How to Get through Hydrocodone Withdrawals

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Hydrocodone withdrawals can be extremely uncomfortable and this is why it is so hard to break an addiction to this medication.  People who start to feel the detox symptoms from Hydrocodone will get very uncomfortable and this is what causes them to stay hooked on the drug.

What are the withdrawal symptoms when detoxing from Hydrocodone addiction?  It can be loosely described as flu like symptoms, and might include nausea , vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, tremors, shaking, hot and cold flashes, chills, sweats, night sweats, bone and joint pain, body aches and dilated pupils.

What is the best way to get through the withdrawal and avoid these symptoms?  There are a couple of routes you can go but the best choice for most people is to go to drug rehab and go through detox. There they can treat your withdrawal symptoms by giving you medicine, and in some cases they will control or even eliminate the symptoms by giving you a synthetic opiate medication that pretty much takes away the symptoms without really getting you high.

Another way to deal with Hydrocodone addiction withdrawal is to go through ultra rapid detox.  In this case you will not feel any withdrawal symptoms because you will be put to sleep and then your system will be completely flushed out.  All opiates will be removed from your body in what basically amounts to an operation procedure.  When you wake up your body will be clean from drugs and most or all of the withdrawal will be gone.  This sounds pretty enticing to most addicts but there are some real drawbacks with this.  For one thing the procedure is very expensive and is not yet approved to treat anything.  As such, you will have to pay cash in order to have ultra rapid detox done and even then there is no guarantee that you will stay clean.  Apparently there is also some risk of death so you might want to take that into consideration as well.

If you try to detox yourself at home then you will have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms on your own. In some cases these may be mild but in other cases they will be extreme.  It all depends on how much of the drug you have been using and for how long you’ve been using it.  You might consider trying to taper yourself down but in most cases this is tough to do as you will feel like you are in withdrawal for the entire taper.  Rehab really is the best choice if you are struggling with this.

A couple quick tips for home detox (consult your doctor first, etc.):

1) Alternative Tylenol with Ibuprofen for body aches every four hours.  Do not exceed dosages on the bottle, etc.

2) Take 50mg of Benadryl for anxiety, but again, check with your doctor, and don’t exceed what it recommends on the box.

3) Sleep as much as possible.

4) Drink lots of water.

Consider taking a walk each day in order to help with sleep at night.  Many people struggle to sleep during withdrawal, so if you can get in a solid 8 each night, you are doing well.

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  • http://google Michelle

    Hi Patrick,I had trouble finding the web site tonight.I’ve been doing okay I guess my brother was in a fire Thursday night,and burned 80% of his body burns he’s in pretty bad shape.We are all hoping that he pulls through.He is gonna have one long tough road ahead of him.He has no skin from neck down.He is in ICU in UAB in Birmingham,Al.But,through all of this i haven’t touched a pill.I am really proud of myself because,after this happened to him i kept thinking I sure could use some but,refused to let myself go and get any.I am doing a lot better I do not think I will ever touch those damn pills again as long as i live..Thank you for all of your support,and every one else that i have been talking to through this whole ordeal.I would never have made it if wouldn’t have been for this web site so,thank you so much again….

  • http://google michelle

    I am so proud of myself for beating the addiction that I had for a long time…Feeling great,yea I’m over it so HAPPY!!!!Thanks to all.

  • Patrick

    Way to go Michelle! So proud of you for sticking it out! Keep up the great work…..

  • http://google mmichelle

    Never turning back now…This feels to good!!!!!!

  • http://google Michelle

    Still doing good!!!Going to see my brother today in the Hospital.Hope he is doing well!!!!

  • Pete

    Glad to hear the Michelle keep up the great work sounds like your doing awesome

  • Cody

    hi guys im cody I have been on heroin and hydrocodone and oxy for about a year and I meed help I go through so much pain during the second day of withdrawls and I relapse I wamt out I want out of this quicksand of drugs

  • http://Spiritualriver luanne

    Once again I have become addicted to opiates. Suboxone, hydrocodone, it doesnt matter…but I cant seem to function like a normal person without it. Ive been to rehab. Attended na meetings. Had up to a year clean. But each time I seem to be weak and unable to stop once I start. Ive been using large amounts of hydro and roxicet now off and on for months. Not everyday, but today for example, I took EIGHT hydro tens and dont feel a thing. Last night I took TWO 30 mg instant release roxicet…barley got a buzz…but didnt feel shaky and anxious. I seem to have some sort of self destructive tendency. I have a wonderful SOBER boyfriend who has no clue to the extint I am struggling with this. He knows Ive had problems before, but he doesnt really understand it. I cannt afford to go back to rehab. Ive looked into suboxone, but it costs 600 dollars to just get started.

    I want to quit but I cannot stand the feelings of withdrawal that hit me soon and hard. I can not use for a week, use twice, and the third day have the beginnings of TRUE withdrawals. High blood [pressure, anxiety, all of it. I am hoping you can give me some tips on how I can besy deal with this. Benadryl gives me restless leg…Ive heard that helps with the anziety though. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You.

  • deb

    hey everyone i have been addicted to hydrocodone for a very very long time now. I think it has been almost 20 years on them. I would really like to quit but is so so hard to do. Right now i havent had one for 4 days but all i can think about is how long till i can have one not well i have made it 4 days i can keep going. even after a month with none i couldnt wait to get that next fix. what does one do?

