i was looking through clear eyes, i had a sudden burst off energy, my bones stopt aching the thing i didnt like was no matter how tierd i felt i couldnt sleep and find it really hard to keep on weighjt apart from that everything had been great .. I started reducing on the suboxine at 2mg a month and my counceller was right they were easier to reduce from until got to 2mg 3 weeks back which i am struggeling with further more next week i am supposed to start takeing a 2mg 1 day then miss a day i am freaking now because i have came so far and thought that was me nearly finished living that life, i have been doing so welll takeing my driving lessons and getting stuck into the house and back on top form with the kids and the school routine, but been on the 2mg really isnt giving me that same feeling i dont ever want to live that life again and been stuck on medication the rest of my life. I want to wake up and feel normal and give my kids the best of me what they deserve they didnt ask to be brought into this world. People may judge and say why have kids if that was the way you were living, but thats the way things turned out and i am so blessed to have my kids, i want for them never to know that part of my life, i want what all parents want for their kids, to give them the best in in life and to give them the best of me but how am i going to do that with all that i have read and heard about withdrawing from suboxine i have googeled it looked on you-tube and all i hear is it can take months even years to be normal that the pain is terrible.So is my only option is to stay on them forever i cant go into rehab i am a single mother i would never leave my kids. So i know i put myself in this position but believe me i am doing my all to make it right.So ye am scared. My counceller has been great and i wouldnt have got this far without her help but it is the after the programme is finished that scares me, i only want to live a normal life and enjoy my time with my kids, family and friends.TO ALL YOU THAT HAVE WON THIS BATTLE WELL DONE.. AND TO ALL YOU FIGHTING I HOPE AND PRAY YOU ALL BEAT IT…. WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST AND I WILL NOT STOP FIGHTING IT UNTIL I AM RID OF IT ALL FOR GOOD Thank you for youre time xxx

  • Mammyack

    How are you doing? I’m almost 6 mos out and feel great! I pray you were able to stick it out.

  • A.Knight

    Thanks for your concern.Im about 2 1/2 weeks without Suboxone and still don’t have lots of energy but things are getting better day to day.This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.Suboxone seemed to always put me in a good mood so the hardest thing for me is to stay positive every day and enjoy life.I know it will get better with time or I certainly hope so. Thanks again.

  • Mammyack

    You are almost there. I quit cold turkey at a high dose (8mg) long term (7 years) so I’m sure mine drug out a little longer (and I took nothing to help with the symptoms). I started feeling better every day at about the 3 week mark….I would have good days and bad days for about the next 2 weeks or so, but it was definitely not like it was at the starting point. I now take a very good multi-vitamin to help with energy and motivation and it works well. You’ll feel so much better soon! I’ll keep sending good thoughts your way.

  • A.Knight

    Thank you very much and any help will be greatly appreciated.Im trying to get back in the gym like I use to be and live a healthy life once more.I use to enjoy exercise before I became addicted so maybe once my energy gets back to normal I’ll enjoy exercise again. Thanks again and I look forward to any tips or words of encouragement you may have.

  • john

    Hey, I was put on suboxone for migraines and have been on it for months. Now without it I feel terrible. So I found a place that does a rapid detox from suboxone. Where the put you to sleep and flush it out. I have the procedure next week. So we will see how it goes.

  • Not giving up

    I have been on suboxone since October of 2014 and have been taking about 12 milligrams a day since. I was just recently kicked out of the clinic I have going to with only 2 eight milligram strips left. I have cut them up into small pieces and am going to taper best I can. I have decided to open a blog to chronicle my journey through this hellish nightmare because if there is one thing I know it is this….I will not go back to using opiates. I am so done with that lifestyle, I cannot do it again. I went through hell for two months just getting use to the suboxone…. I still had sweats, no energy, freezing cold while sweating to death, but I did not use. If I could do it then, I will do it now. If anyone out there wants to know what a honest truthful suboxone detox is like, please follow my blog. I am going to see my normal Dr. tomorrow to see about getting some Ambien for sleep help, plus for some reason it also helps with the sweating. Vitamin B6 will help with energy and just in case better have some Imodium on hand. I also stocked up on Gatorade and sweet tea so we can stay hydrated. My blog is at

  • terri

    Thank you.. this was just what I needed to read.. on day 5 of suboxone /subutex withdrawal. . Really it kinda feels like a cold.. oh plus minimum sleep, only able to eat yogurt and drink smoothies But on the upside I am starting to actually feel the hope not just agree to it.. i see the light and I want what others have … freedom. I hope I am on the upswing starting tomorrow. . It will be a beautiful weekend..excited to feel again . Thank you thank you..

