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Harmful LSD Side Effects

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LSD is like any other drug: while taking it the high may be fun but long term use and abuse of the drug could cause irreversable side effects, especially when you factor in the hallucinations (and what they might lead you to do). While the drug was first used to help people in the beginning, the counterculture days of the 1960’s brought a stigma to LSD that is attatched to it to this very day. No matter how you look at it, long term use of LSD will cause risks to your health that may be far beyond your control.  While the drug may not damage your body directly, it may certainly cause you to engage in risky behaviors.

Before looking at the negative effects of LSD, first look at its scientific makeup and its history. LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide. It was first synthesized by the Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman back in 1938 but it was not until 1943 that the psychedelic properties were discovered. It was first meant to be used as a repiratory and circulatory stimulant. By accident Hoffman got some of the liquid on his fingers and then described the ‘trip’ that he expierienced. It was during this time that it was discovered how powerful and strong that LSD could be.

After that day in 1943 when Hoffman discovered LSD, three days later he tested it while going on a bike ride. He wrote down the experience in which he described what is now known as the first LSD trip. Since then LSD has been a drug that has been used and abused by millions upon millions of people all over the world. Its ability to enlighten the senses and expand the mind has been the muse and catalyst for writers, musicians, and actors.

One of the most obvious harmful side effects of LSD is depression and schizophrenia. This should be self explanatory: the person has tripped so much that they are in a constant haze and ‘trip’ state. They have lost all sense of reality.

Another harmful effect of taking a drug like this is what it can do to a person emotionally.  What happens during a typical trip is that you are shown the truth about your life and about your life situation.  Everything that used to be grey and fuzzy in your mind is suddenly black and white.  Moral judgments seem to form more easily and you can automatically label things in your life as “good” and “bad” without even giving it much thought.  This is the power of the drug emotionally and depending on how much chaos and problems you have in your life, it can make for quite an experience.

The drug basically amplifies what is going on in your life currently from an emotional standpoint.  If you are depressed and upset due to recent events in your life, you may very well have a “bad trip” when you take this drug.  Of course, anyone who becomes stressed from an emotional standpoint may in turn start making bad decisions or do things that they might regret.  It is not that this drug makes you crazy, it is only that it allows you to clearly see the truth.  It strips away the defenses that we normally put up to shield ourselves from the truth.  It strips away the lies that we tell ourselves so that we can feel better about our lives.  If you take this drug, you will see your life and yourself as it really is.  You will see the truth.  And that can obviously have serious consequences for certain people.

Irreversable brain damage is another harmful result of extreme LSD use. Basically what happens is that the person is constantly ‘tripping’. It is these people that are usually admitted to psychiatric facilities and thus must be put on medication. Basically they have thrown their lives away. While there are people who live productive lives and some who still take LSD, there are those who suffer those harmful effects and it is these people who must be taken care of when it comes to LSD abuse and its bad effects.

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  • Brianzachkatielainetimmy parkerholbrookslyles

    this is very dumb!! i do not agree with it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    Exactly why do you not agree with it? From the standpoint of another addict, paragraphs five and six are spot on. The emotional damage this substance will do to someone is beyond any suffering you can possibly imagine.

    Judging by your lack of evidence to support your counter claim, I will assume you know nothing of the struggle that lies ahead of you.

    As the text states, everything is put into perspective. Continue to take this substance, and you will soon find out where your life is headed.

  • elkeisha collier

    i totally agree with the side effects of lsd. im from detroit mi and i have a nephew who is currently living in TN. over this past weekend mi nephew became very very ill after leaving a get together with friends. all the symptroms that he is and has been having all lead to lsd. i seriously dosnt think that he took it willingly i am convinced that someone gave to thim without him knowing.

  • Anonymous

    Im 29 years old and the first time i took lsd was 15 years ago. I used
    it maybe 100 times over a three period. I have been stuck in a trip for 12 years. Ive learned to live with it but its not easy. Leave lsd alone, for it can change u forever.