  • Anonymous

    Never left any messages online but was reading this, I hate other people r going thru this but nice to know I’m not alone. Been on loratabs bout 10 yrs, did quit for bout 3 months straight, and was actually feeling some happiness, I remember dreaming I went and got some and woke up in a panic, don’t know y the hell I ever went back to them, thought I could control it but it controls me. I’m going thru the withdrawsls, I’ve had one 10 in the past 24 hrs, I know its going to get worse from past experience. I’m soooo unhappy being on this shit, I just want to be better. Anyways, wish u all the best of luck

  • Laura

    On my third day of withdrawal from vicoden. Don’t want to eat because of the nausia but I know I should. Been sipping on milk. I feel like i’ve been hit by a truck. I want to sleep and sometimes I do and other times I just lay there and get ansy and nervous. Every time I drink coffee i’m running to the bathroom. Ugh. How long does this last? I know I may have cravings but what about the physical part? Right now I’m angry at myself for letting this happen and the thought of medicating makes me sick. I may have to deal with that down the road but for now, when with these terrible aches and feeling like crap and the anxiety end!!!??? Laura

  • J

    Look up the plant Kratom for help with your opiate addictions. Just make sure that you use it as a tool and not a crutch to get you off these shitty pills. Also look up a plant called iboga

  • Yenihime

    Hello everyone. I’m going through the withdrawal as we speak.
    It’s a long hard road ahead of all of us who have been claimed by this crap. Last night it was so hard to sleep, I couldn’t get comfortable no matter what, after hours I finally passed out, thankfully and managed to sleep about 5-6 hours, not bad considering that my whole body feels like demons are playing soccer ball and my mind state is the goal, and they are making lots of goals at the moment.
    But we can do this, the only problem is…once I see more…I’m not sure if I can stop myself from taking it again.
    I hate that I was ever given this stuff for pain. At the time I was so innocent and a virgin from ANY kind of medicine and now… I’m just not the same no more. I had to take this crap to just feel normal. I wanna scream and cry but I honestly don’t think it’ll do any good. I guess I can just hope for the best, and take Benadryl to keep my mind a bit out of the picture so that it’s not So bad… This is my second or third withdrawal.
    And let me be the first to say this…It gets so much worse each withdrawal. And your body and mind will do ANYTHING even maybe try injuring itself to justify the need for the pills. Good luck everyone…we all need it.

  • Janey

    I am on my fifth day of withdrawal….I was using Oxycodone and finished a bottle of 100 pills in a little over a week and then went through another 100 of Hydrocodone in roughly over another week, when I had 12 pills left , I called the dr. to get a refill….he was on vacation…..I panicked, and at this point I stopped my self, and questioned this whole medicine thing….I had 3 surgeries back to back and was prescribed Oxycodone, Oxycontin, and Fentanyl Patch….by the last i couldn’t take being dependent on so much medication, so the time came to stop… I tapered off quickly from Monday thru Thursday and Friday Morning at 6:30 a.m. I took half of a pill and that was it…. I spent the first three days in bed waiting for the worst….Waited went through the high anxiety, insomnia, crying, diarrhea….and here I am in my 6 and day and doing well. Sleeplessness, still exist, try to take benadryl but isn’t working anymore, tried a Xanax and didn’t do much…. and the loose stools used to be in the morning alone, but this morning I decided to have coffee with cream and it made me go various times more. But today I am feeling much better and enjoy knowing that I do not need those pills anymore, If i feel pain , I take aleve or tylenol, and it helps…. but taking it one day at a time … seeing what else all this withdrawal will bring my way….but all of us need to stay strong in order not to relapse, actually reading all of your stories made me ultimately decide to kick the pills….I still have 2.5 pills left and even through my worse days never did i even look at them, I didn’t want to see them because I knew that because of them this is happening to me……..Good luck all and stay strong!

  • josh roberts

    Hi, my name is Josh. I have been on hydrocodone for the last 3 years consecutively. I am currently over-seas with my job, and can no longer get the hydrocodone (that is perscribed to me). I have been 5 days now without the drug. The mental part of the withdrawl symptoms started immediately. Actually, they started before I even ran out of the drug. I knew that I only had a few left…and that made me very irritable. My (actual) physical withdrawls didn’t start until day 4 without the drug. Diahrea, vometing, stomach cramps…….But, I want to let everyone know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your rehabilitation. I tell myself that the symptoms are a way for my body to cleanse itself…..and that makes coping with the symptoms much easier.

  • Anonymous

    Its almost over now majority if fighting the mental parts

  • Ouch

    Starting..Trying to quit..It hurts…

  • ms. M

    Well, ive been on Hydrocodone for about 3 years now. I get them prescribed to me due to a back injury. My Dr. allows me 180 pills a month that’s six a day but i always manage to go beyond that. I would sometimes finish the 180 pills in about a week and a half. Right now I’m on my forth day of withdrawl and its been so hard. My now ex husband told me i changed a lot after taking these pills. I don’t even know what its like to feel normal anymore. I look back and see all the mistakes I’ve made due to these pills. I still have until Friday before i can get a refill. If I’ve gone this long without them, should i even restart them resyart

  • BlockRaider

    I have been taking Narcos for 4 years now and I’m on my 5th day without it.. This is the first time in a long time I have not put any in my body. Today I feel much better and feel time to time i need it but I just take advil in the daytime and advil pm at night to help me sleep. I also smoked some weed when the withdrawal where very hard. I really don’t smokeweed but it help me coup with the Narco’s withdrawals.. as of today I don’t smoke weed or take any hydros. I feed much better. but I would say smoke some weed to help you coup…I know it one addiction to another but Its much easier to kick smoking weed…

  • Strive

    When I say f$@k withdrawals, F$@K WITHDRAWALS! I’m on day 6, it’s gotten quite easier to tolerate everything. It’s all just mental now. Sucks. I feel like I need one so bad but my body feels fine. Just a little fatigue, and that’s it. Can’t wait for this b@llsh!t to be over.

  • marina

    I would give and do anything not to get the panic attacks,insomnia and the feeling of
    unworthy. PLEASE HELP

  • Gabriel

    I started using Vicodin when I lost my job of ten years, and my world seemed to fall apart. Because I have three kids and a wife to be strong for, I used it to stop the depression and anxiety. I realize it now that I am interviewing for jobs again, that it makes me feel dumb. Words don’t come as easily anymore, and some times my thoughts are scattered. I decided to stop today cold turkey. I would never wish this on anyone. And what drives me to be better is my three boys, especially the youngest who can’t sleep without spending time in my arms and telling stories and talking about his day at school. I know you and I will never meet, or chat on Facebook. But you need to know that you are not a lone. Even if your literally alone and your brain is telling you as such. Don’t let it; there are unfortunately a lot of people like us right now going through the same fight. Ashamed and imbarasssed, and probably having some pretty dark thoughts. In not a super religious person, never was. But a couple things that I recently heard has really made me want to be cleaned. One is “if God brought us to it, he’ll help us through it.” This may seem like a lot of BS but think of all the things you have done in your life. I used get frickin excited over the simplest of things. What have you done in your life more important than kicking drug abuse? What have you done that can make you more proud then that. God has brought you to this for a reason. The other idea is that God has a plan for everyone of us, it was written before we were born. And some offyou might think this is a pretty crappy plan. But what we are doing right now is getting in the way of his plan. You need to let go of your plans for your life and let God take over like nos of us have let this drug take over our bodies. There is so much more I could say and wish for all if you. But I will leave you with a “good luck” and a question to think about. If you could help me, a complete stranger, get through this. Would you? I know I would do anything to keep you from having to read this. So do it for yourself! You ARE worth it. You just can’t see it right now.

