How Nasal Spray Addiction Occurs

How Nasal Spray Addiction Occurs


Although you don’t hear much about nasal spray addiction, it is real and can cause serious health problems for those who do become addicted to them for long periods of time. It is also a very common problem that no one seems to talk about which is a mistake. When addictions like these are not discussed openly and made known to the public, then more and more addicts will continue to abuse nasal sprays and not seek help. Because it is kept silent, they think they are the only ones with the problem. This causes them to avoid the possibility of exposing themselves so that they can get treatment. Others don’t even realize that they are addicted.

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After using prescribed nasal spray for so long, eventually you become immune and it doesn’t work effectively as it did before. You then begin to use it more and more often in order to get the effect you got when you first began taking the medicine. You then become dependent on the drug, therefore leading to addiction. Nasal sprays are normally used to help with allergies and congestion and is very helpful when used properly, especially in the summertime where this is a big problem. The problem is that people rely too much on these sprays. Rather than using them for a few days, users count on them for months.

Over the counter nasal sprays are only supposed to be used for a few days. After that your symptoms should have gotten better but if not then you are suppose to go and see your physician. Most nasal sprays are only supposed to be used every 12 hours, but as the effect lessen and the problem persists, users tend to use more often. It has then turned into an addiction. Doctors will tell you that nasal sprays aren’t addictive and that they don’t contain any contents that would possibly make you become addicted to them. Part of this is right but if they are not addictive, then you must ask yourself how come this is a common addiction, and how come so many cases have been reported. By doing research via the internet, you will find that there have been many cases reported.

If you find yourself using nasal spray more often than recommended then you need to seek help. If you don’t you could cause serious damage to the nasal lining which may include chemical burns, sores and more. You may also trigger your current nasal congestion to get worse. Nasal sprays are for short term use only and should only be taken for a short period of time. If your problem persists after using them then it obviously means that this is not the solution for you and it’s time to make another trip to the doctor. When you find the product that is right for your specific problem, you will know. Otherwise, don’t continue to use medicine or products that don’t serve their purpose in the time provided, because it may just not be for you.

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Ask your doctor about other methods of treatment until you find something that is non addictive and works for you in the shortest amount of time possible. You don’t have to necessarily choose to use nasal sprays. You may want to also ask about natural ways of handling congestion without the use of medication. You may be able to find something that actually works without that prescription. Always ask about alternatives when the other option is medication. It’s up to you to take care of yourself and your health. Being more cautious about taking medicine is a start.

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