  • TheOtherGal

    Hello All. I know that there are a lot of people asking about the use of Suboxone. whether it’s getting off of it, getting on it, tapering, how long does it take to be able to take again after opiates or vice versa. I am not here to give you a long story but I gone through ALONE what many of you are and really felt the need to help with a long story SHORT the ones that are like me. I will give you a long story short to Explain my situation first for the ones that are not in pain from the withdrawals of Suboxone or Opiates.. Come back & read it later after you feel better. I understand you. I know it hurts to read through all of this to find NO answers. I was there, too! The second part labeled #2 is for you. I know you are in pain & hunting for help… These are the facts of what I have personally done & it worked. Before I begin please read my warning. It is there because it’s REAL! It needs to be looked at before ANYTHING I say! It is SERIOUS and YES, a BIG deal.

    WARNING Note to ALL: I am not a Doctor, I am not medically fit to advise you. I do NOT condone anything illegal because YES it is wrong. There are a reason why they have laws. Laws are meant to protect BOTH You & Others. I am not here to say it’s OK to do something or telling you to break the law or not see a doctor. I advice for you to NOT break the law & PLZZZ see your Doctor. Honesty is the BEST way you can go & it will take you far. I know there are some in strange circumstances… I am here to try & help you. I wish I would have ran into something real on here when I needed it instead of a bunch of… BS. Remember, everyone’s body & past lifestyle is different… what may have worked for me… May not work for you… Please see a doctor first & foremost!

    I am writing all of this based on my personal experiences, alone & with my integrity. Those that do not know what integrity is… here it is. It is a value & law that you have formed in your life from your own experiences. If you have done something & it did not work but you are telling people it did… That is not integrity.

    To Start, I am 36 years old… almost 37. I have Chronic HEP C & have had it for sometime, now. :( Did it to myself… I am living with my choices. I am a past addict. My DOC was heroin. I was on Heroin & Meth for many years. 8 Ball a day. It was all ( except at first) IV drug use. I weigh 120 lbs. and I am 5′ 4″. YES, this matters! Today, my life is different & I never want to go back to that. Since then married & 2 kids…Home & a LONG checklist of stuff I had to fix and I still working on. Off Heroin for 7 years! That’s LONG , SHORT!!

    Email me if you need help! I will help you. If looking for a good rehab ( if you really want to stop)… Narcanon in Harington, TX or wherever is closest! They are GREAT! Withdrawals GONE in 2 weeks!!! I Swear to you! Amazing! Drugless, too!

    If your not ready to stop, don’t waste your money but please be safe …but don’t wait to long… It’s OK my friend. There are people that are right where you are! Be strong.. when you can!

    Part 1) For the ones not in Pain… Continues from the top… Meaning >>> ( integrity = Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. It is generally a personal choice to uphold oneself to consistently moral and ethical standards.[1]
    In ethics, integrity is regarded by many people as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. Integrity can stand in opposition to hypocrisy,[2] in that judging with the standards of integrity involves regarding internal consistency as a virtue, and suggests that parties holding within themselves apparently conflicting values should account for the discrepancy or alter their beliefs.
    The word integrity evolved from the Latin adjective integer, meaning whole or complete.[3] In this context, integrity is the inner sense of “wholeness” deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character. As such, one may judge that others “have integrity” to the extent that they act according to the values, beliefs and principles they claim to hold.
    A value system’s abstraction depth and range of applicable interaction may also function as significant factors in identifying integrity due to their congruence or lack of congruence with
    observation. A value system may evolve in a while, [4] while retaining integrity if those who espouse the values account for and resolve inconsistencies.[

    I stopped heroin 7 years ago. it was hard but asked for help ( My first time…as I do love my family & never wanted them to see me that way. I was an Escort to support my HUGE habit. Took advantage of myself & others.. One day I wanted to stop. I was ” Tired”. The hustle to not get sick, the BS you have to deal with .. WOW. It after YEARS finally just caught up with me. I made my first call in years to my family that did not even know if I was still living or not to ask for help.

    Important~ If you are on dope… Please don’t hurt your family by bringing them into your habit. No, you more than likely do not feel like they love you. It’s not that though… at least was not for me. they just did not know how to stop me. ( My family, Military, Church Going, Hard on you to be a good person.. Impossible to please.. but there after all) Keep away from hurting them! Give everyone that loves you that respect.. I did. I moved away! Far away….even went under a different name.