  • Lexus

    Well stated Gabriel! God will help all of us get through these withdrawal symptoms! I am encouraged to read y’alls posts. I am just on day 3 of my withdrawal from Hydros. Been thru it before and I cant believe i re-start medication again! I know to take it just a day at a time but the restlessness at night is difficult! Cant wait to get a couple consecutive hours of sleep! Maybe by Day 5 or 6?? I am praying for all of you who are going thru these w/drawals now!! God bless and protect you!!

  • SlR

    I’ve been taking hydros for about 5 years now. I’m on my 4th day without any but I’m taking tramadol to help get thru it. I’m not sure I should be taking them cause when I stop taking them am I still gonna go thru withdraws. If anybody can answer this for me please do cause I don’t want to prolong this feeling anymore. I want my life back an b normal again.

  • rocky

    I have been up completely for two days now fighting these withdrawls and yes there from tramadol 50mg so be very careful they say that its harder to kick the tram then the hydro!! Good Luck

  • BlockRaider

    *update* Guys keep it up. Today is my 27 day off Hydro’s.. I feel much better and i feel like i could coup with life without taking pill. I do get the urge to do them here and there but I just take advil. like I said I was smoking weed to ease my WD.. but now I haven’t smoked for 15 days either but it did help with my WD…

  • chris b

    Ive been taking norcos for 7 years now. I am 23 years old and regret thisCvery much. I havent found the courage to kick this habit but torture myself by withdrawlimg terribly. I have (convulsions) or bascially cant sleep my legs tweam out and it druves mee nuts. Not to mention other endless symptoms. Stay atrong ppl

  • Dean

    The drug hydrocodone is out on the streets, and way to easy to get, Doctors need to take weekly tests of patients they prescibe it to and make sure the dose they prescibe is in there blood, because a lot of people are selling the drug and messing up peoples lifes. Someone that sells you hydrocodone is not your friend. I am trying to quit I was prescibed by a doctor and found that it really and truly helped my pain for the first time ever , and after having a headache all the time. Now it no longer works like it once did I found myself upping the dose just to get the same relief, so I am going to stop I do not care what the symptoms are, all I can do is think about how much more money I will have. I do not have the option of laying in bed for a week, or going to rehab, and I promise every step I take hurts and I take two BC powders/ two motrin, and two benidril every four hours. I wished someone would contact me to encourage me how to stay with it.

  • James

    Stay with it Dean … I am really happy to know you woke up to how dangerous hydrocodone is to your life. I went to one of the best pain management clinics in the world and they put me on it and kept increasing the dose so it would remain effective. I tell them i am like an addict and they tell me no you are just hibituated. To me it is the same … I really knew how serious it was when a few times I missed a dose and found myself chewing the tabs to get it into my blood stream fast … so I would stop shaking and perspiring. The stuff is poison. I am working with a wellknown Naturpath doctor to help me off this garbage. It has been 2 weeks and I am down to 4 10/325s. Certain vitamines and supplements are making it a bit easier. Still, it is very difficult – just this morning I had an awful withdrawal episode. I would like to help you get through this major problem. Email me if you would like support. Best of luck and don’t give up even if you slip up once or twice … you can do it! By the way the reason this stuff is so hard to come off of is because it actually changes your pain nuro pathway as well as your nuro receptor … basically making the receptor demending the drug. This stuff should not be FDA approved … it is the worst. Hope I can help!

  • rendie

    hi i’v been addicted to hydrocodone for over 5 years now , ive taken them everyday for the last 5 years , only the last year and a half i have been prescribed them , im only supposed to take 4 500/mg every 4 hours for [pain] , i go to a pain clinic , because a couple years ago it was two weeks before my wedding to my now husband , i had woke up with this horrible headache , which also affected my neck too , well anyways i went to the ER like every other night, they gave me med’s through an IV but nothing seemed to help it was just not leaving , so then they did a cat scan and an mri of my head , i waited and when it came back that my head was fine , i was then sent home with some caffiene pills , which also didn’t help , i had this headache for exactly two weeks , i spent two weeks in bed , i couldnt move or i was in pain , well then my family doctor called me in , so i went in and he sat me down and told me there’s somthing very wrong with ur neck , so i freak out , he sent me t get another cat scan and mri , but on my neck only, once the results came in even automatically set me up with a nuerologist , and told me this big medical term , that i have a congenital anomaly of my left occtipal condyle , and severve nerve damage of my c1 and c2 , i then remembered how it happened when i was 13 i fell head first off a two story roof of a house , back to my addiction the hydro’s help with the pain but lately i have been over using them a lot i have been going through 120 500/mg’s in barely two weeks , it’s getting bad , i dont know if i could stop , im afraid of any one finding out and im afraid of withdrawling.

  • Dean

    Well I am on the 3rd day and its rough. I take
    A hot hot bath every hour on the hour. I hope
    I have peaked I really do. People are calling
    Me and offering so I blocked those numbers.
    I was taking 100 mg OxyContin at my peak
    Christmas Day believe it or not I had withdrawls
    Going from OxyContin to hydrocodone I guess
    I went down to 6 a day of the Watson 540,s
    And then quit. This is hard but I think the worst
    Is over. And every time I think about doing
    Another one I think 1200 extra each month.
    Anyone know if the worst for me is over

  • Paige

    Hey everyone, it’s been 18 hours since I’ve taken anything. I was up to about 20, 10/500 mg hydros/norcos a day. I’m laying in bed wishing that my left arm would just fall off because the weird pain going through it is about to drive me nuts. I’m not entirely sure I’m going to make it through the withdrawal process, but everyone assures me that if I can make it through the first 3 -5 days that I’ll be home free. Do I want to give up the warm fuzzy lovely feeling that the tabs give me? Definitely not, but the extra $2,000-$3,000 I’m spending a month to support my habit is ensuring that I’ll never quit since all I have $ for is pills and nothing else exciting in my life.

