How Rehab Services can Help You To Recover From Drug Addiction

How Rehab Services can Help You To Recover From Drug Addiction


How exactly can drug rehab services help you to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction?  Let’s take a closer look at some of the options and key points.

First of all, inpatient and detox rehab services stabilize the person by getting them into a safe environment.  This is huge.  The fact is that most drug addicts and alcoholics who are out of control and need serious help cannot stop using their drug of choice on their own.  They have become a product of their environment because they have organized their life around getting drunk or high.

In other words, people who have fallen into drug or alcohol addiction tend to have certain patterns that keep them stuck.  They hang around with people who use their drug of choice, they go to places like bars or homes where they know drugs are at, and so on.  Environment is a powerful influencer, even though most of use try to argue that we are stronger than that.  The fact is that we are not stronger than that and ultimately if you continue to stay in the same environment without making any changes then you will end up relapsing.

So inpatient rehab services help–first and foremost–by getting the addict or alcoholic into a safe, controlled environment.  This is half the battle.

Now depending on the exact situation and the state that you live in, it is most likely up to the individual in treatment to stay in treatment and get the most out of it that they can.  No one can force you to be clean and sober, but you might be locked up temporarily.  But in most states and under most governments, anyone can walk out of rehab at any time, and no one is allowed to force them to stay there.

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So that brings us to our next point: rehabs provide a safe environment, but they also go beyond that by attempting to teach the addict how to live a sober life.  This is no easy task in itself, because the amount of learning necessary to overcome all of our built in patterns of addiction is truly staggering.  In fact, some would argue that the process of recovery requires a lifetime of learning.  This is not just a fancy figure of speech; it really does take decades or even a lifetime to relearn the process of living and enjoying life without drugs and alcohol.  It is a necessarily complex task because addiction was messy, infiltrated every area of our lives, and affected all of our relationships.  It takes lots of time to reverse and relearn these destructive patterns that we established in our addiction.

Finally, drug rehab or addiction treatment centers can help you be establishing some level of fellowship for you.  If you have no friends or contacts in your recovery, then you haven’t got much.  Just because you follow a program or work certain steps or read certain recovery literature does not insure that you will stay clean and sober forever.  No, recovery is about living, and that means it is all about relationships and mutual support in the end.  If you can learn from someone else in recovery who has been through what you are struggling with, then that is incredibly powerful.  Likewise, if you can help another person in recovery who is just starting out and needs a helping hand or some form of encouragement, that is powerful as well.  Thus the relationships you form in recovery are one of the big keys to your success.  You are not going to find lots of recovering addicts outside of treatment or meetings.  So use those places as tools to help you get a more powerful recovery network.

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