  • Matt

    I went on many lsd trips between the ages of 13 and 21. I had to stop when I got older because of bad trips. I couldnt have good trips because as I matured, I became more aware of real life and couldnt deal with the real life problems in my trips.
    I’m 41 now and I feel that this has really affected my ability to maintain a solid grasp on reality. Often I feel border line schizophrenic. I have a loving wife and two sons, 18 and 16. I strongly regret doing this damage to my thought process.

  • Someone

    This is true, im worried about a friend who took acid and im looking this up, and this is exactly what has happened to him.

  • Miguelito

    I know a freshman in college that had a bad trip. He jumped out the 8th (top) story window of our dorm. Thank god he lived. He’s ok now physically, at home, but I’m also sure he’s scarred.

  • Phelipe

    Guyz i took acid just once or twice…and that was 10 years ago. Before i was a happy man really…but that experince changed me…i had a really bad trip and sometimes i’m still having it as flashbacks. If you’re smart stay away from that shit there’s plenty to chose from.

  • fredreika

    so heres the deal… youre suppose to go into it with an open mind. the reason youre crazy (schizo) is because you think it. you as a person can overide your system and make yourself believe anything. oh and the people that did it while depressed, could you get any dumber?

  • Jackson

    i’ve taken LSD a number of occasions alongside DMT and psilocybin mushrooms and I don’t feel like a burnout or borderline schizo. In fact i feel more alive than ever. Truth be told, i don’t know ANYONE in real life who’s taken LSD and had a big problem with it either. I’d highly recommend you all do your research before jumping into powerful drugs like this. And quit using it so frequently. 100 times over the course of 3 years is a ton. Not unheard of, but you’re really pushing the boundries with that one. Once a month is good. Maybe more, maybe less depending how you feel. But you need weeks between to judge changes.

    Anyways this article is kind of stupid. Not because i disagree with what it says but because it’s poorly written and biased. Psychological problems are very real with LSD, but also VERY uncommon from responsible use. Brain damage however… is not. What you state is HPPD and that is not brain damage. That’s simply tripping so often that the line between the two worlds blurs. Some people love it. Others hate it. But it’s really whatever you make of it. I don’t think i’d be too bothered seeing fractals all the time. They’re much more entertaining than a static carpet anyways. What makes people anxious is when you tell them it’s brain damage. Use the word residual visuals instead. I’ve noticed that people in real life tend to not mention this condition as much as the people on the internet who have been exposed to the term Hallucinogen Persisting Perception DISORDER. Suddenly everyone on the internet has it and is worried, but it’s only because they’ve been told its a disorder

  • Jackson

    oh and for all you complaining about your bad trips. get over it. i’m not trying to sound like an ass (really) but that’s all there is to it. it’s psychological. i’ve had several bad trips, told myself it was just a drug and i’d be out in a few hours, then woke up the next morning feeling like a million bucks. no psychological damage done.

  • Trevdog

    I like drugs(:

  • Anan

    I’m with Jackson on this one. I’m 20 years old and have been taking LSD for a year now. I have had bad trips but i have been able to change them into good ones simply by being confident in myself and telling myself that there is no reason to be feeling bad. People who don’t have the ability to do that clearly have emotional issues they need to work out.
    However, i have been tripping too often i think, and i am starting to worry about all the stuff I’ve been reading. Sometimes I’ll trip with only one day in between the last one. Should i stop completely or go with the once a month prescription?

  • andrew

    Im 23 away from home farmington nm. I take acid also pot meth coke booze. Some r a free spirit dont give a shit they reckless. Some can handle that all the time the rest are conforming to our goverment. Well fuck them my idol is lemmy kilmister i dont plan on living much older ive had fun for 100 lifes of young men

  • Anonymous

    There’s bad trips and there’s bad trips.

  • Matthew

    Obviously the worst drug out. It was designed by people who were hoping to discover a drug that would make people who had psychotic episodes to help them reconnect with the rest of the world. They used their scientific powers to sadly come up with the most freakiest drug out.
    Yes I’ve tripped many times and that was awesome to begin with but it fucked my mind up so much.
    I’m so thankful that I still have my mind. I’m calm and see reason today.