    I could really use some words of wisdom or support right now from someone who understands what I’m going through. It’s 6am and I don’t see me getting anymore sleep. I do have to make it through 1 more day of work before I can give in to the “flu-like” symptoms. I’m at if anyone would like to contact me.

  • http://Yahoo Shelly

    Oh my god you have no idea what your doing when you take those tramadols, I went thru the worst withdrawals of my life from those pills & I’m a serious pill addict, I have withdrawaled from OxyContin before and it was pure hell but nothing like the tramadol withdrawal so plz be careful
    I can’t stress this enough!

  • http://Yahoo Shelly

    I am currently taking 8to 10, 10mg hydocodone a day this addiction is killing me slowly and I want to stop, I never sleep thru the night because I wake up almost every night around 4 or 5 already going thru withdrawals so I wake up to take a pill (which sits by my bed every night!) this is crazy!! I walk around all day with my eyes being very dark underneath & have gained about 30pounds while being on these pills,needles to say I get so tired in the afternoons and just wore out its unreal so I have to re up and take more just to keep going! I want to stop so bad but when I go just a few short hours without taking one my mind races, the feeling of panic or scared, irrated or just start feeling very depressed, my legs will ach so bad it’s unreal, I have went thru tramadol withdrawals as well and I swear to god that was the worst experience of my life but I did get thru it, now if I can some how manage this one from the hydro’s maybe life would be so much better

  • Jamie

    hang in there I am on day 5 and I still have my moments and sleep has been impossible but I am marching on. was taking for a medical condition for 4 years and it just got away from me one day I woke up and hey your a drug addict!!!!! I never thought it could happen to me but here I sit. I hope this will all be behind me soon and I can move on with my life. those pills are the devil and doctors prescribe them like they are handing out M&Ms at Halloween. and once you are hooked the only thing you can do is buckle up because its going to be along bumpy ride. stay strong do not give up the fight. the only thing I know that will help is pentazocine it helps some and will get you over the humps but only take it (if you can get it from your doctor) when you are just at your wits end and you need a break. GOOD LUCK!!!

  • athena

    My name is athena my husband of 23 years is addict to lortads he stop cold turky its been 9 days now and he feels like he is dieing i hate to see him like this it kills me,please tell me what i can do to help him?? i feel so lost helpless

  • athena

    shelly my husband has been on these pills since 2005 he takes up to ten or more a day its got to were he snorts them to feel it faster i do know how your are feeling i see his pain :(

  • athena

    my husband name is jamie he is 42 years old

  • athena

    i felt so alone untill now

  • Josh

    i have been to rehab for pain meds. i was abusing them and blowing my whole paycheck on them cuz i felt like i needed them if you do not want to go to rehab then ask your doctor for clonidine it is a blood pressure med and thats what they gave me in rehab every day and it does help with all the discomforts from withdrawals one of the best methods besides going to treatment is try to slowly get your tolerance down start by taking 8 a day for two weeks and stay positive i know thats very hard to do and when you start feeling the withdrawal symptoms take the clonidine it really does help then after two weeks of taking 8 a day drop down to 7 for two weeks then keep repeating the process til u can get ur tolerance down to 1-2 a day i cant stress this enough but stay positive u r fighting for ur life back go walk or do something to keep ur mind occupied cuz sitting around the house all u will do is think about them plz stay strong and keep a positive mindset and feel free to contact me if u have any questions or just want someone to help u thru my email is

  • josh

    please email me i tried to email u it would not send please

  • athena

    well jamie has 13 days off tads lortabs..he has been very sick he scared me so bad has got a little easyer for far he still has cooled chills, sweats hot and cold ones and his stomach hurts so bad burning …i have fathe he will beat this demon..thank u if that mesg was to us i was hoping i got feed back…

  • athena

    i could use a friend that can understand me i am not a user but i live a life of one ..with my soul mate i feel all his hurt ,pain

  • Leslie

    I am 40 yrs old. I have been taken hydrocodone 10/650, then they lowered it to 10/325’s. I have been taken them four times a day for about 4 yrs. I want to get off them. I took only 2 yesterday and had a horrible night last night. Woke up this morning with bad diarrhea and cold sweats. I am scared to go through this..can I please have some help?

  • sage

    I have been taking hydrocodone for two yrs. The Norcross for about six myths. I have always taken them how I was supposed. Two weeks ago my Dr. Was fired. No doctors will take me because of the pill problem where I live. So I have been trying to detox off them by a weaning process. I don’t know how long this will work can anyone help me because I don’t know what I’m doing?

  • Erik

    Hello – I’m 30yo. I’m on my 4th day without taking any Hydro 10’s. I’m very sluggish, I don’t want to do anything, I’m in college and my midterm grades are not near what I’m capable of getting. I’ve taken ibuprofen to ease the joint pains that come along with withdraws. I’m irritated a lot! My poor roommates, I kind of feel bad for them as i’m always miserable around them…conversations are nil. AND… my one roommate has to go in for back surgery at the end of the month, so when he comes home…there will be pills in the house. I don’t know how i’m gonna do it! Anyone around my age going through the same, please email me

  • luiu

    hello everyone,i have been taking vicodin pills for the past 2yrs now.i got so tired of just poping pills and always worring wr my next supply would come from.well today i just said enough!its my first day going cold turkey as they say!!im feeling like shit bones hurt feel so tired and omg i feel so anxious please help. someone guide me to the right path to a pain free mind !

  • Kea

    Hi everyone I recently dislocated my knee and have been on Percs and then lortab 10-325 . I started out just fine and started becoming dependant on the pain free feeling. I began to take more and more each day for the last 2 mths. until my prescription caught up with me and I had to wait 5 days till my next refill. I have never felt so bad in my whole life withdrawing. I am on my third day and I think I would rather deal with the pain than get my refill in 3 days. I have surgery coming up and im scared because I know I will need them again .