    They will possibly be the only ones there for you later… If you still have them.. ME , I was lucky.. It took a few calls & active searching. The rehab called them for me.. when all failed. Then, I got help. They started thinking I was really.. possibly serious. I Missed my plane to get there 3x. I did not do it on purpose but I feel I was maybe scared and.. it just happened that way. I got there, though. I was terrified! Alone. I never even saw my family until after I was done 3 months after!

    I did great in re-hab. I wanted to be there, though. THAT is the KEY! They were AMAZING & gave me these vitamins & a drink made of magnesium, Calcium, apple vinegar & water. It made the vitamins BLOW up through my body. 2 weeks my withdrawals were GONE!!! ALL of them!! I learned while I was there that most withdrawals are merely a vitamin issue & lack there of! YUP! I will post at sometime that drink for anyone that needs it… Just message me!

    Well, this past two years have been hell, being an old addict I had a lot of fixing to do. 10 years on Heroin.. 8 on Meth & the other 8 before Many other things…Acid, cocaine, you name it. Ketamine & all.. IN MY SYSTEM. I lost 18 years of my life! I only really remember 1/3 of it.. lots of regret, man! If you understand this, we can talk just Email me. I have found ways to cope with it all. I will never be 100% ” Normal”… But I am ME & I am a good person. That is what matters today!

    Well, surgery after surgery, Hep C & All! OMG. My ” Bad Behavior” Caught up with me. It will eventually! You are not exempt. I felt I was. It was part of the lie I told myself for years!

    Here come the pain Meds. I needed them. I was in so much pain. Honestly. Appendix ruptured split wide open & other major surgeries similar! CRAZY stuff! It just did not stop. I healed from one another happened. this is life sometimes but it put me in a ” circumstance”.

    I became addicted again. I knew it when I ran out & tried searching for them found them & LIED. I caught myself! I said that no I am never going back! I went to my doctor & was honest. My husband is an alcoholic, I married into three children had one ( He’s 21 now. Lived with my mom.) until I got sober. We had 2 babies together. I hopped from a Full time Junkie to a Full time Mommy.. Ya know what, I am good at it! never thought for a million years, I’d be a mommy of 6.

    This bothered me so bad! I just screwed up! My doctor told me to go through the withdrawls & NOT to go to a Suboxone doctor/. he said, I could refer you, but they make money of you.. using suboxone. I really did not understand that. I just could not ” Go Down”. that’s all I knew! I thought it was non addictive! BOY was I wrong! I thought by getting on it that I could be ok & still be the mommy I needed to be.

    My doc said NO. I even talked to my mother & family about it truly thinking it was the answer. My mother not knowing anything about it either said that getting on it may be right for me because of my home circumstances.. ( My mother, BTW is now my best friend… who again would have ever thought) … after all of this! Anyways, I did something very stupid &

    … Told my mother after. I still was being honest & trying to keep myself in a situation to where I would be held accountable. My mother would hold me accountable. My mother is a very good lady! The most Dynamically correct woman I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know ( I say getting to know because… I have just gotten to know her..)

    I found them illegally. I felt so weird after all these years! Told her, cried to her but being the only one able to run my home, I felt comfortable with my decision & at the time… she really did not like it but understood! Everyone has those moments where in order to survive & be what is expected out of you.. you bend the rules.. Its what had to happen at the time… for me no other choice. the ones that say I did have NO IDEA what the Heck was going on in my life or have been in my shoes so no negative comments please as it is irrelevant! YOU were not there!

    I took the Suboxone. 3 MG a day. The strips. I divided them up. I did not get high. Have not been high. It was merely survival! I thought I was good after 2 weeks & tried to stop… thinking that they are still not addictive. I felt terrible still. My other health problems can be a factor in this too. IDK… This is ALL without the doctors approval.

    Well, I got more. I’d buy an entire script at a time from a heroin Junkie that I happened to bump into that I have know since I was 12 years old. So, Anyways a year later…8 stops to see him.

    Part 2) Now Getting off them.

    I did not think that 3-5 MG was a big deal… I feel for anyone that has taken more! Longer, too! My advice is to go to the hospital! That is my FIRST advice to anyone! Go to a rehab if you can! PLZ.


    hallucinations ( ROACHES, MAN!) YUP!

