Information on Bath Salt Abuse and What Signs to Watch For

Information on Bath Salt Abuse and What Signs to Watch For


Bath salt abuse is a growing problem nationwide, prompting legislation banning these products. Louisiana was the first state to enact a ban on bath salts, and others are following suit including North Dakota, Hawaii and Kentucky. It is likely other states and cities will join the bandwagon as this product’s popularity does not seem to be slowing. Check out this bath salt abuse infographic for more details.

Many people are unaware of the dangers or the growing popularity of this product which has been compared to meth and cocaine. Parents and children alike see the substance as a harmless bath salt, so abuse can go undetected until it is too late. Do not be fooled into believing teenagers and college kids are the only ones using this drug. Bath salts are sold in a variety of stores and on the internet. In most places it is completely legal for anyone to buy the product. You can buy a pack of White Lightning, Cloud 9 or Scarface for as little as $20. A high number of users seem to rely on snorting the powdery product, but others have reported smoking and injecting it. Although the chemical can produce a euphoric sensation, serious negative side effects are very common. Users report hallucinations and paranoia. Some people experimenting with the drug have acted out violently and others have become “psychotic” after using the product for a period of time. Those who have ingested bath salts may become highly agitated and aggressive. As with many other drugs, bath salts can give a person a feeling of invincibility and repress the brain’s ability to perceive pain. This can lead to people acting violently, hurting themselves and others.

Poison Control Centers across the nation have seen a noticeable volume of calls regarding the use of the drug and it’s incredibly ill side effects. This is, in fact, what prompted the ban in Louisiana. After over 150 calls and three deaths stemming from the use of bath salts, Louisiana acted. Some states have not seen a large volume of problems with the use of bath salts, but health officials know it will start appearing in emergency rooms soon enough. No state is immune to the devastation this drug, just like it’s predecessors in meth, cocaine, LSD and ecstasy. The range of people using bath salts includes nearly all age groups, races, genders, economic classes and professions. Bath salts, just like cocaine and meth, are highly addictive and will wreak havoc on the human body. One dose is enough to jeopardize anyone’s life and possibly the lives of those around them. Continued usage increases the severity of the damage caused and decreases the chances of a full recovery.

If you think someone is using this stuff you might call them out on it and confront them about it.  Watch out for the usual signs of any drug abuse, particularly:

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* Missed school.

* Missed work.

* Lack of motivation.

* Lack of money.

* Sleeping too much or too little.

* Strange eating habits.

* Blank stares, poor communication, etc.

So watch out for those types of signs and if you think a friend or a loved one is abusing drugs then you might want to take action.

Some possible actions you could take are:

1) Informal confrontation.  Talk to them, express your concern.

2) Formal intervention.  Get family and friends involved if there is mounting evidence of a problem, encourage professional help.

3) Encouraging drug rehab or addiction treatment.

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