  • April S

    Hello i have been taking hydrocodone for about a year on and off. I recently have gotten addicted after a horrible car accident that totaled my car. I need some advice & support evansmommy@yahoo.

  • April S
  • Sue

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to say – YOU CAN DO THIS! I am on day 6 of no hydro after 2 years and each day gets better. The first 4 days were the worst – and I did use xanax to help (plus plain acetaminophen) which I haven’t taken in years and I stopped the xanax yesterday and will not be using that anymore. But please remember – no matter how bad you feel, it does get better. It helps if you can distract yourself – start a Netflix television series or something, get outside for fresh air and sunlight even if it’s just a few steps in your backyard – drink plenty of water to clear the meds from your system and then just get through it.

    Believe me, after it is all said and done with you will feel better than you have since the addiction started. I really feel like I just got my brain back – and the clarity is enlightening and wonderful all at the same time. I can feel again – and that is a good thing! I’m still having mild withdrawal syndromes – anxiety, sleeplessness, chills, sneezing, irritation, mood swings, upset stomach – but it gets better and milder each day and thinking about going through this again is enough to keep me away from this poison for good! Just accept that you’re going to feel like complete crap for a week – and then you’ll start feeling much better.

    And for those taking hydro for pain like I did – you have to find some other way to manage the pain whether it is through yoga, acupuncture, hot baths, plain acetaminophen, massage, exercise or a combination thereof. You may even have to have surgery or rehabilitation to resolve or manage the pain – but if that is what needs to be done than do it! Because hydro is no long term solution to pain – you can’t live the next 50 or so years of your life like this. And ironically, because hydro addiction eventually saps your strength and reduces your physical activities it can worsen pain conditions that can be helped through therapeutic exercise and physical fitness.

    We may only have this one life to live – so we should all try to live it well. And we all can – day by day, minute by minute – with the choices we make! Kudos to everyone here trying to reclaim their lives and their bodies!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crys

    Hello my fellow addicts, recovering, recovered, or just now coming to grips with it!
    I need help severely! I have done this on and off for about 10 years…. Today is the anniversary of my husband/best friends death. I have kept around 11 months of clean time before. This time is different, i am in day 1 of withdrawals. I weigh around 105 pounds and I can take 10 to 12 tens a day. I have had several friends die recently of overdose or suicide bc they couldn’t handle it. I have messed my stomach up severe! I have one foot in the grave. Ihave 4 children and a grandson on the way. I choose life though I feel this isn’t possible! HELP HELP email at

  • Pookie

    Just wanted first off all to say thanks to all of u for sharing you stories. I know that u will diffinetly help a lot off people. You have made me me want to share my struggles, for the past two years I have have been taking between 20 and 40- 10’s a day lieteraly. Today is my 4th day getting of off them and let me tell u it really sucks however, I’m not gonna give up I hope it meaning the pain will go away in the next 3 to 3 days. Any help on how to ease the pain would be great full. Thank you all for ur stories and support!!!!!!!

  • Esco

    At my worst I was taking anywhere from 30-50 tens a day.. I was getting 240 blues a month and running out within a few withdrawals would start as early as 4-6hrs from my last dose.. I went to rehab 2yrs ago and stayed clean for about 8 I’ve been on some form of pain killer for almost everyday since(year and a half or so).. I haven’t gotten crazy like I did, maybe 5-10 percs(still bad I know) and I’m considering trying to do it at home.. It’s scares the hell out of me, because I know the horrors that lie ahead..anyway thank you for taking the time to read this..not that it matters but this all started from real pain and I couldn’t control myself.. I’ve tried to find suboxone but have had no luck, of course I can find more pills…sometimes I just feel like this will never end..

  • brandy

    I am on hour 56 of wd symptoms off norco. I have been reading posts the entire time. It is a.helpful resource for support. I am feeling horrible. Taking baths and showers regularly. Symptoms seem to b coming in waves and look forwars .getting my life back. I was taking 5-6 10mg norcos a day for almost a yr for.cronic neck pain and headaches. I am a gastric.bypass patient so no.NSAIDS r out but i feel.ibuprofen would make aches bearable. . I am taking 2mg valium with the anxety. Nights r worse of.all. Hot.and.cold sweats and restless legs r horrible. Feels like the flu. No energy. Taking vitamin b12 and protein drinks to try n keep hydrated and energy levels up. Any further encouragement and advice would b appreciated. Good luck to anyone suffering and look forward tp the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • aaron

    After reading these posts, it’s sad to see how many people are caught in the same nasty web. Anyway, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and experiences. Especially to the ones that are desperate. I found out a little secret, and this has helped many of my friends, myself included get off hydrocodone. I was eating up to 20 norcos a day, and the withdrawl symptoms would kick in about 8 hours after my last dose….I finally went to a doc who prescribed me Suboxone. It blocks the opiate receptors and takes away all the pain and symptoms, however, if you are not careful it can be dangerously addictive, which is why many people just end up supplementing their addiction with the next best thing. The trick to this drug is this. You have to wait until you can literally not take the withdrawl symptoms anymore. Around day 3-4 for me. Take a 16mg strip and cut it in half, then take one of the halves and cut that in half. Do this until you have a sliver about 1/3 wide as a bread tie. This is all you need to do the trick. I promise you. It will relieve all the pain, 24 hours later take another strip that size and decrease it by a third, and do that pattern until there is nothing left. Depending on your Doc, they will either prescribe you 30 (one strip a day) or 60 (2 strips a day) which is just outrageously too much.

  • janet

    like I said I have been taking methadone for 4 months I went from 30mgs down to 10mgs all by myself and at 10 I had to go to a treatment center I stayed 6 days the next day at home I felt lifeless so I took a loratab 10 and haven’t stoped 6 a day a week and a half now my thing is why do I withdrawl still is it from the methadone still or the tabs please help I feel like shit today

  • Dillon

    hi I been taking the hydros for about 2 year should I justquit taking them or should.I just take less and wing my self off of them please help

  • disqus_JqVBKya8Wy

    Honestly guys – I was a HUGE user & one thing really helped me through it. Sex. Lmao I’m not even trying to be funny here. This is a very serious issue & I would never do that. But really, sex helped A LOT.