    Chills, sweats, Brain Fog, Fever, restlessness, need to rest .. Lifeless. The Exact same as heroin but weirder! Stranger.. Waves! OMG, What have I DONE!!!!

    What I have done without the doctors approval.. I want to be clean! PERIOD! This is not legal & I do not say it’s OK because it is NOT. nothing I have done is OK! I am just here to only tell my story to someone like me….

    I waited a grueling 35 hours! It was terrible! I went and got some oxycodone. After reading several Blogs, this is what I felt I needed to do. I put the advice from all of them summed together wuth what I could do myself. I tapered approx. a MG a day for first week.. NOT fun but.. it’s doable! Taper how your body responds!

    WARNING~ just because you are not feeling it does not mean you need more! Remember also that you can still OD off Oxycodone!

    Started with Oxycodone 30 MG..

    1st day after.. Barely helped. I took a Xanax to ease the pain, too. It kept me Ok for 5 hours approx. then it all came back.. My heart was ” Dropping Base” Blood pressure high. Got through it

    2nd day after.. 30 MG & Xanax

    Helped about the same. I started seeing stuff that was not there… BUGS???

    3rd day.. 30 MG + 1/2 bar Xanax

    Better, not high.. but it lasted the day. I split it up into 2x regimens. Mild hallucinations. Chills but nothing like they were,. Still not feeling well though

    4th day.. 30 MG 1/2 bar

    WORSE Than 2nd Day.. what happened, IDK I am not a doctor!

    5 th day 20 MG + 1/2 Bar.

    A lot better but still don’t feel well. No high at all ( I am not seeking a high! just relief)

    6 th day. 20 mg 1/4 Bar,

    Better no high but was functioning still yucky but it’s better. I see a light at the end! I was told 2 weeks! Half WAY there!

    7 th day.. I cut the 20 mg to 15 for the day and 1/4 bar.

    Little harder just keep busy.. GOT to keep my mind off of it! Stay away from home if can. Feel out of my element but… it’s better than going back. Almost there!!! Feeling Proud!

    8 th day cut again no Xanax! Better.. living with it …

    9 th day better than before.. It’s coming to an end

    10th day cut 3-5 MG off every day after… DONE!

    It’s OK again. I am not perfect feeling. This is my 3rd week! Let me say that it’s going away…Is gone & I am learning to be sober again or whatever it is.. BUT The pain is over! That is how I did it. I am functional & getting back to my life… the right way with NO DANG DRUGS IN MY SYSYEM, I am over them! Period!
    Again, I am writing this in the means to help not to hurt! Its like a SEX talk.. Yes, wait till your married. If you don’t, protect yourself.. kind of thing! People are going to do no matter what! The issue here is to be safe. If anyone is scared about becoming addicted to opiates again… DO NOT ATTEMPT & go to the Rehab!

    NO it’s not right! I know that there are a lot of illegal users on here looking to stop! SEEK a professional! Don’t do anything illegal! I would suggest that if you are taking steps like this, even if it’s illegal at least call a doctor & get advice through this. A pharmacy may help you too. It is dangerous to attempt by yourself! Let them label you! Who cares! You know you! You just want to be clean & cant afford withdrawal or a rehab.. I get it. That is ME!
    So, this is what worked for me! NOT saying it will work for you. I do hope this helps clarify any confusion on stopping this terrible drug that should have not been given to us addicts! I feel that it was an experiment that went wrong! ( Who best to test this crap on, right?… Junkies!)
    Good luck to anyone out there trying to get your life back. It’s hard but you have it in you. No matter how you stop this, just remember it’s a war you CAN win! You just have to let go of that stuff! You have the ability! Do you want your life back? If so get it!
    There is NO easy route. Just take a route, though. It is better to be clean & you will be happy afterwards! You will feel a huge sense of accomplishment! I promise!
    Don’t stay on this longer than you have to.. any of it!

  • TheOtherGal

    I have just been there! I have toddlers too! It’s so hard! Whatever you do … don’t get back on them! I understand you & the need to function! Your in my prayers!

  • TheOtherGal

    Thank you! I have finally seen advice in here about the right things to take that are safe! it means so much! I am printing this out to help me through my next steps in life! Your share means so much! Taking the time out for all is a wonderful things to do! <3 God Bless you too!

  • TheOtherGal

    Your not alone! The person that made a comment about the vitamins made a good one. Get in it!! they said it well. I am on week 3 now.. IT will get better!

