If Your Child is Addicted to Painkillers

If Your Child is Addicted to Painkillers


I just finished reading through a review copy of an eBook titled: “Help!  My Kid’s Addicted to Prescription Painkillers.”

I decided to share it with the Spiritual River audience because I think the book does a good job of giving a good overview of opiate addiction, as well as to outline a couple of key action steps for parents to take, and some suggestions for potential recovery solutions.

The ebook is about 50 percent overview on prescription painkiller addiction, and 50 percent actionable content that translates into real world actions.  To be fair, the 50 percent that is not what I would call “actionable” is still very informative and might be useful to some parents who are still a bit clueless when it comes to teenage drug addiction.

If there is a perfect audience for this eBook, it is the parent, or parents who have basically been smacked in the face with their child’s drug addiction, and were totally unaware of it until just now.  The book is a short cut to the huge amount of knowledge that any parent would need to painfully acquire over the next few months of their life while they try to steer their child back on course.

To be perfectly honest, if you have already been dealing with the fact that your child is addicted to painkillers for a long time, then this book is probably not for you.  Any parent who has been proactive about the situation will have gleaned much of this knowledge as they went along for the wild, horrible ride.  However, what this eBook will do is give a bewildered parent a shortcut to the wealth of knowledge in dealing with addiction that normally only comes from years of experience.

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Some of the highlights from the book include:

* The stages of opiate addiction and how to identify what stage your child may be at.

* Typical signs of opiate addiction and what to watch out for.

* What parents should know about prescription drug addiction.

* Some common myths that most parents probably believe right now, but shouldn’t.

* Some common mistakes that most parents will make after discovering their child’s addiction.

* Real action steps for parents to take who find that their child has an addiction.

The book is not free but I think it packs a good value if you are facing this sort of situation with your child.  There are no easy answers but this manual definitely breaks it down to the information that you need to deal with your child’s addiction.  There is no filler here, the book is 39 pages and every page has relevant, useful information.

If you are facing a situation where your child is addicted to opiates, then I would recommend that you check it out.  If not, pass on this one….


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