Common Questions About Suboxone Detox

Common Questions About Suboxone Detox


Opiate addicts or those who are addicted to heroin might be interested in Suboxone detox as a means of getting off of their drug of choice.  Basically what can happen is that you can use a medication called Suboxone in order to get yourself off of opiate drugs, such as prescription painkillers or heroin.

What is suboxone?

It is a medication that contains a synthetic partial opiate.  So it fills up opiate receptors in the brain so that you do not feel intense withdrawal symptoms when you are coming off of opiates.  The opiate in it is not as powerful as full opiates such as heroin or methadone.  Those are more powerful kinds of opiates and they can make you high and nod off and so on.  But the partial opiate in Suboxone is not going to make you get high and nod off.  It is designed to just take away the withdrawal symptoms from opiate detox.

There is a second medication in Suboxone in addition to the synthetic opiate.  This second medication is called Nalaxone and it is put there to prevent people from melting the pill down and shooting it up in order to get high.  It is a safety measure to prevent the abuse of the pill.

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If Suboxone is so great, why aren’t all opiate addicts using it to get off drugs?

Well one of the big problems is that Suboxone is a fairly expensive drug.  At cost it is about 7 dollars per pill or so, and most people will need it twice a day.  So you can see that this runs around 400 to 500 dollars per month.

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Some people take Suboxone in order to detox from opiates, and might be on the pill for a week or less.  But others will need to keep taking the medication in order to stay away from their drug of choice.  This is called Suboxone maintenance and it goes a bit beyond just using it for detox.  Some people also take the medication for pain management, as it does help with pain as well.  In particular, any opiate addict who has chronic pain issues might benefit quite a bit from Suboxone maintenance.

It sounds like a magic bullet, but it is not.  The reason I know this is because I have seen several opiate addicts who wanted to get clean and sober start using Suboxone on a regular basis in order to help them with their recovery, and pretty much every one of them that I witnessed has since relapsed.  So it is definitely not a magic cure.  But it can certainly help, and in situations where chronic pain is an issue, it might help out quite a lot.


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