Meth Addiction Signs You Might Notice

Meth Addiction Signs You Might Notice


It is important to know the meth addiction signs if you suspect someone you love may be struggling with a problem. Meth addiction is a serious, sometimes fatal, disease affecting hundreds of thousands of people each year. Getting help as soon as possible is the key to overcoming this painful addiction to methamphetamine. Meth use has many signs that can help you quickly identify their is a problem present.

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Signs of a meth addiction include frequent sweating, weight loss, skin lesions, weight loss, sexual promiscuity, depression, insomnia, tooth decay, obsessive behavior, a strong, unpleasant odor, dilated pupils, excessive talking, sores that do not or take a long time to heal, being involved in dangerous activities, erratic and unusual behavior, and confusion. Many other signs can occur with a meth addiction, and many of these same signs are present with other types of drug abuse. It may be difficult to know for sure if it is an addiction to meth at first, however, when the severe symptoms of the addiction become present, you will know meth is the culprit.

Meth addicts may spend several days, and possibly a week or more, without sleep. During this time the addict may be restless, nervous, and have above normal energy. Their talk may be so fast you are unable to keep up with what they are saying, and they may talk about things that make no sense. They may be unable to focus or think, and you may notice a slurred speech pattern and delayed reaction to things. Strange odors, often compared to that of chemicals burning or burnt food, may be noticed with a meth addicted person. Although meth itself is odorless, the smell is caused by the release of the drug through a person’s skin and pores. Excessive sweating can also affect the odor. The sweating is caused by an increased rise in the temperature of the body.

The drug is also known to increase a person’s libido. With an increased libido and the impaired judgment associated with crystal meth use, risky sexual behaviors are common. Meth users will spend days using the drug, known as “tweaking”, and upon coming down from the high may experience extreme bouts of depression until they are able to use again. Obsessive behavior is also common. Obsessive behavior may include repeating the same task over and over again, or becoming obsessed with the way something is being done.

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Signs that can help you differentiate a meth addiction from other drugs include tooth decay, commonly referred to as meth mouth. Meth use causes a lack in dental hygiene, along with a saliva deficiency, causing teeth to decay. Tooth decay occurs at a fast pace when using the drug. A meth addict may also have skin lesions or sores, referred to as “meth bugs”. Meth use decreases the body’s ability to fight infections. It also causes the user to “pick”at their skin until it bleeds, as they believe insects are crawling inside their skin. Weight loss occurs rapidly, and this is one reason many people begin to use the drug in the first place.

In addition to these symptoms, meth addicts also experience long term effects of the drug. Long term effects can include paranoia, nervousness, confusion, and a host of other physical and mental ailments, as well as health problems.

Struggling with a meth addiction is never easy. Offering love and support can be a tremendous helping hand in helping an addict overcome their addiction. If you think someone you love may have a meth problem, get help as soon as possible so that they may live a healthy, fulfilling, and productive life once again.


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