How to Deal with it if You are Addicted to Vicodin

How to Deal with it if You are Addicted to Vicodin


Are you addicted to Vicodin?  Are you interested in getting off of this drug and changing your life as a result of this addiction?  If so, here are some options for you and some things you should know.

First of all you would probably do well to go to a drug rehab center or a detox facility.  There they can help you with your addiction to Vicodin in a couple of different ways.  First of all they could help get you detoxed from the drug so that you are completely off of it.  Now most people are afraid of this withdrawal process because they have felt what the symptoms are like and they know how uncomfortable it can be.  In the case of drug rehab, they will most likely give you medication that will help treat your symptoms so that you are not so miserable during the detox process.  By the time you leave rehab you will be completely drug free and the process should be fairly painless with minimal discomfort.

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Of course drug rehab is not cheap and not everyone has insurance or Medicaid so it might be cost prohibitive to attend treatment.  Depending on how bad your state of addiction is you might want to consider going to rehab anyway.  If you can get off the pills for good then that is probably worth several thousand dollars and a huge piece of mind as well.  It is hard to put a price on recovery because the benefits of staying clean and sober over the long run are immeasurable.

There are other ways that you can get off of Vicodin but they are not as comprehensive as going to drug rehab.  For example, you might talk with the doctor who prescribed you the pills, explain that you are addicted to them, and ask for help and suggestions for how to fix the problem.  Some doctors will be more knowledgeable and helpful than others.  Some will even prescribe you with medication that can be used to help detox you from the drug.  But in most cases the doctor will likely recommend treatment.

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Now if you are truly terrified of opiate withdrawal there is a procedure that basically lets you skip the withdrawal altogether called ultra rapid detox.  Unfortunately this procedure is quite new and is not approved yet and therefore you have to pay for it out of pocket.  It is quite expensive and there is no guarantee that you will stay clean and sober afterward so it is quite risky.

The traditional path of going through with an inpatient detox is probably the best route for most addicts because:

1) You will have some discomfort in withdrawal which will remind you of what you want to avoid in the future (relapse prevention).

2) You will get plenty of support and help from both staff and peers in an in-house facility.

3) You will actually learn about how to live a clean and sober life without the need to self medicate in order to feel normal.

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