Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone Treatment


For people who are struggling with opiate addiction, they might consider Suboxone treatment as a way to deal with their drug problem.  Suboxone is a medication that people can take to help them with opiate dependence.

There are basically two ways that taking Suboxone can help an opiate addicted person.  The first way is by using the medication to detox you from opiate drugs.  For example, pain pills or heroin or methadone are all opiate drugs that Suboxone could be used to treat.

If an addict goes into treatment and they are addicted to any of those opiate based drugs, then the drug rehab center can use Suboxone (or Subutex)  in order to detox them.  The idea is that they stop taking their drug of choice, and once the withdrawal symptoms start to set in, then the medical staff at the rehab center will administer Suboxone in order to treat the withdrawal symptoms.  Because the medication is a partial opiate agonist instead of a full one, it does not really get the clients “high” and merely treats their withdrawal symptoms instead.

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What generally happens next is that the opiate addict will be in detox for about 3 to 5 days, and they might end up taking Suboxone for a bit longer than that.  In some cases they will need to be tapered down off the Suboxone as well, which can usually be done very quickly, in a manner of about a week or so.  This is how they use Suboxone to detox opiate addicts and help keep them somewhat comfortable in spite of their withdrawal symptoms.

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Now there is another way that Suboxone can be used to treat opiate addiction and that is through long term maintenance. The idea here is that the opiate addict stops taking their opiate drug of choice and instead starts taking a daily regiment of Suboxone instead.  This helps them to stay off of their drug of choice because they are substituting the Suboxone in place of it.  Now this works great for some people but there can be some drawbacks to doing this.  One is that it is very expensive, generally costing a couple hundred dollars per month to stay on the drug.  Another is that the rate of success with using Suboxone maintenance is not as good as you think it should be.  A surprising number of people end up relapsing back to their opiate of choice, even in spite of the “help” that they are getting from taking Suboxone every day.

Nevertheless it remains a viable option for opiate addicts who are struggling to stay clean.  Certainly if you have tried to get clean in the past and failed, then this might be a new option you can try out.  You might also talk with your doctor and get a prescription for the medication so that you can avoid other opiate street drugs such as heroin, etc.  Something to look into if you cannot succeed with other methods.


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