    Have a look what happened to the late Syd Barrett. He began one of the most successful bands in the world but when they were starting out he took to much L.S.D. and went on a trip that he was never to return from.

  • Matthew


    Sorry about my previous comments. I don’t think other people are like me. They have their limits and just take the right amount of drug to make them feel good. They know how to limit their consumption with their mates so together they heighten their sense of feeling. And together they have an awesome night.

    I used to be like that as well. But later on I couldn’t say no and always said yes to more drugs. That is why I became a hardcore drug addict. I had to go into long term rehab to fix this problem. I loved it as the staff there work very hard on me and make me emerge a far better man. That took me 7 months. Others are in there for about 2 years.

    I plead with others to use drugs for fun. Don’t become like I was and become a hardcore drug addict.

    Please don’t be like I was and treat your loved ones with contempt.
    Fill them with love and kindness and great things will happen to you.

    Good luck and all the best. xoxox

  • yooo

    hey guys i just need to know if i take 1 hit of lsd for my first time and only do it once will i become fucked up and have flashbacks all the time. i have got no mental problems nore do i have deprestion or any skeletons in the closet i keep locked up… just a 15 year old high school kid trying to experience this trip

    please respond, thanks

  • Matthew

    Hi Yooo,
    In my humble opinion I think you might be a bit young to have acid. It is so in tune with your brain and can have some trippy effects. Hence the name. The human brain needs to be fully developed in order to enjoy this effect. What with some very poor people who are developing this product of course they will come up short many times. They don’t develope a different product but come up with a very poor version of L.S.D. In the beginning it was developed by people who were trained chemists who have degree. I’m going to be very frank with you; not like some of the fuckheads out there today who produce it. You don’t have to be very smart to do something which might send you to jail for years.

    I like the way your brain works, it likes to expand and grow. My suggestion is that you wait a while until you mature a bit more.

    Regards Matt

  • yooo

    thanks matt, good and very thoughtful advice. now from experience or knowledge do you know if the people out there that are always having flashbacks or HPPD is that from constance use while depressed or just them being idiots and are overusing?

  • Matthew

    Hey Yooo,
    I have had L.S.D. many times over the years. I always did it safely, with my mates and/or girlfriend when we going out or to a festival. I’ve never had a flashbacks or suffered from HPPD in my life. I think the reason why this is so is because I’ve always felt it was such a powerful drug and it must be taking safely. I had to make sure I had everything just right. I was doing it with people who are so close to me so when we started tripping out so much when we talking so much bent and twisted garbage I was comfortable doing this. It is so powerful on the so that when I was coming down and I thought to myself – “what the fuck did I get up to” my conscience is clear because I’d done everything just right. Also I made sure I had so much weed. That is a good way to calm you down. Whenever you start tripping out have a joint or a bong.
    The reason why I have always been so careful is this. Have a look what happened to the late Syd Barret. He started off one of the most successful bands in the world, Pink Floyd, and before they had conquered the world he had far to much L.S.D. and he went on a trip that he was never to return from.

    The human mind is such a powerful thing Yooo. Be very careful with it and show it love and you will reap the bounty.

    Good luck and all the best.

  • MrSir

    So I did acid for the first time three days ago. I took three hits and I had an amazing time. I took it at 3 am and didn’t really sleep until the next night at around 2 am. Since then I’ve had a horrible stomachache, a temperature of 99.3 , diarrhea, back and neck pains, and a headache. Ive only really eaten a bowl of cereal since I’ve done the acid. My buddy who tripped with me that night did four hits and he’s completely fine. Do you think my sickness is contributed to the acid or did I just get sick at an ironic time?

  • Patrick

    @ MRsir – I think you just got sick, probably not related to the acid. But you never know, and I also don’t think that you should necessarily try it again. Being up for that long can make you feel pretty awful. Good luck. Try to be safe!

