Escape a Hostile Environment with Inpatient Drug Rehab

Escape a Hostile Environment with Inpatient Drug Rehab


Anyone who is in need of inpatient drug rehab is probably struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.  There are other choices for recovery that might work for a person, but none of them are generally as good as inpatient rehab.

For example, a struggling addict might try outpatient drug rehab instead.  This would be where the addict would go in to treatment each day, but return home in the evenings and then come back to treatment the next day.  While this does save money, it is really a pretty horrible idea as far as the treatment itself goes.  Why?

Because a big part of rehab is simply about living and about environment. You can’t just expect to stay in the same environment and take a few classes each day and learn how to avoid drugs and alcohol.  It doesn’t work that way.  Recovery is about living.  Drugs and alcohol infect almost every single area of our lives, to the point where we cannot separate our drug use from our regular behavior anymore.  Many addicts have several friends who they use drugs with on a regular basis.  Changing our lives and getting clean means that we have to find new ways to live, new patterns, and new friends.  You can’t really do that on an outpatient basis very well.  Actually living in a treatment center for a short time is a much more effective method of making these transitions.

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Inpatient drug treatment has other advantages too.  One is that you are exposed to many different kinds of therapy.  Individual counseling, 12 step meetings, group therapy, and so on.  Then you have a specific counselor who works with you to determine the best aftercare plan.  This is a much more comprehensive solution than what is offered by most other types of treatment.

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There is one option that might even be a little better than inpatient drug rehab, and that is simply more inpatient rehab in the form of long term treatment.  So instead of going to rehab for a few weeks you are going to live in rehab for a few months or even a few years.  This is superior to shorter stays in rehab but only if the addict is committed to living there and working on personal growth for the duration of their stay.  Even some long term treatment centers essentially turn into “flophouses” because many people do eventually relapse while living there.  But it does offer the most support if you are serious about recovery.

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