How to Receive the Substance Abuse Help that You Need

How to Receive the Substance Abuse Help that You Need

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Say you have a drinking problem that is slowly developing or you begin to wonder if you possibly need some substance abuse help due to drug or alcohol intake patterns.  Maybe you have heard of AA or NA meetings but you really don’t think that they would be the right thing for you to do.

What then are your options?  What can you do to try to get help for drug addiction or alcohol abuse help?  Where can you turn to if you feel that your life is slowly spinning out of control because of chemical addiction?

Well for starters, inpatient drug and alcohol treatment is probably going to be the number one suggestion for this, in almost all cases.  There are a number of reasons for this and almost every medical professional or psychologist or counselor would agree with the logic.  The fact is that inpatient rehab is the most comprehensive solution that we have right now for drug and alcohol addiction.  It may not be perfect but it is the best thing that we have going.

In addition to this, inpatient treatment for substance abuse is the safest route you can go through, as an inpatient detox can be critical for those who are withdrawaling from certain substances.  For example, alcohol withdrawal can be quite dangerous if not medically supervised, and certain pills can pose the same sort of threat.

Going to an inpatient rehab has other benefits for substance abuse treatment as well.  Normally you would be paired up with a therapist or counselor while you are there that can help direct you to other resources that you might need.  For example, they might identify a need for mental health diagnosis while you are there in rehab, or they might see a need to send you to a pain management clinic to help with your addiction to painkillers.  So the level of care in an inpatient setting is such that you are bound to be directed to the best possible help that you need in most cases.

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The level of peer support that you get at a drug rehab facility is very high.  Why?  Because you are in treatment with a group of peers, and they can help you in many different ways.  No man is an island and we recover based on connections with others and the relationships that we form in our recovery.  The people that you meet in rehab can help you to recover.  They need you and you need them, in a way.

If you do NOT actually need inpatient care, then your solution is pretty simple, really.  Just go to a counselor, see a therapist, go to outpatient, hit a few 12 step meetings, or do whatever it is that will help you to stay clean and sober.

To be honest, none of that stuff ever worked for me, and what I had to ultimately do was to go to rehab.  A lot.  In fact, I ended up going to 3 rehabs over a period of almost a decade, and ended up living in one rehab center for almost two full years.

That finally did the trick for me.

And so you know what the secret to this actually was?  The trick to receiving the help that I needed?

I had to ask for help.

Yes, that is the whole secret really.  You have to ask for help, from people that you love and trust, and then you have to take their advice and follow through on what they suggest.

It sounds pretty easy but most addicts and alcoholics are not willing to do it until they have hit rock bottom and gotten really desperate.

To actually ask other people how to live, how to recover, how to change your life…..that is a very humbling experience.  So much so that most people will do anything to avoid.  And so most people just get driven deeper and deeper into their addiction, rather than to humble themselves and ask for the help that they need.

You can call up a rehab center and ask them how to get admitted, or you can call up close friends or family members and ask them if they can help you to find a rehab, or whatever.  The key is to take action, and to ask for help.  Don’t just assume that things will fix themselves, because nothing will change that way.

YOU have to initiate the change.  You have to be the one to ask for help, to get the ball rolling, to make the changes in your life.

If you don’t take action and attempt to make these changes then your life and your addiction will just continue on and slowly get progressively worse.  The only way to reverse this course is to take a huge amount of action in your life to make major changes, and this requires a major decision on your part.

You can either stay the same, or you can choose to change.

It takes courage to make a leap of faith like this.  Getting clean and sober can be absolutely terrifying.  But it does get better.

Make a decision right now to ask for help.

Then, go do it.

Change awaits.

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