Key Concepts of Success for Overcoming a Narcotics Addiction

Key Concepts of Success for Overcoming a Narcotics Addiction


How can a person best overcome a narcotics addiction?  Basically there are a couple of things that need to happen in order to find long term success in this area.  Here is a suggested path that can get you there:

* Surrender is key, as is preached in virtually all recovery programs. No one who is still fighting to get high and intoxicated is likely to recover.  Even a modest amount of desire to be clean is not enough in most cases.  The person must truly want to be clean and sober with every ounce of their being.

* Massive action is key. This is really evident in early recovery, where something like 90 percent of newly recovering addicts will relapse within one year or less.  In order to get past this major hurdle of early recovery, the addict has to change everything about their life, including how they handle their everyday living and cope with things.  If they just do a couple of small things, this will not produce success.  The natural tendency is for the addict to use drugs, so it takes a ton of energy to change this.

* Follow through is key.  Many recovering addicts start out with a bang in recovery and then just fizzle out, relapsing from their narcotics addiction somewhere in the 30 to 90 day time frame.  A big part of this comes from those who attend a treatment center or drug rehab, and then get out within 28 days or less and quickly revert to their drug of choice.  When surveyed, people cite the lack of follow through as the biggest reasons why they did not stay clean.  They did not follow through with their aftercare recommendations, they did not go to suggested meetings, and they did not take the suggested actions.  If you want results in recovery it takes work.  Lots of work.

* Continuous personal growth is key. Then there are the select few who make it past the one year mark and slowly transition into long term recovery.  What becomes of them?  Unbelievably, many end up relapsing.  You would think they would have it down pretty good after a year, but statistics say otherwise.  So what is to blame?  Basically that they get complacent, and stop pushing themselves to keep growing.  This is why holistic health is important: because it gives the addict so many new paths on which they can experience new growth.  For example, fitness, nutrition, exercise, meditation, emotional balance, and so on.  All of these can help narcotics recovery in some way.

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