Some Different Paths to Opiate Addiction Help

Some Different Paths to Opiate Addiction Help


There are a couple of different forms of opiate addiction help that might be able to assist the opiate addict in getting help for their condition.  These can vary by quite a bit in terms of both cost and effectiveness, so it might pay off to consider these things before you try to get clean.  Let’s take a look some of the options:

1) You do nothing but lay on your couch and try to stop using – also known as “cold turkey.” This is not impossible, but it is not very likely to work real well, either.  The misery of withdrawal will keep most people from having success in this manner.

2) You go to rehab and detox there. This has potential, though it is expensive.  Depending on your situation, you might be able to get funding for it though.  For example, if you have Medicaid or private insurance, you may not have to pay anything to go to rehab.  Certainly worth looking into.  Call a local treatment center and talk with them; see what your options are.  This is probably the best option for most people, if they can afford it or secure funding for it.

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3) Drug maintenance – you could talk with your doctor or visit a clinic, and possibly get put on a drug maintenance therapy for opiate addiction treatment.  This is not a great solution based on the evidence I have seen over the last several years.  Most people who try a maintenance drug stay addicted to opiates in general and end up relapsing frequently.  Of course it does work for some and it is a possible option, but this should never be your first line of defense.  This should be a last resort.  In general it does not seem to work great….I have only witnessed moderate success with drug therapy.

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4) Ultra rapid detox – a new procedure that you should probably avoid.  They put you under and strip your body of drugs, helping you to avoid withdrawal completely.  This is the most expensive option for most people, because insurance will not cover it.  The idea is enticing if you can avoid the discomfort of withdrawal, but the rate of relapse is no better than with traditional treatment methods.  That makes this strategy even more expensive across the board.

The best option for opiate addiction help is to call a local treatment center and make arrangements to get in.  This will give you the most resources and the most flexible options for aftercare.


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