  • TheOtherGal

    Suboxone , to me was worse than my 10 year heroine IV habit! I was on them for a year! I am happy you got this down easy & wish you MUCH success! <3

  • TheOtherGal

    Add this to the drink that I said, I’d post! This was one of the ingredients and I forgot it. potassium … Everything mixed was a powder form :)

  • Johncamm

    Good luck because hell will be nothing compared to what your going to go thru .After 7 years you have to drop your dose a little at a time I was told anyone on it for 2 years or more should take a year to come off it..

  • Carolyn Kindler

    Yea I’m so pissed too. I been on subs for 2 years to get off heroin. I just was in rehab for 10 days to detox. 5 of the days they gave me methadone. The first day without nothing was the worst. My legs wouldn’t stop kicking and I had shooting pains. Sweating and chills as well. I didn’t sleep for 3 days because of skin crawls. I’m on day 6 and the leg pains stopped but I have no energy. It does get better just takes longer

  • Twinny

    Amanda getting off subs, is not all horror stories, plenty of people get off them with little discomfort, you just need to do it the right way. The key to getting off subs, is a very slow and patient taper and high doses of the right vitamins and minerals in your system. Look into a product called SynaptaGenEx. It’s really high in the minerals and vitamins you need. It’s designed for all types of addiction, this concoction of vitamins and minerals is said to repair the synaptic pathways in the brain that addiction destroys. I’ll post a link to one study that I read about it. But don’t get all freaked out by what you see on the internet. There are MANY people who have done the taper in the right way and had very little trouble getting off subs. Good luck to everyone. Wish you all an easy road. Here’s 2 different links about the product if anyone is interested:

  • Twinny

    Gracey, Many people run into this problem because they think they can taper down to 2 mgs or 1 mg and then detox. THIS IS NOT SO. Suboxone is TWENTY-FIVE TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN MORPHINE! MOST Doctors OVERDOSE PATIENTS because they, themselves don’t understand the drug well enough to be rx’ing it and the g/damn’d drug companies WANT people stuck on this stuff ! Find a good slow taper on line, there are a lot of knowledgeable, experienced suboxone patients (and a few doctors) who understand the drug better than MOST doctors do. There are natural remedies to help with mild to moderate withdraw symptoms, BUT ONLY AFTER THEY FOLLOW A PROLONGED AND VERY, VERY SMALL DOSE TAPER. I’ve seen some on-line tapers that go as low as .225mg (yes that is POINT 255 mgs) most stop at .25mgs (again, yes, that is POINT 25 mgs) I also mentioned in a post above, a product that is showing some real promise in treating all kinds of addiction. It is said to rebuild all the neural pathways in the brain that are destroyed by addiction. If you’re interested, the name of the vitamin and mineral product is called SynaptaGenEx. I haven’t come across anyone who has used it but I read some really interesting things about it in the link to the study I posted above, in Amanda Campbell’s post. Good luck to you all (I’m hoping that your husband and your son have found the help they need by now, but I wanted to post just in case your family is still suffering and for any others who may stumble upon your post)

  • Twinny


    Gracey, Many people run into this problem because they think they can taper down to 2 mgs or 1 mg and then detox. THIS IS NOT SO. Suboxone is TWENTY-FIVE TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN MORPHINE! MOST Doctors OVERDOSE PATIENTS because they, themselves don’t understand the drug well enough to be rx’ing it and the g/damn’d drug companies WANT people stuck on this stuff ! Find a good slow taper on line, there are a lot of knowledgeable, experienced suboxone patients (and a few doctors) who understand the drug better than MOST doctors do. There are natural remedies to help with mild to moderate withdraw symptoms, BUT ONLY AFTER THEY FOLLOW A PROLONGED AND VERY, VERY SMALL DOSE TAPER. I’ve seen some on-line tapers that go as low as .225mg (yes that is POINT 255 mgs) most stop at .25mgs (again, yes, that is POINT 25 mgs) I also mentioned in a post above, a product that is showing some real promise in treating all kinds of addiction. It is said to rebuild all the neural pathways in the brain that are destroyed by addiction. If you’re interested, the name of the vitamin and mineral product is called SynaptaGenEx. I haven’t come across anyone who has used it but I read some really interesting things about it in the link to the study I posted above, in Amanda Campbell’s post. Good luck to you all (I’m hoping that your husband and your son have found the help they need by now, but I wanted to post just in case your family is still suffering and for any others who may stumble upon your post)

  • Twinny

    You could try this site. I know there is a man on one of these subs sites that has successfully designed tapers for many people. I just cannot remember his user name. If you look around you will find him. Lots of people mention him.

