Getting through Heroin Detox Cold Turkey

Getting through Heroin Detox Cold Turkey


If you are going through heroin detox cold turkey then you know how painful and uncomfortable it can be.  Here are some tips that you might use to help you to get through it, though none of them are going to make a huge difference:

1) Sleep as much as possible. This should always be part of your detox strategy, if you can sleep through the pain, then you can avoid the pain.  Now most people cannot sleep when their withdrawals are particularly bad, and so here is a wild and crazy trick that you might try.  It is crazy enough that it really does help in most cases.  Here is what you do.  When you take your last dose of the drug and finally quit for good, make sure that you do not go to sleep that night.  That’s right, stay up all night long and do not take any naps the next day.  You are not to sleep at all for the first 36 hour of your detox.  While you are doing this and walking around like a zombie, you should  be hitting the fluids very heavily, including lots of juice and lots of water.  This will help to flush your system out a bit faster.  Now the key is that when you get to the next night, you will have been awake for 36 hours and your withdrawal will be kicking in pretty heavily.  At this point, you should be able to go to sleep and you will avoid the worst part of your withdrawal.  If you are truly doing heroin withdrawal cold turkey then what do you have to lose by trying this method?  It has worked for others and it might work for you.

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2) Over the counter medicine. This stuff won’t help much but it might help a little.  Take Tylenol and Ibuprofen alternating every 4 hours for pain.  Take Benadryl 50mg every four hours for anxiety.  Don’t ever exceed the recommended dosages on the boxes of course.  Check with your doctor too.  These things might help a tiny bit but make sure you do not overdo them.

3) Hit the fluids hard and avoid other drugs – many people try to make heroin detox go a bit easier by medicating with other drugs or alcohol.  Don’t do this as it will only make things worse in the end and probably just perpetuate the cycle of addiction even further.  Remember to drink lots of fluids and sleep as much as possible!

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If none of this ends up working for you then you might need to consider getting professional help.  If you go to a detox center or drug rehab then they can most likely give you good medicine that will mitigate most of your withdrawal symptoms while not getting you addicted to anything else.  Of course, rehab can be expensive and not everyone can secure the funding necessary to go to one.  However, chances are better than you think that you qualify for some help to get into a rehab facility, so it is generally worth it to make some calls.

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