  • rock-a-rolla

    Hey guys, i’m 20 years old and never dropped acid before and i really want to give it a try before i go back to school. I had a trip scheduled for 8/11/2012, me and my buddies were gunna trip in his garage and jam some tunes, however… I flaked out because my mom had past away the day before. At the same time i’ve got in a serious fistfight with one of my best friends because he thinks he’s some kinda big-shit shot-caller. Fuckin’ guy tried to put me on a leash and play games with me… Anyway, as i moured my family’s loss, and a loss of a friend, i decided to postpone the trip till next week. Lately my moods have been swingin’ from anger to depression back and forth but have been improving as the days go by. Other than that, i’m usually a very pleasant guy to be around. Should i go on with the trip???

    I don’t do drugs (not even weed) and I only drink on occasions. If that makes any difference.

  • Vanessa G

    You won’t have a bad trip unless you’re in a bad state of mind. It’ll take it wherever you choose to go. Acid is brilliant, clears up your mind and you truly see things for what they are. It’s all the simplistic things in life. I’ve done it a few time, ALL great trips. If you’re not confident in yourself as a person then you apparently shouldn’t be trying drugs.

  • Cj Rickets

    I have takin lsd several times. In my opinion everyones brain is different. Therefore effecting everone differntly. I agree with u guys in that if u must use it do so spareingly and not untill your brain iserd fully developed. But it is conciderd a drug and illeagel. so it can land u into trouble that way. also i have yet to find any info online or anyware that states the true physical efffects of lsd use. just from word of mouth or blogs. i haavent seen aa study repport from a university or lab or some kind of professionaly backed study. do we really, REALLY know how it effects the brain? what happans at the chemical level? ive read here what happans to people. actually ive found out the most from this page. but again, the best thing ive lerned is

  • Axton?!

    Just read about it on Erowid.com, it’s the best site for learning about drugs/anything spiritual

  • Experienced LSD User

    I would like to clarify that while “bad trips” are a possibility the USER is always at fault and they can NEVER happened inherently from the drug. They happen because the user is inexperienced and uses it in a bad situation/setting or because they are simply not prepared for the experience they are about to undertake, ie they are depressed or something similar.

  • Teegee

    There is so much misinformation here, it’s obscene. What is this repetitious talk of persons in a “constant state of tripping?”

    Even my biggest DeadHead friends don’t use lysergic acid like heroin. And to readily assume that a bad life situation is wrong for a trip is completely inaccurate. Perhaps for your anecdotal experience, but studies in Switzerland and the UK would suggest otherwise: it’s had positive results in the treatment of alcoholism and coming to terms with terminal illness.

    From my own personal viewpoint: LSD has pulled me out of depressions form tangible problems numerous times. It’s been a fun addition to hiking trips and love-making, as well as positive influence on dealing with prior bulimia/eating disorder issues and depression/isolation.

  • i love lamp


  • thedude

    well said teegee

  • bugz

    If u r attending a party den only take LSD, or else world will b horrible vidout music…

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe people think its ok to take this. My brother in the 70’s had 250 hits of window pain in a plastic baggie tucked in his boot when he went to open it the
    bag had broken and the acid had absorbed into his skin. We could see it with a black light He was high for days. He continued to do drugs and now he is really messed up and has schizophrenia. Not only that but people who are willing to alter there world with a drug like this they are probably taken other drugs as well.
    How about get high on life.

  • Thomas

    LSD is one of the worst drugs and changed my life in the most negative ways. Not only was I hanging around shady Deadheads at festies I was turning delusional through every trip and high. I know it’s the LSD and pot that caused my mental problems and anyone who has another opinion about what happened to me is wrong. There are many mental paitents that have taken LSD and had no problems before the bad trip. Sure you can blame it on the person but it is the drug that causes the problems. I saw how bad drugs really are and how selfish drug users are when I was tripping at one of these festivals. LSD is one of the worst drugs and I agree with this article. Schizophrenia isn’t fun and games and drug use with drugs like LSD is like russian roulette with your sanity. I can’t beleive what users say to justify their drug use. Hope others make the right decision to stay away from these types of drugs. Don’t ruin your life to have some fun one night.