  • kimbr

    Hi Paige I’m in your shoes today.. I just wanted to know since its been a whole year now.. Did you go thru seizure? Iv been taking them for 2′ years on and off
    . But never have I tooken 20 a day I recently started taking 20 for about 2 month’s now… Any advice you can give me if really appreciate it.

  • mike

    i have been an addict for 15 years withdrawals are hell anyone offer some help

  • jr

    I been using pills four 5 years about 7 to 8 1000 norcos everyday happy to say I stop takeing them with no help cold turkey started working out to help me with anxiety I been sober for 30 days now I been also eating a lot of bananas helps u out alot more than u think if I could do it anybody can

  • Help

    Methadone 9mon been our 9 day no sleep ;(

  • Paul

    Okay – Fourteen hours in and not feeling great. About two hours ago got so angry at the situation that the tablets have put me in – This has helped. Committed to not going back. Time is the enemy – convinced i will do it because I don’t want to go through the pain of tapering off – that will take too long. I will cope with the day – i am worried about the night -

  • Paul

    Had a hot bath, helped a little. Taking codeine, parac/ibuprofen every three-four hours but feeling very crap but will use self deprecating British humour to help me through. I know….tea..

  • Paul

    and a Michael Bay movie – Must keep it real…

  • Paul

    That film did not help at all – Awful cramps and muscle spasms 14-19 hours. Now 20 hours since last dosage and cramp subsiding. Took my kid to the shops (don’t recommend it) but seeing him running to me with a smile on his face reminded me why this is so important. Anyway, enough schmaltz (see the Bay effect?) I found t really tough but it DOES subside a little. Just had a brandy and about to have another bath. Will report back later SIR!! Will try a comedy tonight…

  • Paul

    Not an hilarious night.Slept on and off. No dosage now for nearly 40 hours. Actually feeling human and cramp is going. Watched a lot of “honest trailers” clips on kindle – feel much better. Going to try some fresh air this PM. Good luck!

  • Paul

    48 hrs since last dose! Aching like I have done a marathon but energy is beginning to dwindle back. Seriously,every minute longer you go the easier it gets. Six hours ago was really rough but the demon subsided. Keep at it people!!

  • Paul

    Is Gravity worth watching?

  • Paul

    Oh and in reference to this website the current schizophrenic conversation I am having with no one but myself is really helping the w/d symptoms…

  • Paul

    Okay – Worst cramp ever hit 48-50 hours – Took 80Mg amitiriptaline to knock me out. On/off night on the sofa – woke at 7.20 feeling quite good. 57 hours in and im feeling quite good – A few chills but this is nothing to what it was – Convincing myself that that 48hr battle was the ultimate one and I’m on the way….

  • Paul

    and I didn’t get to see gravity because my kid sat on the 3d glasses box….will have to get some more.

  • Vato loco

    Well guys my name is vato loco and today I’m in my eight day I fell much better than day 1234. But for some reason I can’t sleep at all and I have some bad cramps on my ankles. But over all I’m so glad I’m on my eighth day. I love having my life back. Trust me guys u hand in there you’ll make it. But trust me on the 8 or9 day u will still feel a little with draw but not much just won’t be able to sleep.

  • Jen

    I Need Help so bad my addiction is horrible its ruining my whole life i feel like i cant live without it i started taking it to help with my depression my whole life my family has pushed me away and thats what i turned 2 to find my happiness & everytime i talk to my mother and tell her i need help she tells me its all in my head i need that one person who understands me and she knows i take them but she doesnt know how many at a time nits a every day thing im so afraid that im killing myself im ashamed to say how many i take but its beyond dangerous n i know that but i cant stop its like when i dont have them i hate myself i have a bad attitude i stay realli angry n got a bad temper and thats not who i was i never seen my life like this i wanted so much out of life now i feel like i dont have much of that left and im so scared

  • Mike

    Holy shit quit cold turkey 150 mg a day!! It was horrible!! So I decided to start using again and they started using oxycodone terminal mostly tramadol about 20 of them and I’m about three days off right now but it ain’t getting easy I think my girlfriend is about to leave me the needs to get better

  • Mike

    I’m sorry the hundred 50 mg a day was not the bill I’ve never felt normal ever cents so I feel like I’ve had to start taking other things I’m about three or four days clean no but the worst part is trying to get my mind back right

  • Mike

    Methadone 150 a day !! I’m sorry I was using speak text and didn’t want my gf to hear me

  • Peach

    I want to thank EVERYONE who has written..I have been on some kind of pain killer over 11 yrs But I ONLY take 3-4 a day…I really do want to be better then this,,,,I tried for two days and thought i was going to die…I am going to another country for about a week…When i come back i want to REALLY do this..My Partner deserves a better me..The things that bother was restless legs and nooooo sleep…ANYONE have any advise for me? THANKS SO MUCH ….

  • Peach

    I went to the vitamin store…I felt like i bought them out…I will see how things go..Pray for me please!! blessing..

  • Peach

    Mike..Be honest with your g/f…

  • mela

    I am on day 4 of no meds. I actually stopped zoloft not on purpose but lost then and ran out of norco but wouldnt touch the few my husband had left because he really needs them, I havent slept much anxious on toilet alot. but craving sweets like all the time. wth

  • kerigan

    I have been on 10 mg. Hydros for about 3 yrs. Supposed to only take 4 a day but instead its about 15..I usually run out of my script of 120 in a little over a week.I am going thru withdrawals and it sucks ass! But sugar is a natural substitute for drugs and it does is temporary though..I’m on day one of withdrawals. This isn’t my first rodeo, I know it will get better but it takes a good 10 days. Good luck to everyone! We are in this together!

  • Anonymous

    I got diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 33. Was going through chemo and radiation therapy. Got really sick and sore. They put me on oxy and hydro. I was going through 120 pills a little over a week. Iam now 35 and cancer free. I got addicted and my doctor found out how much I was taking. She stopped giving to me.. it is really going through the detox. It feels like everyone in my family suffers and they have no idea want is going on.

