Snorting Vicodin? Maybe it is Time to Get Some Help

Snorting Vicodin? Maybe it is Time to Get Some Help


Have you been snorting Vicodin lately?  If so then that should be a huge warning flag that you might have a problem with drug addiction.  Changing your route from oral to nasal does not exactly change the high that you get all that much, but the act of doing so is a bit extreme, so you might want to take a look at your behavior.

If you decide that you are addicted to Vicodin then you might want to get some help.  What are your options for doing so?  There are a couple of routes you could go.

First of all, talk with your doctor openly and honestly about your problem. This may or may not lead you to a solution because for one thing, some doctors do not know much about drug addiction and they may dismiss your problem out of hand.  They might simply brush it off and say that you need more self control and even continue to prescribe you with addictive pills.  Other doctors will be more educated about addiction and may be able to help you in some way.

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One way that they can help you is to get you off of addictive medications altogether and put you on non addictive medication instead.  There are some medicines and painkillers out there that are more powerful than over the counter medication but are still not addictive.  Ask your doctor about them and ask about switching to them.

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Another option is that they might be able to treat any pain that you might have in different ways.  For example, you might go to a pain clinic or try some holistic remedies instead of just using opiate drugs to treat your pain.

If you talk with your doctor and tell him that you are addicted to Vicodin then he might also prescribe you medication that can help you get off the Vicodin. For example, there is a medication called Suboxone that might help you to transition off of the Vicodin and get back to a normal way of life.  This works for some people but not for others.  Again, it is another option that might be worth exploring.

Finally, you could call up a local drug rehab or treatment center and go there in order to get off the Vicodin. There they would detox you from the pills and be able to control your withdrawal symptoms by giving you medicine.  This would likely be followed up with residential rehab, in which you would learn about how to live a clean and sober life.  Again, this is another option for you to consider if you need help with a drug problem….


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