Some Options for Dealing with Oxycodone Withdrawal

Some Options for Dealing with Oxycodone Withdrawal


If you are going through Oxycodone withdrawal then you know full well how uncomfortable and difficult it can be.  Are there any actions you can take to help you get through the process?  Let’s take a look.

First of all, the best thing for anyone to do who is trying to detox from Oxycodone is to go to a drug rehab center. This is not always an option of course because treatment is expensive and not everyone has insurance or Medicaid or piles of cash laying around.  But if you can manage to find a way to secure the funding to go to rehab then you absolutely should take the opportunity and go.  Nothing could be more helpful in getting you off of this drug and helping you to turn your life around.

What they will do at a drug rehab center is to give you medication to help you get through the detox symptoms from the Oxycodone.  This will help you to keep from getting sick and will give you a fighting chance at getting through your first few days of recovery.  Most people who try to detox at home end up relapsing right away because they feel sick from the withdrawal and the temptation to use drugs again is too great.  At rehab you will be medicated from those nasty detox symptoms and also there will be less temptation to relapse because no drugs will be available.

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Now there is another option for getting through withdrawal from Oxycodone and that is to go through ultra rapid detox. This is a pretty expensive and slightly risky alternative to traditional drug detox, as it is not yet approved and is not covered by insurance companies.  Basically what happens is that they put you to sleep and then flush your system of opiates in a matter of a few hours.  When you wake up you are basically fully detoxed and most people have very little withdrawal symptoms after that point.  So it is sort of a “pain free” way to get off drugs.  However, it is expensive and there is not guarantee of success when you go back out into the real world and have the freedom to use drugs again if you choose.  Such a procedure does not have much emphasis on the important part of recovery, which is the need to change the attitude and mindset of the addict so that they do not revert to drugs and alcohol when they are dealing with their everyday life.

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