Find Help with Heroin Addiction Rehab

Find Help with Heroin Addiction Rehab


The idea behind heroin addiction rehab is to get the addict cleaned up and detoxed physically from the drug and then teach them how to live a new way of life.  There are a couple of different treatment models that attempt to do this and one is not necessarily better than the others.  In fact the rate of success is quite low for any type of recovery so your best bet is to experiment and try different things.  Whatever works for the addict in question is great and they should go with it.  If something does not work then you should try an alternative form of treatment.  Heroin addiction is hard to overcome but there are a few different options for fighting it and you might be introduced to some of these at a heroin rehab.

One option is to simply go into drug rehab and get detoxed from heroin and follow their suggested program of recovery.  In the majority of cases this will be a 12 step based program.  Most likely you will spend about 3 to 5 days in detox and they will probably give you medication to help you detox from the heroin.  The idea is to make you a bit more comfortable by medicating your withdrawal symptoms.  Most rehabs will have you completely detoxed from these medications by the time you leave and so you will be completely drug free when you walk out of treatment.

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Now another thing you might do is to go talk to your doctor and express to him or her that you are addicted to heroin and need help.  They will likely encourage rehab as well but they also might simply prescribe you medication that can help you to avoid using heroin.  There are strong opinions on both sides of the argument as to whether this type of treatment is effective or not.  Some people think it is a bad idea and should generally be avoided.  Others realize that is does work for some people and using a prescription medication to replace an illegal street drug can make sense in a lot of cases.  At any rate you should probably start with traditional drug rehab and see how that works for you.

The whole key for any type of heroin treatment is to take a lot of action in your and make something happen.  If you just sit around and hope that things change then nothing will happen.  You have to actually do big things in order to recover and going to rehab is one such step you can take.  Other steps you might take include:

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1) Going to an NA or AA meeting and sharing about your problem.

2) Getting in to see a counselor or therapist to talk about your addiction and take suggestions from them.

3) Going to outpatient treatment or group therapy.

4) Going to a clinic that might put you on drug maintenance therapy for your addiction (though some believe this to be an inferior solution).

Explore your options and do not just say “I cannot afford treatment” or that “rehab does not work for me.”  These are unacceptable excuses.

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