Getting Over Oxycontin Addiction

Getting Over Oxycontin Addiction

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Anyone who is struggling to get off of Oxycontin knows how hard it can be.  There is so much to deal with all at once, including:

1) Dealing with chronic pain issues without opiates.

2) Getting past the opiate withdrawal and all the nasty symptoms.

3) Staying drug free in spite of chronic pain.

4) Remaining opiate free in the long run in spite of the urge to self medicate our addiction.

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5) Avoiding common triggers to use our drug of choice, including people who may influence us to use the drug.

And so on and so forth.  Actually this list is nowhere near comprehensive and merely scratches the surface.  Anyone who is actually fully addicted to Oxycontin will need to have a very strong long term plan in order to stay drug free.

This long term plan might include several steps, such as:

1) Going to a drug rehab or detox center to get off the drug.

2) Finding alternative ways to cope with chronic pain issues without resorting to opiates.

3) Finding a support system to help the person get through their initial path in recovery.

4) Having accountability so that they do not relapse.

5) Finding a long term solution so that they can continue to grow and develop in recovery.

6) Forming long term habits such as holistic growth and personal growth.

It takes all of this effort and a whole lot more to overcome Oxycontin addiction.  Most people will have a tendency to do far, far less than what is suggested on this list of things when they first try to get clean and sober.  This is probably why success rates in recovery from drug addiction are always so low.  People want to do the bare minimum and not put forth a lot of work or effort in order to stay clean.  What they need to realize is that it takes an entire change of their life in order to really break free from a powerful opiate addiction and find a new way to live.

If you want to get clean from drugs but you don’t know how to even get started with what seems like an overwhelming list of tasks, then start by talking with your doctor or by checking in to drug rehab.  Both of these options will be better than doing nothing, but be careful that your doctor might not be well educated regarding addiction.  Some doctors do not realize the addictive potential of medications, and they need to be educated.  If this is the case then just get to rehab.

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