Can I Make it through Heroin Detox at Home?

Can I Make it through Heroin Detox at Home?


If you are trying to go through heroin detox at home then here are some suggestions for you.

Use sleep as a tool – obviously when you are asleep you are not in a lot of pain and discomfort, but you are still getting through the difficult part and getting closer to where you feel decent again.  Therefore you should try to sleep through as much of your detox as possible.  Some people get into problems because they try to take too many sleeping medications while detoxing and this can create other problems aside from the detox.  If you can’t sleep then just accept that for a while and stay up and about and you will sleep later.  If you stay up for a very long time with no sleep then you can be assured that sleep is coming.  Our bodies always need to catch up eventually and you can use this concept to your advantage if you play your cards right. I have done this before during detox where I stayed up for over a day in order to sleep through the worst part of my withdrawal.  So even if you cannot sleep, use the idea of sleep as a tool.  You will sleep eventually and if you time it right, you can sleep through a large part of your withdrawal.

Use over the counter medications to treat withdrawal symptoms – there is not a lot you can take that will help, but I have 2 recommendations for you.  One is that if you have body aches and pains (which is very common among opiate detox) then take Tylenol and Ibuprofen alternating every 4 hours.  This is the best combination to help with your body aches.  The other suggestion is to take Benadryl 50 milligrams up to every 4 hours as needed for anxiety.  This is not a magic bullet by any means but it can certainly help, especially if you get very nervous and anxious during heroin withdrawal.

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Make sure you do not take more of these medications than what is prescribed on the box label.  Of course the ideal situation is always to go to a drug detox center of some sort and get professional help for withdrawal, but of course that is not always an option.  Detox is expensive in a rehab and if you can do it at home then you can still change your life and get clean and sober.  You might find support at local 12 step meetings too if you can get well enough to get out there and attend them.

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So it is possible to make it through detox on your own couch but there are certainly better alternatives out there as well.  If you can afford detox then do not hesitate to check into one.  Even if you have no money and no insurance, it might be worth it to try and call up local treatment centers and see what they can offer you.  Depending on where you live, you might be able to attend for free and receive help.

Good luck.

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