  • http://Spiritualriver Peach

    Here are somethings that have helped me… I got a multi vitamin and mega multi mineral. Leg cramp meds over the counter has helped a lot… I am down to one pill a night…So far so good…

  • bee

    I’ve been hydro-free for 8 days after an 8 year love/hate relationship with them. Hang in there, when you’re ready, you WILL get through the nasty withdrawals.

  • http://Spiritualriver Peach

    Thank you so much for the reply..I have been taking multi vits and minerals have helped so much…My sleeping is awful.. I toss and turn so much i feel like i have been in a fight…Trying to keep busy… good luck everyone and blessings..Praying does also helps me slow down and catch my breathe…

  • bee

    Peach, you are closer than u think. I got down to 3-4 per day but stalled. Finally tapered to 2 a day for a bit then cold turkey. The legs and anxiety ARE bad, but you can do it. I did… :-) hang in there!

  • kathyBennett

    Been on opiates over ten years and gone through who knows how many withdrawal

  • bee

    Sleeping is hard without an aid for sure. My legs are the worst! I’m just waiting for it to completely go away… I’m on day 10. So glad I found this site.

  • http://Spiritualriver Peach

    Thank you !! The no sleep thing is making me veryyyy grumpy…I started to work out too..WORKING OUT has helped some but still get wiggy at night…thanks everyone …BLESSINGS

  • bee

    Hi Kathy… You doing OK?

  • bee

    Day 11 in the books… Little harder today, less wd’s but more triggers to use… Wanting to feel the warmth but I know I can NEVER take one. Just keep going.

  • http://Spiritualriver Peach

    I went to my Dr. He gave me Lyrica..It has helped me so much..I dont have any restless legs anymore…I still get bored but i am doing better..

  • bee

    That’s wonderful. I’m on day 21 and starting the p.a.w.s. phase. I’m now learning how to cope w/o opiates. Its a weird thing, sobriety.

  • Ann

    Day 9 cold turkey hydrocodone detox and Wow! I’ve been in such an altered state for so long I can barely stand the reality of everything these pills kept me from feeling. It’s a struggle minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, but I keep pushing. Sleepless nights, achy body, no energy, and I feel very light headed most days. My first good nights sleep came last night with the help of Tylenol PM. Woke up feeling a little groggy but damn!! I actually slept sound for 12 hours and it feels good. Saying a prayer for all of us, this isn’t as good as it gets. The best is yet to come!!!

  • lee anne

    Just to let yall know passion flower passiflora incarnation helps with withdrawls…give it a try it helps me…take a deep breathe and pray on..

  • bee

    Hope :-)

  • Tyler Marie Kranz

    Hi, my name is Tyler or Ty, I am 21 years old and I suffer from lupus and epilepsy. Now I am always in some extremely intense pain that seems to never go away, so they prescribed Hydrocodone to relieve the pain. But I’m done taking those pills because I have noticed my craving has increased for those pills and I hate it. I want to get through this horrible withdrawal but at home because I feel I am mentally tough enough to do so, but what scares and worries me is that is my body strong enough to go through the withdrawal without help. I just want moral support from those who understand and if they may tell me how to get through all those damn withdrawal symptoms. Thank you so much for your time in reading this.

  • dest

    Yes this is my 2nd day. IV been taking 180 hydros 10 mg n a week And Methadone 5 mg 90 Of Those N About 2 weeks. When I run out I spend to much money on getting pain pills so I wouldn’t go threw withdrawal. I’ve been taking the hydros for almost 3 years. Started the methadone 4 months ago. I’m going threw bad withdrawal. I have to do it at home I have a 2 year old daughter. I want to take just 1 n a half to ease my withdrawal but I’m scared it will make them worse . Someone pls help.

  • Ian Aros

    Don’t be alone if you can help it, being surrounded by friends and family is the only thing that keeps me going, I wish i had a more permanent answer but i’m looking for one myself.

  • achsah

    Can u alow me to email or talk to anyone who is trying to kick this habbit thats killing me pleaseI am in the exact same situation taking up to 12 norcos 550 mg but I can’t bare the 1st-3 days of detox alone it’s absolute hell its torturing me alive. I can’t tell anyone due to religious family they don’t want to be bothered cause they have their own families and they live abroad and out of state &when I try to reach out to my siblings to build a relationship so that I don’t just end it all, they yell, ignore or rush off the phone. as I cat imagine living going thru detox passed 2 days for their 4th time that I feel like dying but if I try to reach out to any family they yell and want to get off their phone. Theater main reason I live is so they don’t have to bury me and pay for such a burden but if I didn’t think of them first even though they don’t like me I stay alive or don’t take them maximum to I can’t do a detox facility mainly i have no insurance to get help need a voice to talk to please. is anyone just started the last few days was thinking of starting detox alone,???? So anyone out there that wants to hear another persons voice and share sentiments so u don’t have to go thru this alone and no would i. please email me, it’s 11/30/2014 & I can’t function after 4 years of this. Somebody please help me.


  • achsah

    Can u alow me to email or talk to anyone who is trying to kick this habbit thats killing me pleaseI am in the exact same situation taking up to 12 norcos 550 mg but I can’t bare the 1st-3 days of detox alone it’s absolute hell its torturing me alive. I can’t tell anyone due to religious family they don’t want to be bothered cause they have their own families and they live abroad and out of state &when I try to reach out to my siblings to build a relationship so that I don’t just end it all, they yell, ignore or rush off the phone. as I cat imagine living going thru detox passed 2 days for their 4th time that I feel like dying but if I try to reach out to any family they yell and want to get off their phone. Theater main reason I live is so they don’t have to bury me and pay for such a burden but if I didn’t think of them first even though they don’t like me I stay alive or don’t take them maximum to I can’t do a detox facility mainly i have no insurance to get help need a voice to talk to please. is anyone just started the last few days was thinking of starting detox alone,???? So anyone out there that wants to hear another persons voice and share sentiments so u don’t have to go thru this alone and no would i. please email me, it’s 11/30/2014 & I can’t function after 4 years of this. Somebody please help me.


