Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers are Usually the Most Effective form of Treatment

Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers are Usually the Most Effective form of Treatment


Inpatient drug rehab centers are usually the best solution for anyone who is trying to get clean and sober from drugs and alcohol.  There are other methods of treatment available but none of them generally have the same level of impact as inpatient rehab.  There are several reasons for this.

One reason that inpatient is more effective than other forms of treatment is because it protects the addict from temptation and keeps them in a controlled environment. The addict is searched upon entry and detoxed from all drugs, so the chance of them getting drunk or high while in rehab is virtually nil.  This is a huge advantage over other forms of treatment, where temptation to use drugs or alcohol is almost always going to be present.  Unfortunately, this aspect of inpatient treatment is a large part of what makes it so much more expensive than other forms of treatment.  For those who are really struggling to get any sort of clean time, however, this part may be worth it.

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Another reason that inpatient drug rehab is more effective is because there are more resources present there. For example, there are usually 12 step meetings, drug counselors, group therapy, and some level of peer support.  This wide variety of recovery resources is generally not available all in one place through any other form of treatment, but can be found centrally located at a rehab.  What works for one addict in recovery may not work for another, so it makes sense to try different recovery strategies until you find something that works well for you.  Having options is a good thing in recovery.

Now this does not mean that an inpatient drug rehab center is a magic bullet.  It is far from it.  In fact, the vast majority of addicts who attend treatment will not stay clean and sober for over a year.  Most will relapse before they make it that first year of sobriety.  But this does not mean that it is hopeless.  Most addicts have to go through treatment a couple of times before they really “get it.”

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What is most critical when an addict checks into treatment is that they are not struggling to manipulate the situation.  If they are open to suggestions and willing to do just about anything, then that is an addict who is ready for real change in recovery.  Anyone who is still dictating requests and making demands is nowhere near the point of surrender, and they are probably going to relapse shortly after leaving rehab.

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