Causes of Methadone Abuse and What You Can do

Causes of Methadone Abuse and What You Can do


Methadone abuse is nothing to mess around with because the drug is so powerful and is potentially dangerous.  It is not completely unheard of to hear of someone who has overdosed on methadone, so if you take this medication for any reason, then you definitely should be careful with it and not abuse it in any way.  It is dangerous to do so because taking too much of the drug can slow your breathing down and eventually stop your breathing altogether in some cases.  Obviously this can lead to death.

The solution is to find another way to live of course, and to stop taking methadone.  Now people take the drug for a number of different reasons.  These might include:

1) Taking it for pain.

2) Taking it as opiate maintenance.

3) Abusing it for fun and recreation.

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4) Taking it when you can’t get other opiates that you prefer over methadone.

So in the first case, if you are taking methadone for pain and you realize that you are starting to abuse it, or that your use of the drug is getting out of hand in some way, then you might want to take some action in order to do something about that.  In this case you probably need an alternative for the medication in order to deal with your pain, so you should talk with your doctor and tell him that you want to get off of opiates.  Some people will complain that this is impossible and that their pain level is too great, but in reality most people can find alternative medications and therapies that will allow them to be comfortable without long term opiate use.  The only way to find out is to try and experiment and work with the doctor in coming up with alternative solutions.

Now if you take methadone for any other reason, then you really should go to rehab and learn how to live a new way of life without self medicating all the time. If you are abusing methadone then that probably means that you are medicating your feelings and your stress with the drug.  Doing this is classic drug addiction and the best route for you in this case is to get into recovery and start living a new way of life.  This means that you have to change everything and this is going to require a huge amount of effort on your part.  Going to rehab is just the starting point and if you are not even willing to do that then you are not ready to make a change just yet.

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