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Heroin Effects on Your Life and Your Lifestyle

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There are many heroin effects that people may not necessarily think about when they consider heroin addiction.  For one thing, you have the obvious physical effects on the body, such as track marks, infections from needles, weight loss, and so on.  But there are other effects from heroin as well, that you may not have considered yet:

1) Lifestyle – If you do heroin for even a short period of time it will start to rapidly change your lifestyle.  This is going to occur whether you want it to or not.  Some people think that they can sneak out, buy their drug, and keep it stashed away and hidden from everyone, going on about their life as if normal.  This may work for a short time but eventually the drug will start to change you.  For example, eating habits, fitness and nutrition, and spiritual pursuits will all start to lose priority in your life.  The drug becomes the most important thing and most of your time will be spent getting it, using it, or thinking about it.  This has a profound effect on your overall lifestyle.

2) Friends – If you continue to use heroin then your friends will change.  Most people fight this at first but as you continue to use the drug it becomes less and less convenient to associate with others who are not using heroin.  Thus your friendships will slowly change and obviously this will have a profound effect on your life.  For better or worse, your friends who do not use heroin will fall by the wayside, and you will slowly replace them with heroin users.

3) Fun – What do heroin addicts do for fun?  Take a wild guess.  This goes back to lifestyle changes of course, because eventually, you won’t look forward to doing anything other than shooting heroin.  For a short while, you might have fun doing an activity while high on heroin, bet eventually you will become trapped in the cycle that demands that the only way you can be happy is if you are high on heroin.

4) Priorities – Your friends change, what you do for fun changes, what else changes?  Pretty much everything.  Nothing is as important any more when you are on heroin.  Family, relationships, spirituality, fitness, none of it.  It all falls by the wayside as the drug takes over your life.

5) Homeless – Eventually, things like paying bills simply become a nuisance when you could be getting high instead, so you will want to ditch whatever form of shelter you use.  It is much easier to keep heroin habit going when you don’t have annoying bills to pay.

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  • linda johnson

    My step daughter had 120 clean but she has relapsed and says she wants to get it out of her system and go straight in a week. she is living with another heroin addict – her “girlfriend” in a room they rent for $100.00 a week. What should my husband and i do? she has a 7 year old son who lives with his grandmother. she has been to 3 rehabs- should we push her to go to another? help!

  • linda johnson


  • shay

    I would love to tell you that i had the miricale answer for you but i cant. I my self have 17days clean and am coming back from my second relapse and its been hell. You dont relize what your doing while your doing it but i will tell you this, one thing you learn in n.a. is that everyone has to hit there own personal rock bottom before there are truly willing to get help. I know you may think your daughter has but if she had she wouldnt be back out there. I hope for her sake her childs and your familys she gets help and when she does i promise it will get better

  • sam

    Rehab is a good option, methadone clinics are good as well. But let me tell you from my own personal experience. Although at home she will have a good support system (her family and friends) the best thing for her is a detox AND rehab facility that is not in her home town. Somewhere that she does not know anyone. NO ONE! And in effort to avoid relapse, returning home after rehab isn’t the best idea. Help her find a half-way house, sober living etc. Most likely in the same area as the rehab. This way she has access to the support system she has built, and will be able to make new friends that are likely clean and sober. After say a year in sober living, then a transition back to “home” will give her better chances of avoiding relapse. Detox is hard, very hard. Its the worst sickness you can imagine. But its the mental addiction that destroys you afterwards. You spend so much of ur day thinking about scoring, scoring, and fixing yourself up, that you don’t have time for much else. Coming back to life clean, you spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to do with yourself. AND THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “I CAN DO IT JUST ONCE AND I’LL BE OK”

  • linda johnson-morris

    I had written a comment on January 27th, 2010. My step daughter and our entire family have made an amazing turn around. We found the incredible,-unlikely, drug rehab program, housing program. job program- this program is called Next Step Foundation in Mckees Rocks, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is a 501c- non profit and no one is turned away for lack of money.The CEO is David Francis- a former addict years ago and everyone who works and lives here have been addicted. I found this place by mere chance and was very, skeptical at first but my stepdaughter is thriving here. She works full time, goes to school and has her own apartment right there in Pittsburgh Call them, write- visit/ do whatever you need to- call-412-331-02887 they realize it’s just not will power- it is fixing an injured brain- which takes ..time…