  • pike420

    well in THOMAS post about how lsd changed his life in negative ways.
    he states:
    “I saw how bad drugs really are and how selfish drug users are when I was tripping at one of these festivals.”
    and then he says: “LSD is one of the worst drugs and I agree with this article.”
    well swim had amazing trips and not so amazing experiences to,but u can learn from your negative trips,to conquer fear.Everything are mind imagines is real.Think about it.goblins,angels,elves, gods, demons etc.its just as crazy to think thoughs are real as the mystry of life.And existence is an acid trip of its own.we dont control are life and when we die. Swims personal belief is that theres more in lsd then just the drug of course,and the realm that lsd,shrooms etc Hold within.
    This realm has other unknown beings that dwell there. An ancient energy that is living ,like trees and streams,and you can feel its presence even more real then this reality.Its the I am”god” what other drug do you come out thinking with doubt that ur reality might not be the real on.But DONT FORGET! your more ego driven reality which here on earth can not be forgotten about.because you have to learn to live in the reality and society that we are in and help one another evolve in to a better reality.
    and this living energy is so strong it may give u fear just as if a alien spaceship landed in ur backyard.Its a living being that isent human and not in are realm of existence so it can be overwhelming and can be scary in some ways. The danger in lsd is that,you can get over your head in a realm we shouldn’t meddle to much with.U can go deeper with the right guiders in a sacred way of going but its a risk still.Monks have practiced safe ways of entering this realm thru meditation,but that takes most there life to to achieve.(which may be the point) swim beliefs,You understand and then u let it be.
    In Swims trips the living energy being and beings have been different.Some tell swim “do not be afraid of us.”we are MotherEarths and ur ancestors.” And you wont belive what the key to life is,that this living energy is trying to convey. It says ‘BE HERE NOW”And protect the earth which ur home not your house.thats the only thing man was ment to do and what we are suppose to do everything eles will work out on its own.They say we humans are divine beings and when are body dies are souls go to the realm were we are from. which is The Gaian mind.because the earth is actually a living thing and we are part of the earths mind.The saying we are all One connected.Anyways Thomas, If lsd was so negative for u hanging out with sketchy deadheads witch is sketchy soberly.Why is it that Lsd that made you see,the truth thru a trip were you noticed how horrible drugs are and how negative everything was, a bad thing?
    To Swim Thomas,s lsd trip sounds like lsd doing what it dos best. Scraping off your identity costume(ego) and showing the raw truth the true soul that lies within everyone of us.Swim has gotten depressed,anxiety and psychosis behavior from lSd,but isn’t that life?Isent life a big trip until u die? being crazy or psychotic is what are society has black listed into an idea of a bad negative thing.Yes walking around in the winter with no shoes or shirt talking to ur self isn’t healthy or sane but what are we to say what is and whats not.Thats are conformed and conditioned egotistical mind.Did you ever think that The crazy person walking around with no shirt on in winter dosent need help or a pill from the docs.Mabye its someone who took alot of acid can’t function in are fucked up society because it dosent make anysense to him anymore. To aware of the big picture to act like a sheep in the mainstream dragging him slowy into insanity. That man dos need help, but it is not a pill he needs.Its are culture to be awakened to the truth and are way of life that needs to evolve and change away from its horrid overly ego greed and corruption.We came from Earth not the usa not Europe or canada.Earth is are home the act of tripping is ancient like time its self.The truth lies within.THE TIME IS NOW-pike

  • Ryan

    I have only ever tried LSD once. The description of its effects are 99.9% identical to my personal experience with it.

