Helpful Tips for Hydrocodone Detox

Helpful Tips for Hydrocodone Detox


If you are struggling through Hydrocodone detox then here are some suggestions for you that might help you out a bit.

First of all, the best method by far is to go into a drug rehab center.  Unfortunately this is also the most expensive route to go in most cases and not everyone is in a position to afford it.  But chances are that your addiction is costing you a great deal of money, both directly and indirectly, so you might take a realistic look at those costs and then compare it with the cost of treatment.  In many cases it is actually not that expensive to go get detoxed in a drug rehab compared to the cost of continuing to use drugs.

Now detoxing from Hydrocodone in a rehab is generally pretty decent because they will give you medication there to help control your withdrawal symptoms.  These withdrawal symptoms are the reason that many people cannot kick the drug on their own and are constantly relapsing.  Opiate detox can be  a real challenge to get through on your own.  So if you find yourself needing help through some of the nasty withdrawal symptoms then you might consider going to a drug rehab.

There are other ways you can get off Hydrocodone but probably none are as effective.  For example, you can talk with your doctor about how to try and get off the pills on your own, and he can possibly prescribe you medication to help you do that.  But this will not generally be as successful for most people as going into treatment.  You could also look into a procedure that is called ultra rapid detox, though this is very expensive and is probably overkill for a hydrocodone addiction.

If you do go to detox and get off the pills, then you might have to face the challenge of living without opiates for treating a chronic pain condition.  If this is the case then you should also talk with people about finding alternative ways to deal with pain.  You might have to seek out a pain clinic or other doctors in order to get people who will work with you on this.  Some doctors do not understand addiction and will simply continue to push opiate medication as the only solution for  you.  If this is the case then you are responsible to go find other opinions.

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If you are hooked on pills and caught in a cycle of addiction then you need to take real action in order to change your life. Things will not simply happen on their own and you will need to actually do something in order to recover.  Get motivated and change your life today!

Seek help from your doctor first.

Then seek help from a professional drug rehab center.

If you have chronic pain issues, find alternative methods for dealing with that as well.

Do all of these things, and your chances of beating your addiction increase greatly.  It is worth it in order to enjoy a new freedom.

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