How to Stay Off Opiates

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If you want to know how to stay off opiates and are recovering from opiate addiction then there are some steps you should follow.  Of course anyone can choose to follow the 12 step program as a solution for their problem and if that works for them then that is great.  On the other hand you might find that you need a different path, and if that is the case then you might try these suggestions here.

First of all you should make a zero tolerance policy with yourself.  Make a firm commitment in your own mind that you are not going to use opiates no matter what.  Now if it seems to help you, feel free to borrow the “day at a time” philosophy and go with that.  But either way, you have to make it solid in your mind that you are not going to allow yourself to even consider the use of opiates.  You have set a zero tolerance policy in your mind for even thinking about considering relapse.

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Second of all you need to embrace the creative life in recovery and start on a path of personal and holistic growth.  What does all that mean?  It means that you need to push yourself to grow in recovery so that you do not slide back into relapse mode.  Those who work an active program of recovery will know what I am talking about because they notice the acute danger of relapse that creeps in when they stagnate in their growth.  In other words, when recovering addicts get lazy and stop working on themselves and working on positive growth in their lives, they notice that they become idle and want to use drugs again.  Why does this happen?

Because we are addicts!  Our natural state is to use drugs and self medicate.  So if you do nothing, if you are idle, if you are lazy, then you are going to relapse.  Idle hands and all that.  You have to push yourself towards continuous growth in order to stay strong in your recovery.

Now how should you try to “push yourself to grow?”  This will vary a bit from person to person but here are some general ideas that have worked for others:

1) Push yourself for holistic growth.  That means try to grow in different areas of  your life.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, and so on.  Don’t neglect any one area.

2) Find ways to reach out and help other recovering addicts.  This is huge.  Make it into a regular habit.

3) If you have pain issues in your life, find alternative ways to deal with it.

Managing pain with opiates in the long run is a losing battle, because you are never really treating the source of your pain, instead you are just masking it with dope.  This might take some serious effort and research on your part.  For example, you may have to seek out another doctor who is willing to explore new options with you.

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  • anibalbatiz

    I am a struggling addict at this moment.I have the tools. I believe my stagnation at this moment is a phychological state of mind.Im just looking for a positive outlet