  • PurpleTrip

    I have used LSD along with many other mind altering substances. I back up Pike. LSD is a tool in my eyes to explore one’s self. To make sense of things we do not know or understand. It really has filled in a lot of gaps and wonders I’ve personally have thunk about while sober. I feel like I understand now from my bad trip how everyone’s existence is truly intertwined, but to them it’s all about how their existence is the only one that is relevant. It’s funny, your brain obviously knows itself better than anything in the way it works and how it views reality. So, when you have a.trip like the one I had just explained it gives you an extremely clear mental picture of how it actually works. For example, think of a mountain range and all the peeks and summits. Visualize someone standing on each peak and the mountain under them their life. It all amounts to them but, at the bottom of each mountain it’s all connected, it’s all the same thing, one big existence.

    P.s. sorry for any misspellings or random punctuation I’m using a phone to type this.

  • http://SpirtualRiver.com Caregiver

    We have tried to provide a home for our grandson that tripped on LSD 2 years ago. He is now on medication and is Schizophrenia. He can not hold a job, has no real friends and most family members do not want him in their lifes. Our grandson still trips even with medication. His self esteen is low. He would like to live a normal life. We are now looking to see if the goverment can provide permanent housing for him. Is the LSD trip worth it? Is this what you want for yourself?

  • TheBahamaLlama

    Apparently part of this spiritual enlightenment is not the knowledge of proper english grammar.

  • Anonymous

    Just don’t do drugs they cause psychological harm sooner or later, can’t you have fun some other way? If it’s for medical use, well then that’s different.

  • A.T.

    Well i never do LSD and i didn’t want to do. But since i have heard about the connection of mind between people who do LSD together at the same time.Is that true ? and .. two of my friends did LSD many times and they said that now if they really concentrate they would be able to talk to each other like kind of telepathy. And they just became sooo much into these spiritual things. I’m just afraid if they will go too much deep into these stuffs and become schizophrenia. Just wonder if they go too deep in these things what will actually happen to them??

  • XYZ

    I have experienced the Trip & it was really horrible to me.
    Soon after consuming it i dint turnd up lyk a cyclone but after an Hour i seen the colour’s & the creativity falling on me.
    It was psychedelic to see that the lights turning up into 3D effects.
    & a strange power was there in me.
    i wasnt able to judge myself like where & what am i doing
    all it was that my heart started beating faster & harder & i really felt it just like my heart is going to hop outside. it was my first consumation of the paper & the last i think now
    i took it 3 months back but still i think that am in the same trip & sometimes the world sounds unknown to me.
    but about watching the reality & fun is really true, u can really watch the true & faithfull factors around your side.
    Never want such a experience ever ahead in Life..

  • Loren

    I just took two hits last Saturday, and holy fuck! What a life changing experiance, absolutely beautiful

  • LiveAndBreatheAHoax

    HAHAHAHA, TheBahamaLlama that’s exactly what I was thinking, and perhaps people that do not possess the ability to type in a comprehensible manner should not be thinking about taking LSD, what about spell check and auto-correct for christs sake! Drugs aren’t often bad, people are bad. Prescription medicines often have worse side effects than LSD, medicines which are freely available and seen as perfectly ok to take because the government and pharmaceutical companies say they are. Drugs should not be abused, that is a well known fact. That guy that said his brother had 250 hits in a bag in his shoe, now that is very unfortunate, the amount that would have been absorbed would surely have done some damage, but no one takes 250 tabs of LSD. Take it, don’t take it, it really doesn’t matter, but it certainly has it’s benefits. I think the main thing to learn here is that people should wise up a bit, and check your grammar and spelling, the whole idea of language is so that people can understand you when you try and communicate with them.

