How Can I Get through Lortab Withdrawal?

How Can I Get through Lortab Withdrawal?


Anyone who is trying to get through Lortab withdrawal might want to know their options as far as getting some help.  There are a couple different choices you have when it comes to getting off of this type of medication.  Here are some of your options:

1) Withdrawal from Lortab at home – you could just stay at home and detox on your couch, though this is going to be the least desirable option, because it involves getting the least amount of help.  People can and do make it through cold turkey withdrawal though.  But it is not much fun.  Here is why.

Lortab is an opiate medication that basically floods the brain with opiates and tells it to make your body feel good.  If you have been abusing the drug and taking large quantities of it on a regular basis, then your bodies ability to naturally produce opiates is going to be temporarily diminished.  Normally, without taking any drugs, our bodies still produce a bit of opiates every day so that we can feel normal and make it through an ordinary day.  When you take away the Lortab, your body is not going to be ready to produce this baseline of necessary opiates for your brain, and thus your body will be a bit starved for opiates.  This produces the withdrawal symptoms and makes you feel miserable.  Flu like symptoms will result and you will have to tough it out for about 3 to 5 days.  Typically the third day is the worst but that can vary depending on the person and their metabolism.

So obviously, if you want to feel more comfortable then this, you need to seek help in some fashion.

2) Go to drug rehab in order to detox from Lortab – this is a good option because at rehab they can give you medication to help control your detox symptoms.  In most cases they will use a synthetic opiate medication and then taper you off of that.  You will leave the rehab being completely drug free and not be hooked on anything.  This is a great way to do it and it generally avoids most of the discomfort.  Of course, rehab is not cheap and the amount it costs will depend on how you are funded or whether or not you have insurance.  Not everyone can arrange for treatment services.

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3) Ultra rapid detox – this is a new procedure where they put you under and flush your system out.  I don’t really recommend it though because there is not much incentive to stay clean and sober after having the procedure done, and there is not necessarily any counseling or therapy that occurs with it.  It is basically an expensive method of sleeping through detox.

So basically if you have tried to quit taking this medicine on your own and failed, then it is time to ask your doctor for help or go to some professional services.  If the withdrawal process is too uncomfortable for you then you are going to need medical help to get through it, plus counseling or therapy in order to learn how to remain clean and sober.

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