How the Body Becomes Addicted During Darvocet Addiction

How the Body Becomes Addicted During Darvocet Addiction


Anyone can potentially fall victim to Darvocet addiction because this is a medication that contains opiate drugs in it.  Opiates are a class of drug that are contained in most painkillers and are also similar to heroin.  Opiates flood the brain with chemicals that tell your body “feel good” in spite of any pain you might be experiencing.

It might help a bit to understand exactly how the opiate works to relieve pain.  It does not actually go to the source of pain in the body and reduce it on the spot. Instead, opiate drugs simply mask pain by “doping” the brain.  It is similar to putting a rag in an alarm clock.  The brain is the alarm clock and the opiate drug is the rag being inserted to dull the pain.  The pain is still there and nothing has been done chemically to reduce the amount of pain at all.  The only thing that happens is that the opiates get in the way of the brain recognizing the pain so much.  This is how opiates work.

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There are other painkillers that work differently from opiates, such as nsaids that actually reduce inflammation and pain right at the source.  These do not necessarily work better, but they do work more directly than opiates.  They actually reduce pain rather than mask it.

Now the human body is actually producing a small bit of opiates naturally all the time.  When we go through periods of extreme stress, our body can use these natural opiates to help us get through a tough situation (such as intense exercise).  If you did not have any naturally occurring opiates in your brain, you would never be able to work out.  The pain would be too great.

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So what happens when you abuse Darvocet for a long period of time, is that your body starts to notice that you are feeding it opiates all the time, and so it stops producing them. Your natural opiate production that normally happens all the time basically shuts down.  This is fine as long as you keep taking Darvocet all day, every day.  But as soon as you stop, that is when your body is going to cry out for opiates, and natural production will take several days to kick in again.  Thus you will experience withdrawal symptoms, and craving for the drug will occur.  This is how dependence and addiction can occur.

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