  • fry

    i loved lsd triped everyday for 5 yrs when i was a teenager started at 14. yes i was using other drugs. with lsd i was able to open doors and time in a different place. like i learned all the truth of life and other worlds of time. i got to sit on the moon and see the whole world. it is like we are little planets ourself. yes though it has been 10 yts i still feel the effects and have schizophrenia. i do not know if lsd was the cause and no doctor can. i feel we were somepost to do some kind of lsd or mushrooms in our lifes so we can feel one with the earth and living things in this world

  • fry

    look do not say no one can not take more then 250 hits at a time. i did 300 hits one night never come down though. then one night my friend gave me about 600 hits never came down but i can read and spell and yes i see many things others cannot

  • Patman96

    Listen people. Any drugs are dangerous and can have bad and long lasting side effects when used in excess. I personally do not think LSD is harmful when used properly but Jesus taking 300 or 600 hits? No shit you still have schizophrenia, imagine if you took 100x the recommended dose of aspirin, you’d most likely die. And someone’s brother accidentally took 250 hits because his foot broke a bag open, let’s blame poor methods and improper consumption over blaming a drug that does not always have life altering effects.
    Using copious amounts of anything in one sitting is quite harmful not excluding LSD. if you do use LSD, which I am not encouraging nor condoning, all I advise is to be smart by doing your research and weighing the pros and cons to see what is in your best interest. Also, don’t trust what people say about “personal experience”, it can be true but it’s more effective to look at peer-reviewed scientific sources with documented information, something this article lacks… Peace everyone be smart

  • C

    My daughter was introduced to LSD And Adderal and pot by her boyfriend and his family. Over the course of a couple of years she became a completely different person. Unpredictable, violent, paranoid etc. She has completely cut herself off from her family and has dropped out of college. We are devastated but can do nothing.

  • Rosie

    I did acid 3 days in a row at a music festival and even though a year has passed I still feel the reverberation from taking those hits. (I also took shrooms twice before and acid once before this concert) I have a lingering paranoia that I work daily to calm down and an over excitement of various parts of my mind that also require me intense focus. I have been struggling with depression/anxiety and am only beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m 24 and I feel like I have lost a year of my life, but I refuse to allow this to define me. I have quit all drugs and turned my life around completely. The one positive effect from taking LSD was the awareness that I was on a downward spiral making the stupidest choices and after hitting rock bottom (I had the absolute worst panic attack) I have found my strength, I am sober, am connected to reality once more and I have the ability to start over and go back to school. There were times when I feared I ruined my brain forever, but reading about neuroplasticity has given me hope. Also I have to be very kind and compassionate with myself or I will get stuck in negative thinking. Every day is a challenge but I refuse to give up on myself and end up in a but house. Take my advice, Dont do drugs. Life is beautiful without the need to see fractals or trying to telepathically talk to your friends. There were days when I would completely space out and forget what I was thinking about 5 minutes after having that thought. Trust me, these possibilities are not worth it. Get a natural high and go running, or work on a creative project to activate your dopamine reward centers or watch a movie with trippy images, but please take care of your brain and dont take acid-it is not worth it at all. Think deeply about the consequences and the path you are on, when you are living your dream life you will be grateful you did not take LSD. And if you did please read rewire your brain by john b Arden or mind sculpture by ian Robertson, those two books have given me so much hope and are helping me heal and move on. Some of the effects written on these comments are similar to PTSD and john b Arden has a book on that subject matter as well which is so enlightening (in a grounded and real way). I highly recommend that one for people who are “stuck in a trip” and suffering. Sorry about the length everyone, but this has literally changed my life in e very way possible, if I Didnt have a loving mother to help me when I hit rock bottom, I would probably be dead- I hope my story will make any 15 year old seriously think twice before subjecting yourself to these possibilities. A 50/50 chance you Dont have a bad trip are not good odds.

  • Rosie

    And by “but house” I mean *nut house. Haha

  • C

    LSD is a very powerful psychedelic, and can be dangerous if not treated as such. It is not at all dangerous physically, and psychologically it’s only dangerous if A: you over do it (you take it multiple times a month for several years) or B: you’re not mentally prepared to take it. If you use it way too much of course it’s going to be bad for you, just like if you do anything too much. You will start to get more and more flashbacks and eventually will have difficulty differentiating between what is real and what isn’t. Before taking LSD, you must be mentally prepared. You need to be completely relaxed, ready for anything, open minded, comfortable, happy, and around people you love and trust and in an environment that you’re comfortable in. You also need to be prepared to discover some truths about yourself and life that you may not like. LSD opens your mind to the truth and the way things really are. If you’re not ready for the truth, you may become depressed, or have an existential crisis of some sort. But if you are ready, LSD is an amazing chemical that can change your life for the best. It will open your mind to many things, and give you a whole new perspective on life. It can make you appreciate things that you didn’t appreciate before, it can make you love things you never even thought about before, it can make you feel connected, and very, very happy. That’s what it did for me. But you really do have to be mentally prepared to take it.