  • Crystal

    Honey god is on your side I promise I was taking 30 opana 40mg a day and I thought I was going to die.but after a few days I hot myself in a routine and my mind didn’t even realize I was in severe got this and most of all you want this.goodluck and if you need to talk email me at I got your back because who knows I may need you too lol thx and goodluck

  • Crystal

    Yes I am going through similar life points.but just know if you can say no to the room mates pills your a very strong woman. Dont give in. You are a strong woman, now just prove it to yourself. Goodluck

  • Crystal

    Oh btw paige get you some norautins and they help with restlessness leg and arm syndrom

  • Dennis Roby

    Hi my name is Dennis, i feel your pain, i was on a patch 75 mcghr, and taking 4 roxy, or norcos, now im off the patch over a week, i kept cutting sections out of the patch until i was left with no patch. now im taking 2 roxy. and 4or3 norcos, i think the only way to get through this is cut the pills a section a time i take one. i still feel the effects from withdrawls but not as bad. i just need enough to survive at work, my daily chores around the house are suffering. this the only way i know how with out a dr. i need to give my wifr my meds so dr. cant know email

  • achsah

    I don’t know what to do I tried doing it cold turkey for 4 days but I couldn’t handle it I was sweating all night I was throwing up I was shooting shivering had diarrhea for 4 days I couldn’t sleep I had such dark that nothing worked I took a xanax I took Benadryl and without one I can’t function through the day I can’t clean up and get out of bed I can’t take care of house chores its the worse than I ever took I wish I never did so I can have my normal life back. I wish it was a medicine that helps you to the withdrawals it you can take on your own without having to be under the supervisor yeah because I wanna do it on my own without my business being out there but it so bad that every time I try to 4 days I’m in a little how to 10 imagine going to that thing then it literally took every piece of me to hell bathroom for for 24 hours a day but lease 4 days until I couldnt do it any more that and took 1 because I couldn’t handle it anymore. I just wanna know does anything out there that stops the pain and the horrible it all systems so that you can go to it alone in the privacy beyond house but nothing looks at tried everything over to cana and even a and it didn’t do it it’s still at me shivering in going to the horrible withdrawals this is a nightmare i live with I just want to go away. I wish I never had that car accident and I wish that when I could stop I could have but my body was demanding it because of all the shit ton doesn’t anybody know how to get ahold of some kind of medicine that stops on the withdrawal pain so I to get at my system for 1 weeks to survive the whole grandest withdrawal pain without having to see a doctor or rehab specialist? Thank you for sharing your story I know I’m not alone but I have to drop this habit because I feel like I can’t function think or feel any bit of life in me without it. I just want to do it cold turkey on my own but nothing helps help what can we do

  • tabutha

    At Page. Did you finish, did u quit? I’ve been going through the same thing as you and I was at the end of my third day and I blacked out from being so dehydrated I could even walk and I thought I was dying. I took a vicodine and I still was shaking so bad and hurting that I couldn’t take it no more. My heart felt like it was going to explode. I cracked and finally had to take one that night of my third day. I even after taking one it didn’t help because my body was so bad from pooping water and so dehydrated I felt like crap still. It is day four and I haven’t taken anymore. I’m hoping I didn’t ruin it I still feel bad but I’m not as bad as I was feeling. I never want to go through that again so if I start feeling that bad I’m just gonna have to confess to my family and get checked into a rehab because that is seriously unsafe. I know you can do it cold turky but I think if you take a lot and for a long period if time it’s life threatening.

  • tabutha

    At achsah. There is a drug called suboxine that supposed to help you get off of it Someone just told me about. Maybe that’s what you should try. I’m going to see about it too. Cold turky is very hard.

  • k702

    Hi guys I am a 26 year old with two young children and a full time job and a boyfriend that loves me but no one knows about my addiction I started taking hydro due to a broken finger after two surgeries months have past and iv been on them for 6 months now I have gone through w/d twice but couldn’t kick the habit I’m finally ready to quit I’m so done I’m just scared of the w/d because I have to care for my children and work that’s what keeps me from going cold turkey I know how it feels and its going to suck big time can anyone give any suggestions on what to take to ease my symptoms I get high fevers hot and cold flashes and I get extremely dehydrated because I throw up alot and that’s what makes me so weak I can barley get out a bed and I can’t sleep and this time around I don’t have the help I need for my children I just don’t know what to do or how I’m going to do it please help!

  • Chris Pdx

    Step one; purchase Loperamide at pretty much any store state side.
    step two; purchase bali kratom. Around 500grams.
    step three; purchase around a dozen containers of apple sauce. (To mix the kratom in, to make it easier to eat)
    step four; purchase a months supply calcium rich daily vitamins.
    Step five; DESTROY all but 1 dose of narcotic opiate drugs or even benzodiazepines as the kick from them is NASTY!
    Step six; come back here and post once you have collected said items.

    This is a tried and true recipe that has been successful at stopping over a dozen of my friends addiction.

  • gramma

    Hi I’m not sure if I’m going about this right but I’m on my way 6 days in and feeling good about getting of the hydro it’s been over 6 years in pain management clinic. It’s been vary hard but I refuse to quit I want my life back. I quit cold turkey I’ve been having many of the withdrawals you’ll have talked about I pray it eases. I lost my daughter over 2 years ago thru myself into work and the pain got worse so my dose was increased. Not good I also used it I’m sure today to help me feel nothing and I dmean nothing. I have grandchildren and a son I want to remember. I feel if I don’t kick this one day I won’t

  • kendl

    I’m not religious but everything you said speaks to me! I have been addicted for 7 years and I have no hope right now!

  • kendl

    I’m right along with you! I take As
    many and I feel like I am fucked! Don’t know what to do?!!!

  • Jennifer Havner

    I seriously agree. Tramadol is the worse withdrawls I’ve ever experienced!!!

  • Observing U

    My heart is with you Mike. I know it’s not much, but I too am going through what you are talking about.

  • maggie

    ok got them

  • maggie

    Hello all I am writing because I was told by my doctors office that my Dr is gone and they are no longer going to see me for the last 10 years I’ve taken 180 norcos 1000 a month I’ve been taking lyrica also has been taking xanax and ambien I’m scared to death of the withdrawals I am going to go through I am out of pills I was dealing with my daughter being in the hospital and never got into a doctor I’m so scared of what I’m going to go through and I’m all alone if anybody has any advice I’m willing to listen I just NEED HELP