Suggestions for Getting through Opiate Detox

Suggestions for Getting through Opiate Detox


If you are coming off of opiates, such as prescription painkillers or heroin, then you know how tough it can be to make it through the withdrawal symptoms without resorting to your drug of choice.  The agony of withdrawal is what keeps the addict hooked on the stuff to begin with.  So how can you make it through this detox phase while staying comfortable enough to make it work for you in the long run?

One of the best options for opiate detox is to check into a rehab center.  There they can minimize your discomfort by easing you through the withdrawals using medication.  They can give you medications to help treat your withdrawal symptoms as well.  You will experience some discomfort but probably not very much.  Of course, going to rehab is not always cheap and some people may not be able to get funding for it.  There is also the added benefit that if you do go to treatment, they will expose you to groups that can help you to learn how to maintain staying clean once you are back on the outside.  It does little good to get clean if you just end up relapsing over and over again.  Recovery is a long term proposition.

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Another option you have for detox is to pay big money for a procedure known as ultra rapid detox.  This is where they put you under as if for surgery, and then flush your body out all at once.  You wake up and are basically all through with your withdrawal, and may only have a small trace of discomfort at that point.  It sounds enticing but it is very expensive and there is no guarantee of success.  Many people have relapsed after having their body flushed from the chemicals.

Everyone of course has the option to detox at home, without any outside help.  This is generally not recommended but it is certainly possible to get through it.  Depending on your level of dependence, you will experience flu like symptoms and be generally pretty miserable for about 3 to 7 days.  If this is the route you end up going, try to sleep as much as possible so as to minimize your discomfort.  You might also take over the counter medications in order to treat withdrawal symptoms, such as your body aches and pain.  If you cannot do it on your own though then you should ask for help and eventually go in to rehab in order to confront your problem.

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