  • Mammyack

    How are you doing? I’m about 8 months out and feel good. I hope you were able to succeed and if not, just dust yourself off and try again.

  • A.Knight

    Hello,It’s good to hear from you. It’s been about 4 months for me now and life is good again.I exercise daily and eat right.The pitty for myself and the withdrawals are long gone and I feel great without drugs.That first post of yours that I read helped me more than you will every know.Once I stopped reading other people posts about how long I was gonna be sick with withdrawals, I was able to start healing.Exercise has been the biggest key for me. If you exercise your body everyday you will actually feel better than pain pills and Suboxone will ever make you feel.I really appriciate your kind words and you checking in on me, It means a lot. I’m glad to hear you stayed true to yourself as well. Thanks again.

  • Mammyack

    You’re more than welcome! I’m ecstatic to hear you are that far out and going strong! Isn’t it great when you stop counting the hours, days, weeks, months and kind of forget how long it’s been? I actually have to stop and calculate it :-)

    What a ride huh? It’s unbelievable how strong that stuff takes hold in our bodies and fights to stay there.
    Kudos to you and you are absolutely right that moving and exercise are key……as well as eating healthier!
    Keep on keepin’ on :-)

  • Daamir Al-Bosnawi

    Reading this made me laugh my ass off even doe I’m in so much pain.I have been doing H and every drug under the sun for the last 8 years since i was 19 and it sucks.Now I’m sitting in my room at 530 am while my entire family is sleeping and resting and look at me a zombie.I have gotten of drugs before cold turkey and i know this is gonna sound ridicules but i moved in with my brother and his wife (neither ever knew i did any drugs) took my iPhone broke it in pieces so that i couldn’t contact anyone and i stopped with out feeling ANY withdrawals at all.I mean i was doing heroin and subs would switch them up one day one the other day the other.But as an addict after i got clean and was doing really good even signed up at local gym few hours every day i ran into a friend of mine in the parking lot and like a fucking idiot he offered me a line and for some reason i took it and started it back up.Now its way harder since the retard that sells lives right next door but i took my last quarter of sub on friday at 9am and its now monday 540am and it sucks.I spent all night looking for remedies and tips on how to ease the shitty feeling but nothing.My biggest problem is the damn restless legs and headache.I also yawn like a zilion times a day but can’t even sleep for a min.But the reason i decided to write this is because i found something that helps me with the head problems.I know this is gonna sound crazy but i made coffee and it took all my headache away along with the legs not being able to stretch thing.Not just reg coffee but real 100% coffee (I’m bosnian) we drink pure coffee but now i have the problem not being able to sleep if u want help with some of the symptoms but then again you wont be able to sleep so your screwed either way.i thin me writing this took my mind off this shit so ill just go back to the bath tub play with the duckies maybe i get tired.Fuck the Suboxen clinics and their “help”This is from the devil.Id take withdrawals from heroin any day over this bullshit.For the peeps in withdrawal right now i think there isn’t any other way honestly other then just saying fuck it and deal with the symptoms.People don’t realize how bad we have it but its our own fault .I think i gotten up and dressed 18 times in last 5 hours to go get some lol but i refuse to believe that a strip from the devil is stronger then i am.Keep ya head up my outcasts and pray to god because you will be calling his name ALOT lol.

  • Timmy

    I have been on subs for a year.12 mgs a day. Some one stole my meds and I am gonna be without subs for 4 days. What should I expect please help I am very nervous

  • jay

    Hey everyone,I was hooked on the oxys as of 2013.I just Recently had in injury over the summer so it got worse after that.. I then got subutex to replace. I just recent was taking the crumb ish of a piece to get off of it completely cause I’m so done with pills. It’s a life ruiner! Today makes 72 hours that I haven’t touch anything. I figured I was tapered down enough to just stop. I Still feel a little crumby but it’s only when it’s time for bed. During the day I do whatever I can to keep busy. RLS. Hard time sleeping. Just toss and turn. Can’t get comfortable get a weird feeling in my arm… Any idea how long the WD’s last.
    I only took the sub for about 5 months? But any info will help!

  • Asha2

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, TheOtherGal. I’d like to further discuss some of the information you’ve shared, and ask for your advice. I’d prefer to do so privately. I’m not really familiar with this site, but is there a way we could email or private message. Thanks again, so much!

  • Kim Anderson

    Kava kava or valerian root and melatonin