Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

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Sugar Addiction is a growing epidemic in society today and is a major health concern. The intake of sugar has increased exponentially in the United States and other developed countries since the mid 1940s. The advent of processed foods and fast food restaurants has only served to cause the intake of these bad carbs to increase even further. Sugar causes a euphoric feeling when consumed and leads to endorphin release which leads to a physical dependance on it. The sugar industry denies any correlation between this increase sugar intake and the higher incidence of sugar reliance.

On average the average American will consume nearly 160 pounds of sugar per year. That means on a daily basis your average American is consuming almost a half a pound of sugar per day. Most of this sugar is actually not from sucrose, or sugar cane, but instead from high-fructose corn syrup. Much of the sugar intake is actually in places where you would not assume that it would be. Places like peanut butter and ketchup. This over consumption of sugar has caused a change in the way our bodies rely on it. If we cut sugar from our diets we often feel slow and sluggish. This is a major health concern for all of the industrialized world. Sugar, and its close cousin high-fructose corn syrup, are nearly nutritionally devoid of any benefit to the human body. It essentially boils down to empty carbs. Of course the body can turn sugar into fast energy but those sources of sugar should be things like fruits and vegetables and not soft drinks or candy. Fruits and vegetables have vitamins and minerals which are not found in soda and candy and help us be healthier. Fruits and vegetables also have different types of sugar which are better for our bodies as well.

Our bodies reliance on sugar has become very evident in recent years with the advent of low sugar diets and stories of people who are unable to function normally for the first week or more of the new diet. People who are on these diets often report feeling shaky and having a craving for sugar. It can also be seen in the massive increase in the rate of individuals diagnosed with diabetes. This addiction to sugar has already begun to cause health problems which we are not equipped to deal with such as heart disease and obesity. In order to break the dependance on sugar people will need to make a conscious effort to reduce sugar overall in everything they eat. This can be done by removing soft drinks from their diet and checking nutritional labels. Often times companies place sugar in products where it is unneeded. It is important to cut out as much of the unneeded sugar as possible and rely on natural sources of energy such as fruit or vegetables instead. As with any addiction it is not easy to break but with the right plan, effort, and support it can be done.

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