How Sugar Addiction Treatment Works

How Sugar Addiction Treatment Works


How does sugar addiction treatment work?

Let me tell you my experience with sugar addiction.

First of all, I am not massively overweight or anything, and I also run quite a bit.  But these things do not mean that I am not addicted to sugar.  In fact, I recently learned that I most definitely am addicted to sugar, and it is only through changing my diet that I was able to even realize this.

If you have any sort of dietary or weight loss goals, you would probably do well to cut out sugar, flour, rice, and anything white.  You might even go a step further and eliminate all fruit from your diet as well.

If you truly have sugar addiction then what will happen is that if you eat sugar or flour in foods that have a high glycemic index, then this will cause your sugar level in your body to rise sharply and it will hit you very much like a drug hits you.  Then your body will crave more sugar as the rush subsides.  This is exactly how an addiction to sugar works.

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So there are a couple of solutions for this.

One is that you could do the low carb diet thing, and eliminate most carbohydrates from your diet.  This will make you lose weight like crazy, especially if you are exercising on a daily basis when you do it.  If you can keep your diet free from carbs, then your body will be starved for energy and thus will turn into a fat burning machine.

Now there are some major disadvantages with a low carb diet and I won’t go into them all here.  So a more elegant solution in my opinion is a slo carb diet.

What is a slo carb diet?

“Slow carbs” are simply foods that have carbohydrates in them that have a low glycemic index.  The glycemic index of a food simply indicates how quickly the carbs in it turn into sugar in your body.  So if it is high, then the food will convert into sugar quickly, and you will experience a rush.  If it is slow, then you will not experience a rush, and you will not have any cravings.

Read that again and get the key point there: if you eat low glycemic index foods, you will NOT have cravings.  Period.

This is the whole point.  This is the end of addiction.  No cravings, no problem.  Addiction is conquered.

So how do you do this?  What do you eat?

It is easy enough to pull it off.  Simply wander over to Google and do some searching around.  You will see that multi grain bread is OK and does not spike your sugar, while wheat bread and white bread does, and is off limits.

You will see that apples and orange juice are safe to eat without spiking your sugar, but watermelon is high glycemic and will cause sugar cravings.

And as you go along you will quickly learn what is safe to eat and what is not, in order to manage your sugar cravings.

Now the amazing thing is that after only a day or two of following this low glycemic index diet, your cravings for sugar will disappear completely and they will never return unless you spike your sugar by eating something you are not supposed to eat.

That is the only way your cravings will come back, is if you introduce sugar into your body too quickly.  Learn what foods are safe for you to eat and then you can manage your sugar cravings without driving yourself nuts.

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