  • theforgotten

    So you can give someone this to someone who has a deep serect like being touched or touching someone or who has gay experiences,abusive parents,bipolar issues,anxeity and adhd plus add or someone who just lost his job is depressed from finding out his older brother has been fucking his ex girlfriend and insecure about them self and hiding these problems from family and make them crazy not see reality alone hear voices be scaref to leave and get them to have a sicodic break and confess all there serects to there family and have their family deal with it.because that preson just wanted to fit in amd have fun.so it makes there defendcises disappear fucking great.whoever makes it should be sentenced to prison for 40 years attleast.

  • http://www.spiritualriver.com/harmful-lsd-side-effects/ Taylor

    I am 19 and I tripped for the first time 2 days ago. I have clinical depression and a form of bi-polar and anger issues. I know, you think I am absolutely crazy for tripping under these circumstances. A few of my girlfriends came over and we had one person sober to watch over us. I actually had an amazing time, realized a lot about life. I don’t want to trip a lot but every once in a while…. now that I can do. But since tripping for the first time, my depression and anger have started to dissipate. I have found the fun Taylor again and now I don’t have to wake up feeling distraught every morning. I honestly believe that tripping helped me to find myself again. So THANK YOU LSD :)

  • Anonymous

    90 percent of these comments are drug warriors masquerading as people with personal experience. Half of these anecdotes given aren’t substantiated by any real plausible outcome from the consumption of LSD. The only way it will negatively affect you is by triggering schizophrenia (if you are predisposed to it) or cause HPPD, which can generally be permanently reversed by abstaining for several months.

  • Johnny potseed

    This post is very fear based, ignorant, and treatment-buisness heavy. I have HPPD. But since starting the use of LSD, I have decreased my weed smoking habit, gotten back on the path to graduation, and started working out. Yes, drugs CAN be bad, addicting, and life ruining. But so can CHEESEBURGERS.

  • Justin Sims

    The people in these comments have got to be trolling…..

  • Brent Rose

    I can definitely assure you LSD is bad, in small recreational amounts it is good but don’t take it farther then that. I had a bad trip a little over 5 years ago and I’m still crippled by it, extreme delusions, hallucinations, etc. My psychological mind has been tramatised ever since. I have done other psychedelics meditation zen and prescribed medications. I feel as if I am totally fucked. I have no friends, got fired from my job and I live a lonely life. I am crippled by the fear of loosing reality again. My trip just never went away. I took a reasobly high dose around 700 MCs and I freaked. I had done LSD countless times before. It was that one bad trip that changed my life. Every day has become a nightmare, a loop. The constant feeling of deja vu all the time. I don’t have an ounce of hope.

  • Brent Rose

    I recommend him trying Zen methods. It defiantly quiets the mind and helps you decided rational thought. I feel so sorry for him and I hope him the best. I live this every day.

  • timeiserelephant

    I do not agree. I have taken acid 3 times. The first two times I had the time of my life. This last time… Well I had the worst experience of my life. I was paranoid and I completely lost all reality. I forgot how to talk. Still until this day I feel lost, delusional and depressed. I now suffer from anxiety. I tremble for no reason and get confused very easily. At moments I still feel as though I cannot talk and that people don’t understand what I am trying to say. I used to smoke a lot of pot, but now I can’t. I feel as though I am still on acid. I wish everyday that I never went on my last trip. Reality is no longer real to me. I also only took one and a half tabs. There was no way I could’ve overdosed.