Pain Pill Addiction and What You Can Do About It

Pain Pill Addiction and What You Can Do About It


There are more people than ever before suffering from pain pill addiction.  This is due to a number of factors, including an explosion of common knowledge about opiate drugs, doctors who are all to willing to prescribe pain pills, kids who know more about opiates and are stealing pills from their parents, and so on.

Regardless of why there is more opiate addiction these days, what can you do about it?

If you or someone you know is addicted to pain pills, then there are certain treatment options available to you.  First of all you might want to start by talking with your doctor (or doctors) and being honest with them.  Tell them you are addicted and would like to find an alternative to opiates.  Now understand that some doctors do not understand addiction and will not cooperate with you at all on this.  If this is the case then you need a new doctor.  Period.

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If you are trying to manage chronic pain then you may need to try some new things in order to kick the pain pills. For example, you might try physical therapy or holistic pain management techniques.  You might try a combination of over the counter pain medications that your doctor can help determine for you.  And you might try a combination of these things in order to manage your pain effectively without pain pills.

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Now some people try to stop taking pain pills and they cannot do it due to the withdrawal symptoms. Opiate withdrawal can be particularly nasty and resemble the flu.  This is hard to get through without any help, so if you are struggling with it, then consider getting some help.  How to do this?  Go to drug rehab.

If you go to rehab then they can detox you from the pain pills by using medication.  Sound ridiculous?  It’s not, actually.  They can give you a synthetic opiate pill and taper you off this medicine if they have to, so that you do not experience much in the way of withdrawal symptoms.  You can be fully detoxed in less than a week and leave the rehab being completely opiate free.

If you have struggled to get off the pills then you might consider going to rehab in order to change your life around.  If you are trying to manage chronic pain as well then you should work closely with your doctor through this process as well.  Doing so will allow you to manage your pain in recovery without the use of opiates.

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